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How To Become A Birthday Party Planner

Tap Your Network And Hang Out Your Shingle

Event Planner Vlog | Prepping For A Encanto Birthday Party & Small Business Tips | BEING KIYANA

Chances are, you’ve made a lot of contacts as you worked your way through the event planning world. By now, you know which venues are best suited for which kind of party, which caterers best suit your needs and what kinds of clients you want to work with. Go ahead and tap this network, letting them know you’ve gone into business for yourself.

Word of mouth is just as powerful as ever, if not more so, since these days it’s amplified across a variety of social media platforms. Between your network and a little savvy marketing, you’ll be booking your first clients soon enough. And, having put in all that time into learning your craft, you’ll know exactly what to do next.

Most Famous Event Planners In The World

Event planning is certainly not a task which can be performed by all. From the catering to the decoration, from the speeches to the reception, from the serving to the cleaning, event planning surely demands much of ones time, exposure and effort.

Here are 10 most famous event planners in the world who are known for their talent in the said field.

Have a look!

Conduct Market Research And Feasibility Studies

  • Demographics and Psychographics

The demographic and psychographics composition of those who need the services of party planners cuts across people from all works of life and organizations et al there is no clear cut distinction on those that would naturally need the services of event planners especially when they can afford it.

Over and above, if you are looking towards starting a party planning business, then you should direct your marketing efforts to those who can afford your services. Of course corporate organizations, government agencies, business owners, religious organizations, schools and individuals falls within the demographic composition for a party planning company.

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Get The Funding For Your Kids Party Planning Business

Depending on the size of your business, you may need funding, especially if youre planning on opening a large-scale operation in a commercial space. If so, you will need to have your business plan in hand and make an appointment to meet with lenders to discuss a start-up business loan.

One thing to keep in mind is that banks view start-ups as high-risk. Therefore, they would rather lend money to a business with a proven track record than take a chance on a start-up. With this in mind, it doesnt mean its impossible to get a start-up loan, but it is difficult unless you have the credentials and collateral to reduce the risk. Also, take a look at our post on, Getting a small business loan.

Work Your Way Up And Apply For Internships

Party Plan Printable

Working your way to a higher position, or attaining an internship, gives you more experience, builds your event planning muscles and adds to your overall party industry insider know-how.

Learning party planning from the ground up gives you valuable insight into how different events are put together. And internships geared toward your specific area of interest, such as maybe corporate events, can be priceless.

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Can You Keep A Cool Head

The last place you want to be at your event is huddled in a corner, pulling out your hair as you try to figure out what to do about missing place settings. The magic of event organisers is that they allow you to enjoy the event without getting stressed by the small stuff. If youre organising a press event and you know that youll be tending to important guests throughout the evening, you wont have the capacity to also be figuring out which guests need to be served the vegetarian dishes. Events planning is fun and satisfying but theres a reason why professional event planners are in such high demand they have the creative and logistical expertise to make spectacular events look effortless. If youve got the composure to handle some hiccups along the way, then maybe a helping hand with logistics and styling from Annie Dunne, is the perfect solution.

What We Do For Your 18th Birthday Party:

  • Transform your garden into a spectacular Marquee 18th Birthday Party venue.
  • Design each party specifically for you. We take your ideas and make them happen.
  • Build each event, run the party with our specialist DJs, Bar Staff and Event Manager.
  • Take it all down and clear up well even remove the rubbish.
  • We are a complete One Stop Solution.
  • Supply Everything for an Awesome 18th Birthday Party.

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Make A Pitch For Initial Funding

Once you know your numbers, you may realize you have tone down the level of Gatsby at your first party. Or better idea find investors to help you pay for it. These might include sponsors, partners, or your crazy rich aunt.

Regardless of who you are trying to convince, youll need some numbers to prove your idea a comprehensive list of all your expenses, also known as a budget. Use facts and figures to convince investors that your first soirée has the chops to evolve into a full-fledged party planning business.

Crowdfunding might be another option for raising party funds. Crowdfunding also helps build event buzz critical marketing in the early days of your party planning business.

Define Your Event Planning Business Idea

How to Plan a Fabulous Birthday Party: Tips, Tricks & Ideas

When it comes to starting an events company, youll first need to decide on the type of events services you want to offer.

Would you like to offer the full event planning service, organising every aspect of an event from inception to execution? Or would you rather focus on one or two particular skill sets? For example:

  • Event decorating
  • Catering

Its also key that you decide on the type of events you want to work on. In your early days, youll find it easier to market yourself clearly, attract customers and build the right skills and experience if you have a niche.

Events can be classified into four broad categories based on their purposes and objectives:

  • Personal events, such as weddings, birthday parties and family celebrations
  • Organisational events, such as commercial, political and charitable events, conferences and product launches
  • Leisure events, such as sports events and concerts
  • Cultural events, such as ceremonial, religious, art or heritage events

Its advisable to pick a niche that youre familiar with and already have a little experience in. If you come from a corporate background, for example, you may have a clearer understanding of what a successful conference looks like than a successful art festival. Remember, you can always take on more specialties as your business grows in size.

NB: If youd like to become a wedding planner, be sure to also check out our guide to starting a wedding planning business.

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How To Start A Party Planning Business At Home With No Money In 22 Steps

Do you want to start a party planning business from home? If YES, here is a detailed guide on how to to start a party planning business with NO money and no experience plus a sample party planning business plan template.

Have you ever attended any party whether formal or informal? Were you satisfied with the organization of the party? If you were not satisfied, what would you have done differently that would have made the party a blast from start to finish?

If you can comfortably answer the questions posed above, then you might have one or more qualities or skills that will make you a good party organizer and trust me you could earn a living and live a comfortable lifestyle as a professional party planner.

One good thing about parties is that most often than not, they are done during weekends and if you are lucky not to be working during weekends and holiday periods, you can successfully test run a party planning business while still keeping your paid employment or even as a student.

The truth is that, most of the basic skills needed to effectively run a party planning business are some of the soft skills you already possess or skills you are likely going to acquire in your work place or as a volunteer.

Table of Content

  • 22. Tips for Running a Party Planning Business Successfully
  • Stefanie Cove Yifat Oren & Associates

    The party is always on when it comes to Hollywood at the beginning and that is where these two steps in. They are responsible for the exclusive extravaganza wedding decoration of Reese Witherspoon and the gorgeous and beauty with brain Natalie Portmans wedding too. They surely know the exact usage of space, lights, flower and glamour and so can turn dessert in a spring.

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    Starting A Childrens Party Planning Business

    We will go over the steps needed to start your own kids party planning business in this post. Throughout the article, we will cover many points to consider about your business. Finally, we will end with a collection of resources you can use when youre in the start-up phase and when your business is up and running.

    Parlay All Event Experience Into Relevant Experience

    How Hiring a Party Planner Can Make Your Party Move With Ease

    Cultivating a diversified experience portfoliowithin the events industry, or notshows you developed a varied and valuable skill set. Do you have food and beverage experience? Your relationship-building skills, food and nutrition knowledge, and multitasking abilities are all strengths. Did you work in retail? Use your people skills and customer insights to design event experiences attendees love. Perhaps youre the go-to person who creates parties for family and friends.

    Review your jobs and your passions for transferable soft skills. Decide how those skills complement the events you want to create and plan, and include them within the experience section of your event planning portfolio.

    How to build an event planning portfolio as an events newbie

    Put your creativity on display with staged event photos. Does your eye for centerpiece design or creative use of natural elements stand out? Connect with local photographers, bridal shops, furniture rental agencies, local models, and venues to stage events layouts for promotional photos that benefit all groups involved. Take before and after photos to show your work.

    Tailor your online presence. Photo galleries, blog posts, and videos are popular among plannersbut, rather than tackling all of the platforms to get your message out there, focus on cultivating one or two platforms. The goal isnt to be everywhere. Exceptional content provides better results.

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    Ner With A Passionate Event Planning Team

    Your Challenges

    With the challenges facing us in today’s world planning an event can be quite overwhelming. Thereâs a lot of planning and a lot of factors to consider when moving to virtual events. With Virtual Party Planner YOU’RE NOT ALONE. We can help you bring your celebration or corporate event to a virtual space.

    Save Your Time

    Perhaps you donât know where to start, you donât have enough time in the day, or you simply feel like the walls are closing in on you. Thatâs why Virtual Party Planner is here to help. We enjoy planning all sorts of events so let us help you with yours! If you want to plan a virtual event that doesnât break the bank or become a second job virtual party planner is here to help. Let us handle the details so you can be a guest at your own event.You don’t need to waste time researching different technologies or figuring out the details of how to move your event to an online platform. We can be your most trusted resource as we guide you through the process.

    We Can Help With Everything

    Our Event Planners can help with all aspects of planning and executing your virtual event. We’ll help you choose the right software and platforms to reach your audience and we’ll let you know the many various options and customizable solutions we offer to make your event a huge success. You’ll have an experienced event team on standby before the event for tech rehearsals and set-up as well as during your event for support.

    Personal Touch

    Why Choose Us

    How To Start A Party Planning Business With Little To No Money

    You envision a Gatsby-worthy celebration, a bash guests will be talking about for weeks. There will be plenty of cocktails, mocktails, sequins, and glitter. But theres one little problem. You dont have the money to pull off the party you picture.

    It takes a leap of faith to start a party planning business, but it doesnt have to take a ton of cash. Figure out what expenses are unavoidable up front, which ones you can save for later, and how much revenue you stand to bring in from ticket sales and more. Then, position your party planning business to entice potential partners and sponsors who can help you foot the bill.

    Before you throw the first party in what will hopefully become a full-fledged business, here are the ground rules to starting a party planning business without a lot of cash.

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    Researching The Competition Online

    Often a simple Google search will show you who the events businesses in your local area are, but the ONS, the FSB and the British Chambers of Commerce also hold more specific, publicly accessible information about different businesses.

    Try to find out how your competitors operate, how big they are, who their customers are, how much they charge, and what their USPs are. Think about how you can bring something different to the table in order to compete.

    Making A Birthday Party Special


    Birthdays are personal, and birthday parties should be as well. If you dont know your guest of honor, gather some information about them. What are their hobbies and interests? How do they spend their free time? Learning whether they enjoy playing golf, cooking, or traveling will present numerous opportunities for you to personalize their party with creative details.

    For example, use a favorite hobby as a theme for the birthday cake and decorations. For the golfer, set up a putting green in a corner of the backyard or venue for guests to try their hand. Use green tablecloths with golf ball candle holders. If your guest of honor is a traveler, send out traditional tourist postcards in lieu of customized printed invitations and offer a varied international menu from some of the places they have visited.

    For a childrens party, finding hobbies can be challenging depending on the age. So, if the child is too young to be playing soccer or performing in dance recitals, pick an area of general interest and make that your theme. For example, if the birthday child is fond of pirates and adventure, hold a scavenger hunt. For younger children, keep it simple and have them work in teams of three and keep the list of items short.

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    Balance Your Logistical Experience And Your Creative Output

    An outstanding event professional engages their logical side and their creative side in their work.

    Logic and logistics are the foundation of successful events. You must be interested in the nitty-gritty details, not just the creative big picture. Youll be pondering event budgets and floor plan layouts, which require the ability to think and plan logically. Dissatisfied attendees and clients result when events are disorganized or dont come together with precision.

    On the flip side, event planners need to think creatively. This mindset is useful when establishing your business aesthetic, developing event themes, or designing graphics. Your creativity also differentiates your events from others, giving them the wow factor that draws clients. A customized event planning checklist can help you manage logistics while ensuring you schedule enough time to generate those big, show-stopping ideas.

    How To Become A Kids Party Planner

    To become a kids’ party planner, you will first of all, need to cover the basics described in the previous section of this article. Your next step is building your portfolio. Every potential client looking for a party planner will expect to see some examples of your previous projects before booking your services. But how can we have them if we are just starting out in the business?

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    Work Toward Your Niche

    First, follow the above three steps: work, learn and work some more. Grow your experience in the events planning world. Become the expert you’re going to market yourself to be. Along the way, you’ll get a sense of what kind of planner you want to be, and what kinds of events you want to handle.

    You can begin to tailor both your work and your education in this direction, while also cultivating an understanding of your ideal clientele. Once you’re ready to start marketing your services, or your company, you’ll already know who you need to be talking to, and how.

    Tip : Time To #levelup

    We Love Being Moms!: Party Planning Tips

    This is the step where you stop being the horse and start being the rider. You ask for a promotion, a step up, take lead on an event. You need to go from Jack of all trades to a master of one. Choose a niche and focus on getting as much experience in that niche as possible. Later you can go back to a boutique of offerings to your clients but for now its all about mastery. Master an arena, a service, a type of event, then master what clients you want to work with, what vendors do they use, what venues, what magazines do they read and what party planners do they already work with? Time to become Dexter and learn everything about your new niche. What are the best products? What are the best services to offer? Who is your target market, or avatar? Will you offer transparent pricing, free venue finding or full service event management?

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