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What To Do For Your 30th Birthday

Have A Good Ol Fashioned Movie Marathon

MY 30TH BIRTHDAY VLOG| What to do on your 30th birthday| Single Mom| Chanelle Angelina

Is there a greater simple pleasure than the binge-watch? Whether you want to rewatch an old favorite or catch up on that one show youve been meaning to see, spending the day diving in without the pressure of accomplishing anything else is a perfect birthday gift to yourself. Just make sure to wear your coziest sweats and stock up on snacks.

Its Fine Time For The Classy 30th Bday Ideas For Husband

Speaking of looking good, check out these awesome 30th birthday ideas for husband. With a set with this many goodies, he is sure to make time to celebrate the big 3-0 this year. Hell have a classy watch to keep him on time as well as styling and even a place to store it! Plus, thanks to this gift set, whether you plan to bar hop or have a night in hell be ready to celebrate his birthday with a drink that most definitely has his name on it!

Visit Your Favorite Sport Team

Are you a sports lover? Do you love football, cricket, basketball, rugby, or any other athletic games? Which team do you support? Who is your favorite athlete? Wouldnt it be a great idea if you traveled to watch your favorite team or players compete for victory? You might even make amazing friends while at it.

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What Should You Not Wear In Your 30s

17 Pieces To Ditch From Your Wardrobe Before Youre 30

  • Those Cheap Ballet Flats You Bought To Wear To And From Work.
  • Sentimental Logo-Print Tees From Your High School Sports Team.
  • Ill-Fitting Or Old Underwear.
  • Acrylic Or Poly-Mix Jumpers That Are Pilled Beyond Repair.
  • That One-Size-Too-Small Dress.

Hire A Hotel Room For Your 30th Birthday Party

Your 30th Birthday Fun Party Ideas For Making It Memorable ...

Go big or go home! Why not treat yourself to some fluffy slippers and a 5-star snooze in a luxury hotel. Hello room service?

Have a degustation dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town

You only turn 30 once, so what better excuse to indulge at that expensive restaurant, bar or venue youve had on your to-do list forever? 12 course dinner, here we come.

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Cool Custom Whiskey Gift Set

If your guy loves whiskey and youre looking for one of the very best 30th birthday gift ideas for him that will get a ton of use, then this custom whiskey gift set is a phenomenal gift. Hell love the handsome, custom engraving, but even more than that he will love no longer drinking watered down whiskey from a plastic cup. This is a set of 30th birthday gift ideas for him hell love to show off.

The Manliest Birthday Present Ever

Is there a manlier set of 30th birthday ideas for husband than one that celebrates his vices as well as one that comes inside of an actual repurposed ammo can? Oh, and dont forget, the glasses and ammo can have been engraved just for him too! Hell feel manlier than Arnold Schwarzenegger when he decides to light up a stogie and have a bourbon the first time he puts his new gift set to the test.

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Reorganize/ Upgrade Your Space

If you are still wondering what to do for a 30th birthday that does not involve a party, try to reorganize or upgrade your space. Studies suggest that the quality of your space could affect your overall feeling of relaxation and happiness. Your 30th birthday is a good time to reorganize/upgrade your space. Make your space to work for you.

Other 30th Birthday Ideas For Husband Wont Get As Close As This Shave

How to Decorate Your 30th Birthday Using Dollar Tree Items | DIY PARTY DECORATION WITH DOLLAR TREE

Although being called a Viking due to a beard is an awesome compliment, no man should actually groom like one. Instead, turn him into a refined Viking with this awesome beard and razor kit! Hell be able to rock the manliest, cleanest looking beard known to man when he gets his hands on this grooming kit!

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Unique Beer Gifts For His 30th Birthday Gifts

Make him feel the manliest he has ever felt in his entire lift with a set of personalized beer mugs! This gift box set of birthday gifts for a 30 year old man will have him grinning from ear-to-ear every time he pops the latch to take a mug out to enjoy a brew from. After all, is there really a better way to enjoy an ice-cold beer than from a mug? However, dont be surprised if on his birthday he decides to drink from both mugs at the same time!

Choose A 30th Birthday Party Theme

Dirty, Thirty, and Loving It by Derek Blasberg for Paperless Post

You only turn 30 once, so make it extra special with a theme. Not only do themes inform the decor, but they also guide guests in their attire while allowing them to get a little playful. Skip anything too stuffy. Look for inspired 30th birthday party themes in any of the following:

The Dirty Thirty:

Usher in the new decade by getting a little sloppyâliterally. Invite your adventurous crew to a day of mudslides, river tubing, or cornhole. Or go the metaphorical route with a lineup of carefully crafted dirty martinis to share amongst friends and family

A time period:

Victorian Goth: Tell partygoers to put on their petticoats, lace up their corsets, and prepare for one magnificently macabre evening. Naturally, the color palette will be blackâto match your 30-year-old soul and that vampy lip youâre sure to be rocking.

The â90s: An â80s party? As if! Instead, look to the era that encapsulated your own earliest years. Take cues from the Clueless castâs fashion, and play plenty of Pearl Jam and Spice Girls. But the best throwback at the party will be the guest of honor.

Art or a favorite movie:

Saturday Night Fever: To celebrate âStayinâ Aliveâ yet another year , do it up with a disco-themed dance partyâcomplete with â70s garb, platform shoes, and a disco ball, of course. Everyone will enjoy taking a break from their hustles to actually do the hustle.

A place:

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Th Birthday Party Idea : 30 Years Young And Ready To Party

If you embrace getting older, seeing it as an excuse to celebrate your achievements on this planet, an extravagant birthday soirée is the perfect way to do it. Celebrate three decades over a range of delicious canapés and free-flowing beverages in Fish Lane Creative Studios.

This stunning space is perfect for a bday event with a difference. Youre never too old for a big night out so get ready to let your hair down.

Trips To Take For Your 30th Birthday

Happy 30th Birthday

If travel in your 20s looked like shared dorms, boxed wine and questionable facial hair, its a relief to know that in your 30s it comes with bigger budgets, better air-con and fewer queues for the shower. And turning 30 is a milestone worth celebrating whether you want to party like its 1999 or welcome in the new decade like the adult you really are, weve rounded up the best places in which to do it.

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Glamping In The Forest

Design: Signature Greenvelope

For a really special experience with a hint of nature, go glamping at a luxury retreat with your closest friends and family members. This is a great way to blend pampering with the outdoors, so choose somewhere that you can sign yourselves up for wine tasting, scenic walks, spa experiences, and delicious dinners.

Do Some Aimless Online Shopping

I know that treat yourself to something nice seems too obvious to include, but hear me out. For me, at least, there hasnt been a ton of funshopping amid this pandemic. Not only am I more budget-conscious than usual, but much of my online shopping these days, while convenient, lacks the very specific pleasure of browsing. Im always ordering necessities and even when Im not, Im buying something Ive been planning on treating myself to for a while or making a weird impulse buy I saw recommended on social media.

So for my birthday I gave myself a budget and decided to just…browse. No goal in mind. Just clicking through my favorite stores and slamming add to cart whenever something struck my fancy. Its not quite the same as wandering the mall looking for something unexpected and special, but it scratched the same itch.

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Get Yourself Something New

What is that thing youve always wanted to get for yourself? Is it a car, gadget, pricey jewelry, a piece of furniture, an exotic meal at a fancy restaurant, or a new wardrobe? Getting that item will be a good way to celebrate your 30th birthday. Spoil yourself, you deserve it. If you dont have the funds to get it on your birthday, you still have a whole year to get it. Hey, what if you have a couple of friends and family that might be willing to get you that gift? You might find our articles polite ways to ask for birthday gifts, and how to ask for money instead of gifts for birthday helpful.

Why Choose Groupia As Your 30th Birthday Organisers

VLOG | Husband’s 30th Birthday in Quarantine
  • We’ve been planning trips since 2002 and are experts in the field of group party planning. All our Destination Specialists know their stuff when it comes to each of our activities and you’ll never get through to um-ing, ahh-ing staff as they’ve taken the trips themselves.
  • We are ABTA protected, so wherever you go, whatever you do and whenever you do it, we’ll put the right security measures in place to make sure everything goes just swell.
  • You’ll save time, money and a whole load of hassle!

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A Classy Beer Gift For His 30th Birthday

Celebrating turning 30 doesnt need to be a somber experience. While some people think it is the true mark of becoming old, it is more like reliving your 20s, but this time with money and good taste! Help him start the best decade of his life off right with this custom beer snifter glass set that will make the most of every beer this hops-lover has from here on out! Plus, it already comes inside a gorgeous black gift box, making your job as the person giving him a gift even easier!

Whats A Good Gift For A 30th Birthday

If youre hosting a 30th birthday party, most of the time thats enough of a gift in itself. Especially if youre picking up the bar tab. But if you want to give them something on top of the party youre planning, look to these 30th birthday gift ideas:

A luxe passport holder: Complete the gift with a list of top places to travel in your 30s.

A fancy perfume they wouldnt buy for themselves: New birthday, new scent.

Fresh flowers Brighten up their dinner table or WFH set-up with fresh blooms from UrbanStems.

A nice matcha set: Help them mix up their morning routine with sustainably grown, single-origin matcha in a Matchaful gift set.

A bottle of Champagne: Theres no better reason to pop some bubbly!

Something invented the year they were born: If its gift-worthy of course!

A birthday ecard: Send a happy birthday from afar with new birthday greeting cards.

Ready, set, plan! Start by getting your invites out. For casual get-togethers, add animated text effects, stickers, and gifs via Paperless Post Flyer. If the party is more formal, stick with classic cards. If youre hosting guests online try a virtual event invitation. For more birthday inspiration: Cheree Berry has tips for hosting a milestone birthday party, Derek Blasgerg shares his high-low birthday philosophy, and we make a case for going for the gold on your birthday, no matter how old youre turning.

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Th Birthday Wishes For A Friend

  • I was there at your 10th and 20th birthday. Im still here as you celebrate your 30th birthday, and I will continue to be there for you my dearest friend. Happy Birthday!
  • If you will live 10 decades on earth, I want to live 9 decades + 10, thats because I cant bear staying one day without you! Happy 30Th Birthday, my sweetest friend.
  • Two hearts closely-knit into one that is what our friendship truly is, which is why I celebrate this special day with you. Enjoy Your Birthday, dearest friend.
  • Happy 50th Birthday Wishes
  • It was just like yesterday when I said happy 29th birthday to you. And now, youre already 30! I wont be tired of saying happy birthday to you, my dear friend.
  • Many friends have come and gone, but you sticked with me all through these years, through thick and thin, rain and shine. You are my friend indeed. This is why I will shout for the whole world to hear it is MY FRIENDS 30th BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!
  • You are my special friend, my unique blend and, for our friendship, there is no end! Have a Merry 30Th Birthday.

Happy 30th Birthday.

Different 30th Birthday Ideas

30th Birthday gift

While this page deals with 30th birthday party themes for men, you can also check out my main page of 30th birthday party ideas here which contains lots of creative ideasincluding party themes, countdown ideas, invitations, food & drink, decorations, gifts, and ways to include memories, surprises, and thoughtful ideas to. Turning 30 may be intimidating, but by making it an occasionand keeping some perspectiveit’s bound to be just fine. Use as many metallic elements as possible to tie together the food and decorations. Dirty thirty birthday ideas view in. If you’re on a budget, spray paint thrift store finds gold to make your own centerpieces and cake stands for this golden 30th birthday extravaganza.

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Fun Things To Do For Your 30th

  • Sample all 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins ice cream
  • Play your hand at 30 different one-dollar scratch-off tickets
  • Go for a 30-minute pampering session massage, facial, mani/pedi
  • Head to a park and see if you can get 30 people to play a giant game of red rover
  • Head to an amusement park and hit 30 different whirlwind rides
  • Find a fountain and toss 30 shiny pennies in
  • Plan to devote 30 hours over the next year to a good cause volunteer at your local library, a soup kitchen, etc.
  • Make a list of 30 books you want to finish within the next year and crack open the first one
  • Write down 30 things that make you a rock star
  • Walk or run one mile every day for 30 days
  • Head to your favorite swanky restaurant and order that $30 steak entrée
  • Take a 30-minute, high-flying, afternoon adventure in a hot air balloon NY is one place that offers this
  • Host a birthday bash with 30 of your friends
  • Just this once go for the 30oz coffee
  • Upgrade to the 30in HDTV or one thats 30 inches bigger than the one you have
  • Set aside your Saturday to hit up 30 different garage sales within a 30-mile radius
  • Start or end your day with 30 minutes of soul-healing meditation or yoga
  • Dole out 30 compliments to 30 strangers throughout the day
  • Bowl 30 frames at your favorite alley
  • Kick back and watch 30 back-to-back episodes of your favorite TV series
  • Make a list of 30 restaurants youve always wanted to try to over the next year visit each one with a different friend
  • Th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas


  • Golden 30: Decorate the party place with golden balloons or 30-number balloons, reminding your guest how beautiful it is to be 30. You can also put the chalkboard signs with you are golden, making the attendees realize how special the person is in their way.
  • Arrange a photo booth for indoor or outdoor birthday parties with silly props. Ensure that the props look encouraging so that your guests create memorable photos. Photo booths can help bring your guests to talk, interact, and laugh together. It is an easy way to get people together and break the ice.
  • Paper Lantern And A Wooden Happy Birthday Banner: These decorative pieces go pretty well when you want to organize a low-key birthday party and keep the scene simple yet attractive. It is also a budget-friendly birthday decoration idea.
  • Trip Down Memory Lane: This is a perfect idea to say goodbye to past years and rejoice in the coming times. You can make a collage of the photos of your close friends at the party venue. Your friends and attendees can walk around and enjoy the trip down memory lane.
  • Wine Tour: Decorate the party house by hanging DIY wine bottles. Arrange the wine bottles all over the place, covering the labels with hide-and-seek photos. Ask the guests to discover whose photo is hidden.
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    Th Birthday Party Idea : Wine And Dine

    Its your 30th lap around the sun, so why not make it special by splurging on a more formal sit-down meal with some great wine?

    If this sounds like you, then youll love our Collectors Room. Designed for an intimate dining experience, complete with your own team of dedicated wait staff, we think its a pretty sensational way to celebrate such an important milestone.

    Feature Your Favorite Country


    There are many international themes you could go with why not pick one that truly resonates with you? It could be a country of your heritage or one you visited and fell in love with. Whether it be Parisian, Moroccan, or Indian, your theme will be a hit if your heart is in it. For food, you can show off your cooking skills to serve guests. You can also decorate your birthday space with flags*, featured images, or symbolic objects from different countries to highlight your birthday theme.

    Youre also likely to find movies on Netflix or Hulu that can be featured or played in the background. And it wont be difficult to find a channel devoted to your nation of choice on Spotify or Pandora. You could even have cultural dance lessons or play some games unique to the country. The important point is that you are celebrating something you love in order to celebrate yourself!

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