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Dj For Birthday Party Prices

Why Book Through Entertainment Nation

Teens Party Dj Los Angeles Kids Party Dj Los Angeles

Not only do we have a wide variety of bands and musicians for you to choose from, we have fostered good relationships with them, giving you the reassurance that you are booking through a reputable entertainment company who are passionate about what they do.

We alleviate the pitfalls you’d normally encounter when organising party entertainment. We will provide you with expert guidance and support thats only a phone call away, we can not only ensure you choose the best band for your party but that your celebration runs smoothly too.

To help you with the selection process you can watch videos for each of our party bands so you know what they sound like and the atmosphere they can create with their music.

We ensure that all of our party musicians and acts hold Public Liability Insurance of minimum £1,000,000 cover.

Start the journey today and browse our selection of bands.

I booked the band to perform at my Husband’s 30th Birthday party in Lancs and they were great. They listened to my requests and did a fantastic job. They got everybody up and involved and we all danced the night away. Was more like going to see a famous band and being in a ‘mosh pit’ than a boring Birthday Party. Thanks again guys, just amazing 5/5

What Are Your Wedding Priorities

You deserve a wedding day thats exactly how you want it to be. You should hear the songs you love and none of the ones you hate! Your wedding should entertain all of your guests, from your friends to your grandparents.

You should dance all night long with the peace of mind that your DJ Company has planned for every little detail and every possible thing that could go wrong. Above all, your wedding should be the entire you. Your style, your personality, your love story, nothing cookie-cutter about it.

You should never have to suffer through an obnoxious, corny DJ who steals the spotlight or cheesy songs you hate this is your day.

Your Music Your Way

Thats our company motto. We believe that our couples personalities should shine through in the music on their wedding day, which is why its our job to ask questions, listen, learn about you, and then let you know if we think our team is possibly even a good fit for your vision.

Most of our couples spend anywhere between $1,000$2,000 on their wedding entertainment, and everything we do is fully personalized to them.

Theres a lot involved in finding and hiring the right wedding DJ. This guide should point you in the right direction however, were happy to answer any questions that you may still have or provide any additional resources you might need.

If youd like to know more about our packages and pricing, then request a quote!

Happy Planning!

What Things Are Considered In The Cost Of A Dj

You may be expected to pay for travel costs, the set up of a dance floor, or even any necessary equipment that goes with the sound system. You may want to add in extras like lighting, a photobooth, fog machine or emcee services.

If youre looking to save money or are working with a limited budget, you may want to eliminate incorporating some of these additional services.

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How Long Do I Need A Dj For

DJs work on average 3-4 hours during the set plus preparation and setting up time. So these 2-4 hours will mean the provision of quality dance music for your guests. If you need to break the set for short speeches or maybe you need breaks for food and business discussions, then add these hours to the estimate. In this breaks you have two options:

Pay the DJ to play some background light music not to keep guests in silence.

The second option is definitely better if youre tight on a budget, while the former works better for high-quality events.

As a rule, when you surf for the DJ cost you will see the cost of those 2-4 hours set while the additional hours of playing background music or overtime will add up to the estimate. For instance, if the fixed rate is $700 for 3 hours, then every additional one will be about $100-$145 more. However, in case you hire a DJ for several days, some DJs will cut down the hourly rate.

Points On How Make Your Birthday The Most Beautiful Day In Your Life

Best DJ hire service Melbourne music mix and professional setup ...

As an experienced DJ, I know exactly how to find styles that all age- groups can haveparty to enjoy. From the 60s to the present, I play songs and mixes in almost every style, from electronic music to retro. I can find the perfect music from 40,000 songs. Of course, we can discuss your favorites, desires, dreams. In music, there is nothing impossible for me!

I work with the best professional Pioneer DJ equipment, so quality sound is guaranteed, and this what your event deserves. Even the biggest clubs use these technologies because these to devices are able to fully utilize the newest technological advancements and make the DJs wildest dreams come true. Ithere are lots of effects and tricks to make the evening really spectacular and interesting.

For people who like listening to music, an excellent sound is definitely important. Its interesting, because we only hear but cant see the music, so people who havent listened a good sound system, cant imagine what theyre missing out. But when we look at a blurred picture, we know that it can get much cleaner. Enjoy your favorite music with the revolutionary QSC speakers that have makde the trend for active speakers

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Do All Music Artists Perform Live

The musicians will perform live but not all shows are completely live. Some event djs use musical backing tracks to perform with a larger sound. For example, a soloist may use a backing track accompaniment. Feel free to discuss your preferences with the. Even some world famous music artists use backing tracks!

Can I Tailor My Music Act’s Performance

The local event djs are happy to discuss any ways they can provide the best performance for your birthday party. You may want particular songs performed at particular times or make announcements. Feel free to let the event djs know what you would like to change or add. Especially if you plan to have them swinging from the chandeliers!

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How Long Do Event Djs Perform

As long as agreed! Generally, perform in sections of 45 minutes to an hour. This is separated with a small break lasting around 5 to 15 minutes. So if you want your event dj to perform across 3 hours, they will play for 45 minutes 3 times. Some event djs performing across 2 hours, would play for 45 minutes, take a 15-minute break then play for the whole last hour. There are also event djs that when asked to perform across 3 hours will do that without a break! You can discuss and agree how long you want your event dj to perform their music sets and break duration.

Will Dj Please My Personal Requests


Most DJs have their preferred style of music and their own mixes for work. In case you have your own vision of the event and require a DJ to make new mixes and reorder their workflow, make sure that you discuss such demands at least several weeks prior to the event. Additional fees will always take place if a DJ doesnt own the music you want to hear. Besides that, if you want a bilingual DJ or if you want him or her to cooperate with an MC he/she never met, then time for creating a new program for both will be needed.

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Who Handles The Setup For A Dj

DJs will handle their own setup and tear down, but its your responsibility to make sure they have adequate time and space to do so. Discuss the venue parameters with them in advance, including loading entrances and electricity sources. Ask the DJ how long their setup usually takes, and then figure out the optimal time for them to arrive so that they are completely set up and have time to check audio quality and lighting before your event starts.

Djs Around Richmond Hill On:

Offers Virtual Services

  • Guelph, ON
  • Wedding DJ / DJ

Fun interactive DJs with personalities. Concentrating on you on your special day. Utilizing top quality audio equipment from top manufacturers in the business,

  • Acoustic Band / DJ
  • 11 Verified Bookings
  • Childrens Party Magician / DJ
  • 77 Verified Bookings

Lindsay M. saidLofty was phenomenal. So kind, accommodating and a fantastic performer. The kids and adults alike were captivated by the magic and humour. From bubbles,

  • Ajax, ON
  • Mobile DJ / DJ

I’m the type of DJ that will get you moving! My music and remixes will get you on the dance floor in no time! You won’t have any regrets after booking me as you

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What Happens If A Becomes Ill

Illness is something all event djs for hire should be prepared for. This may mean another stepping in for your birthday party. The replacement should be well versed in the music that the initial performs. You will not hear any difference, although they may appear different. If the is unable to provide a replacement, let us know and ACE Music Booking Agency may be able to help you hire another of similar quality.

The Party Starts Here

Company party season is now in full swing with DJ Forrest performing at ...

The Birthday child gets to mix and scratch their favourite songs with a real DJ set-up. Their friends get to take it in turns as MCs on the mic while the crowd goes wild dancing and having fun with light sticks, disco wands and glow bands. The DJ Party Package comes with balloon creations and the Mr Magicio Magic show included.

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How To Keep Costs Down When Hiring A Dj

Hiring a DJ doesnt have to cost a fortune! Here are some tips and tricks for keeping costs down:

  • Go off-peak – Planning your event during the off-season means that the price of hiring a DJ will usually be lower as the demand will decrease.

  • Reduce the number of hours – Most of the time you wont need a DJ for the entire event, so reducing the number of hours is an easy way to cut costs.

  • Dont be afraid to haggle! – Some DJs may be willing to negotiate when it comes to pricing. Dont be afraid to ask for a different package option for a lower price if their rate is higher than your budget.

Complete Sound System Lighting And All Other Equipment

The professional sound system, lighting system, DJ controller are expensive and will definitely add your DJ service cost. Make sure to check if the DJ company you hire has complete DJ equipment. Dont depend on the venues equipment whether its free to use. Usually, some of the equipment like the microphone doesnt match with the other equipment that the venue has.

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How Much Space Does A Dj Need

While DJs dont need quite as much room as a full band, you should still allow them plenty of space for their equipment. Ideally, you should give the DJ an area that is about 6×10 feet in size. Place them to the side of your dance floor or main event space, and make sure your guests have plenty of room to maneuver around them without touching any of their equipment. Discuss the exact needs with your DJ before the event to make sure you can accommodate their specific setup.

Wedding Dj Cost Guide

@DJ SURAJ SP Dj Setup in Birthday Party ( BALODA ) Ahuja Bass Swx2100 , Djplus Drx525 Dxa2502

Costs displayed in graph are based on spend from thousands of couples who recently reported pricing for this service within their WeddingWire review. Pricing varies based on factors including, but not limited to, vendors experience, level of expertise, event guest count, date, and geographic region.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Local Dj

It matters for how long you want the dj to perform for your birthday party and if there are any extra requirements. You can detail what you have in mind on your booking request. Your personal music booking agent will find the best musicians and bands for hire to fit your budget. So you can rest assured you will be able to afford the event djs on your shortlist. You can check our price guide for hiring musicians.

Professional Childrens Disco Hire & Kid’s Party Entertainment

Children’s Discos are a large part of what we do, mores to the point we do them well, please view our kids disco video clips to the right to see just how amazing our childrens discos are

See after the event video interviews with Mums & Dads here

Creating the perfect Children’s Birthday Party requires a specialist Childrens DJ, a DJ with experience, knowledge, patience and a huge sense of fun is always a must. This is why when considering your child’s party, or young person’s event you should always ask your potential DJ lots of questions before you book their disco …. View the questions to ask here

Contact us right now by phone on 07976 752178 to answer any questions you may have about our fantastic childrens discos or email us to check our availability here

All our DJs are CRB checked, fully insured and truly experienced in entertaining children & young people…. its not as easy as we make it look. Our Birthday Parties from as young as 5 right up to teenagers have to be seen to be believed, not only do you get a professional disco /DJ but you also get all the latest music, combined with, flashing lights, 1000’s of bubbles, and interactive games.

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Most Expensive Djs $2000 $3000+

Finally, there are DJs charging over $2000 for weddings. In our opinion, you should only pay this rate under certain circumstances. If youve seen this DJ personally at an event and they did an amazing job, then it may be worth paying extra. So much of the time, though, we hear people say, he charged more so we thought he must be the best, and this wasnt the case.

The end result isnt a good one as the clients pay way more than they need to, and the professional DJ doesnt really want to be there. On the flip side of this, some DJs are just so busy and so popular that supply doesnt match the demand for them, and they are able to command a very high fee. Is this DJ better than the lower-priced average DJ or wedding specialist DJ?

Maybe, but in most cases, probably not.

At Airwaves, we have a few professional DJs who have been with us for many years, so they have built a reputation within our company. These DJs have charged more in the past and have always done a great job for us, so weve been happy to bill them out for more.

Weve also hired DJs that charged $1300 instead of $2000 and had great results! In our experience, price matters to an extent, but after a certain threshold, paying more for a DJ doesnt make a significant difference.

Final Thoughts

At first, it seems like the least expensive option is the best way to go. Thats got to be the best way to save money, right? Sometimes going cheap can be a good idea, but it can also lead to a wedding disaster.

A Djs Reputation Is Important

Birthday Stage

Professional, world-renowned DJs can earn some big pay packets due to their reputations, production credits, and booking frequency. When it comes to net worth, some of the big guns include Kaskade , Afrojack , David Guetta , DJ Tiësto , Calvin Harris , and Steve Aoki .

When it comes to booking someone for your party, there is a big difference between hiring your 16-year-old cousin and a 10 year well-traveled DJ when it comes to both price and quality. I would assume this is pretty obvious but just like many things in life, you do get what you pay for, as long as you provide the right direction for the person you hire. If you want to book a world-famous DJ like John Course for your massive end-of-year party, you will have to pay a lot more than the $1000 you can expect a standard local option would quote. Local DJs with a decent regional reputation or following wont cost in the hundreds of thousands, but you may end up paying a bit more than $1000.

Here are some general price brackets based on experience and assuming a 4 to 5-hour gig:

$300 $400 Typically a novice DJ, probably a casual or part-timer

$500 $750 A part-timer with more experience than a beginner with modern equipment

$850 $2,500 Most experienced, professionally trained, full-time DJ.

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Will The Dj Take Requests And Can They Play My Favourite Song

Yes and yes! DJs can play just about any tune imaginable – their ‘real’ job is to make the music as seemless and smooth as possible a rolling wave of the music you know and love. Professional DJs usually have a large selection of music to draw from, and can cover all kinds of styles and genres. If you’re a sucker for a specific or niche style, you can bet there’s a DJ out there who’s mastered it. Let your DJ know ahead of time if there are songs you’d like included in the set: they’ll throw it into their musical jambalaya with ease!

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