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Things To Do For Your 13th Birthday

Making The First Arrangements

MY 13TH BIRTHDAY SURPRISE *school day & hanging out with friends*
  • 1Book your venue. Your venue is where you will host the party. If you have decided to have a party away from home you need to book somewhere sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. Bear in mind how many people you are inviting and make sure you are booking somewhere with enough space. Think about if you need space for dancing, and a space to put your stereo or DJ.
  • Having a party at a specialist place can be easier to organise and handle for your parents than having one at home.XResearch source
  • 2If necessary, get the tickets to the event. For some places, like an amusement park or a sports game, you will need to buy tickets. It is easiest and quickest to do this in advance, you don’t want to spend ages queueing. Its best to leave this stuff to the parents to sort out, but make sure you know what is going on and your friends know if they need to get their own tickets separately.
  • Sometimes you can get group tickets at a discount.
  • If you going to a sports game make sure you get seats together.
  • 3Arrange transport. Once you know where and when you are going, you need to think about how everybody is going to get there and back again. Maybe you will all get a mini-bus from your house, or carpool. Again, this is something your parents will organise with your friends parents, but make sure everybody understands what the plans are, including you.
  • Buy Your Favorite Treat

    Your birthday is a time to indulge, so make a point of enjoying your favorite treat. Whether you love macarons or you’re more of a cupcake person, be sure you get a sweet treat to celebrate your day.

    Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

    Chances are they’ll be texting you to wish you a happy birthday, but sometimes a call or a FaceTime gives you a better chance to catch up. Enjoy their well wishes and make plans to see them soon, if they live far away.

    Th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

    Is your daughter over the moon about her 13th birthday bash? Here are some exciting party ideas for 13-year-old girls to give them an impression of being grown up. You may use these ideas for your sons party too.

    16. Hotel night

    If your daughter is planning to have a sleepover for her birthday, you might as well book a hotel and make it a lot more memorable. Your daughter and her friends can spend a night at a lovely hotel, preferably with a pool.

    17. Spa

    A 13-year-old will be pleased with a spa-themed birthday party. Make some homemade scrubs and masks for the face, hair, and body and allow them to let loose.

    18. High tea

    While some teens like to have a blast, some might want to host a more elegant party. For example, a high tea party will allow them to celebrate their birthday in a simple and subtle manner. You may include dressing up and invitations, of course, but the celebrations can be muted.

    19. Karaoke

    Set up a karaoke bar for your daughter and her friends at your home. You could even hire a DJ for the birthday party. Add some dancing lights, a screen to display lyrics, and let everyone start grooving.

    20. Unicorn

    Even though your daughter has grown up now, she might secretly love unicorns. Appreciate her love for this mythical character and turn it into a real birthday party theme for her. Colorful streamers and balloons, a unicorn cake, and dresses may jazz up the event.

    21. Rainbow

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    Go On The Perfect Picnic

    A super chill and delicious activity to do on your birthday is to go on a picnic, in a park, by the rocks or on the beachor wherever else your imagination takes you! Remember to bring along your favorite snacks and some simple games. And dont forget to include a music playlist for the day, which you can play from your phone.

    You can even pack a traditional wicker basket with your favorite picnic foods and enjoy the feast. Real Simple magazine can help you out with their Picnic Packing Checklist. If you want to set up an Instagrammable picnic, heres a cute red checkered picnic basket.

    Project Runway Theme Party

    13th birthday cake

    It is a dream to walk like a model for every girl out there. The age wonât matter but even a 13 year old birthday party ideas for girls will include Project runway theme party. It will her dream to call her friends over and walk the ramp like a diva. You can arrange this themed party for her and make her 13th birthday memorable for her.

    You can call as many friends she wants. You can also set this in the lawn along with the ramp. You can also add more decorations to the party. Every girl has to wear a beautiful dress and walk on the ramp. And the showstopper will be the birthday girl. This way she can fully enjoy her 13th birthday party.

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    Th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

    You need the decorations to match your theme. Here are some ideas that you can use to decorate the space.

    22. Balloons

    Balloons need no introduction. They are a necessary part of every celebration, and your childs 13th birthday is no exception. The best part of using balloons is that they come in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

    23. Streamers

    As with balloons, a birthday party is unimaginable without streamers. They come in all colors of the rainbow and beyond, so you always have various options, regardless of the birthday party theme.

    24. Blacklights

    These are a hit if you are planning to hold a glow-in-the-dark party. Black lights instantly bring a mysterious aura to the celebrations. You could also use black lights during scavenger hunts by sneaking in some invisible writing on a few surfaces.

    25. Glow sticks

    Although glow sticks are mostly used for glow-in-the-dark themes, you can also use them to decorate a regular birthday party venue too. When you put glow sticks inside the balloons, you give the room a muted, colorful glow. You can also use them for lighting during backyard camping.

    26. Number balloons

    If you are hosting a Lucky 13 party, it will be the best opportunity for you to display the number 13 on the walls using number balloons. You may use these balloons for other themes as well.


    28. Selfie station

    29. Pinata

    30. Donut bar

    31. Mocktail bar

    32. Glitter balloons

    33. Red carpet

    Th Birthday Party Games

    A birthday party will get more entertaining if you include some games in it. These games are fun and ensure no one gets bored during the party.

    34. Scavenger hunt

    Plan a scavenger hunt and allow the guests to decipher each code and hunt for the items themselves. You can divide them into teams to make the game exciting. You can ask them to either fetch particular items or do tasks and record them on their phones.

    35. Foam twister

    If you do not mind getting the guests and your house messy, you can arrange this game for your child and their guests. This is played the way regular Twister is played, but you add colored shaving cream to each circle. The result is a lot of laughs.

    36. Whats on your phone?

    This game is the teenage version of Whats in your purse? It gives the other teenagers an idea about some useful or fun apps on everyones phones. Assign points for each app and award the teens with the highest points.

    37. Pin the face on the emoji

    Pin the tail on the donkey has been replaced by this game. Sounds fun? Children have to pin the eyes, nose, and mouth on an emoji face while blindfolded. This is a simple but fun game that everyone will enjoy.

    38. Selfie hot potato

    39. Donut on a string

    40. Obstacle race

    Adolescence brings a growth spurt and lots of energy to a childs body. Help them siphon off the extra energy by participating in an obstacle race. The best part of obstacle raceis that it can be customized according to your budget, space, and resource availability.

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    Birthday Party: Donut Miss This

    A donut-themed party is a teen-friendly way to celebrate!

    Serving donuts at the party is obvious, but why not think outside the box?

    Set a sweet tone for your guests with an unexpected invitation!

    Leave a donut in a bag on each guests doorstep. Attach a printed out or handwritten invitation with party details to the top. This fun gesture is not only delicious, its memorable.

    Donuts also make for handy and inexpensive party decorations.

    Simply tie a string around each donut and get creative– hang them from a kitchen chandelier make a wreath of donuts and attach it to the front door adorn the fireplace with them…

    Yes, I can hear you thinkingWhat will the kids do?

    Here are some activities to occupy them:

    • Design the best donut t-shirt ever! Get some t-shirts and puffy paint or Sharpies and let them adorn it with their favorite flavor
    • Guess how many munchkins are in the jar
    • Compete blindfolded to try and be the first to gobble up one of the donuts above their head. Simply tie donuts to a ~6 length of rope that is being held by parents or other helpers.

    Do-nut be worried, you got this…and I promise, you will make it through the teen years!

    Donate To A Charity Or Volunteer

    What I got for my 13TH Birthday | BIRTHDAY HAUL | CollinTV

    Like the old adage says, its better to give than to receive. Walking dogs at the shelter, reading to children at the library or spending an afternoon feeding families at the soup kitchen? Determine whats close to your heart and then make a decision to make a difference today.

    Dont know where to start? Visit VolunteerMatch who has opportunities in many major cities or check the United Way website.

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    Have A Movie Marathon

    My daughter loved movie/TV marathon sleepovers. Start the party around 7:00 p.m. and allow the girls ample time to spread out their sleeping bags, change into pajamas, and claim a plate of finger food before starting the movies or TV episodes.

    Plan at least five hours of movies.

    Serve a light and simple breakfast the following morning, ideally something that can sit for several hours as the girls will wake at all different times. Have the other parents retrieve their daughters around noon.Elsie in North Texas

    Don’t Fear Getting Older

    via: Pexels / Nataliya Vaitkevich

    There is something about birthdays that cause fear of getting older. It’s probably the fact that it makes you face your own mortality and realize that the clock doesn’t stop ticking. But instead of worrying about wrinkles and turning a year older, think of birthdays as a new cycle. You’re at a different level of maturity now, and there are new opportunities around the corner.

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    Make Prime Dinner Reservations

    That place you’ve been trying to get into for a while? Enlist your S.O. or a friend and go for a relaxing, low-key meal that’s all about celebrating you.

    Don’t stress about inviting everyone you’ve ever met to this shindig. The smaller the group, the easier it will be to get a reservation.

    Give yourself a budget and then set out to treat yourself. There’s something special about going to a store to pick out a present versus adding something to your online shopping cart.

    How To Plan Your 13th Birthday Party

    Pin by Cathy Manfredini on Things I

    This article was co-authored by Natasha Miller. Natasha Miller is an Event Planner, Chief Experience Designer, and President of Entire Productions, an event and entertainment production company based in San Francisco, California. Notable clients Natasha has collaborated with include Apple, Google, Gap, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., and Salesforce. Natasha and Entire Productions has been awarded Inc. 5,000’s “Fastest Growing Companies in America”, Entrepreneur Magazine’s 360 List of “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America.” Entire Productions is also a Certified Women Business Enterprise. Natasha is a member of Meeting Professionals International .There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 85% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 787,077 times.

    You’re finally a teenager! Since this is your first birthday as a teenager, you’ll want to make it awesome! Thirteenth birthdays can be a bit tricky to plan. Do you go for lots of games, or something a bit more grown-up to herald the start of the teenage years? Everyone will have their own ideas about what makes a good party. But as long as everyone has fun, the possibilities are endless.

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    A Live Sport Game And/or Live Concert

    For your 13 year old daughter, buying her and her friends tickets to see her favorite artist live in concert would make her very happy. And if your 13 year old son or daughter is a huge fan of sports like baseball, basketball, and American football, tickets to go and watch a live sports game would be a thrilling way to celebrate their 13th birthday.

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    Th Birthday Party Ideas Are Even Better With Peerspace

    A child only turns 13 once, so make it as special as possible! Pick a few of these 13th birthday ideas and see what the birthday teen-to-be likes best. And of course, dont forget to book an incredible Peerspace venue! Peerspace is the easiest way to book safe and stylish venues in whatever city or town you like. Simply browse the listings in the location you desire, check out the photos and reviews, and book away. And remember, you dont have to do it all alone. You can enlist the Concierge service to do the heavy lifting and deliver any extras to make the birthday party perfect.

    Plus, each venue is available to book by the hour, making our spaces generally a lot more affordable than those on other websites. Whether indoors or outdoors, chic or thrilling, youll find a space that your 13-year-old and all their friends will be wild about.

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    Adventurous Things To Do With Your Friends And Relatives During Your Birthday

    via: Pexels / Shelly Ohlsson

    You’ve turned another page in life, and you want a new, exciting birthday idea. You’re itching for some adventurous things to do. There’s the bucket list, and it’s time to start ticking them off. You know it’s time for fun and adventure. Let us inspire you, birthday child!

    Here are 6 adventurous birthday activities:

    25. Attempt an escape room.

    Escape rooms are all sorts of fun and if you’re looking for something adventurous and challenging, this is a brilliant option! You and your friends get locked in a themed area with commonly one hour to complete missions and puzzles to escape. Search online and you’ll find there are so many to choose from. Find one you’ll truly enjoy.

    26. Go on a road trip.

    Have an adventure of a lifetime driving along highways and byways. Choose a destination and plan out stops, or be courageous and daring and have no plan at all and just drive.

    via: Pexels / cottonbro

    27. Go zip lining.

    If you’ve always wanted to experience flying, ziplines are probably the closest thing to it. Yes, you fly in a helicopter or plane, but you’re confined in metal. Ziplines let you experience rushing through the air with open views. Have a journey across landscapes that bring you over nature or urban areas.

    28. Experience a hot air balloon ride.

    via: Pexels / UUR KORKMAZ

    29. Enjoy a whitewater rafting adventure.

    30. Take a cruise.

    via: Pexels / Rachel Claire

    Cool 13th Birthday Party Ideas Your Teen Will Love

    what i got for my 13th birthday ( haul 2020 )

    There are plenty of epic 13th birthday party ideas out there, because lets face it, 13 is a big milestone. When I turned 13, I remember thinking , Im basically grown up! Like, Im practically a full-on adult. For real. Although the 13th year might not be as dramatic as I thought as a teen, its definitely a new stage of adolescence.

    And, every big milestone deserves to be recognized with a celebration. Planning a birthday party for a teen can be tricky. They want to act mature, but they still have so much growing left to do, so the party should be sophisticated, but fun-filled and even a bit silly at times. Ive rounded up the best 13th birthday party ideas for teens that are cool enough for the kids to brag about and fun enough to still appeal to their childlike side.

    Like what you see? Dont forget to Pin it!

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    Kayaking Down The River Birthday Party

    If your kid cant get enough of the water, why not host a kayak-themed birthday party?

    Many areas have facilities that rent kayaks by the hour. Rentals usually include life preservers and a safety lesson.

    Bring lots of sunscreen , pack bagged lunches and hit the water.

    After kayaking, the teens can swim and eat ice cream sandwiches. Depending on what the conditions are, you may want to add some inner tubes for floating, footballs or frisbees.

    What To Do For Your Child’s 13th Birthday

    Ah, the awkward age of thirteen, the cocoon stage of your little caterpillar’s road to becoming a butterfly. Your child has changed a lot the last year or so! They just recently started secondary school and may be starting to go to their first teenage discos! Yikes! They may want to feel more grown up and sophisticated for their 13th birthday and the regular ‘kiddies party’ may not cut it anymore. Here’s some ideas…

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