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Birthday Party Activities For Teens

Put Together A Karaoke

Fun Party Games | For kids & Teenagers | Birthday Party

Karaoke is fun for all ages. Whether you have a karaoke machine at your home or you rent a space at a Karaoke spot, your teenagers will have a blast dancing and singing along to the songs on their playlists. You can set up fun lights and a fake stage with curtains. A music-themed party can be a fun and easy setup for you. You can even add a few games where the kids can try and finish the lyrics or guess who the artist is. Its a perfect birthday party idea for any teenager who likes music. If you can get your hand on the game, Rockband, you can include instruments alongside the microphone for the full effect.

Combination Halloween And Birthday Party For Kids Or Teens

A Halloween-themed birthday party for teenagers or children can be fun in October or any time of year. Make the event a spooky success with these creative ideas.

  • Grab a plethora of Halloween nail polishes, decals, and glitter to throw a festive mani-pedi party.
  • Plan a pumpkin-carving party .
  • Have a spooky dance party where guests can shake their bones. Create a custom Halloween party playlist and throw in a few spooky songs.
  • Assemble personal pizzas for dinner using toppings to create scary faces.
  • Throw the party on Halloween night and go trick-or-treating as a group.
  • Host a sleepover party and stream scary Halloween movies.
  • Hire a face painter to decorate guest’s faces. This can be fun for a casual event or if your guests come in costume.
  • Organize a variety of games like mummy sack races or pumpkin bowling that guests can play as a group or in pairs.

Best Halloween Games For All Ages

If youre looking for Halloween games that are perfect for all ages, youve come to the right place. With a list hilarious Halloween party games that range from wrapping someone up like a mummy to tossing spiders into a spiderweb across the room, these are some of the most fun Halloween party games out there.

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Stock Up On Supplies For An Epic Pizza Party

Who doesnt love pizza, especially kids in their teen years? Why not take a normal pizza night and make it more hands-on and fun. You can bring all kinds of toppings and let each party guest prepare their own pizza. Make sure you have all the basic and popular options like cheese, sauce, pepperonis, and sausage. Then you can get creative with the other options, like pineapples, jalapenos, ricotta, onions, zucchini, and more. You can offer suggested pairings to help them get creative.

Its best if you have a pizza oven or spot to cook everything that is spacious and quick. Stock up on sodas and sparkling waters to go with the pizza. For the dessert, you can get cupcakes and cookies that are decorated like pizzas, or you can opt to follow the pie theme and serve up varieties of pies, like fruit pies and cream pies.

Rent A Hotel Room For The Night

Pin on Birthday party games for teens

A great way to host a fun birthday party and keep the mess out of your house is to rent a hotel room for the night. Depending on the number of kids in attendance, you can even book adjoining rooms so they can all be together and have fun until the wee hours of the morning . A few ideas:

  • Since hotel rooms are typically fairly small, you can make a BIG impression with even a few decorations including number balloons, helium balloons, streamers, etc.
  • Make the evening special: Whether the kids venture out for a night on the town or head to the hotel pool and jacuzzi for an evening of fun and laughs, be sure to plan something to keep the kids occupied.
  • Chaperone: Depending on the age of the kids, theres a good chance youll need to book a hotel room across the hall just to keep your eye on things and make sure theyre safe. Older teenagers are likely fine on their own and can be dropped off and picked up the next morning.

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Have A Murder Mystery Party

If you are looking for birthday party themes, a murder mystery is sure to be a lot of fun. There are several online options to find murder mystery fun for groups. You can , set up a room for the themed party, and assign each guest a character to play. Theyll need to read their parts out load and solve the crime together, with one guest discovering that they are the victim and another discovering that they are the murderer. This is a great time for teen boys and teen girls.

Break The Teen Tension With These Games

Would You Rather:Here is a list have some really great and funny would you rather questions!

Two Truths & A Lie: This is a pretty simple game to play and is a great way to break the ice with a group. Go around the group and each player has to come up with two truths and a lie about themselves. The goal is for the other players to be able to figure out the lie!

Guess My Name: Ask each player to write down a few names and put them into a bowl. Names can be celebrities, characters from books, movies or even mutual friends or people in the room. Split the teen into two teams. Set a time for a minute and let each eat take turns trying to guess as many names as possible within that minute. The person who reads the name can give clues to their team without saying the written name!

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Birthday Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds

If you are looking for Birthday Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds youve come to the right place. We have 30 images about Birthday Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds including images, pictures, photos, wallpapers, and more. In these page, we also have variety of images available. Such as png, jpg, animated gifs, pic art, logo, black and white, transparent, etc.

Cakefor 13 Year Old Birthday Party

Cakefor 13 Year Old Birthday Party | Cake

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Mamma Mia Themed Party

8 Fun and Easy Birthday Party Game Ideas!

Give your teens the time of their life with a fun Mamma Mia themed party. If your teen girl is anything like my daughter, she will love all things Mamma Mia! Opt for a pretty blue and white-themed Grecian style party and Mamma Mia themed fancy dress. Take inspiration from the movie, blast out the best Abba soundtracks, and let your teens be Dancing Queens!

Shop the look, check out our favorite Mamma Mia themed party supplies here.

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Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are one of those great birthday party games great for getting everyone moving and interacting. You can either come up with your own clues or use a ready-made scavenger hunt kit.

Also, another idea that is becoming more popular is escape rooms, for a fun challenge . An escape room party is a great way to get your guests thinking. Just set some ground rules and establish different teams to get started.

Pizza Themed Party ~ Buzz Feed

Say pizza and my teens are there. Thats all. Okay, well the teens could always decorate their own pizzas, make dessert pizzas, watch a movie with pizza in it!

Some Favorite Products for This Party: Because all guests need to be invited in, while youre dressed in this. And, since youre hosting the party, you might as well get yourself an awesome pizza cutter you know, to tell yourself thank you.

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Cake Boss Party ~ Club Chica Circle

I realize it shows younger kids at this party, but teens like to cook too and how fun would it be to let everyone decorate their own cake? There are so many fun cake making products available and lots of delicious recipes out there. Have prizes for the best decorated, best tasting, best fail

Some Fun Products for This Party: A handful of cake decorating kits will come in handy and some gel based food coloring.

Paintball Party ~ Hostess With The Mostess

1001 + birthday party ideas for teens

To be honest, my girls are afraid of paintballing, but Im sure if there were some fun guy friends involved, they would pile on the thick clothes and have a blast. For the after party, a display of colored gumballs and other ball shaped treats would be fun!

Some Favorite Products for This Party:This get-up alone, worn by anyone there, would make the party a hit! Dont forget different color paintballs for different teams.

A birthday party for teenagers isnt complete without some great gifts see a whole list of gift ideas below our newsletter offer!

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Halloween Party Food Ideas

A fun and successful Halloween party needs food. We have a collection of ideas and a few recipes that take very little time and help you set the stage for a very creepy Halloween party.

Witchs Wands

Dip pretzel rods into white frosting and then roll in Halloween colored sprinkles. Set into a jar will filled with candy corn.


Wrap hot dogs in strips of crescent dough. Leave a space for the eyes dabs of catsup added before serving.

Caramel Apples

Wash apples and insert a short skewer into the top of each. Prepare a buttered baking sheet. Unwrap eleven ounces of caramels and place them in a microwave safe bowl for one minute. Stir and microwave for one more minute. Allow to cool a bit. Roll the apples into the caramel. If you wish, you may roll the apples in chopped nuts. Set on prepared baking sheet to cool and set. Makes five caramel apples.

Dead Man Fingers

Cut sting cheese sticks to round the ends. Add a slivered almond to the end to mimic a fingernail. Make cuts with a knife to make knuckles marks. Provide jarred marinara sauce for dipping.

Spider Webbed Dip

Make a blood dip with marinara sauce or salsa. Create a web on top with strings of sour cream or string cheese stripes. Add a few plastic spiders and serve with chips or Dead Man Fingers shown above.

Bones n Blood

Cut breadstick dough into bone shapes and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Bake according to recipe or package directions. Serve with spider web marinara dip.

Dirty Worms

Worm Sandwiches

The Classic Pajama Party

Who has not ever had the famous pajama party with their friends? Do not forget that these types of meetings are usually carried out between girls. It is a very authentic option for you to spend a perfect night with your best friends. You dont have to organize too many things, just invite your friends and let them call a pizzeria or similar to order their favorite dinner.

In addition to telling their most intimate secrets and laughing like never before, they can watch a movie and eat popcorn. The good thing about this plan is comfort and security. They will be at home without going out, in pajamas and doing what they like the most. It is a classic in teenage birthdays, do you sign up?

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Tweens Would Have Fun With A Mall Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

A mall scavenger hunt is a fun and frugal birthday. Meet friends and adults at a central location and distribute a list of things to find. Divide into small groups. Each group should be with an adult, depending on number of guests. Arrange a time limit and have fun!

Adults can take pictures of each found item, such as largest hat, longest scarf, ugliest sweater, etc. Be creative! At the arranged stop time, you should meet, share pictures and laughs, enjoy cake/cupcakes , and give prizes to all participants! Its fun and easy to create a memorable party!Sandra

  • Have a spooky makeover party and make everyone over into something really crazy!
  • Go Boo-ing or Ghosting friends or neighbors
  • A Crafty Party Idea: Sew Sleep Pants Together

    DIY Birthday Escape Room! (Best Birthday Party Games for Kids and Teens!)

    A pair of boxer shorts or sleep pants can be made in an hour or so. Contact your local craft/sewing store to host the party. Each girl will choose her fabric and a length of elastic or drawstring for the waist band and have access to a sewing machine. If you sew, you may be able to manage the group and machines yourself. Anyone can be taught to sew a straight line in five minutes. Use the stores cutting tables, cutting tools, and sewing machines. In an hour or so, each girl will have her new favorite pair of sleep pants and great stories to tell at school.

    Keep a few bowls of simple snacks in the room like pretzels and licorice sticks. Youll want to stick with foods that wont require washing hands before touching the fabrics. The party favor will be the sleep pants. If you know how to sew and can beg or borrow a few extra machines and have at least two tables the kids can cut out a pattern on, you can do this yourself at home with all the kids using the same batch of fabric, so they all match! This idea is truly frugal and lots of fun.JD in St. Louis

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    Fun Outings Away From Home

    Another of the original birthday party ideas for teenagers is to have a party away from home. If you dont want to throw a big party and prefer not to eat too much head, a good plan is to take them bowling. Ideally, they can order some pizzas and soft drinks to have a snack while having a great time.

    And whoever says they play bowling, says they take them to the movies to see an adventure or science fiction movie or even hire an outdoor activity like a game of paintball, Bubble Soccer or Yellow Humor. Perhaps it is best to adopt several of these alternatives to make the day complete.

    Through 2 Eyes Walking & Talking Tours

    Locations vary

    We picked this birthday idea for the teen who is a history fan, a storyteller, or a social activist. History buff, Sampson Levingston leads walking tours of Indianapolis with a focus on history. Using places, buildings, and public art as the backdrop and prompts, he shares interesting stories and historical notations with a large emphasis on black history in different neighborhoods throughout Indianapolis.

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    Have A Private Movie Screening At A Local Theater

    Do you have movie lovers in the family? Many movie theaters are available to rent for private parties, so you can invite your kids friends to a private screening of a movie and have the place to yourselves. You can treat them to a new release or even see if the theater has any classics that you can introduce the kids to.

    Check with the establishment to see if there is a party room as well and you can have a lunch or dinner spread set up. Pizza or sandwiches pair well with a movie, but nothing is as good as popcorn and candy, so make sure you have that available to the moviegoers as well. You can purchase or decorate cupcakes or a birthday cake with the characters or set location of the movie.

    Teenage Birthday Party Ideas At Home

    Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

    Weve enjoyed having birthday parties at home, as well as at venues that cater to a specific activity. There are advantages to both, so it really depends on what your teen would like to do specifically.

    Parties at home can be less costly, and its easier to keep an eye on your kids, but theres always the inevitable clean-up afterward.

    Ive rounded up some really fun teen party ideas below that include parties at home as well as at a venue away from home.

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    Emoji Themed Party ~ Wants And Wishes

    How would we ever know how our teens feel in their texts without emojis?! Just teasing kind of. Did you see how cute those po0p emoji cupcakes are? It sounds a little off to say that, but seriously. Cute. The easy thing about an emoji party is there is literally a huge variety of emoji trinkets and decorations available to use.

    Some Favorite Products for This Party:These emoji keychains are such a great party favor I know my kids would hook them on their backpacks and love it even more that their friends had one too!

    Should Relatives Be Invited To A Teenagers Birthday

    Should adults celebrate a teenagers birthday with friends? Often, parents invite their adult company to the teenagers birthday.

    Grandparents, uncles and aunts, other relatives and friends of the family gather to admire the birthday man and congratulate his happy parents.

    Of course, parents have the right to share their joy with these close people, but the teenager himself considers, as a rule, that sitting at home with his family is childish and annoying, and he is right in some ways.

    Indeed, for all the relatives present, he remains a child. After congratulations, completely adult talks begin that are of no interest to the teenager, during which he plays only the role of decoration.

    If you cannot refuse a family celebration with relatives divide the company. Let the teenager accept the congratulations of adults, but his main holiday will still be separate, with a group of friends. Best of all, if these two events are generally possible to be held not on the same day, but different ones.

    First, it is your teenagers birthday. Well, the next day or next weekend family gatherings with relatives. It is unlikely that the teenager will refuse to extend his holiday for another day, but the solemn family feast, in this case, will not seem so burdensome to him.

    A teenagers birthday is, first of all, not different chores, but a holiday with a capital letter. Let this holiday become the most beloved and unforgettable for your teenager!

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