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How To Celebrate A Remote Employees Birthday

Video Call Celebration For Remote Employees

How to Celebrate Employee Birthdays in the Workplace? by #SamMoments

If we cant celebrate employees birthdays in the office, there are many alternate ways to make them feel special. Gather all team members together and wish birthday boy/girl online with the help of group chat software.This activity can also help in team bonding and give some space to talk on a personal level, which eventually makes the birthday boy/girl feel special in the spotlight given by the team.

Company Swag And Gift Exchanges

Studies show that appreciation renders a high ROI, especially during the holiday season. Google gifted each one of its 55,000+ employees a new Android smartwatch, while Ariana Huffington of the Huffington Post used the holiday season to gift a set of Calvin Klein pajamas, customized with the company logo, to her employees across the world.

But that doesnt mean that corporate swag needs to be expensive useful products, personalized treats and goodies, donations in the employees name can all go a long way to celebrate together and create an emotional bond with the company.

Gifts, of course, dont need to come from the company alone. Hosting an office gift exchange such as Secret Santa, or White Elephant is an inexpensive way for colleagues to show their appreciation for each other during the holiday season, and can boost team-morale throughout the year.

Give Them Little Surprises

The best thing to give to people celebrating their birthday is a gift. Gift baskets, coffee mugs, gift certificates, pizzas, flowers and more Whatever the content, a gift is the best surprise for an employee. But before that, a small e-card is the easiest way to make sense of today. The congratulatory message in their e-mail box will make them feel extremely valuable.

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Where To Start With These Team Celebration Ideas

  • Before turning your team celebration ideas into reality, clearly define which achievements and events are worth celebrating with a dedicated event. If you opt solely for birthdays, life events, and large company milestones, youll need to choose a larger event like a party or online trip. For small wins, give shoutouts and add them to a fun celebratory reel.
  • Have a direct purpose for each event. Common goals you should strive for are helping the team bond, making individuals feel connected and a little less lonely, as well as educating them on fun matters and cultural facts.
  • For online meetups, use Krisp to block out any background noises. This way, your teammates can perform their best song or hold their stand-up show without any distractions.
  • Change up the activities every now and then and experiment with your team celebration ideas. Ask your team for feedback and ideas for celebrating milestones remotely in the future.

Dont forget to bookmark this article and get back to it for some inspiration. You can add these virtual team celebration ideas in a poll and get your team to vote on the ones they like most.

Invite Some Real Party Animals

Young People Celebrating Birthday With Tasty Cake Stock ...

If you cant think of a specific celebrity that your employee loves, consider getting another kind of special guest to surprise them at your next team meeting. Thanks to a new service, you can pay just $100 to have a goat or llama call into your next virtual meeting!

Even when were apart, its more important than ever to come together and find cause for celebration. From employee birthday to work anniversaries to small team wins, its crucial to recognize and celebrate your employees, their hard work, and their perseverance during these tough times. For more helpful ideas on how to increase employee morale, as well as breaking news coverage, check out our COVID-19 Crisis Resource Center.

See how Namely’s flexible solution will help you streamline your HR processes by having your people, payroll, and benefits info all in on place.

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How Do I Know If My Virtual Activity Was Successful

Well, I’d just ask, but if you really wanted to, you could get more formal feedback from your employees by sending around a survey. It’s not as fun, but hey, whatever works for you.

Dialpad tip: Speaking of surveys, did you know you can survey customers for instant feedback using Dialpad’s contact center software. Customers can rate their call experience with you just by pressing a number on their keypad. Dialpad will do the rest, even compiling analytics figures so you can measure levels of customer satisfaction as they happen.

Coworker Birthday Gift Ideas

When you think of getting a gift for a coworker, of course, the first thing to pop up in your head is some blend of what would be fun yet professional. Thankfully, weve got you covered.

Why this is a fun work birthday party idea: Coworker birthday gift ideas can range from white elephant gifts to motivational gifts for employees. The key here is that the idea is thoughtful and reflects who they are as a person or hints at a happy memory youve shared with the giftee.

Here are SnackNations top picks:

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Surprise Online Birthday Party

Online surprise parties are a great way to celebrate with coworkers. Friends and family members might get suspicious if you push them to join you on Zoom, but colleagues will assume the invite is for a run-of-the-mill meeting. Attendees can join the web call a few minutes early and blackout their screens. When the birthday guest arrives, the other participants switch on the video feeds to reveal party hats, banners, and confetti. Of course, guests can shout SURPRISE! and fill the text box with birthday wishes and emojis.

Here are some ideas for what to do at the party:

You can do a combination of activities too.

Ways How To Celebrate A Remote Employees Birthday

Celebrate Your Employees’ Birthdays and Work Anniversaries the Easy Way with Caroo Milestones

WhatToGetMy Instructional Article

  • It is important to celebrate birthdays with remote coworkers because not only does this show appreciation and increases employee morale, but it also creates a community of trust and friendship amongst the employees which makes it easier for them to work together and this can be good for overall productivity.
  • When you are thinking of coworker birthday ideas, it is best to think of the kind of person the coworker whose birthday it is, and what they may find entertaining and satisfying before anything else.
  • The best and also worst thing about celebrating remote employees is that all celebrations will happen online and that can be limiting especially when it comes to the kind of activities that can happen. The best part is since the activities are limited, it is relatively easy and quick to plan a virtual party and have it be amazing.
  • This article will help you find different ways on how to celebrate a birthday virtually that will make it fun for everyone involved.

Virtual or remote work has seen a 400% surge since 2010 according to a study conducted by OWL, this means that more people now work remotely than they did in 2010. There are many benefits to working remotely and participants in a 2019 study showed that 40% of them preferred remote work because of the flexible work schedule.

Whats the biggest benefit you see to working remotely. Source:

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Host A Secret Santa Online Gift Exchange

This virtual tool is the perfect solution for remote teams who want to host a traditional office gift exchange. Elfster, an online gift swap organizer, simplifies the entire name-swapping process and includes features like wish lists, personalized recommendations, and charitable giving options. And its free. Wham bam thank you maam.

More Hybrid Birthday Ideas For The Workplace

Here are six more ways to celebrate someones birthday whether theyre in the office or remote, and how you might customize each idea depending on where the employee is that day.

  • Send a Slack message to the team channel or from the team .
  • Shout out during a team meeting
  • Create a video message or virtual e-card from the team or a few key stakeholders. Even if the employee is in the office, this allows others who want to participate the opportunity to be included, and as a bonus, the employee can rewatch the video as often as they want!
  • Have your team create homemade signs that they can hold up during a meeting.
  • Have an office party with decorations! If remote, ask the team to use virtual party backgrounds on a video meeting.
  • Use a meal delivery service to send them a sweet treat or meal of their choice.

Retooling our workplace rituals like birthdays for a hybrid workplace can feel overwhelming. Cake cutting and cramming into conference rooms is no longer possible or equitable when not everyone is in the office.

Instead of scrambling last minute, or worse, forgetting a birthday altogether, set up one or two personalized options that allow employees to select their own way to celebrate, or a budget-friendly gratitude practice that makes their special day more meaningful and hopefully motivating.

Want more tips on how to craft meaningful rituals for the most important moments in an employees journey? .

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Online Birthday Party Countdown

You can build anticipation for your online birthday party by posting a countdown. You can use a site like time and date to create a countdown clock with fun graphics. Then, embed the clock on a celebration web page, or send it to friends and family. You could also publish countdown posts on a social media page or group.

Time To Celebrate The Small Things

How To Celebrate Employee Birthdays In Workplace

We all need a bit of joy these days, and recently weve been finding pleasure in the small things celebrating any and all milestones, no matter how insignificant they may appear.

Birthdays might not seem like a big deal but the business landscape is looking very different at the moment and for many, there are fewer, if any, big wins professionally whether thats new clients, new projects, or big sales and the focus for many has shifted to survival.

This change in perspective doesnt have to be all doom and gloom, and celebrating birthdays shows that you value personal milestones and achievements too, and reminds us that work isnt everything.

Even putting the current situation aside, who are we to deny these pockets of joy?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, its that these moments, these small pleasures, matter enormously to people, and can mean the difference between a good day or a bad one.

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How To Celebrate Birthdays At Work 101

Celebrating all the birthdays for a given month may make more sense if you have a large organization. Tailor the festivities make each event unique! Be cognizant of how festivities affect workplace responsibilities, particularly for hourly workers. Make sure the whole team, office, or branch is invited you dont want to exclude another employee.

Hold A Surprise Meeting

While celebrating a worker online via Slack or other messaging platforms is excellent, you can take it up a notch by showing up to congratulate the celebrant in person. This idea is best executed when itâs a surprise. Have co-workers arrive a few minutes before the employee comes, and congratulate them immediately when they enter the room. Theyâll indeed have a smile on their faces!

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Q: What Can I Do For My Coworkers Birthday

  • A: You can do a variety of things for your coworkers birthday. The critical thing to consider is that the activity you choose is inclusive, interactive, and facilitates social bonding among team members. Of course, the customary birthday card, birthday cake, cupcakes, ice cream bars, gift baskets, birthday breakfast, or anything along those lines is a nice touch.

What About A Classic Movie Night

How To Celebrate Employee Birthdays Differently

Watching a classic movie is a cheap and cheerful way of bringing teams together. Do plenty of research in advance to find a film that pleases everyone. Go for something thats engaging and will elicit reactionshorror films and thrillers tend to work well .

Dont forget to have an intermission halfway through so everyone can actually converse with one another.

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Incorporate Fun Breaks During The Work Day

Whether youre celebrating a birthday, achievement, holiday, or special work-related milestone, giving employees a break from work can help them relax, recharge, and improve focus when they return to work. Try booking a conference room for social breaks, so employees can catch up with each other during their downtime. You can also follow in s footsteps and schedule free classes so that employees can meet new people in the office, and strengthen their relationships with existing team members.

Organize An Online Trip To Replace Your Annual Team Building Retreats

If you overdid it with the Airbnb experiences though, you can always organize virtual team retreats. Plan one just like you would for a real getaway and note down the purpose of each day from having fun like never before to learning new things.

A retreat can be as simple as dedicating every day of the week to a different activity or team-building game:

  • Monday Celebrating Team Wins

The LifeLabs Learning virtual retreat

But you can actually get out of the house virtually too. Take a mysterious tour, stroll through a national park, or grab a front seat at an online concert. My favorite activity? Virtual museum trips.

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All Aboard For Game Night

Traditional board games bring teams together with a sense of common purpose and are great ice-breakers. Tabletopia allows you to play virtual reality versions of old favorites like Monopoly, Cluedo, and Risk.

Alternatively, Outback Team Building is a company dedicated to providing entertainment for remote teams and comes with a virtual game show host.

Fun Ways To Celebrate A Remote Office Party

Have a Fun and Healthful Birthday Party

Now that many companies have moved to work remotely, they need to develop creative ways to celebrate holidays or birthdays. Remote or hybrid working can be challenging because of the lack of human interaction. Even though you cannot see your coworkers in person, you can still have a great celebration. Whether you choose to get together through Zoom or mail out a card, there are several different ways you can celebrate.

Create a fast and effective group card to celebrate employee birthdays, virtual or in person! Learn more about Kudoboard’s business plans here.

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Offer A Birthday Breakfast

Our birthday tradition is largely breakfast-based. The birthday boy or girl gets to choose what they want for breakfast and the whole office benefits. This usually takes the form of bagels or donutsthough I don’t think there is a requirement that the food be round and holey. If that wasn’t enough, someone usually queues up the heavy metal happy birthday song unique to the name of the special person for the Sonos.

Sean Flannigan, coolblueweb

The New Age Is A Milestone

Age is one tangible measure of just how far a person has come. Many folks have an idea of what they want their lives to look like. For example, they have an idea of what age theyâd like to get married, have kids, or hold a position at work or in the community.

Therefore, they think about how far theyâve come regarding these goals when a birthday comes around.

On birthdays, employees take stock of their current circumstances and ask themselves questions about whether theyâre making progress towards their age-related goals or not.

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Take Your Team To A Comedy Club

After everything thats happened over the past two years, were all in need of a good laugh. Thankfully, companies like Escape Team Events have stepped up to bring all the fun of the comedy club to your employees homes, wherever they are. Your team will be sent a private link before the event that allows them to connect to a secure video call like no other.

Youll be greeted by your experienced host, who will introduce several different comedians who will each perform for 2030 minutes, guaranteeing you a fun and interactive evening with plenty of laughs.

Not only is a virtual comedy night a great way to give your team the laugh they deserve, it also provides income to comedians in what has been an almost impossible time for them to make a livingso its a great way to give back to the entertainment industry too.

Make A Celebration Fund

2021 Remote Birthday Celebration Judge Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford

A great morale booster comes in the form of building a celebration fund for your virtual team-building get-togethers. Just like giving out gift cards or a small care package, allow each employee to buy some goodies of their choice. They can then show these off to their colleagues during your group video chat. Kinda like Secret Santa, but the all-season kind.

Letting someone come up with their own gift ideas is a great conversation starter and can encourage quieter employees to open up. For example, no one will be surprised if craft-beer-loving Chloe spends her allowance on four bottles of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale every month, but Shy Clarence’s decision to splash out on a new horror movie set might be a good conversation starter.

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