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Pop Up Birthday Card Diy

Diy Birthday Card Ideas That Look Awesome

DIY cake pop up card for birthday| Easy 3D cards DIY | Maison Zizou

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Make someones birthday even more special with these DIY birthday cards. What a great way to wish someone all that they deserve! So, get creative and use your imagination!

With a ton of birthdays coming up, youre definitely going to be on the lookout for creative and personalized birthday gifts. While making an entire gift can be quite a big project, it doesnt take too much time or effort to make a birthday card.

So with that in mind, heres a list of 41 inspiring DIY birthday card ideas that I think youll absolutely love to make!

Yoda Pop Up Birthday Card

Credit: easy-crafts-for-kids.com

Theres something about Yoda that everyone finds endearing. But to a true Star Wars fan, a Yoda-themed birthday card would be a real treat.

Bonus, this birthday card idea calls for a pop-up version of Yoda! You can also consider recreating Baby Yoda if thats where The Force takes you.

You dont need many supplies, just some colorful cardstock, markers, and a sturdy hand with the scissors. Once youve drawn Yoda, go ahead and cut it out for the pop-up.

What Kind Of Paper Is Used For Pop Up Cards

Card stock/paper: I recommend 65lb paper card stock. This high-quality paper is rigid enough to stand upright so your pop up card will stand upright straight, but thin enough to be easily cut by hand using an X-Acto knife. You will have less wear on your cutting machine blades as you use thicker card stock.

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Want To Up Your Sewing Skills

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Diy Popup Birthday Card

Our Little Inspirations: Pop

DIY Popup Birthday Card

Popup cards are my personal favorite. You can make a balloon bouquet birthday popup card or one in which a birthday cake pops up. This kind will require a little more effort and creativity but will leave the other person in awe and delight. Also, they are cute and super fun to open over and over again.

Blowing out the birthday candles is fun, but opening a popup card is also super nice. One design could be to stick the balloons in the middle of the card on the interior so that when the card opens up, the balloons pop up for a fun 3D surprise!. When open, Add a birthday wish inside using your favorite stamp and your card is all set.

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Easy Pop Up Birthday Card

Looking for a fun project for the birthday party of a friend? Here check out these detailed instructions over this pop up a birthday card. Grab supplies like card stock, white paper, scissors, glue stick, contrasting paper, and start working on it. You can get done with it in even less than an hour! redtedart

Cute Diy Birthday Card Ideas That Are Fun And Easy To Make

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetBuy Now

Buying your friends and family funny, thoughtful, or sentimental birthday cards is always a nice gesture. If youre an avid DIY enthusiast like us, however, then you know that its sometimes more meaningful for both people if what you give someone for their birthday is something that you made yourself.

Homemade birthday cards are not that hard to make, but theyll definitely show how much you care.

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Whilst I Have Your Attention

All crafts supplied on this website are free for you to follow and read. Occassionally, I charge for the odd template, but the templates are not necessary for crafting! During this super uncertain time of Covid, if would like to show me additional support, there are number of ways you can really help me :

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  • Any, or all of the above are super helpful!!


    We Are Diy Card Making Crazy Here On Red Ted Art:

    DIY Pop Up Cake Card – Easy Birthday Card

    We have an amazing set of Pop Up Cards and 3d Cards for you to browse here:

    More easy and fun DIY Birthday Card Ideas here:

    If you fancy more card making ideas, dont forget we have this great generic set of Cards Kids Can Make, as well as fabulous set of Valentines Day Cards for Kids to make, many of which are suitable for Birthdays, loved ones and wedding! Just take a peak and stay for a good browse!!

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    Easy Pop Up Birthday Card Diy

    We love homemade cards, when I was younger and to a degree still now, I used to make ALL birthday cards I sent myself. I think DIY birthday cards are the best! Today we have a super fun and easy pop up birthday card for you to learn how to make!

    This Cake Pop Up Card was first published in March 2017 and has been republished for your convenience!

    Today we share a fun 3d Cake Card this can also be made as pop up Wedding Cake card and can be customised with colours and decorations to suit anyones interests!

    We have MANY greeting cards that kids can make for you to be inspired by, as well as special collection of f Pop Up Card Projects?

    On to todays Birthday Pop Up Card! I love the cake design, complete with sprinkles and birthday cake candles. So cute.

    Easy Diy Pop Up Cards Tutorial For Every Event

    These DIY pop up cards will help you out on almost every event this year! They are super stunning! Easy Crafts like these are the best option for a little message when youre gifting someone something. If you want someone to see your creative side, this is definitely the option to go for! There are many options you can choose from. Going for Valentines theme? Pick a red or white card! Going for a Halloween theme? Orange and black is the move! Holidays? Red, black or green! Use your creativity to mix and match the colors!

    DIY pop up card can be a personal gift which will be valued by the receiver. You can customize how you want and write a message on it! The message can be a formal one or a deep one. It all depends on your relationship with the other person. Anyone would love a random pop up card idea! Brighten up your friends day by this amazing card. This article will cover a range of DIY pop up cards! From mothers day cards to snowman cards! From birthday cards to friendship cards! Any card you can think of! It will be covered in this article.

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    D Birthday Card Cake Supplies Needed:

    The supplies needed to make this birthday card, really are quite basic! In essence it is some cardstock and scrap paper in different colors. But as with all our makes, I encourage you to work with what you have and have a good rummage in your craft box, you can easily add washi tape, glitter paper, stickers, ribbons and even lace to your happy birthday card design!

    • Contrasting paper

    Valentine Heart Chain Card

    Amazing handmade pop

    This is a very nice card for the kids to make for Valentines Day. It is a very easy card to make, and its cute as a button. To make this card, follow the instructions found at Aunt Annies Crafts. A template is included with the tutorial, and many more pop-up card projects can be found on the website.

    Bee card

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    Black Paper Birthday Card

    Credit: thepostmansknock.com

    Creating art on black paper might seem a little intimidating and a bit of a novelty. You might think that you need special markers and expensive supplies, but you really dont.

    With a couple of white gel pens, you can create fabulous art on black paper. For example, youll be able to make birthday cards and other greeting cards.

    You can find those pens right here. Alternatively, you can use a soapstone pencil from here to the same effect.

    Diy Pop Up Valentines Card

    How to make a pop up card? If you want to show your affection on this Valentines Day to your valentine, then make this pop up Valentines Day card. Head over to the tutorial to get to know how super easy you can make it in absolutely no time. All you need to have is a card, scissors, glue stick, and glitter sheet. skiptomylou

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    Pop Up Birthday Card Cake How To

    Lets learn how to maek this handmade birthday card!!

    As per usual, we have a fantastic HOW TO video to share with you on autoplay but first have some step by step written instructions that you may prefer! But the video does show you how quick and easy it is to make this fun and easy Pop Up Birthday Cake Card.

    Note: you dont have to use pretty pattern paper/ sprinkles paper like I have here.. but you can also decorate the white cake with pens or things like washi tape. Have a look at what you have already and work with what you have got! A word of warning though this pop up birthday card DIY is so easy, that you will want to make more and more and more so why not make a batch and have them handy for up coming birthdays throughout the year? Make a white one, with a little bride and groom and you have the perfect Wedding Cake Card too!

    Amazing Diy Birthday Card Ideas

    Beautiful Birthday Card Idea| Handmade Greetings Card for Loved Ones| DIY Birthday Pop Up Card

    by Shivang Saxena | Apr 18, 2020 | Festivals & Celebrations, Gifts |

    Birthdays are important occasions in peoples lives and gifts are a mandatory part of it. Now we often get confused between materialistic gifts and handmade stuff. No matter whether the person stays with you or not but the memories and wishes always remain. A DIY birthday card is, therefore, the best gift for a person. You get a source to reminisce about your good old times. Personally speaking, I have preserved all the cards I have received till now.

    Generally, we have a lot of craze during school times to do this creative and artistic stuff for our friends and teachers and generally lose interest as we grow old. Now because of the shortage of time and lack of interest, we resort to buying cards. But a little creativity and a little effort never hurts anybody.

    Page Contents

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    Pom Pom Ice Cream Cone Birthday Cards

    Credit: whitehousecrafts.net

    When youve decided to use pom poms on a birthday card, its only natural to segue into the land on ice cream cones.

    No, really, just think about it. What better way to represent scoops of ice cream than fluffy pom poms?

    You will need a few colorful pom poms from here, or you can use yarn to make the pom poms from scratch. Use heavy-duty mounting tape to attach them in place, and youre all set.

    How To Make A Heart Pop Up Card

    Love is ageless! Even if you are 50 and feel like expressing your love to your partner, dont hesitate. Use your romantic vibes to spruce up this pop up heart card. You can also customize it according to the size, colors, and heart colors. But it would be a perfect gift to someone you want to feel a little more special! kksimplycreat

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    Make A Simple Birthday Card

    Simple Birthday Card

    If you are out of all the ideas or do not have time, or resources to do a lot of creativity, then you should go for a simple birthday card. Just take a colorful piece of paper, decorate the front with some ribbons or flowers or buttons and write your heartfelt message. Get some pictures and stick them making the other person walk down the memory lane. Add your creative elements to create a homemade birthday card that screams I made this just for you because you are special to me. Dont leave any doubt in their minds about their value in your lives and how much they mean. Make an amazing card to show them.

    We’re Pretty Sure Glitter And Sparkles Are The Best Way To Celebrate Someone Special

    Lori Whitlock Pop Up Birthday Card
    • Total Time:30 minutes
    • Skill Level:Kid-friendly

    This is for the glitter lover in all of us. Show someone how much you care with a festive handmade birthday card. It takes no time at all to dress up a plain paper card with some serious sparkle. And then, if the confetti and glitter inside the card aren’t enough sparkle for the loved one in your life, crank it up a notch by adding glitter and confetti to the envelope itself. This DIY card will be ready in minutesperfect for those last-minute birthday wishes!

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    Dino Boy Birthday Card

    Credit: Blogspot

    Dinosaurs might be extinct, but that doesnt mean you cant bring them to life again. How?

    Well, do you have a friend whos particularly fond of dinosaurs? Is his birthday coming up?Well, there you go!

    You can make this quirky dinosaur-themed birthday card to put a smile on his face!You already have all you need for this DIY card.

    Just use dinosaur print paper or if youve got a way with doodling, draw the dinosaurs yourself!

    Pop Up Cake Card Tutorial

    1. Mark out the cake tier shape following the template on a piece of 24x17cm white card.

    Top tip! Use the template to get accurate measurements or make your own to help guide you!

    2. Using a cutting knife and metal ruler cut all the horizontal lines.

    Top tip! Use a T-square ruler to avoid wonky lines!

    3. Score all the vertical lines again using a metal ruler and rub out pencil lines.

    4. Pop out the three cake tier shapes which will form create the 3D effect, fold the card in half and burnish well.

    5. Cut two pieces of 4.5×4.5cm, 3.5×3.5cm and 2x2cm decorative paper and adhere to the six sides of the cake tiers.

    Enjoying this pop up card project? Access a wealth of wonderful tutorials like this one, plus tips and tricks, expert advice, the latest from the world of papercrafting, inspiration-galore and gorgeous FREE craft papers with Making Cards & Papercraft magazine!

    6. Decorate with your chosen die-cuts.

    7. Cut a piece of 11.5×16.5cm pattern paper and adhere to a piece of 12x17cm white card and decorate as desired.

    Loving the pop up design? Check out the Papercraft Store for ‘pop up’ books and papercrafting supplies!

    8. Add glue to one side of the cake piece and stick inside a 18×12.5cm yellow card blank.

    9. Add glue to the other side and close the card until the glue and dried.

    10. Adhere the front matte and layer piece to the front of the card to finish.

    Top tip! If your card is thick or has lots of embellishments, use a box envelope to protect it.

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    Step : Put Together Your Pop

    With your cardstock cut out, its time to assemble the cake! First, watch the full assembly video so you see how it goes together:

    Now, let me walk you through each step. First, fold your cake support just as Ive shown in the photo below. The two tabs on the side get folded in, along with the tab on the bottom.

    Next, fold your cake rounds just as Ive shown below. The narrow strips fold down to become supports for the sides of your cake. You also fold your cake rounds in to a V-shape to allow them to fold easier when you close your card.

    Now, slide your cake support up through the bottom of your large round cake, through the slot in the middle. Then open up the tabs on the side of the cake support.

    Next, put your small cake round on top over the tab at the top of the cake support, and slide the side supports into the slots on the top of the large cake round. Glue the tabs of the side supports to the bottom of the large cake round, as shown below.

    Now decide which of the two round cake plates you want to use I included a plain plate and a scalloped plate in my files. Fold it in half along the score line. Then insert the tabs of the cake supports into the slots on the plate, and glue down on the underside.

    Put double-stick tape on the four side supports of your cake. Be sure your tape does not peek out around the sides or tops of your supports trim it off it does, or else your cake may stick to itself instead of pop-up.

    Paper Scrapped Birthday Cards

    Beautiful Birthday Card Idea| Handmade Greetings Card for Mother| DIY Birthday Pop Up Card

    Credit: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

    Do you have a ton of paper scraps leftover from previous craft projects? I think I have the perfect solution to help you put those scraps to good use: birthday cards!

    Its a very creative and sustainable method of making birthday cards from scrap paper. You can also use embellishments, sequins, and glitter to jazz the card up.

    Scrawl out your birthday message, allow the paper to completely dry, and voila, youve got yourself a fabulously upcycled birthday card!

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