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Where To Make A Birthday Party

Buy A Birthday Candle

how to make birthday party cake

While it would be complicated to light the candles on the remote celebrants cake, you can still send the birthday persona candle to observe the occasion. Simply invite the honoree to pick out a fancy candle on a site like Etsy or Bath and Body Works.

Then, buy and ship the candle to the persons home. Or, you could email a virtual gift certificate to an online candle shop and leave the recipient in charge of the order. If you are crafty, then you could even make and mail a homemade, customized candle to your friend, family member, or coworker.

High Energy Fun: Birthday Party Venues In Kl

If plenty of running around, jumping, and climbing are on your kid’s party agenda then you’ll want somewhere that can cater for children with energy to burn!

SuperPark Malaysia, A full day of party celebration with your friends and family in over 25 different activities with a dedicated party host, party room, and delicious food. Suitable for all ages!

Blaster Party Malaysia, throw your own NERF-themed party with the help of these guys. They’ll provide all the equipment and you just have to show up!

Camp 5, Asias largest climbing gym does awesome parties!

District 21, a first-of-its-kind apocalypse-themed adventure park.

Galactic Lazer, three-plus laser missions, and a party room to talk tactics and enjoy birthday cake.

Jump Street, bouncing birthday fun for all ages, and a party room for food and cake.

Juzkidz Gymnastics, a fun session of obstacle courses where they can tumble, swing, jump and bounce to their heart’s content.

FlowRider, the first-ever indoor flowboarding and surfing simulator in Malaysia, perfect for the little adventure junkies and enjoy complimentary birthday decorations.

Hauntu, Solve puzzles and be immersed in a haunted house experience as you take turns through the rooms with your party crew aged 8 and above. They also have party packages that come with snacks and drinks!

Party Room – A dedicated, interactive party space with plenty of games and excitement readily available for the birthday crew.

Minute To Win It Games

Minute to Win It games are short games that are both fun and challenging. These are perfect for birthday parties because everyone or just a few can play during the party. They also only take a few supplies and most of them you’ll already find in your home.

There are a whopping 35 Minute to Win It games here that will keep everyone at the party busy and having fun. These are great for kids, tweens, teens, and even grown-ups.

There are also some ideas here on how to play the games in various ways – against the clock, as a small team, or as a large group.

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Keep The Conversation Flowing

While Zoom is a great way to connect, it can lack some of the spontaneity and flexibility of an in-person party. If one person dominates the conversation or there are awkward silences, it can be hard to get everyone back on track. But with a little advanced preparation, youll be ready to combat gaps in the conversation and help everyone connect.

Think before the party about a few easy conversational prompts for the group. These dont need to be formal conversation starters it can be as simple as asking everyone what they thought of a certain movie or what they have planned for the weekend. You can also jot down a few abstract questions that get people thinking, like where they will travel after quarantine, what word from 2020 should be banned, and which activities would look funniest with social distancing.

Set The Party Date And Time


The biggest challenge when it comes to picking a date for your party- is working around the sports and activities that kids enjoy in your town. You obviously don’t want to plan a 2 pm party if most of the kids are at soccer or dance class at that time.

That being said- you’ll never find a date and time that works for everyone!

I suggest you consult with the Moms of 1 or 2 of your child’s best friends to make sure that you are selecting a timeframe that works for them, and then set your plans.

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Morning Or Afternoon Off

Virtual birthday party ideas for adults do not have to revolve around alcohol, tons of guests, or games and entertainment. In fact, the perfect party for some folks might be no party at all. For many parents and professionals, free time is a rare treat and privilege. You can give the celebrant a break by organizing an afternoon or morning off.

Homemade Party Decorations: How To Make Birthday Decorations

By: Author Vicky Smith

Making your own homemade birthday party decorations can save you a fortune on the cost of throwing a celebration.

Plus homemade decorations are fun to make and add a really lovely personal touch to your birthday party!

Whether you need the party decorations for a kids party or an adults celebration, you can adapt the colours and styles to whatever type of party you are throwing.

The items you need to make your own party decorations can be purchased extremely easily either at supermarkets or online at Amazon and crafting shops.

Theres a whole lot you can do with a few cheap balloons, some tissue paper, string and glue!

This post has lots of fab ideas for making your own birthday decorations, so pick and choose your favourite ones and then get the whole family involved in making them.

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Go All Out When You Get Out

Once youre able to really celebrate their birthday like theyd want, go all out. It might be on next years birthday or later that year but make it up to them.

If you dont normally do a party, let them have a small party with friends. If you normally do one present, make it a big one.

What would you add to this list? How are you making birthdays special at home?

Never In All My Years


Never In My Life is a birthday version of the popular icebreaker game Never Have I Ever. All participants start by holding up ten fingers, or birthday candles. Players will take turns naming birthday-related actions. A player lowers one finger for each named act he or she has committed. Here are sample prompts to get you started:

Never in All My Years Have I:

  • Lied about my age
  • Celebrated my birthday in another country
  • Put birthday candles on a dessert besides cake
  • Blown out all candles in one breath
  • Blown out someone elses birthday candles
  • Ruined someone elses birthday party
  • Had a surprise birthday party
  • Lied about my birthday to get a freebie or discount
  • Told the waiter it was a friends birthday to embarrass that friend
  • Forgotten my significant others birthday
  • Forgotten my childs birthday
  • Forgotten my parents birthday
  • Thrown a birthday party for a pet
  • Hand-made a birthday present

You can play as many rounds as the birthday guest wants or time allows. Feel free to pause the game as needed for amusing stories and explanations.

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Channel A Famous Character

Using notecards, have each family member write out their favorite characters from books, movies and cartoons. Fold up the papers and place in a bowl. Players will take turns acting out the characters on their cards with a twist! They can give one hint about their character if the hint rhymes with or includes the age of the birthday kiddo! And to think you thought charades was easy!

Top 10 Tips For Throwing A Great Birthday Party

We know how stressful party planning can be. Thats why weve created this guide to help you along the way. Here are ten tips to help you throw the best birthday party ever:

1. Create a Guest List

Choosing your guest list is perhaps the most important part of party planning. Will you keep it small and intimate? Or, invite everyone you know for an oversized bash? When it comes to kids parties, one rule of thumb is to invite only as many children as your childs age, plus one. So if your child is turning six, you would invite seven children to the party.

2. Pick a Venue

Once youve figured out how many people youre inviting to your soiree, you can pick the venue. You can choose to have it at your home, but this depends on how much space you have and the size of your guest list. Of course, home parties also require a little more work. A venue may cost more money, but it can offer your guests a greater variety of experiences and take a little pressure off you. Kids enjoy birthdays at bounce houses, childrens museums, or bowling alleys.

3. Choose a Theme

For kids, a theme for their birthday means a lot to them. Maybe they want their favorite character, sport, or activity. Be sure to ask your little one and plan accordingly. For older teens and adults, a theme can help tie the whole party together, even if its something as simple as a color or descriptive word .

5. Send Invitations in Advance

6. Have Plenty of Activities

7. Serve Some Delicious Snacks

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Covid 19 Birthday In A Box

Local companies near you may have birthday in a box celebration services available for hire. Schedule a delivery of a Birthday in a Box package with custom surprises catered to your child. Some services even offer birthday boxes for adults that include wine or liquor. No need to miss out on the fun.

Conduct A Birthday Interview


This activity will leave the birthday kiddo feeling like theyre in the spotlight and will give parents a sweet keepsake! Make a list of questions to ask the birthday celebrant and jot down their exact answers. Ask questions like their favorite food, what they want to be when they grow up, their favorite book, favorite song, best memory so far etc. Ask these same questions each year and compile them in a scrapbook. This will make an amazing gift on their 18th birthday and will be fun to see their answers change as they grow!

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Collaborative With Your Friends

Allow your friends and family to add comments and suggestions on your birthday card without the hassle of showing them in person. To allow other people to edit your design, click on the Share button and choose the Can edit option. This will give them access to edit your design in their personal Canva account.

More Fun Kids Birthday Party Places

Apple Orchard. Go apple picking, and kids can harvest their own healthy goodie bag while they get fresh air and exercise. Some orchards offer bonus activities, like visits with farm animals.

Build-A-Bear Workshop. Birthday guests make a furry friend from scratch. Kids choose, stuff, and accessorize their bear and then take it home. Check out for locations.

Ceramics Studio. Paint your own potterymugs, bowls, platesat a ceramics studio.

Fire Department: For a donation, many fire departments offer their space and time. Young party goers can talk with firefighters, try out equipment, and even hop aboard the truck. But beware, if the fire bell rings, the party is over!

Factory: From crayons to jelly beans to potato chips, your kids can find out how their favorite stuff is made on a tour of a local factory, with free samples and goodie bags waiting at the end.

Ice Cream Shop: Your local ice-cream shop provides the ice cream and toppings, and you provide the sugar monsters. Contact a parlor in your town, or log on to for Scoop Shop locations.

Ice Rink: Kids can heat up on the ice with skating, games, and music. Skate rental are often included in the per-child price, and rinks usually have an event room for gifts and birthday cake.

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Virtual Wish Jar Game

Virtual wish jar is another online birthday party game you and your guests can play during a video call. Each player writes down a wish, for example I wish for a puppy that never grows bigger, or I wish for the perfect cup of tea.

Participants privately message the wish to the game leader. The leader will read the wishes one by one, and the other players must guess to whom the wish belongs. Legend says that if you tell someone your wish, the wish will not come true. So, the point of the game is to evade all other players guesses.

Arts And Crafts Store


If your kid is a sucker for DIY projects, consider throwing an arts and crafts themed party. As a bonus, the crafts double as party favors, which means less work for you!

Recommended venue: Michaels craft store, which has more than 1,250 locations in 49 states. You can choose a themed party package and choose from 10 fun craft themes. Alternately, you can design your own party package by picking out a craft project from anything in the store. Because there are literally thousands of options, you can tailor the activities to your child’s interests, whether it’s horses, butterflies, or superheroes. You buy the materials, and Michaels has them ready in a private party room on the Big Day.

“The person helping me from Michaels suggested painting wooden frames,” says Marina John, who booked a party for ten to celebrate her daughter’s sixth birthday. “I bought the frames, which were just a few dollars each with coupons, and Michaels provided the paints and glitter to decorate them.”

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Deciding When And Where To Have The Birthday Party

  • 1Choose a date for the birthday party. The sooner you choose a date, the sooner you can get started with planning other elements of the party.
  • Consult with the person whose birthday it is to determine a good day for the party. Check their schedule and take note of any holidays around that time. Keep in mind that many people travel for different holidays.
  • It is advisable to host the party on a weekend. More people will be willing and able to come if it is on a weekend, because many people do not have to work on the weekends.XResearch source
  • 2Select a time for the party. Appropriate times will vary based on who the party is for and the age of that person.
  • If you are throwing a birthday party for a child, host it in the late morning or early afternoon. This is most convenient for families.
  • If you are throwing a party for an adult, then an evening party is appropriate.
  • 3 Parties can easily consume a great deal of money, so it is important to come up with a budget and stick to it.XResearch source
  • Come up with an overall budget, meaning a total amount that you want to spend on the birthday party. Most people believe that a budget up to £200-300 is reasonable, and many feel keeping party costs under £150 is completely doable.XResearch source
  • Break down each element of the party and decide how much should be spent in each area.
  • 4Create a guest list for the party. There are a few reasons for doing this.
  • To 8 Weeks Before The Party


  • Sit down with your child and choose a party theme. Begin brainstorming how to incorporate the theme into the decorations, cake, favors, and other party details.
  • Set a date.
  • Book a venue or entertainment, if desired.
  • Order invitations or purchase the supplies needed for homemade cards.
  • Set a budget.
  • Write up a guest list.
  • Begin shopping for gifts for the birthday kid.
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    Make Planning A Birthday Party Easy For Kids And Adult Parties

    Birthday in a Box is exactly as our name states we give you a complete birthday party, shipped in a box directly to your door, as quickly as overnight. No order is too big or too small and every party theme is fun to plan when you check out our many party idea guides. There are approximately 250 party theme idea guides that will give you tips for planning the perfect party.

    To 7 Days Before The Party

  • Write a rough agenda for the party. See the 2-hour agenda below for guidance.
  • Confirm the entertainer and venue, if applicable.
  • See if the child would be willing to donate some of his or her old toys to charity. Doing so is a nice gesture, and it also makes room for the new toys that are about to arrive.
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    Fun Ideas For A Kids Pod Party At Home

    Go on a Birthday Treasure Hunt

    Make your kid work for their gifts. They wont be able to open presents in front of family and friends this year, but loved ones can still be involved. Ask friends, family members, and neighbors if you can include their house on your route, and devise clues that will lead your kids to them. At each stop, kids can collect the next clue from the persons mailbox or front stoop, wave to their loved one through the window, and collect a card or gift.

    Create an Escape Room

    Skip the trip to the mall and create an escape room in your own house with personalized, age appropriate clues. Dont know where to start? Think of it like a scavenger hunt, but confined to one room. Bonus points if you play the mission impossible theme song.

    Human Piñata

    Not into blindfolded kids swinging bats around? Get their energy out in a slightly less violent way by having an adult tape candy all over their shirt and letting the kids chase them around.

    Birthday Flat Stanley

    Ahead of your kids birthday, print out a full-body picture of them, cut out the background, and send copies to your friends and family. In lieu of celebrating in person, each recipient can take photos of them celebrating with this flat Stanley version of the birthday boy or girl. Collect the photos in a scrapbook, and show the birthday kid on their big day.

    Balloon Avalanche

    Fill Your Kids Room With Balloons While They Sleep

    Have Family Members Put Together a Video Montage

    Mystery Gifts

    Punch Piñata

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