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Toddler Birthday Party Ideas 2 Year Old

Under The Sea Birthday Theme

2 year old birthday party 2021 || toddler boy birthday party theme (race car)

Dive into the deep blue sea for an unforgettable second birthday party. Whether your 2-year-old is obsessed with sharks, mermaids or other aquatic creatures, this theme will go down a storm. Go all in on this whimsical theme and dress your toddler as their favorite sea creature. Decorate with streamers, balloons and real seashells, if possible. Add pops of color to the blue and green color scheme with cut-out red crabs and yellow starfish. For nibbles, serve up goldfish crackers, beach-inspired cookies and fish sticks . For an extra-special touch create a coral reef platter by arranging an assortment of vegetables around a dipping sauce centerpiece. Pick up a blue-frosted cake and complete the look with an ocean-inspired cake topper.

Get the look:Invitations: Whirlibird Express Under The Sea Invitation for 2nd Birthday, $3 per invitation, Outfit: Meri Meri Shark Costume, $75, Hashtag Cutouts Under The Sea Party Decorations, $80, Accessories: Kitchen Door Under The Sea Banner and Party Backdrop, starting from $12,

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Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Old Boy

Lawn Game Party

Turn your backyard into a field of games with all sorts of activities for the kids. You can make your own giant lawn games or buy them from Amazon.

You can make your own Twister or Tic Tac Toe boards with some spray paint while bean bag toss sets are affordable and easy to find. Sack races, whiffle ball, horseshoes, and bowling.

There are so many games you can play. For giant size versions of your favorite games, Amazon has everything you need. Dont forget to give out medals to all the participants.

Circus Party

What kid doesnt like the circus? This is great for boys or girls age. Acrobatics, animals, fun, and laughs. Let your 3-year-old be the ringmaster of their very own birthday circus with a circus themed backyard party.

The main feature needs to be a circus tent or two, and of course carnival games. Bag toss, water balloons, and hula hoop obstacle courses.

Kids can make their own ice cream cone clowns, play musical circus rings, and feed the animals. Using a cut out drawing of circus animals throw popcorn or marshmallow through the holes.

Have adults and kids take part in a circus themed sack race and you can even have a popcorn and cotton candy machine.

Fun Birthday Party Activities For 4 Year Olds

I love throwing parties. To me, there is no greater joy than a group of children laughing and enjoying themselves.

The following birthday party games and activities are ones that I have personally used and are always a hit. Each of these are perfect for four-year-olds, but older children enjoy them too.

*FYI, some of the links in this article about 4 yr old birthday party activities may be affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, we may get a commission . For more info, please see our disclaimer.

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Birthday Party Activities For 2 Year Olds

Once the big first birthday is over, parties tend to get a bit more complicated to plan. If you are in the midst of planning an event for a 2 or 3 year old, you are likely wondering how to entertain toddlers at a birthday party without any meltdowns!

In fact, there are lots of great birthday party activities for 2 year olds that even children as young as 18 months can enjoy.

Unless you really want to, you dont have to spend a ton of money on a fantastic toddler birthday party.

As you have probably discovered each time your kid prefers the empty box to the $50 toy, children are easily pleased and dont care how much something costs.

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Y Games For 2 3 And 4 Years Old

2 year old birthday party ideas

BubblesKids love bubbles. Blow bubbles and see if they can pop the bubblesbefore they hit the floor.

Then see who can catch bubbles on their wand. If you have older children attending the party see who can blow the biggest or smallest bubble.

Give away bubbles as party favors print out large labels with your childs picture and Thank you for sharing my ___ birthday! See our huge list of fungames to play with bubbles which includes homemade bubble recipes.

Color Time! Write childrens names on the back of large pieces of poster board and let guests use markers, paints and/or crayons to color all over the paper. Tape the paper to the top of a table, or if it is nice outside make a easel by taping the poster board to a fence. Print out color sheets that coordinate with your party theme and let guests have fun coloring together.

Dancing2, 3 and 4 year olds love to dance. Play music and let them freestyle dance at the birthday party.

Duck Duck Goose GameChildren sit next to each other in a large a circle on the floor. The first child starts by walking around the outside of the big circle and patting the head of each child. Every time they pat a head they call out duck. Then they choose one person to be the goose and yell GOOSE! when they pat their head.

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How To Minimize The Mess

A second Birthday Party is all about your child and frankly, children are messy beings and we love them for it! But maybe not so much after a horde of toddlers have just left and you know have to clear up the mess. Plastic covers are your friends here. Make sure all potential disaster points are covered. Do not have food in beautiful carpeted areas. Do not color on a non-covered table.

And dont have a party going in and out of the garden if you have carpet, because, mud stains. And if you dont fancy the event at home, here are some fun ideas on alternative places to host your childs party.

Now, lets look at some gorgeous ideas for second Birthday Parties! We have some real treats for you today.

Tea For Two 2nd Birthday Theme

Quickly becoming a modern classic, this adorable 2nd birthday idea will charm your 2-year-old and their friends. We love that the food options built into a tea party are minimal and easy. You can go over-the-top with this theme or execute it simply. Keep an eye on little details like table linens and pretty paper goods, and make sure to teach the pint-sized guests all about pinky-lifting and sandwich-nibbling at their first fancy soirée.

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Double Header / Twos On First

Take your guests out to the ball game with a baseball-themed bash your little slugger will love. Whether you go with a classic red, white and blue color scheme, or opt to support your home team, youre sure to hit a homerun with this second birthday ball-naza!

Bower Power, Mr and Mrs Powell, Jenny Cookies, Happy Life Parties

Outdoor Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Two Year Old Birthday Photography, 2nd Birthday Photoshoot Ideas for Baby Girl | Toddler Photography

Throwing an outdoor birthday party is a great idea for small children. They get fresh air and have plenty of space to run off all that sugar-fueled energy. It is also easier to clean up any mess since everything is already outside the house.

The good news is that there are hundreds of outdoor party ideas. Do not let that deter you. We have put a list together of the best backyard birthday party ideas for toddler.

Our list below contains all you need to create the most amount of birthday fun for your toddlers special day. All you must do is pick the theme your child will love most.

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Sample Toddler Birthday Party Schedule

10am Everyone arrives. Free play, get settled in.

10.20-11am Games and activities

11am Snack and cake. I do snack and cake together because it can be hard to get the kids sitting down for long.

11.30 Presents or free play

11.45 Get the birthday boy or girl to hand out the goodie bags and thank all the guests.

12.00pm Party ends

Sledding Or Floor Sledding

Sleds are a scream, but the average two-year-old isnt ready to tackle the big-kid hills just yet. Skip the chance you could run into a tree and get some plastic sled toys and some ropes.

Whether you have snow outside, or you put them on top of blankets and pull them around a bare floor, the kids will have a blast. You can even get extra by having the adults wear sled dog ears and tails.

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Beep Beep Coming Throughguess Whos Turning Two

If your child loves the Little Blue Truck books, theyll love to see Blue and his animal friends brought to life at this farmyard birthday celebration. And sending your little guests home with one of the books from the series as a party favor is just about as perfect as it gets.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Southern Sugar Bakery, Jolly Owl Designs, Chasing After Dear, Gastro Senses, The Happening Housewife, Project Nursery

Birthday Toy Story Party


Following with more proposals for the 2 -years birthday of a child we bring to you one of the most emblematic characters of the cinema. 2-birthday toy story party where not only bos layer and woody become the favorite characters to decorate his birthday, but the rest of the toys, so be inspired.

Give that touch of creativity to every detail in the 2- years birthday of your child where toys tory is the main character. Take all the ideas that we give you in the images and decorate from the dessert table to the packaging of the sweets for the Surprise little guests.

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Year Old Birthday Party Ideas On A Budget

Nothing more fun than planning a girls birthday party! I look forward to this every year without breaking the bank. If youre like me I like to plan ahead of time for my daughters birthday party but sometimes life happens and we get caught up with our daily routine & that leaves us planning something smaller than we anticipated.

Making food for a crowd of people its what we spend more money on, somehow we always think we need a full fancy meal for our birthday parties let me tell you its not always necessary.

If we think about it for just a second theyre just kids! Will they notice the 1 million dollars we spend on food, desserts & drinks? Probably not, theyre just there to play and have fun, so considering that why wont we adults try to do the same thing! Make less, relax & have a great time.

What I mean by make less is make yummy small finger foods that everyone enjoys like croissants with ham, cheese, lettuce & tomato I still havent met someone that can say No to that with a side of chips.

You can never go wrong with a homemade salad and dressing! Chop some fruits for a healthy dessert This can easily be displayed very nicely just as a fancy setup

Classic Party Activities For Kids

We are getting to the point where classic games are actually novel and fun for kids again because they have never been exposed to them. In a generation of virtual reality and way too much screen time, many children have never seen or heard of the classic party games. Its time to revive them!

Note: For smaller kids, its a good idea to have a few of these games going at once so kids can hop from place to place. Their attention span can be a bit short, and they do best if they can migrate.

16. Challenge them to a silly race.

Use a flour sack or lawn bag to contain each child. Challenge them to a race by hopping along a pre-designed track. For extra giggles, get the adults to race too! After the first race, change it up a bit. Pair up the kids and tape or tie one childs left leg to the other childs right leg. This time will work together to run the race on three legs. These classic races are great games for burning off energy, getting fantastic photos, and producing a few belly laughs.

17. Have an egg and spoon race.

This one is super easy, fun to watch, and harder than it looks. Give each child a plastic spoon and a raw egg. The objective is to race from the starting point to the finish line, carrying your egg, on the spoon, in your mouth. Chances are, they will all want to race again, so you better invest in a few cartons of eggs. You can also choose to use plastic ones and fill them with something slimy like dish soap or gelatin.

18. Engage in some relay races.

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Best 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas Of 2022

Best 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas: The best ideas in photos and images of 2 years birthday, 2 years themed birthday, 2 years old decoration, party themes for 2-year-old boy, 2 years old birthday decoration girl, 2 years old birthday reasons male, 2 years old birthday ideas baby girl, 2-year-old girl birthday themes, 2-year-old girl birthday reasons.

Birthday Decoration 2 Years Girl


If what you want is an inspiration for the 2nd birthday girls decoration, this section is for you since we leave you with the best proposals for themes for girls parties. Trending themes, modern themes for childrens parties and classics that will never go out of style.

All these ideas will inspire you to celebrate the 2-year birthday girl if you have not yet chosen the ideal theme for your daughters party. All the options look amazing! The girls are more visual and detailed so dont miss the opportunity to surprise your daughter with the decoration of her party, regardless of the theme you choose, pay attention to every detail that makes the difference.

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Keep The Birthday Party Short

Toddlers have no need for destination birthday romps that go on for hours and hours. They literally do not have the capacity to hang for that long. So keep your party short and sweet. Get them in, get them cake, do an activity, and get them out. Your kid will appreciate it. Your kids friends parents will appreciate it, and your sanity will appreciate it too.

Winter Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers

Eskimo Party

Dont let the winter weather spoil birthday fun. In fact, a snowy backyard is a great setting for an eskimo birthday party that every toddler will love.

Turn the kiddie pool into an ice-fishing pond. Adding ice cubes will give it the icy feel and kids can fish for floating toys. You also want to have a campfire for s/mores and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Kids can play Pass the Penguin and decorate their own igloos. Let the kids decorate snow with food coloring and organize a scavenger hunt and snowman bowling.

If you have plenty of snow, a snowman competition is a must. If you need to add some fake snow for effect, the best artificial snow is on Amazon.

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Top Tips For A Successful Party

  • Some of your little party guests may have started potty-training, so expect some accidents. Keep cloths and kitchen towel handy.
  • Toys will be fought over, so keep anything precious locked away and, where possible, try to have at least two of everything.
  • Have a sit-down party meal rather than a buffet. Children of this age just won’t understand the buffet principle of helping themselves.
  • Ask parents to stay so that any tantrums thrown by their toddler is their problem rather than yours.
  • Keep games short, simple, structured and fun so that little ones don’t get bored or confused.
  • Put the food out at the last minute and clear away quickly when it’s finished.
  • Don’t create a second party for parents, just provide drinks and nibbles.
  • Make sure you have plenty of spill-proof cups available.
  • Serve the savoury foods before the sweet.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Two 2nd Birthday Idea

A Two Cool Birthday Party That

Two is the beginning of a true appreciation for the magic of Disney. Give your little princess or prince a dazzling day of fun and glamour with a Cinderella-themed birthday party thats sure to impress all their fancy friends, from glass-slipper shaped cookies to a dress-up station and extra-special details and displays inspired by the movie, like in the example shown here.

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How To Plan A 2

Even if you have a seed of an idea, plotting a toddler birthday bash for your soon-to-be 2 year old can overwhelm even the most organized parent. Take a deep breath. With these second birthday party ideas and tips from Seri Kertzner, owner of the New York City-based planning group Little Miss Party Planner, you can pull off a memorable party for your 2-year-old with minimal stress.

Fun Indoor Activities For Toddler Birthday Party

Home » Activities » Party Ideas » 21 Fun Indoor Activities for Toddler Birthday Party

This post may contain affiliate links: full affiliate disclosure.

Looking for a simple game idea for your birthday girl or birthday boy? These fun indoor activities for toddlers birthday parties will keep the young children entertained.

Birthday parties arent a hit till you have enough games to tire the kids out. And if its an indoor birthday party, the task becomes even harder.

If you are bored of traditional kids party games, we have prepared a long list of unique but amusing games that will keep your kids satisfied till the end of the party. Let them

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