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What To Do For My 24th Birthday

Go To A Broadway Show


This may seem too commonplace or touristy for some. But its one of those things to do in New York that some people only dream of doing so its a more unique birthday idea in NYC than one might think. And heck, splurging on really good seats make it a celebration thats second to none! You can even take it up another level with Virgin Experience Gifts exclusive Broadway experiences, like private dinner and coaching sessions with the artists.

Plan A Gold Record Costume Theme Party

There are few things more synonymous with gold than gold records. Whether you love music or a good Hollywood theme party, this is one of our favorite golden birthday party ideas. Bring your party to life with an on-theme playlist and give out prizes to the best dressed.

Dress code: Ask everyone to come dressed as their favorite âgold recordâ artist. Need some inspiration? You can view the entire list here.

Do: Dance the night away! Make your own playlist of songs off of gold records, or find one on Spotify to get the party started.

Serve: A cake in the shape of a gold record, of course!

While you can find plastic gold records from most party supply stores, with a little work you can make your own to look like the real thing. Simply head to your local thrift store and buy its cheapest vinyl records . Coat with gold spray paint, and youâve got an authentic replica for only a few dollars.

Turn Off Your Phone For A Set Period Of Time

It can be great to see the influx of happy birthday calls, texts, and social media messages, but it can also be stressful and anxiety-inducing. What if you heard from that family member? What if not as many people reached out as you expected? Is your ~feelin’ yourself~ selfie getting a lot of likes? Let all of those digital worries pass for a while by turning off or putting away your phone and just living in the moment for a little.

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Exciting And Unconventional Things To Do On Your Birthday

We all wish to do something fun and exciting on our birthdays, don’t we? Well, why not make that wish come true this year. There’s literally no limit to the amazing things you can do on your birthday. Whether you want to spend it with your friends and family, or go for something totally unconventional, the options are galore!

We all wish to do something fun and exciting on our birthdays, dont we? Well, why not make that wish come true this year. Theres literally no limit to the amazing things you can do on your birthday. Whether you want to spend it with your friends and family, or go for something totally unconventional, the options are galore!

Go To A Museum/aquarium/zoo/theme Park/sporting Event

Happy 24th Birthday Wishes

You can always use your birthday as an excuse to visit that science museum or theme park youâve always wanted to check out.

Gottlieb says, âBeing that the typical birthday seems to always center around drinking and more specifically drinking establishments, I think itâs critically important to use this time to focus on new experiences. Going to a museum where you can learn and be still with your thoughts can be greatly beneficial to slow down the mind and get grounded. Going to the aquarium or zoo are also great ideas, as there is a magical healing power with animals that is well documented.â

Sporting events are always a super fun way to spend a birthday, too.

I donât know about you, but Iâm kind of sick of waking up the day after my birthday wondering, “How did I get in my bed? Why does my throat hurt? Wait, why am I tagged in 157 pictures?â

Thatâs why this year, Iâm trying something different.

This post was originally published on July 24, 2015. It was updated on July 26, 2019.

This article was originally published on 07.24.15

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Buy Your Favorite Treat

Your birthday is a time to indulge, so make a point of enjoying your favorite treat. Whether you love macarons or you’re more of a cupcake person, be sure you get a sweet treat to celebrate your day.

Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

Chances are they’ll be texting you to wish you a happy birthday, but sometimes a call or a FaceTime gives you a better chance to catch up. Enjoy their well wishes and make plans to see them soon, if they live far away.

Walk 24 Blocks Around The Neighborhood

I love going on walks and am constantly thankful to live in a city where I can walk to most places I go, like Truman’s campus! I walk to work everyday, but on my birthday I actually counted how many blocks it is from my house to campus and it’s exactly 16.

So on my round-trip to campus and back I really walked 32 blocks, so just a few extra than what I was going for.

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Happy 24th Birthday Wishes For Boy

At 24, people try to achieve greatness quickly, but nothing comes quickly, so stay calm and enjoy your celebration.

May your 24th Bday bring you a lot of cheer that you may smile until your cheeks hurt. I love you!

Congrats on turning 24. May this day open doors you thought were shut forever, so you can face your new year with so much confidence and pride.

Twenty four! Look at how far you have gone I believe you will go even further. May you have many more.

The 24th milestone of your life has been reached and I sincerely hope that the journey ahead is far more satisfying than the journey so far. Happy 24th birthday.

It has always been my pleasure to attend your birthdays and like each year, this year too, I will pray that you get all the happiness in your life.

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Who cares if you are 24 or 42. All that matters is that today is your birthday my friend and we are going to party as hard as we can.happy 24th birthday bro.

Oh..its your bday today eh? I completely forgot thatwell now that I rememberA very happy 24th birthday to you my friend.

A birthday is one day in the entire year, when you get a preferential treatment without any effortsso enjoy it while you can my dear..happy 24th bday to you.

Today is the 24th birthday of a good friend and teammate! Happy birthday to you! What do you think about the cake?

There isnt any sweeter sould than you who has been born into this world. Heres to the best day of your year. Happy birthday!

Journal About Your Year


Im an avid journaler, but even if youre not, theres a lot to gain from slowing down and writing about yourself, your life, and your feelings. This is an especially solid option for anyone who doesnt feel in the mood to celebrate this year , but who still wants to mark the occasion. Journal about the lessons you learned, the memories you dont want to forget, and what you hope the year ahead holds.

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Celebrate Like Its 1924

The roaring 20s was a pretty cool decade, but 1924 was also a pretty great year in its own right! It was the year Peter Pan came out, the first time Simon and Schuster created a Crossword Puzzle Book, and it was the year of the first successful around-the-world flight beginning in the United States! So if youre thinking of a roaring 20s party dont stop there! Incorporate some fun facts, decorations, and activities specific to 1924!

The 24th Birthday Challenge

The night before my 24th birthday, I made a list of 24 things I want to do in 24 hours on my 24th birthday.

The list was filled with some things I do on an everyday basis , some things I never do but want to do more , and other random things that I just enjoy .

My plan was to challenge myself to wake up and do everything on the list!

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Get That Bucket List And Cross That One Extremely Fun Item

A bucket list is a list of the things that you want to do or try in life that will make you feel happy. See mine here.

So now, why not celebrate your birthday by getting that old notebook listed with your bucket list, wipe the dust off, and check that one extremely fun item that you want to tick-off the list!

Or how about Bungee Jumping? Or have you thought of riding a camel? Or what about traveling solo? Have thought of traveling abroad? Whatever that is, go ahead, and tick that off!

Celebrate With The Legends

My 24th Birthday svg My 24th Birthday It

If you are a sports lover, celebrate your 24th with your favorite #24s! Kobe Bryant, Ken Griffey Jr., and Charles Woodson have all sported #24 jerseys. And if 24 is a lucky number for them we bet it will be for you too! Ask all your friends to come wearing their favorite jerseys of #24 players and play sports trivia during the party! You can also make this party theme extra special by hosting it in a venue filled with Kobe memorabilia, a sports venue to hone in your own sports skills, or a sports lounge to watch all your favorite players .

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What Is A Good Birthday Gift For A 24 Year Old Girl

Beer gift baskets and candy gift baskets are also available, including retro candy baskets for the 24-year-old woman who enjoys retro items. You can also purchase a pretty basket or tin at craft stores to build your own gift basket, such as a make-up gift basket filled with make-up items she enjoys but perhaps cannot always afford.

Have A Wine And Cheese Night

Research the perfect pairings for wine and cheese, or wine and anything really, on a site like Wine Folly. If you want to go all out, offer wine flights to your guests. In lieu of birthday gifts, ask everyone to bring their favorite bottle instead.

When curating your cheeseboard, first mix flavors and textures , then add some cured meats, a touch of produce, followed by nuts, seeds, and crackers, and finish it all off with dips and fresh herbs.

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Throw A Bubbly Champagne Golden Birthday Celebration

Images :âImpastoâ by Paperless Post. Gilded Rim Coupe:Anthropologie. Spray painted centerpieces:Will Anderson for Martha Stewart Weddings. Cake: Jenna Rae Cakes. Shoes:Loeffler Randall.

A golden birthday party is also sometimes called a Champagne birthday. This is fitting, as Champagne is always celebratory, even more so when you serve it out of gold-rimmed coupes. Even King Midas could get behind this Champagne birthday cake idea: add edible gold sheets to the nightâs dessert.

Dress code: You may be the guest of honor, but let all your Champagne birthday guests feel like royalty by granting them golden crowns at their place setting. Go even further and ask them to use gold as dress code inspiration. From gilded Grecian gowns to pleated.

Spray paint leaves gold in any floral arrangement to instantly elevate the feel of the room.

Invitation: âImpastoâ by Paperless Post

How Do You Celebrate A Unique Birthday

What I got for my Birthday! 24th Birthday Haul

27 Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday At Home

  • Get your friends and family to form a parade of cars.
  • Plan a breakfast delivery.
  • Tell your family to send you pre-recorded video messages.
  • Send a dessert.
  • Plan a birthday treasure hunt.
  • Spread the love!
  • Set up a balloon trap outside their door.
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    Have Breakfast In Bed

    Start your morning in a truly relaxing way, with a tasty breakfast in bed. The easiest way to complete this goal would be to order room service at a hotel, but dont cancel out the opportunity to do it in your very own home too. How dreamy does it sound to indulge in some waffles, eggs and mimosas while still cozied up in your bed.

    Hey husbandsthe wife will love breakfast in bed! And if youre worried about making it heres some help:

    Cruise Around The City

    Set sail for your birthday and take in all the incredible sights this city has to offer. Lets be honest, a day spent on the water doesnt seem like the worst place to be while youre celebrating another year older. Enjoy the river breeze on the many cruise options NYC has to offer like wine tasting, tacos & tequila, jazz nights, and more. See the full list here.

    Featured cover image:

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    Bake Yourself A Damn Birthday Cake

    Theres something soothing about baking. Not only does it engage all of your senses, but its also very rewarding to make a bunch of ingredients come together to form something delicious you can enjoy. If youre not the most experienced baker, go easy on yourself. A boxed starter is fine. As is choosing a ridiculously easy recipe. The finished product doesnt have to be pretty or masterful, but it will be a delicious gift to yourself.

    Book A Luxurious Stay At A Boutique Hotel


    You could make your birthday a multiple-day occasion by booking a luxurious stay at a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels are small hotels, so you wont have to spend your birthday surrounded by crowds of people. Instead, they offer you an indulgent, but affordable, retreat from your everyday life.

    Most boutique hotels have a public restaurant space and many also have spas. You can also venture out to explore a new city if you are staying in a boutique hotel away from home.

    If youre up for have a travel adventure to a boutique hotel then definitely see the 18 best ones in the world list before making your decision!

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    Invite Friends To Go Camping

    Get in touch with the great outdoors by inviting a small group of friends on a nature trip for your husbands birthday. Make sure to bring all your camping essentials including a sturdy tent*, fire starter, and plenty of fresh water. Another thing to remember while planning this trip is to check for the weather so you dont get rained out.

    Adult Birthday Party Ideas To Celebrate Any Year


    Whether you love celebrating your birthday every year or you dread the thought of turning another year older, birthdays are one of those rare opportunities to gather your friends and family in one place and celebrate. And let’s face it, you should be doing something fun for every milestone you hit, because what better excuse is there to get all of your favorite people in one room and reminisce about the past year or more youve spent together?

    When you were a kid, it was so easy to pick a favorite theme or place to host your party, but as an adult, it can be trickier. As we got older, the themes tended to dwindle and it became Meet me at that bar we love! or Lets just all do dinner. And even if its not a particularly special yearaka one of the big onestheres nothing wrong going all out for an adult birthday party.

    All out of ideas? Make every year a milestone year with these 35 adult birthday party ideas.

    Have everyone come in their favorite pajamas or athleisure and bring their go-to board game from way back when, like Dream Phone or Guess Who? And for an extra dose of nostalgia, have goody bags for the winners.

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    Dine On A Brunch Lunch Or Dinner Cruise In Nyc

    Add a little pizzazz to a typical birthday meal out! Whether youre planning this outing for yourself or for a guest of honor, one thing is for sure: no one will be disappointed. With delicious eats, cash bar treats, dancing, live or DJ entertainment, and stunning views it will be a birthday for the books with a dining cruise!

    Unforgettable 24th Birthday Party Ideas


    Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jan 18, 2019

    Any birthday is a reason to celebrate, but having a birthday party as an adult is especially exciting. Turning 24 can feel just like any other birthday, but its not! Being in your mid-twenties is a time for exploring and learning new things. Help your friends or family celebrate their 24th birthday in style and look at our creative ideas to choose what theme best fits them. Choose from these unforgettable 24th birthday ideas, and make this birthday of theirs one for the books.

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    Create A Trail Of Love

    Surprise your husband with this idea when he comes home from work by creating a trail of love from the front door to your location of choice. Go for rose petals* and candles for a more romantic touch, and have the trail end somewhere equally as romantic such as the bedroom or bathtub. Not only will this catch your husband off guard, but it will set the tone for the rest of the evening.

    Send Flowers To Yourself

    It is hard to find a florist that does not offer special birthday bouquets and there is no rule saying that someone else has to buy them for you! You could order the flowers in advance so that they arrive on your birthday and give you something pretty to decorate your home with. Hint: some celebratory bouquets even come with chocolates!

    This is the bouquet I ordered for myself on my last birthday:

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