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Planning An Adult Birthday Party

How To Plan A Birthday Party Checklist

5 Easy Steps to Plan an ADULT Birthday Party

When it comes to throwing a birthday party, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

A fun way to plan a birthday party for adults is to tailor the event to the guest of honours interests and preferences. With that said, there are some key elements that should be included in every birthday party.

This checklist for birthday party planning will take you through the first things you need to plan at each stage of preparation from idea to throwing your birthday bash!

Tip # : Pick A Cheap Location To Host Your Party

It may be cheaper to have your birthday party at your house, but not everyone wants or has the means to do so.

If you cant throw your birthday party at home, choose a free or inexpensive place instead.

Consider having your birthday party at a restaurant, a local cafe, or a lounge.

These places have a kitchen, dining room tables, serving ware, flatware location.

If youre looking for more ideas to host your next birthday party, check out my blog post below:

How Long Should An Adult Birthday Party Be

Once you start planning the birthday party, you might be wondering, how long should the birthday party be? Adult birthday parties tend to be longer events, especially if they are happening at night. People tend to linger or continue dancing into the night. This being said, plan for an event that could last as long as 4 hours.

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Adult Birthday Party Ideas To Celebrate Any Year


Whether you love celebrating your birthday every year or you dread the thought of turning another year older, birthdays are one of those rare opportunities to gather your friends and family in one place and celebrate. And let’s face it, you should be doing something fun for every milestone you hit, because what better excuse is there to get all of your favorite people in one room and reminisce about the past year or more youve spent together?

When you were a kid, it was so easy to pick a favorite theme or place to host your party, but as an adult, it can be trickier. As we got older, the themes tended to dwindle and it became Meet me at that bar we love! or Lets just all do dinner. And even if its not a particularly special yearaka one of the big onestheres nothing wrong going all out for an adult birthday party.

All out of ideas? Make every year a milestone year with these 35 adult birthday party ideas.

Have everyone come in their favorite pajamas or athleisure and bring their go-to board game from way back when, like Dream Phone or Guess Who? And for an extra dose of nostalgia, have goody bags for the winners.

Looking For More Tips About Party Planning Checklists

Party Planning Template

What do I need to plan a party?

The basic ingredients for a party are a location and guests. To move beyond the basics, you should plan to secure a great venue, entertainment, decorations, food, and beverages.

What do you need for a party checklist?

To determine what you need on a party checklist, start with the big picture approximately how many guests and what type of party will you be throwing? For a small personal celebration, you may only need some drinks, snacks, and ice. However for a large, themed gala you will need decorations, photo backdrops, catering, staff, and likely a coat check.

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Let Someone Else Do The Work

The worst part of any birthday party? The cleanup! At Stokely Event Center, we handle the cleanup. And even betterits included in your rental fee! Fully enjoy your celebration without worrying about a checklist to complete before you leave the venue. Lets face it we all do enough cleanup at home, the last thing you need to do is clean up after your own birthday party!

What Should My Budget Be

Looking at your budget will determine what you can afford for a birthday party.

Having a party on a budget does not mean it has to be boring. Make your own invitations when setting up a guestlist, or create your own decor with crafts and balloons.

Having fun with family by doing a Twister tournament in the living room can be just as much fun as doing an expensive escape room and costs way less.

Get creative with your money and plan something that theyll love but wont break the bank.

If you are looking for an birthday outing, check sites like Groupon and local deal sites to find activities or save by bundling tickets together. Often places also have reduced fees for hosting parties in off hours as well.

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Tip # 9 Buy Grocery Store

Grocery store-bought cake saves you money. Do you want to personalize your birthday cake without paying extra money?

If so, add your icing, candy, flowers, and cake decorations from home to make it match your birthday theme.

Do you need some grocery store cake inspiration? Check out this blog post from the Krazy Coupon Lady called:

Over 250 Birthday And Party Themes To Choose From In Our Online Party Store

Brilliant and Inexpensive Ideas for Adult Birthday Parties!

From first birthday party celebrations to licensed parties for kids such as DisneyPrincess parties and Batman Superhero parties, Birthday In A Box is the best place to buy party things online. We have Trolls birthday supplies, Moana party supplies, supplies for a Guardians of the Galaxy Party and themes for girls parties and boys parties . Have an Over the Hill party to throw? Look no further than our online party supply store. We also have party things for social get togethers, showers and parties for any occasion.

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Farmers Market Themed Party

Kara’s Party Ideas featured this shabby chic farmers market themed birthday party that’s fresh and fun. With flower plant favors, yard games, floral signage and tented food tables, this party is a growing sensation. Originally designed for a child, this theme is totally do-able for hipster types who love to their fresh market veggies.

Plan Ahead For The Birthday

Planning is the key to a stress-free, fun-filled event. Let it begin months before the actual event if it includes booking a venue.

You do not want any last-minute mishaps to ruin the mood for the entire event. Identify what you want to achieve?

Do you want it to be simple and sweet, thrilling and exciting, or a full day of fun-filled activities?

It would be wise to plan the games and songs you wish to play to entertain your guests. Create a list of both indoor and outdoor activities. Are your guests interested in board games? Or would you indulge in a game of paintball?

Maintain a backup for situations where things do not go as planned.

You require two things to start your planning budget and scale of the birthday celebration. Once you have decided on these two, you can set the planning in motion.

The birthday planning timeline

  • Date & Time: Plan it three to four months in advance if you wish to have a grand celebration. For an intimate celebration, you can plan a month before the birthday celebration.
  • Guest List: Besides the venue, this is what you decide at the very earliest. Decide who you are inviting three months before the party.
  • Birthday Venue: Pick the venue that is easily accessible for your guests, ideally two-three months in advance.
  • Menu: Most likely, the menu options will heavily influence your decision about the venue. Your menu should be finalized one to two months ahead of the birthday.
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    How To Plan An Adult Birthday Party Essay Example

    Pages: 2

    This Essay was written by one of our professional writers.

    You are free to use it as an inspiration or a source for your own work.

    Need a custom Essay written for you?

    Statistics demonstrate that the individuals who possess the most get to live best. The day a person is born is an amazing day. Planning someones birthday party might appear like an effortless project however, it can be intricate amid a lot of work. For you to plan a birthday party that is successful, you need to have excellent organization, a good spot, and sufficient resources. The process has three steps, which can plan a successful birthday party.

    The subsequent step you are required to choose a suitable place, for example, an eating-place, history club, a ballroom of a hotel, or your residence. For instance, you could decide to have your residence as the place to hold the birthday party. This is because the majority of guests you invite to the party are already familiar with where you stay. Therefore, it will be unchallenging for them to trace the location of the birthday party. Moreover, having the birthday at your residence will save a part of the budget as weighed against renting a spot. However, if you have an excellent financial plan and your residence cannot hold many guests, at that moment you probably should rent a spot, such as a restaurant.

    Stuck with your Essay?

    Adult Birthday Party Ideas A

    Check out our FREE printable for 100+ party themes! #birthdaythemes # ...

    Below is an A-Z list of adult birthday party ideas for all ages from a 21st birthday party up to an 80th birthday party.

    This list of party ideas is intended for adult birthdays , so please see my other pages for a separate list of Kids Birthday Ideas or Teen Birthday Ideas.

    If you don’t find anything you like in one of the categories below, it might be worth having a quick browse of the themes for kids and teens, as often these can easily be re-interpreted to create an adult party theme. For example, a kid’s Barbie & Ken party theme could easily be made into a kitsch costume party for adults. Similarly, a Superbowl or Fashion theme can work for kids, teens, or adultsdepending on what slant you give it. It all comes down to how you choose to interpret it.

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    How To Plan A Birthday Party For Adults: The Ultimate Party Planning Guide

    A birthday party is a special occasion that should be celebrated in style. If you are planning a birthday party for adults, you may be wondering where to start. Dont worry we have you covered!

    Find everything you need to know about how to plan a birthday party for adults. We will cover everything from choosing the right venue to decorating your party space. So whether you are throwing a milestone birthday bash or just want to celebrate with friends, read on for tips and ideas that will help make your party a success!

    Adult Birthday Parties: What To Take Into Account

    We think itâs well-established that adults enjoy birthday parties as much as children do. Sometimes more so.

    When organizing how to plan a birthday party for adults, whether itâs a celebration of a friend or family member turning 30, or turning 80, there is a lot to take into account.

    When you realize that youâll need to plan for two completely opposite groups of attendeesâchildren on the one hand and adults on the otherâitâs easy to see how adult birthday parties can be much more complex than your childâs. So, a comprehensive party planning checklist that accounts for a different set of requirements is a must-have.

    How to plan a birthday party for adults

    Hereâs a short list of key components for every adult birthday party to get you started with confidence in your planning process for the milestone celebration:

  • Guest list, including the children of every invited guest
  • Venueâif hosting in a public place, take the inclusion of young children into consideration
  • Food menu and beverages for the adults
  • Food menu and beverages for the kids
  • Music and entertainment
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    Guest List For An Adult Birthday Party

    List If youre having your own party, its obvious who you want to invite. Though, if youre having a party for someone else, make sure you check with them to see who they want on their guest list. Again, this is a good idea to make for the budget. If you have a lot of people, it most likely means that you have more food, more invites, and more money to spend.

    Tip #6 Make A Starch The Star For Your Meal

    How to Plan a 50th Birthday Party for a Female

    Use starch as the main star of your guests dishes if you decide to serve them a meal.

    You can create two or three starch-based meals with different types of meat like beef or chicken and one thats meatless.

    In my culture, Panamanian lo mein is a popular dish that can feed many people at family celebrations.

    Similar dishes like pasta, baked potatoes w/ toppings, or stir fry are great for your party guests as well.

    Many party planners recommend not making meat the star of your meal if you want to save money.

    But if your guests are meat lovers, they will feel like they are missing out.

    If you find yourself in this situation, check out tip #7.

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    How To Plan A Birthday Party: Conclusion

    So, there you have it. The ultimate party planning checklist to help you remember all the important details of how to plan a birthday party.

    Whether you thoroughly enjoy planning parties, or if this is your very first and youre dreading the process, we hope this guide helps you throw the best party ever.

    Wed love to hear about the best birthday party youve ever thrown. What was the theme, and did everything go according to plan? Do you have any more tips on how to plan a birthday party? Let us know in the comment section down below!

    Accessories To Add In Party

    If you want to have a good party, then you will need to look into some accessories to add to the party. If you want a party that your kid is going to really enjoy, then a party hat is going to do the trick. If the hat is too big or too small, then it can turn off your kids and make them feel like they arent part of the party. It may be better to buy a small adult birthday party planning checklist for adults so that you will be able to write down all the important things that you need before you go shopping. This way, you wont have to guess and you will have all the necessary accessories at hand.

    Another thing that you should do when you want to have a good adult birthday party planning checklist for adults is to ensure that you have a list of games for the party. This is something that is going to be important for parents who want to give their children something fun to play and that will also help them to become more involved in the party.

    As soon as you get ready to buy your party decorations, then you should always try to shop for some for your guests too. You can have some balloons that are colored to match the theme of the party and it may not be such a bad idea to have them glittery too. This way, the balloons can make a great effect and they will make people more comfortable as they leave the party.

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    Summertime Birthday Party Ideas

    I’m a summer baby. It is always hot and sweaty out on a mid-July birthday. All people want is cool and refreshing food and drinks to take their mind off the heat. So, if you’re hosting a party during the summer, this menu will help you put everyone in a fantastic mood so they can enjoy the part from start to finish.

    Search Our Online Party Shop For The Best Deals On Birthday Items

    The Only Party Checklist You

    The best part about our party supply website, is not only the wide range of themes but thevast number of birthday party supplies and categories we feature. From the initial planning phase until the celebration is over, you can count on us for everything you need. You can shop online on our birthday themes page to find the one you like best. From there, its just a few clicks on our easy to navigate party site and you have yourself a perfect shindig. Items such as tableware, invitations, piñatas, decorations, crafts & games, party ideas, cake toppers, balloons, personalized items, costumes, thank you notes and more fun stuff are included. There are 1000s of items in all. But don’t worry, once you choose your theme, the rest is fast, easy and affordable.

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    An Elegant Birthday Party

    There are some people, and from what I’ve been reading more than you would imagine, who are a bit introverted and enjoy smaller get-togethers over big bashes. They like the intimacy and conversation that comes with a small, close group of friends or family. And since your guest list won’t be that large, you can afford to splurge a bit on your menu and party supplies and make it an elegant birthday celebration.

    Adults Ages 21 And Up

  • Cookout – Fire up the grill and ask guests to bring a side dish to share and their favorite beverage.
  • Birthday Under the Stars – Move furniture in the grass, set out blankets and pillows and set a festive mood with tons of candles. Sit around the fire and break out the instruments for a birthday sing along!
  • Themed Potluck – Does the guest of honor have a favorite food? Surprise him or her with a potluck party. Ask each guest to bring a dish and the recipe to share. So delicious ! Genius Tip: Try one of these 50 creative potluck themes.
  • Detective Party – Its a birthday whodunit! Use a board game or find online inspiration and set the scene for the perfect crime. Can you solve the mystery in time for cake and ice cream?
  • Dancing Through the Decades – Jam out and enjoy all the number one hits of the birthday guest from birth to present day.
  • Brewery or a Wine Tour – Many breweries and wineries offer group package tours that include tastings and treats along the way – a great way to celebrate.
  • Comedy Club – Find the schedule of a local comedy club and book a block of tickets. Let the club know you are celebrating a birthday for a chance to get the guest of honor up on stage!
  • Weekend Getaway – Grab the crew and celebrate all weekend long. Book a mountain home, beach getaway or rent an RV and go where the road takes you.
  • Organize birthday party donations with a sign up. View an Example

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