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11 Year Birthday Party Ideas

Faqs On Cool Birthday Party Ideas For 11 Years Old

Birthday Morning Opening Presents! Sadie’s 11th Birthday!

1. How can I arrange a small birthday party at home?

Follow the step below to arrange a small birthday party easily at home.

  • Look for the budget constraints.
  • Select any theme in your budget.
  • Arrange some food and snacks.
  • Plan some fun games.
  • Give return gifts.

2. What is tween birthday?

Around 10 to 12 years old are in the tween stage as they are not kids or teens.

3. What is the best website for birthday ideas for 11-year-old?

Onlinestemdegrees.Com is the best website to check cool birthday ideas for 11 years old.

Year Old Birthday Party Ideas That Are Actually Cool

Teenagers are notoriously hard to please, but we think we have come up with some teenage birthday party ideas that will be cool enough for even this tough audience.

So get them away from Netflix and for a while with these teen party ideas !

Please note: While youre looking for teenage party ideas, please check whether leisure activities will be open post-lockdown, as this will vary from business to business.

Wanna Have Your Childs Birthday Party Outdoors

Looking for a party idea that gets your kids to connect with the sun and fields, animals and trees?

With children these days remaining glued to their phones, having an outdoor event on their birthday is a golden opportunity to get them interested in the great outdoors.

Here are our picks of Sydney outdoors birthday party ideas for 11 year olds.

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When Your Child Hits The Tween Or Teen Years Planning A Cool Birthday Party Can Be Tricky Theyre Still Young Enough To Actually Want A Birthday Party But Old Enough To Give A Big Thumbs Down To Anything Thats Lame Boring Or Too Childish

Thats why we asked every tween and teen we knew for their opinion! Our list doesnt cover all the amazing birthday party ideas for teenagers they passed along, but it does highlight the best-of-the-best! From an epic outdoor movie night thats anything but boring to a murder mystery party thatll keep your teens guests guessing, we gathered 18 cool birthday party ideas for teenagers that are hip enough for even the pickiest teen!

So, go ahead, ramp up the cool factor when planning your teens next birthday party with these 18 cool birthday party ideas for teenagers theyll flip over!

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Cars Movie Birthday Party Theme

The Simple Life: SPArty... Birthday Party for my 11 Year Old

This is a great party for the little ones who love Cars Movie or just cars in general. All the Cars Movie Characters have different personalities you can use for your party. If your child likes one character the best, use that one as your main theme.

Cars Movie Birthday Party Ideas

Make a Race Track

Create a race track from cardboard boxes and let the kids race car movie cars. Use race track tape and either place the box on the stairs or prop up on a stool or box to create an angle.

Paint Cars

For a fun activity purchase small wooden race cars for the kids to paint and take home. It makes a great goody bag item too.

Cars Decorations

Use red and black as your color theme to match Lightning McQueen. Line the cake table with your childs car movie cars for cheap table decorations. Then add cars themed plates and tablecloths.

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What People Say About Us

The best birthday party our 10 year old son has ever had! Brilliantly organised, beautifully run, incredibly exciting, wonderfully instructive and immaculately put together. The MovieStar Party team really know how to make films and inspire children. An amazing day!

Young Film Academy engaged amazingly well with our daughter and her friends who all had a brilliant time pretending to be popstars! Our Popstar Party kept the kids focus and energy levels throughout and the pop promo came out really well too! We were thoroughly impressed by YFAs positivity and professionalism.

AstonishingThe success of Young Film Academys film parties boils down to a combination of talent and teamwork

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How To Choose A Tween Birthday Party Theme

A good place to start in choosing a theme for your tweens party is with their interests and hobbies. Do they play sports or a musical instrument? Is there a movie or TV show theyre obsessed with? You could always just go with something thats super pre-teen-esque, like a Harry Potter party. A theme should always reflect what the birthday gal or guy likes best.

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Question: Girl’s 11th Birthday Party Ideas

I need ideas for a girl’s 11th birthday party. The girls coming are into fashion and really girly stuff, so can you please help me? I’m running out of time. Also, what are some good cake recipes for this birthday?

Best Answer

What I did was that I had a party full of adventure. We had a treasure hunt and we did tons of games. If you want a recipe then order this book : 100 things to cook for an 11 year old girl party. I hope this answered your question.

My daughter is turning 11 and she doesn’t want her party at home. She is a big girly girl so if you have any ideas I need them ASAP.

Pottery Painting Creative Fun


MUDPIE in Sandgate, near Folkestone, is just one of many venues offering pottery painting parties across Kent. A great choice for creative children aged five and upwards, who can choose a plain piece of pottery and decorate it while enjoying a special celebration tea. At the end of the event the pieces are left for firing and can usually be picked up within a week. Why not get even messier with a clay modelling party, also provided by Mudpie.

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Year Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas At Home

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If Your Childs Birthday Falls At A Time Of Year When The Weather Is Unpredictable You Could Host An Indoor Activity Party Either At Home Or At A Local Venue

11 year old party ideas at home. If they are enjoying an afterschool hobby, why not find a party pack that ties into that theme such as a sports pack or bake off pack? Scan preteen magazines and tv stations that cater to that age group to find out who is the hottest star or band around which to build the party. Most laser tag companies offer a party room.

The best 11 year old birthday party ideas: Laser tag adds a layer of competition and keeps boys running. They are too old for the birthday parties from their younger years and too young to be left to their own devices to organise and execute an 11 year olds party because they want to go somewhere.hello mums taxi!

All children love entertainment and birthday parties, and especially their birthdays. Choose a simple but original cake. This is an ideal party for a small group and a great chance to do something a bit different.

10 stunning birthday party ideas for 11 year old boys so anyone wont have to search any more. Celebrate the best kids birthday party with total security. Hanging donuts game i had forgotten all about this game until i went to a halloween party at a friends house.

Your daughters favorite pop star is a great idea to build a theme party. We did this with my 3 year old and 7 year old. The task of adults is to organize an interesting and memorable 11 year old birthday party ideas.

spa birthday party 11 year old Spa Birthday Party

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Water Balloons And Other Fun Games

If birthdays fall during warmer weather months, look at birthday parties that involve water balloons or water slides.

There are lots of fun minute-to-win-it type birthday party games you can do in your yard. Im a huge fan of Bunch o Balloons. Fill them over a plastic tub with some water in the bottom so they dont fall and pop on the grass.

This post from the Happy Mom Hacks blog has some great minute to win it games for tweens and teens and suggestions on how to set up and play the games.

Available Times: : 00 Am : 00 Pm Or : 00 Pm

Birthday Party Ideas At Home For 11 Year Olds

Hosts and their guests have EXCLUSIVE, PRIVATE use of the main playground for 2 hours! Enjoy the stress-free, FULLY DECORATED party room for the first 1.5 hours of the event! Party room decorations are INCLUDED, as well as 2 cheese pizzas and 15 bottles of water for the children!

This FULLY-PRIVATE party package includes:

  • Private use of the main playground for 2 hours

  • Private use of the party room for 1.5 hours

  • Up to 15 children and 30 adults are included ..

  • Themed decorations from available designs. Included decorations are:

  • Main table: Tablecloth, centerpieces, color-coordinated plates, and napkins,

  • Cake table: tablecloth/tulle, cake or cupcake stand, and themed decorations.

  • 2 medium cheese pizzas

  • Bubbles and Lights Dance Party!

  • Color-coordinated plates and napkins for the main table, for children

  • Hosts will provide plates, napkins, and utensils for any hand-carried food or drink items

  • Cake plates and forks for birthday cake.

  • You bring: party favors, cake, candle, food, drinks, treats. Outside food is allowed, with approval and payment of the $25 outside food/vendor fee. Hosts are solely responsible for the transport of their food, drink, treats, and items brought into the playground and for serving their own food and drink items.

  • Hosts may arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the designated event start time. Please do not arrive earlier, as the playground will be unavailable until this time.

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    A Few Things To Consider

    For younger children- do you need to invite the whole class? Maybe you can narrow down your guest list by only inviting members of the same gender .

    Do you need to reciprocate birthday party invitations? In my opinion- no. Just because Sally had a huge party and invited the whole class, and your child attended, doesnt mean you have to invite Sally if your child decides to host a smaller party.

    You need to create a guest list that feels right-sized for your child and includes their closest circle of friends. And leaves you with a crowd-size that you feel equipped to handle

    Inexpensive Ways To Keep Your Child Busy In The Summer / Bright Side

    Summer is a real test of strength for all parents. You need to have a special ingenuity in order to captivate the child with any activity. And exceptional ingenuity, so as not to spend a single ruble on it.

    Bright Side offers 20 summer fun that your kids will love and your wallet will be safe.

    1. Make a tent with a hoop and sheet.

    In summer you can even sleep in such a hut.

    2. Have a sumo wrestling match with big pillows and daddys t-shirts.

    3. Make duct tape roads for cars.

    4. Give the children some seeds so they can start gardening.

    You can even trust them to plant some flowers in your garden. The child will know that he is doing something very important.

    5. Turn a normal fan into a rainbow fan.

    Let your child color the blades and then just let them dry. Delight is guaranteed!

    6. Use the hoop to make big bubbles.

    You will need:

    • half a cup of softened unsalted butter
    • 1 tbsp. l. heavy cream
    • 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
    • 3-4 cups powdered sugar
    • gel food coloring

    Beat butter and cream with a mixer. Then gradually add powdered sugar to the mass, mix. The mass should become thick and dense enough for sculpting. Finally, add vanilla extract . Knead the dough on a surface sprinkled with powdered sugar. Divide it into several parts, drop a drop of food coloring into each and mix well again . Now you can start modeling: roll out with a rolling pin, cut out figures or form them with your fingers, they are simply fastened together. And most importantly all this can then be eaten.

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    Kids Ages 5 And Under

    For children 5 and under, youll want to find a place that specializes in entertaining a younger crew with simple fun and in a limited time. Most kids this age wont last long before theyre ready to chill out with a nap, and these places are ideal for our littlest partiers.

    A gym-style venue

    Places like the Little Gym, My Gym and even your local YMCA specialize in throwing parties for young kids. Typically, you are assigned helpers who guide the children through the entire party, and you just need to supply the food and paper products. Kids will love playing games, like hiding in the parachute and swinging around on the kid-sized gymnastics equipment.

    Bounce venues

    What better way to show your little one a good time than by letting her and her friends bounce around gleefully for an hour or so? Most bounce venues will also provide party helpers to work with the kids and several different bounce sections to ensure that no one gets bored. BounceU is a popular venue with locations all over the U.S.

    Tea parties

    Fire stations

    For a donation, many local fire stations will open their doors for a kids birthday party. The children will learn all about what firefighters do and will get a chance to play firefighter themselves as they sit in the fire truck, try out a hose and even get to slide down the firefighters pole. Give your local fire station a call and see if they participate in this type of activity for kids.

    Swim parties

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    Fun Spot America On International Drive & Kissimmee A Great Family Party Option

    How to Throw the Best 11 Year Old Tween Slumber Sleepover Birthday Party Ever!

    Fun Spot is a smaller-scale theme park located in Orlando. Fun Spot provides a theme park or carnival atmosphere without the costs of the larger theme park venues. Fun Spot has two locations in Orlando on Internal Drive and in Kissimmee and is a great big idea birthday party without the huge budget.

    My sons have attended birthday parties at Fun Spot and had a great time on each visit!

    Your Kids Will Sleep Well!

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    Y Games For 11 Year Olds

    First published on Wednesday 5 August 2020Last modified on Tuesday 19 January 2021

    Charlotte Thomas

    Planning a birthday party for your 11 year old and looking for fun party games for tweens? From indoor games to outdoor activities, these great ideas will ensure kids have lots of party fun!

    This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small amount of money if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. All our articles and reviews are written independently by the Netmums editorial team.

    If youre planning an 11-year-olds birthday party, youll want some fun party games to keep them entertained.

    At 11, kids have often outgrown traditional party games like pass the parcel and Simon says, but luckily they still enjoy taking part in team games and fun activities. The tween party games below are all tried and tested party pleasers and your child will have plenty of their own ideas about whats cool enough for their friends, too.

    Just make sure you have plenty of small gifts such as sweets and stickers to hand older kids still expect prizes and theyll be happy to demand them!

    Your browser cannot play this video.

    Paw Patrol Birthday Party Theme

    This fun cartoon is a favorite of many little kids. Each character in the show has a different job to do and you can use this to make fun games for the party. Your childs favorite character can help you decide on colors for the theme to match the character.

    Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

    Rubble Game

    Use your sandbox or sand table and fill it with little construction trucks for the kids to play. They can move boulders with the construction trucks just like Rubble.

    Give the kids firemen plastic hats and spray water guns at balloon targets like Marshall.

    Chase Game

    Play Cops and Robbers game to be like Chase. Pick two kids to be cops and have the rest be robbers. The Police officers stand in the middle and the robbers line up on two sides. When you say go, the Robbers try to get to the other side without being tagged by the police officer. Last kid left wins.

    Snack Ideas

    Make it a dog theme by buying new unused dog bowls and putting the kids snacks in them.

    Dress Up

    Get the kids into the theme by having them wear a construction hat, fireman hat, or police badge.

    Goody Bag Ideas

    Kids will love these customized Paw Patrol Goody bag items with the birthday boys name.

    This cute customizable Paw Patrol Backpack would make a great gift to go along with the theme too!

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