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Party Games For Birthday Party

The Not So Newlywed Game

Fun Party Games | For kids & Teenagers | Birthday Party

The Not So Newlywed Game is the perfect way to entertain your friends at your next couples event. It can also be played at wedding showers and engagement parties.

There are 150+ questions that take you through dating, engagement and the wedding, firsts, friends, and family, favorites, best and worst, finances, preferences, making love, fun facts, love and marriage, and the future. There’s even a category just for the funniest questions.

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

This game takes a bit more planning ahead but is still really fun! I saw it once on a cruise then tried it at an adult game night a few year ago and fell in love with the game!

The idea is that you have an expert show your guests how to do something short then teams compete to do the same thing they just watched the expert do!

Supplies Needed:

  • For this game you are going to need a couple of experts who can do a short pre-decided tasks well. You can ask your guests, family members, or close friends to be those experts. Some fun ideas are things like decorating a cupcake, creating a smokey eye makeup look, twirling a baton, shooting sock basketballs into a trash can, etc. Heres a full list of ideas to get you thinking. Make sure the tasks are short .
  • Any supplies youll need for your tasks
  • Timer

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a must at any birthday party for little kids. This one requires little explanation: Just hang a poster of a donkey or some other characterthere are plenty of variations on the themeand give each guest a turn to pin the tail in the proper place after being blindfolded and spun in circles. Its no easy feat, and the failed attempts sure are funny to watch.

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Please Mr Dinosaur May I Cross The Mountain

All of the players stand side by side at one side of the yard or room, facing the other side. Mr Dinosaur stands in the middle of the yard or room.

The players chant, Please Mr Dinosaur may we cross the mountain? If not, why not, whats your favourite colour?

Mr Dinosaur calls out one colour name and any of the players wearing that colour are safe to cross past Mr Dinosaur to the other side of the field /room. For example, if Mr Dinosaur calls, Blue, anyone wearing blue is safe to cross.

Once the safe players are across to the other side of the space, the players not wearing the selected colour must try to run across to the other side of the

yard/room without being caught by Mr Dinosaur.

The player that is caught becomes the next Mr Dinosaur and the game starts again.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Games

18 Incredible Birthday Party Games for Ages 3 to 5

Here we have two variants of Hello Kitty-themed games that you can play at your little ones birthday party. These can be played even if Hello Kitty is not your primary theme.

How to play?

  • Hang a Hello Kitty cut-out on the wall with the bow of the kitty missing.
  • Use a separate bow cut-out to play the game
  • Kids have to close their eyes and stick the bow on Hello Kittys head.
  • The one who is hits the closest mark, wins!

This one is a Hello Kitty version of the famous pin the donkeys tail game. So, enjoy it!

Paint the kitty
  • Just like for the previous game, you need Hello Kitty cut-outs for this one as well. However, these will be plain, smaller in size, and complete versions of Hello Kitty .
  • Hand out the cut-outs to children and provide paint and other decoration material.
  • Children need to paint and decorate the cut-outs as per their liking and then carry these home.

A great addition to the takeaway present too!

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Birthday Party Games: 17 Ideas That Fit Every Theme

You think that coming up with birthday party games is no easy affair?

Well, we agree with you!

Coming up with engaging, novel, yet fun birthday game ideas seem like a tough job, but we can make it easy for you.

We have here a list of interesting games/activities for you to choose from.

However, before you get on to reading them, here are a few tips to help you in choosing the most suitable birthday party games for your childs day.

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For Adults And Older Kids

Your toddlers first birthday is more of a fun time for the guests than it is for him, therefore have a couple of fun activities such as games for parents along with the children.

1. Time Capsule

Older kids and adults can only grasp the fun part of a time capsule. This should be included in your babys 1st birthday party games so they can open it at the age of 20.

How to Play

  • Pass along a note pad to all the guests so they can write something in it.
  • Collect pieces of confetti, balloons, gift cards or anything that can be sealed off for a long time.
  • Get a plastic container or a decorated storage box with a sealable top and add everything in it.

2. Musical Chairs

This game never gets old! Its a must-have on your list of 1st birthday party games for adults.

How to Play

  • To play the game, you will need teams of people, 6-8 chairs and a music system.
  • The game starts with the same number of players and chairs with everyone going around the chairs in circles.
  • When the music is paused, everybody scrambles for a chair.
  • In the second round, one chair is removed, so somebody gets out.
  • The last person still in the game is the winner.

3. Building Blocks

Construction and demolition!

How to Play

4. Parent-Child Craft Game

Parents and their children team up to build something creative.

How to Play

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Other Classic Games For Kids Parties:

Still want more standard party games? Have you thought of:

  • Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Huntcreate your own treasure hunt in the backyard and give clues or a map to help them find it.
  • Musical Chairsor try a standing version similar to a Musical Cake Walk. Or try a water version of musical chairs where the loser has to dump a cup of water on their head!
  • Building an Obstacle Course
  • Ring around the Rosie
  • Bubble Station or Bubble Paint Racemix food coloring in the bubble solution and have them color a picture hanging on the fence. First one to cover the picture wins!

For all of these games, be sure to have some upbeat music playing to help get the energy up!

Forehead Pass The Orange

3 Birthday Party Games for Kids

And to round off this list of fun birthday games, heres a silly party game you will love, which again uses oranges. You will need 2 oranges for this game and a large playing space that is free of obstacles. Divide everyone into 2 even teams, with each team needing pairs of similar height.

The first pair of each team must stand at the start line. Place an orange between each pair of players, gripped hard by just their foreheads. On Go!, both pairs must run together to the opposite wall, touch that wall, then return to the start line, all without dropping the orange. If successful, the orange is passed by hand to their next team pair for their turn.

Since both pairs will be running back and forth at the same time, you need check your room is wide enough before any game play begins. Players wont be able to see where theyre going during the game, so this prevents them from colliding into each other.

If the orange is dropped, the pair must start over. The winning team is the one where all pairs have completed the course successfully.

If youve read all the way to the end of this list of birthday party games for adults, Im happy that you have! Creating memorable games can get harder the older our friends get theyve seen it all, after all, they want something unique theyve never experienced before. Hopefully there was something in this list for you to use at your next birthday event. I wish you every success with it.

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Kickass Birthday Party Games For Adults

Inside: 19 Birthday Party Games for Adults

These birthday party games for adults will keep your guests happy, entertained, and laughing all the way to the end. It will truly be a party that your guests wont soon forget.

Theres a great mix of classic and unique party games here that are just for the adults.

Some of them involve drinks, some of them are a little naughty, and all of them can be modified for the type and number of guests coming to your party.

Fabulous Birthday Party Games For Kids

Looking for birthday party games for kids that are simple to play, need little in the way of items to play and that are sure to generate lots of fun and laughter with your guests whatever their age??? Then look no further! This great big list of 45 fabulous birthday party games has something for everyone!

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Games For The 5th Birthday Of The Child

Its still difficult for kids at the age of 5 to sit still for a long time, and in between meals, they need to run, jump and have fun. In order for the invited friends to like the childs birthday, you need to consider the entertainment program carefully.

If you invite an animator, he, of course, will think through contests to the smallest detail. But you yourself can change into a funny clown and lure children.

Fun Party Games For Teenagers


These fun party games for teenagers are sure to bring a whole bunch of excitement and fun!

Pass the Fruit: This is a fun game that utilizes teamwork again. You grab a piece of fruit, whether an apple, orange, lime, or something else. The purpose of the game is to get that fruit from one player all the way to the other end of the line. What makes this so fun is the fact that you are not allowed to use your hands in any way to pass the fruit. Great fun and results in tons of laughs.

Lip Sync Contest: Come up with a list of song, from old favorites to new hit! Let the teens draw a song and sing their heart out! This is such a fun party game for teenagers, a crowd favorite!

Dance Off: Let your hair down and have fun. I mean who doesnt love a good dance-off, and with all these crazy dance trends this is a fun party game for teenagers!

Heads Up: I LOVE THIS GAME! I fell in love with it the second I first played it. Download the game on your phone or Ipad for fun with the teens anywhere you go!

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Points To Ponder When Choosing Birthday Party Games

  • Keep in mind the average age of children attending the party. Its best to have games that are easier to play for most of the crowd than difficult games that only a few kids would enjoy.
  • Keeping the theme in mind is great, but if you have a mind-blowing game, you can let go of the theme! For kids, fun is more important than sticking to the theme.
  • All kids go to school. Lets not involve them in too many intellectual/educational games at a birthday party. Theyll rather have a little lighthearted enjoyment than a lot of intellectual boredom.
  • Long-drawn games do not interest any child. If your birthday party games go on for too long, even if theyre very interesting, children will get bored. They have short interest spans, remember?
  • Lastly, dont make your games very gender-specific. A few boys attending that Cinderella party of yours should have something interesting to do other than braid a doll or decorate a castle. Agreed?

Break The Teen Tension With These Games

Would You Rather:Here is a list have some really great and funny would you rather questions!

Two Truths & A Lie: This is a pretty simple game to play and is a great way to break the ice with a group. Go around the group and each player has to come up with two truths and a lie about themselves. The goal is for the other players to be able to figure out the lie!

Guess My Name: Ask each player to write down a few names and put them into a bowl. Names can be celebrities, characters from books, movies or even mutual friends or people in the room. Split the teen into two teams. Set a time for a minute and let each eat take turns trying to guess as many names as possible within that minute. The person who reads the name can give clues to their team without saying the written name!

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Birthday Party Games For 7 8 And 9 Year Olds

Baby food hot potatoPlayed like the classic game of hot potato – players sit in a circle and pass a jar of baby food around while music plays. When the music stops that player holding the baby food has to take a plastic spoon and take a bite. Make sure everyone has their own spoon and no double dipping!

Balloon Stomp Tie a half blown balloon to each guests ankle with an arms length of string.

At the word Go! everyone tries to stomp on each others to pop. Loads of fun!

Bean Bag Toss GameCut several circles out of a piece of cardboard, or a large box. Decorate the cardboard with things from your theme. Use beanbags or socks to throw into the holes. Give small prizes if they make it in the holes.

Classic Party GamesFind the set up and rules to these classic games for your birthday party: Red Light Green Light, Red Rover, Simon Says and Blind Mans Bluff.

Drama Bag GameFill several shopping bags with 5 different items. The items can be anything – shoe, comb, penny etc. – but fill each bag with different items. Divide birthday party guests into equal teams and give each team one bag.

Teams then go to different rooms and create a skit or play which must include all items in the bag. After 15 minutes gather them all together and let them perform their skits for each other. Game Variation: The guests create a song, commercial or tribute to the birthday child.

Silent Charades Game

Party games for 7, 8 and 9 year old girls

Things To Consider While Choosing Birthday Party Games

Kids games / Kitty party games / game for birthday party

Choosing what games to set up for little kids seems quite easy, but there are certain things to understand before you do it. In order to ensure that nobody in the party is left out, here are some things that you may want to consider when you choose games.

  • Focus on the average age of all the children attending the party and choose games that can be played by all the children, and not a select few.
  • If you have planned a themed party, dont be afraid to stray from the theme a little when you choose a game especially if the game could clearly be a lot of fun.
  • Limit intellectual games, and instead, try and have a lot of light-hearted games to keep the excitement alive. Children have enough intellectually stimulating plays in the school and at home.
  • Keep the games short. Dont drag them for too long, as kids will get bored of them. Long games are unlikely to get much attention, and will only drag down the spirit of the party.
  • Avoid making the games gender specific. Try to choose games that do not dabble with gender stereotypes. Dont have games like princess dressing sessions, unless you are sure that everyone can take part in it.
  • Plan well and prepare ahead. Handling multiple kids can be a challenge. Plan in advance about how each game should go, to avoid any chaos.

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Treasure Or Scavenger Hunt

These hunts are fun and easy to adapt to any partys theme and to the ages of the guests. The difference between a treasure hunt and a scavenger hunt is simple. In a treasure hunt, you would sketch out a simple map and give kids pictures of the treasures to be found along the route. Along with each clue they find, there will be a small reward. If youre having a pirate-themed party, then clues could be chocolate coins, with a treasure chest of prizes at the end. For a scavenger hunt, you would give the children a list of specific items to find in a defined area. The child that finds all of the items first, wins. Lists of items to hunt can include things in nature, shops and food at the mall or items that relate to specific letters. You can send kids off in small groups with an adult chaperone if they are in public places.

Birthday Party Game To Buy

Ice Cool: This is my NUMBER ONE, TOP favorite board game EVER! Trust me when I say this game is full of fun and a MUST HAVE!

The Voting Game: The Voting Game is a party game that uncovers the hilarious truth behind your friendships. Play again and again Gameplay varies dramatically based on who youre playing with.

Cards Against Humanity: If you dont know about this game already, then youre missing out! This is definitely an ADULT ONLY game but it is full of laughs!

Bad Choices: This hilarious amazon board game, Bad Choices is the naughty love child of Never Have I Ever and UNO. This is the adult party game for finding out hilarious truths, secrets, and stories about your friends!

Loaded Questions: The hilarious adult party version of the classic who said what game. This amazon board game Features 308 new and classic Adult Loaded Questions, all-new design, and added gameplay features/components for a laughter-filled Game Night!

Catch Phrase Uncensored: Just like the classic Catch Phrase game but with an adult twist!

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