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Fun Things To Do For A Halloween Birthday Party

Halloween Birthday Party Ideas To Plan A Perfect One

Halloween Treats | Fast Easy & Delicious!

Last week one of my friend asked me for some nice Halloween birthday party ideas. Actually she was planning her birthday and decided for Halloween theme for it. So i gave her few good ideas and suggestions which really helped her in planning the party. So today i will be sharing with you some of those ideas as well as some more additional ideas that will make you at ease to plan an awesome Halloween themed birthday party.

Halloween is supposed to be a scary time, but for the kids, all the dressing up like monsters and running around asking for trick or treat has converted this scary festival, into fun time. In fact, these days kids wait more for Halloween than they wait for Christmas.

But, if you do not want your kid to wait to enjoy the fun of Halloween till October, you can actually plan a Halloween theme birthday party for him or her. In the recent times, this theme has managed to become one of the most popular birthday party themes. I, myself have attended 3 Halloween parties in the past one year.

Planning of a Halloween party is not as difficult as it may sound and to make things even more easy for you, I have compiled a list of some simple, yet amazing ideas, which will help you in planning a great and a fun Halloween birthday party.

What Is A Halloween Party What Do You Need For A Halloween Party

First, a quick history lesson: Halloween celebrations originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Later , Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a day to honor all saints. The holiday was called All-Hallows or All-Hallowmas and featured some of the same traditions as Samhain. The night before All Saints Day became known as All-Hallows Eve, eventually turning into Halloween.

Today, Americans spend an estimated $6 billion annually on Halloween, making it the countrys second largest commercial holiday after Christmas. Of course, modern-day Halloween parties have nixed the more gruesome bits of the old-school celebrations for cute stuff like trick-or-treating, jack-o-lanterns, and candy.

Halloween Birthday In Luxury

Who says a Halloween birthday party cant be luxurious? Like any other party, people look for the glitz of a high-end event. Halloween should be no different. Your guests will feel like royalty entering the gilded floors, hanging out on the balcony, or conversing around the marble countertops. Book this stunning Peerspace mansion to trade the cobwebs for rhinestones and throw an upscale Halloween party sure to impress your friends.

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Delicious Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween and sweets are pretty much synonymous with one another. Here are some simple yet sweet treat and appetizer ideas for your Halloween party.

  • Pumpkin pie cheesecake dip: Fall is all about pumpkin flavors, and itll sure be a hit at your Halloween party. Make a sweet pumpkin-flavored cheesecake dip and serve it in a pumpkin-shaped dish with some pretzels or graham crackers for dipping.
  • Mummy brie: Class up your Halloween party with a yummy cheese and cracker platter. To match the theme, wrap puff pastry around round brie for an instant mummified look.
  • Scary sugar cookies: These are an easy one, and are great in a pinch. Cut out dough using Halloween themed cookie cutters and frost them however you like!
  • Candied apples: For a twist on the traditional candied apple, serve poison apples with all-black toffee instead of caramel.
  • Candy corn cupcakes: Make candy corn themed cupcakes using orange and yellow batter. Then, top with creamy marshmallow frosting and candy corn pieces.
  • Monster pizza bites: Everyone loves pizza! Bake some pizza bites in the oven these serve as great finger food. To give it a Halloween touch, place black olive slices on top for eyes.
  • Spooky spinach dip: Amongst all the sweets you may have at your party, make sure to have some veggies! Make your favorite spinach dip and place it in a bread bowl thats shaped into a cauldron. Serve with pumpkin-shaped tortilla chips.
  • Keep The Guest List Adults Only

    Halloween Bucket List: 20 fun things to do this season

    Truth be told, many adults love Halloween just as much as kids. If only adults will be in attendance, you can make the party’s decor and mood a bit darker. Also, make it easy for your guests to get their boos with a self-service bar area. A bewitching project to try? Learn how to magic up our DIY wine cauldron, below.

    GET THE HOW-TO: Halloween Party Magic: Make a Wicked Wine Cauldron + Ghostly Garnishes

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    Halloween Birthday Sleepover Ideas & Activities

    When it comes to choosing birthday Halloween party ideas, how do you settle on the right one? You cant throw just a costume party every year and bore your kids with the same old thing. Here are some creative Halloween party ideas for a kids sleepover that will surely be a hit!

    1. Have well-lit tombstones outside your house for when the kids arrive .

    2. Require that the kids solve a riddle or some sort of easy puzzle to be able to enter the sleepover party house. It gets the kids working together right away and helps break the ice!

    3. Give each child a Halloween flashlight that they can keep and send them on a scavenger hunt to different parts of your house or the backyard. If you have older children, you can make this more complicated by giving them different keys to find that unlock a spooky prize box at the end.

    4. Set up a haunted house complete with spooky sounds and scary decorations.

    5. Hide some pumpkins somewhere on your property that the kids will have to dig up to get to their treat. If you have your own garden or sandbox, this would be a great place to hide the pumpkins. Or, just hide the pumpkins around your house.

    6. Have a Halloween movie marathon. Make sure if you decide to show a scary movie that it is appropriate for all ages. You want everyone to enjoy themselves at the party and not feel uncomfortable!

    How Do You Throw A Scary Halloween Party

    One of the best ways to throw a Halloween party is to pick a theme. Rather than having a mix mash of everything, pick one thing and stick to it. For instance you might pick one of the following themes:

    • Zombie Party
    • Murder Mystery Party
    • Cocktail Potion Making Party

    Once you have a theme, you can then arrange other things such as the decorations, food and costumes. The more stream lined you have the theme, the scarier it can be.

    For example if you are having a zombie party, you would ask all guests to dress up as either zombies or survivors. Then you would have food that resemble body parts and don’t forget the blood. Lots and lots of blood!

    Create some mood lighting, eerie music and maybe a smoke machine for special effect. The whole vibe of the party would quickly take shape and soon you would have an apocalypse in your home.

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    Diy Favors: Send Kids Home Happy

    After all, who doesn’t love a homemade caramel apple? And to really take these fall favorites over the top, we rolled the freshly dipped treats in everyone’s other favorite Halloween treat: candy and lots of it! Get our tips, below, for whipping these up, then hand them out to departing guests as a tasty take-home party favor.

    get the recipe: How to Make Caramel Apples Dipped in Halloween Candy

    The Stack And Squirt Game Makes For An Awesome Halloween Game

    How to make Frankenstein Halloween Rice Krispy treats – Atlas Daily 608

    The stack and squirt game always does double duty! Over the summer we made this game and the kids loved it. So I decided to paint half the cups white for a ghost and another half orange for pumpkins.

    Tots thoroughly enjoyed stacking the cups, and everyone will enjoy shooting them down with squirt guns.

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    Batty Halloween Party Decorations

    This Black Bats Tablecover is the perfect jumping off point for all the eerie decorations. Layer it over a Black Polka Dots Tablecover for even more pizzazz.

    The best way to make a big impact is to combine a bunch of decorative elements together in one place where the guests will mingle. A backdrop behind the buffet table will leave a lasting impression on the party atendees- they can admire your handiwork while they nibble and chat.

    • For an easy and inspirational backdrop, use this Trick or Treat Stand In.
    • Assemble and hang multiple Paper Fans and ruffled Crepe Streamers to frame the tabletop.
    • Add height and more hauntingly fun detail by flanking the haunted house backdrop with hand-cut foam core tree silhouettes.
    • Transform Mini Black Paper Fans into flying bats by simply attaching hand cut poster board wings to the backside. Hang using monofilament.

    Set a stunning and interesting table by layering multiple patterns together.

    Amazing Childrens Halloween Party Activities

    1. Spooky Scavenger Hunt

    Using these instructions to create a scavenger hunt, create a kid-friendly but slightly spooky experience for the little ones in attendance. Have them hunt down frightening finds and complete Halloween-themed challenges.

    If youre not sure how to do this or simply dont have the time, reach out to the expert team at Lets Roam to create a custom scavenger hunt for you. Well incorporate your Halloween party ideas into a budget-friendly hunt the attendees will be talking about for years to come!

    2. Candy Cornhole

    This Halloween party game is adorable and would pair perfectly with a Boo Bash! The object is to throw some candy corn into the mouths of hungry ghosts.

    Using this DIY Halloween cornhole tutorial, you can easily create a ghost board using cardboard and a marker. If you want to get fancy, make it out of wood with a little paint. To increase the difficulty, draw several ghosts on a giant board and assign point values to each.

    Finally, sew together some candy corn beanbags for tossing. Your DIY party game will be a blast for all the littles!

    3. Poke-a-Pumpkin

    This inexpensive poke-a-pumpkin game board is simple to make. A decorated foam core poster board and lightweight tissue-paper-covered cups will serve as the game board.

    Assign numbers to individual prizes or treat bags. For example, if a child pokes a pumpkin and pulls out the #7 ticket, that kiddo gets the #7 prize. Everyone is a winner!

    4. Stick the Spider on the Web

    5. Mummy Race

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    Kids Halloween Party Guest Surprise

    Have a cousin, Uncle or Aunt, or friend who would be open to making a special appearance during the kids Halloween party?

    Pictured is my brother who dressed up like Blippi one year and the kids thought it was a hoot! During a Halloween party it is likely that all the kids and some adults will be dressed up, but it is always a fun treat when a new character joins the party and entertains the kids for thirty or so minutes!

    Pumpkin Patch Stomp Kids Love This Game

    Easy and Fun Kids

    Any Halloween Party can be made so much better by popping a few balloons for prizes! Before blowing up the balloons, stuff with money, slips of paper, or squish-proof candy. Find 12 inch orange and black balloons here. Another way to play the game is to blow up the same amount of different color balloons and the first person who pops all their colored balloons, wins!

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    When Should I Host A Halloween Party

    Halloween is always on October 31st, but that means that the day of the party will always change. If it happens to be on the weekend then awesome, but what if it’s not?

    You might be keen enough to hold a Halloween party mid week, but depending on your circle of friends, this might not be a good idea with work and school commitments.

    If the 31st doesn’t occur on the weekend, it would be advisable to hold the Halloween party the weekend before this date. People are still excited about Halloween and still keen to get involved. Once November hits, you might find that people’s interest has gone and the party might come across as a bit of an after thought. That’s definitely not the aim you are going for!

    Make Diy Halloween Slime

    Perfect for family-friendly Halloween parties, invite your guests to get their hands dirty with this activity. Set up a work station with all of the ingredients used in a traditional slime recipe, along with bowls or jars and creepy-crawly extras like plastic bugs, confetti, and squishy eyeballs. Also, provide plastic treat bags so guests can take their slimy stuff home.

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    Elevate Your Halloween Birthday Party With Historic Locations

    Planning a Halloween birthday party isnt easy. The fake blood, spider webs, and homemade jack-o-lanterns are cute but can have a party feel childish and corny. If youre looking to elevate your party, instead of focusing on the decorations, focus on the history. Historic locations can pack more fright than any scarecrow can. From the folklore to the mysterious creaks, your guests are sure to be on edge all night. But, finding cool historic locations are not easy so, included on this list, is a locker room located in the basement of the church. The venue was abandoned in the 70s. Renovators took this gem and transformed it into a cool one-of-a-kind party spot. For a party packed with fright, head to a Peerspace to view this unique locker room.

    The Best Easy Halloween Party Ideas

    Yes, Yes! Vegetables and Fruits! | Healthy Habits! + MORE | 1 HOUR | @Lellobee City Farm

    Halloween is one of those times of the year that you either love or hate. The fact that you are even reading this, suggests that you want to celebrate, which is great because we have a heap of Halloween party ideas that you are going to love.

    A Halloween party can be a lot of fun for the kids but also for the adults too. Themes can be altered slightly according to who is present, but you can still have some scary fun with the kids.

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    Or Scare Up Items You Already Have

    The cheapest Halloween decor? Giving stuff you already have a temporarily terrifying makeover before guests arrive. For instance, turn scrap wood into a gaggle of ghosts by painting each piece white, adding spunky poltergeist features, then distressing with a hand sander for a well-worn look. Get more tips for turning everyday into holiday, below.

    See More Photos: Say No to New: Scare Up What You Have This Halloween, Instead

    Or Play With Your Food Indoors

    Here’s a game that’s easy to set up and kids will love playing. All you need are sandwich cookies and a plate for each child. Have the kids compete to see who can stack the most cookies in one minute without the cookies falling over. Time them to keep the game fair, and have small prizes on hand to reward the winners. Get more crowd-pleasing game ideas, below.

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    Halloween Games For A Spooktacular Kids Party

    No Halloween party is complete without some spooktastic Halloween party games! Check out this list of Halloween games for kids and throw a party theyll talk about till next year!

    Youve scoured the stores to come up with the perfect costume and youve built up a candy stash that would make Willy Wonka proud. Now, all you have to do is plan the perfect Halloween party.

    Easy right? Well, it would be if you wanted to make sure you sent every child home terrified to go to bed that night!

    Assuming that isnt the case, we are going to share a couple of secrets with you. Ready?

    Halloween Party Games For Kids

    First, Halloween parties dont have to be scary. Quite the opposite actually. Halloween party games can make any kids party something they wont forget . You can have a party thats perfect for kids of all ages, where fun will be had and memories will be made . The secret to success is in the Halloween games.

    Second, weve gathered a list of kid-friendly Halloween games for kids that will make your party a huge win, but also make you the most coveted party planner on the block.

    Looking for more Halloween fun? Check out our face painting ideas and candy corn decor!

    Its Halloween, everyones entitled to one good scare

    Brackett, Halloween

    A Huge List Of Halloween Games That Won’t Cost A You A Cent

    Over 15 Super Fun Halloween Party Game Ideas for Kids and Teens!

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    Halloween party games are a great way to add activities to your next party without any extra costs. All of the ideas below only use items that you already have around the house so there will be no other costs involved unless you want to buy small prizes for the winners. The Halloween party games below will be a hit for all ages, from children to adults.

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