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6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

The 12 Best Ideas For 6 Year Old Birthday Parties


Planning for a kid’s birthday party can be daunting.

The options are endless with young kids’ birthday parties. Some families prefer small gatherings with a handful of friends and family, while others choose to invite the whole class!

Birthday parties are so much fun at this age but the planning can be stressful! There is so much to take care of, the theme, the location, any entertainers your child might want, the party food and, of course, the birthday cake.

Kidadl is here to help, we have a guide to and ideas, but for now, let’s take some of the stress out of your party planning with our birthday party ideas specially geared towards 6-year-olds.

Restaurant Or Cookery School Party

Our local Pizza Restaurant runs pizza-making cookery parties, all of the fun and none of the mess!

When the kids arrive they get to make dough balls for starters and then move onto the pizzas. They can choose what toppings to add and each pizza is marked so the children know they are getting their own creation! Dessert was ice-cream with a variety of toppings to choose from, so again each child can customise their dessert.

Alternatively some cookery schools or local restaurants will come to your home and bring everything needed for the kids to cook their own party tea. Most offer a variety of menus and this option means you have the entertainment covered too.

Or if you are feeling brave, follow our home pizza recipes and let the kids loose in the kitchen, with supervision! Followed by .

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Year Old Birthday Party Ideas At Home

Your elementary-schooler will love the idea of celebrating his or her birthday with friends this year! These 6-year-old birthday party ideas at home should inspire you to throw a party that is fun- yet easy and inexpensive!

But before we jump into 6-year-old birthday party ideas- let me first share a few tips!

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A Few Things To Consider

For younger children- do you need to invite the whole class? Maybe you can narrow down your guest list by only inviting members of the same gender .

Do you need to reciprocate birthday party invitations? In my opinion- no. Just because Sally had a huge party and invited the whole class, and your child attended, doesn’t mean you have to invite Sally if your child decides to host a smaller party.

You need to create a guest list that feels right-sized for your child and includes their closest circle of friends. And leaves you with a crowd-size that you feel equipped to handle

The Coolest Birthday Gifts For 6 Year Olds

6 Year Old Birthday Ideas

When youre looking for a cool birthday gift for a 6-year-old, its all about fun. Kindergarteners and first-graders are ready for more complex toys and games that stretch their imaginations, and sometimes even their bodies.

We love gifts for 6 year olds that get them thinking, moving, and most importantly having fun. While its also worth looking at our ideas for cool birthday gifts for 5 year olds and cool birthday gifts for 7 year olds, here are just some of our favorite cool gift ideas that we created specifically with 6 year olds in mind.

Youre sure to find something perfect that goes beyond the expected.

Be sure to see our full list of the coolest birthday gifts for kids by age

All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff, there is no compensation in exchange for picks.CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate so we may earn a small commission off of sales, which helps us stay independent and support our team.

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Local Castle Or Attraction Party

We are fortunate enough to live near an OPW Castle and have hosted a party in the grounds of the castle one year. They provided costumes for the children to dress up in and we brought along a picnic for everyone to enjoy.

We found it ideal because the castle grounds were enclosed. And was good value too. It is working checking the local heritage centre too as they will often cater for parties and may have costumes or games on-site.

Echo Dot Kids Edition

If youre an Alexa household, the latest Echo Dot Kids is so fabulous in rainbow, and has loads of safety features made just for younger kids it filters music, limits calls to approved numbers, and can be set up with time limits. Which we adults could probably use too.

It also comes with a year of Free Time Unlimited, so consider a new Fire 7 Kids Tablet too.

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Unleash Your Decorating Diva

Cruise a dollar or craft store to get the juices going and find theme-related props, says Peer. To keep costs low, skip the theme gear, suggests Gibson. So, for a pirate party, buy a black plastic tablecloth instead of a Captain Hook one. Squirrel away breakables or toys your kids cant bear to share. And send Rover or Fifi to the neighbours during the party, advises Zarkov.

Games For Birthday Parties At Home


Forget researching the latest games kids crave the classics. All ages love pin the tail on virtually anything, says Peer. Zarkov uses the theme to give games a fun twist. So, at a bug party, Simon Says becomes Ladybug Says. Try these other hits:

Musical Hoops Buy one hoop per child from a dollar store. Place them on the floor and play cool music as the kids march around, jumping in a hoop when the tunes stop. Each round, remove a hoop, but not a child. At the end, the whole group crams in the one remaining hoop by sticking in a toe, a foot or even a hand.

Treasure HuntTry burying clues outdoors or upstairs and downstairs, so kids get to burn off steam. Give gold coins as treasure at the end, suggests Peer.

Ages 3-5Show picture instructions of where to find the next clue .

Ages 6-8Let guests solve limerick or poem clues.

Ooey-GooeysSchool-aged kids love food challenges, says Gibson. Place a Smartie on a plate and spray whipping cream on top. Kids run up, dunk their face in the cream to retrieve the Smartie and run back.

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Everything You Need For A Fun At

From games to cake ideas, pros share their secrets for throwing a simple, no-fuss DIY birthday party at home.

Amy BaskinMay 1, 2018

Remember birthday parties when you were a kid? You draped streamers around the basement, devoured cake with gooey icing and peeked while pinning the tail on the donkey. Why not skip the pricey off-site party this year and stay at home for some old-fashioned fun? Read on for their secrets to hosting a fabulous fete.

Local Hall / Sports Ground Party

Both my children share their parties with school friends who have birthdays around the same time. Between us, we have rented the local hall. They will often have sports equipment available for use, and bibs/vests which are helpful if playing team games.

You could host a sports-themed party, with soccer or other ball games, running games yourself or hire an entertainer/ask a local coach to help.

We have played games like stuck in the mud and 40/40, Simon Says etc. The older daughter and her friend set up a nail bar and treated everyone to a nail makeover.

We have hired the hall several times and have cooked on site and ordered from a local take-away for these parties. Both worked equally well.

All the children seem to really enjoy this format as they get to run around and have fun together.

Find games inspiration on 20 Fun Kids Party Games and Activities & 20 Childhood Games

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Local Leisure Centre Party

As children get older and can swim, a trip to the local leisure centre makes a great party. Swimming pools often have inflatables that the kids can use and a cafe onsite for food after they have finished swimming.

My daughter also attended a friends party where they had hired the gym instructor to give the kids a fun zumba lesson. Or check out the local climbing wall and see if the kids can all go for a lesson.

Themes For 6 Year Old Birthday Parties

6 Yr Old Birthday Ideas : Birthday Gift For 6 Year Old Boy ...

Put on a party to remember with our kids’ birthday party themes and fun activities for 6-year-old birthday parties.

Two hours is a good duration for a 6th birthday party. This leaves plenty of time for entertainment and an unhurried birthday tea and cake.

There are no rules on how many guests you have to invite! Some children prefer to invite just a handful of their closest friends, while others want to invite every child they’ve met that year. A six-year-old can have as much fun with a small intimate party as they can with tons of guests.

One of the best things about themed parties is that decorating and catering are so much easier when you have a theme. Our themes are all unisex, so you can avoid gendered invites, décor, and party bags. Read on for ideas for fun 6-year-old birthday parties.

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Best Sublime Science Party Options For 6 Year Olds

The Sublime Science party is really hands-on and interactive so the children are NOT just sitting and watching which works really well for 6 year olds.

With that said, at a 6 year olds party the best options are either the one hour Sublime Science Party or adding either the Wacky Rockets or the Climate Chaos.

What’s Your 6th Birthday Party Feedback Been Like?

“The children were captivated by some of those experiments. They were literally jumping up and down with excitement when those flying smoke rings came past” – Science Party for six year olds

“The children’s eyes lit up when they found out they were going to make slime” – Fantastic Kids Birthday Parties For 6 Year Olds

“Adding the wacky rockets to our party was a great addition. That extra 15 minutes was perfect for them and they loved watching those rockets fly” – Perfect 6th Birthday Party!

“We were thrilled with our science party and will definitely be passing your details along” – Recent Feedback Kids Party For 6 Year Olds

Spend The Night In A Hotel

Grab some clothes and head to a hotel for the night. Make the celebration one they’ll always remember while keeping it on budget. Try the name your own price options that let you decide what you want to pay for the room. The downside is, you don’t get to choose the hotel where you want to stay. But you can select the quality, location, and price, which could work out perfectly for one night away.

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Filbert And Wally Studios

Author Alizah Anne Kaite will come to your house and bring her book to life with puppets and sing-a-longs! Her book, Filbert and Wally: Chattahoochee Daydreams, is about a Barred Owl and a Tree Frog who become friends along the banks of the Chattahoochee River. For your child’s birthday party, she’ll come to your house for a 45-minute show that will include ukulele sing-a-longs, puppets based on her book, and readings too! Serves: Locations within 20 miles of Alpharetta

Th Birthday Party Ideas


If youre not an experienced party planner, dont despair. Here are some of the best 6-year-old party ideas that dont cost a fortune:

Sleepovers: Around age 6, most children are ready for sleepovers with friends. Nothing beats having your childs besties over for a night of movies, pizza, and popcorn. Plus, it doesnt require much work from you. For bonus points, decorate your living room to look like a campsite and make smores in the microwave. The kids will adore this.

Cooking party: If your child loves experimenting in the kitchen, why not invite their closest friends for an afternoon of cooking? Its a win-win when you take into account that they make their own food for much less than the cost of store-bought meals. Aprons make a perfect gift if you decide to include goody bags.

Backyard carnival: It sounds fancy and expensive, but it doesnt have to be. Making your own carnival games with household items is easy if you have the time to plan. Once your guests arrive, these games offer plenty of opportunities to keep the kids entertained. Prizes from the dollar store make the perfect gifts for partygoers to take home. Add face painting and a tattoo station and youre good to go. And if youre feeling elaborate, you can always rent a cotton candy or popcorn machine for a low price.

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Spring Easter Egg Hunt Party

If your child’s birthday is in the springtime and close to Easter, hosting an Easter Egg Hunt might be the perfect idea for a memorable celebration. In addition to the egg hunt, you can plan other fun crafts and activities, such as setting up an egg decorating station for extra fun. As far as party decorations go, consider streamers, balloons, Easter baskets, and eggs, all in pastel colors. Bonus? They double as photo ops. During spring season, supermarkets are filled to be brim with Easter inspired treats, so keep the menu stress-free with store bought treats and drinks you can pick up at your local stores to minimize food preparation.

Year Old Birthday Party Ideas Perth

Welcome to the magical world of Perth Party Time We provide a Menagerie of Kids Birthday Party Entertainment Disco Dance Parties and roving acts. Batman cake i made for a 6 year old boy boy birthday.

14 Simply Stunning Unicorn Party Ideas Lattes Lilacs Lullabies Birthday Party Decorations Birthday Balloons Birthday Decorations

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Excellent Party Ideas Sure To Delight 6 To 12 Year Olds


Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

I have 2 children, 2 years apart in age, and neither wants to have the same party as the other, or do what their classmates have done! Working on Mykidstime means the pressure is on to come up with new ideas each year, not only for them but for some of their friends too! Here are my 20 Excellent Party Ideas Sure to Delight 6 to 12 Year Olds, and earn you the title of best party host ever!

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More Birthday Party Ideas For 5 To 7 Year Olds

6 Yr Old Birthday Ideas : 6 Year Old Boy Birthday Party ...

There are lots of other great games for this age group. Youll find that some of the games we have in Birthday party games for 8 to 12 year olds can be adapted to suit this age group. You might also like our Traditional Birthday Party Games article.

And for loads more expert party planning advice, check out our School age: Birthdays section.

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What Do 6 Year Old Boys Do For Birthday Parties

There are a wide range of different options when it comes to hosting a birthday party for your six year old boy. From laser quest to swimming, the options are endless. One of the most popular birthday party choices for a six year old boy is a sleepover party. Theres nothing more exciting for children than inviting all of their friends to sleep over at their house, where they can play party games, watch movies and eat a midnight feast!

What Time Is It Mr Wolf

Pick a confident child or maybe the birthday boy or girl to be Mr Wolf. The kids line up together on one side of the room, while Mr Wolf stands on the other side of the room with their back to everyone.

The children then ask, ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’

The wolf says a time, like ‘four o’clock’. The children have to take that many steps towards the wolf and then ask the time again.

At any time when the kids ask the time, the wolf can say ‘dinnertime!’. The wolf then turns around and chases the other kids round the room. If the wolf tags someone before they get back to the start line, they become the wolf.

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But Err On The Side Of Inclusion

If your child is in grade school, and your guest list includes all but 1-2 of the boys in his class, I suggest you invite them as well.

If your child has classmates with special needs- please dont exclude them from your guest list because you are worried that you wont know how to handle this child as a guest, or you just assume that a child on the autism spectrum or who is disabled wouldnt want to come to your party.

Err on the side of inclusion. You can always hop on a call with that childs Mom and have her help you understand whether or not the party you have planned will work for her child.

Set The Party Date And Time


The biggest challenge when it comes to picking a date for your party- is working around the sports and activities that kids enjoy in your town. You obviously don’t want to plan a 2 pm party if most of the kids are at soccer or dance class at that time.

That being said- you’ll never find a date and time that works for everyone!

I suggest you consult with the Moms of 1 or 2 of your child’s best friends to make sure that you are selecting a timeframe that works for them, and then set your plans.

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