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Birthday Gift Ideas For Office Staff

Make A Donation In Their Name


If your employee is passionate about a certain cause or organization, consider making a donation in their name. Its a corporate anniversary gift that shows youve paid attention to that employees interests, and that youre engaging with them beyond a surface level. Plus, you can feel good knowing youve made a charitable contribution to a cause that matters!

Rewards Make Employees Feel More Connected

While it is not necessary to give a big or pricey gift to employees every time an accomplishment is made, just the right gift at the right time can make a worker feel more connected to the company. A thoughtful gift goes a long wayan employee can always tell if the gift is a mere obligation or a meaningful gesture. Employers with limited budgets can be creative and gift meaningful items to employees. If a person feels that a gift is thoughtful, they will likely feel a stronger connection to the business, and thats a positive feeling that can affect the work environment as a whole.

Are Employee Gifts Tax Exempt

The great news as an employer is, yes, a gift to your employee is tax-exempt. Your gift of up to $25 per year for each employee is considered tax-deductible. Your employee will not be taxed on the gift if it is not of monetary value. Be sure to keep all of your receipts, and your accountant will help you submit the tax exemption.

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A Birthday Is A Time To Interact

Birthdays are usually days where family and friends gather to celebrate the employee. While it can be loads of fun, it can also cause anxiety for the celebrant, especially when catching up with people they havenât seen in a year or more.

On birthdays, friends and family might ask them about their job status. If they are stuck in the same roles or arenât on an upward trajectory, they might be uncomfortable answering questions about work and might start to rethink their current employment.

Coffee Or Tea Mug For Their Work From Home Ccommute

STAFF SURVIVAL Kit Sweet Thoughts goody bag Work office

Many employees are working from home now. Without their usual Starbucks run they made during their old commute, it might be hard to get going in the morning. Give their morning routine a boost with a nice mug for tea or coffee. Heck, throw in a box of instant coffee to get the party started!

You have a lot of options here. You can go for an office-themed print like this Weapons of Mass Creation mug from Express. Bed Bath & Beyond has sports team branded insulated cups if you know what your employees favorite sports team is.

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Have Everyone Join In

Your worker should hear felicitations from more than just the HR department or their manager. Since they work with other employees, make sure everyone knows about the upcoming date to chip in as well.

Nectar is a recognition and rewards tool that employees can use to call out birthdays and work anniversaries publicly.

Q: What Makes A Good Holiday Gift For A Coworker

  • A: A good holiday gift for a coworker should be festive and celebratory enough to commemorate an entire year of fruitful collaborations. These gifts can be practical, but they should have a little extra something, such as sentimental value or humor, that make them stand out from gifts for other occasions.

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Work From Home Survival Kit

Zoom fatigue, a potential lack of privacy or personal space, and an absence of coworkers to commiserate with can make working from home tough. A work from home survival kit offers solutions to common remote work struggles, such as noise, boredom, and isolation. Each kit contains items like earplugs, webcam covers, conference call Bingo card, and pants or pajamas? decision coin. Equal parts eccentric and practical, this gift is an ideal fit for dispersed employees. Consider sending during onboarding, Christmas, or as a random pick-me-up.

Learn more about the Work From Home Survival Kit.

Revive Their Office Space


If you’re celebrating a long-term milestone, like 5 or 10 years, you might want to think about sprucing up their office space. When was the last time they received some new tech items? Maybe its time to upgrade some of the devices they use every day. Or, if you dont have the budget for that, you could revive their office space with a few different high-quality tech items that will increase productivity and make their work more enjoyable. Think about useful, yet creative items that can be used in both a hybrid or remote office. Our favorite items include:

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Create A Custom Video

Creating a video about your team membersâ unique attributes, personalities, and contributions to the workplace is a fantastic way to celebrate their birthday. You might need to be a tad tech-savvy to edit the video, but weâre sure you can manage it.

Furthermore, it doesnât have to be done alone you could get others to contribute to the video by shooting a few seconds of personalized messages.

Headphones To Block Out Noise While Working From Home

Whether your employees are working from home or are back in the office, they likely have some background noise they need to filter out. Instead of making them settle for company-issued earbuds, pick up nice pairs of headphones to help drown out the noise.

These iLive headphones are wireless and have on-ear controls. They come in black, green, blue and red a color for everyone! For something with a modern, sleek design, try this pair of Samson over-the-ear headphones from Best Buy.

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Budget For Work Anniversary Gifts

Youll give better gifts if you set aside a budget for celebrating these milestones. Employees can see through ingenuine efforts. When companies fail to budget for employee engagement, they often times end up scraping together a meaningless gift at the last minute or skip recognition altogether. But if you plan for work anniversaries, youll be much better prepared to make an impact with a meaningful gift.

A Bottle Of The Good Stuff

Pin by Lindsey Martindale on DIY to do

For the colleague who loves a good apéritif or just the budding office mixologist, you cant go wrong with a great bottle of amaro. This one comes recommended to us by cocktail expert Talia Baiocchi, who considers it one of her go-tos thanks to its complex notes of cinnamon and licorice, which strike the perfect balance between sweet, spicy, and herbaceous.

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Cauldryn Coffee Smart Mug

Once upon a time, the idea of ever-hot to-go coffee was just a pipe dream. Flash forward to the present, where temperature-controlled travel tumblers keep drinks piping hot for hours. Cauldryn produces a Bluetooth-compatible smart mug that allows users to set the precise temperature of the drink using an app. The mug holds 16 ounces and lasts up to ten hours when fully charged, a luxury that few folks would decline.

Learn more about Cauldryn Coffee Smart Mug.

Best Office Gift Ideas For Every Work Occasion In 2022

Dont be that person who shops for office gifts at the last minute, only to grab whatever random thing they can find.

Plan ahead to become the person coworkers and friends get genuinely excited to receive gifts from.

Giving great gifts brings benefits deeper than just avoiding those awkward fake smiles provoked by paperweights, gift cards, or key chains.

Giving thoughtful office gifts can solidify coworker bonds, create new friendships, broadcast your feelings of appreciation and camaraderie and also spread goodwill.

Swipe the ideas in the gift guide below to build your reputation as the best gift-giver in the office.

Who Would You Like To Give Gifts To?

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A Nice Leather Business Card Holder

Business Card Case, available at Leatherology, $45

Leatherology makes luxe leather goods for less, and their $45 business card case is a great workplace gift for under $50. It has an invisible magnetic closure, holds up to 20 cards, and comes in a variety of leather types and colors. You can also add a monogram for an additional $10.

Help Them Celebrate With A Gourmet Meal

EBRD celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Everyone loves a free meal. But you can get a bit more creative than just a free lunch. Let them enjoy a delicious meal with their family at home. This adds to the authenticity of your gift by showing employees you care about them as people, not just as tools to business success. Consider giving them a meal kit with all their favorite ingredients to make something they love. Get creative. There are a ton of different options out there. These are just a few of our favorites:

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Give Them A Tasty Beverage

For employees who enjoy a drink to wind down at the end of a long day, consider a bottle of wine or craft beer the next time you need to give an employee appreciation gift. With these gifts, splurging a little can level quality up a lot, so dont shy away from a slightly generous budget when shopping for bottled employee appreciation gifts. Alternatively, if an employee doesnt partake, you can offer them hand-crafted sodas with unique flavors they cant find anywhere else.

Why Are Employee Gifts Important

Gifts are one way to express gratitude and appreciation in the workplace. By reciprocating employees time and effort with presents and friendly gestures, you build trust and rapport with your team. Presents show thoughtfulness and effort on your part, which encourages employees to value their relationship with you and the company.

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Easily Engage Your Employees With A Gift Today

Any of the above corporate gifting ideas would be most welcome, and well-appreciated by your employees, during the holidays or any time recognition and celebration are in order. They speak to the company culture of your business, and can even create internal brand evangelists out of your most important people.

If youre a large organization, keeping your corporate gifting initiatives rolling can be a challengeespecially considering you may have several ongoing initiatives in addition to your annual holiday gifting. This is an area in which automation excels, allowing for company-wide sends, departmental programs, or individual incentives with equal ease. If you have a large group of employees youd reward and delight, automation can make the process easy and far more enjoyable than a DIY send.

If youd like more information on making a splash with your employee engagement efforts, and would love some help in making it happen, read more here, and reach out for more info on how a Sending Platform can be the best solution for you.

See how companies generate over 200% ROI on new revenue with the leading sending platform.

Mrs Meyers Soy Candle

Candy quotes, Staff gifts, Teacher appreciation gifts

Women appreciate nice smelling spaces and candles are a sure-shot way of giving a great gift to a female employee. Mrs. Meyers soy candle is known to be calming, comforting, and completely natural. Devoid any ingredients which anyone might be allergic to, this soy candle can be a great gift to any employee. This two-pack candle burns for 35 hours! You can buy Mrs. Meyers soy candle from .

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Umbrella But A Really Cool One

An umbrella might not sound like the most exciting gift, but think about it most everyone needs one, it seems like theres never one around when its raining and no one wants to buy their own! If youre going to gift an umbrella, give one that goes beyond the ordinary.

For example, a reversible umbrella makes it easy to get in and out of the car without getting wet and it wont drip water when its folded. Macys has a Shedrain reversible umbrella that comes in pink, black and red.

Delicious Baked Goods From Goldbelly

Baked goods, from $29, available at Goldbelly

You can never go wrong with baked goods. With an option to narrow your search by region, Goldbelly’s corporate gifting program allows you to send local eats to your employees no matter where they’re located.

It offers everything from organic mixed fruit baskets, to Magnolia Bakery’s World Famous Banana Pudding. Plus, every order also helps support small or minority-owned businesses. For bulk orders of 15 recipients or more, you can email

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Why Celebrating Employee Birthdays Matters

Just 26% of employees feel valued at work, and itâs a big problem because of the tight relationship between employee recognition and employee turnover.

What can you do to make staff feel valued in your organization? Celebrate employee birthdays!

This celebration tells the employee that you care about them, and it can boost their workplace motivation.

A 2019 study revealed that a reward and recognition system is one of the most potent forces that drive workplace engagement.

In addition, having a recognition and rewards system in place, like celebrating employee birthdays, contributes to reduced turnover and higher productivity.

Due to the pandemic, though, many workers work from home or have a hybrid schedule. If this is the case in your organization, it can be a hassle celebrating employeesâ birthdays.

This is why we have compiled 26 brilliant ideas on how you can make your employees feel valued by celebrating their birthdays.

Creativity Inc By Ed Catmull

Best gift for Colleague | Best gift for Co-worker | Best Farewell gift for Colleague [Men & Women]
  • What is it? An inspirational book about teams and creativity, dreamed up by the leaders at groundbreaking Pixar Animation Studios.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Theyll love getting words of inspiration and also practical takeaways that apply to any and all industries.
  • Price: From $28.14 to $45.13
  • Customizable? Yes

Pro-Tip: Many of the items in this post can be bundled together for new employees joining your team. Gifting a new coworker a welcome kit can start their time with your business on a positive note while making that first week a bit less stressful.

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Corporate Milestones: Work Anniversary Gifts By Year

Every work anniversary is important, as it marks another year of hard work and dedication to the company, but milestone anniversaries should stand out as extra-special. Rest assured that employees will notice if you dont acknowledge their milestones in some way, so why not think outside the box and go above and beyond with your work anniversary gifts for years of service? Here are some employee years of service gift ideas to get you going:

How To Celebrate 1 Year Work Anniversary

According to the Harvard Business Review, a study of more than one million respondents found that voluntary turnover peaked one year after their start dates. Celebrating that one-year work anniversary can be an invaluable retention strategy that reinvigorates your employees passion for the company and reminds them that they are valued.

1 Year Work Anniversary Gift

Branded Laptop Backpack: A sleek backpack branded with your company logo and large enough comfortably fit a work laptop makes for an exciting, useful one-year work anniversary gift. Backpacks of this type can run between $20-$120 depending on the style, materials and level of customization. If you have an employee celebrating a one year anniversary at work, this is the perfect gift in both price range and practicality.

How To Celebrate a 5 Year Work Anniversary
5 Year Work Anniversary Gift
How To Celebrate a 10 Year Work Anniversary
10 Year Work Anniversary Gift
How To Celebrate a 15 Year Work Anniversary
15 Year Work Anniversary Gift

Offer Continued Educational Opportunities

As millennials and Gen-Z become ever more dominant in the workforce, their thirst for personal and professional development grows more pressing, too. Employee appreciation gifts focused on continued education are a great way to feed this perpetual drive. Whether its a subscription to an online learning platform or an offer to subsidize their tickets to a professional workshop, giving your employees opportunities to learn and grow is a great way to show you appreciate them.

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Hr Adult Coloring Book

The HR Adult Coloring Book has incredibly humorous HR puns, stunning artwork, and 25 pages of designs with intricate details and single-sided pages that can be removed. When they arent reading up on the latest HR tools to use at work, they can unwind with the definitive coloring book for HR professionals.

Where to find it: HR Adult Coloring Book

This funny HR gift is a laid back yet creative way to destress. Sometimes its nice to just feel like a kid again and theres no better human resources gift for that than an adult coloring book.

Where to find it: Gluten-Free Healthy Treats

This particular HR gift for coworkers delivers on flavor as much as it does on nutrition. Theyll love trying new gluten-free snacks and discovering brands that know their way around a good snack.

Cedar Bonsai Silk Plant

January Staff In

This green plant will be appreciated by anybody at your place of work, including your boss and coworkers, especially if they appreciate nature. The Cedar Bonsai plant is a good decoration for the desk and shelf tops and you cant underestimate the soothing effect it has when you look at it. Since the plant is not natural, it doesnt need to be watered or taken care of, aside from occasional cleaning. However, it still has a natural look with canopy branches, a strong trunk, and visible roots.

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