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Good Things To Do For Your Birthday

Scream To Your Hearts Content Aboard A Rollercoaster


London is a pretty thrilling place to live already, but if you want even more thrills and spills for a birthday experience in London, then youre in luck! From towering roller coasters and horror-themed mazes to beachside merry-go-rounds, were not exactly short of choice with our selection of theme parks near the city. Strap yourself in!

Get Even More Boozy At Another Bottomless Brunch

Considering its your birthday, you can get completely sloshed pre 1pm and absolutely nobody can bat an eyelid definitely a strong contender for being one of the best birthday ideas in London we say! Here to help you do just that is our whacking great list of the booziest brunches to be found in the capital. Enjoy getting your drink on!

Climb Your Way To The Top Of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

If youre looking for something memorable for your birthday, then look no further than this one. Called The Dare Skywalk yep, really it gives you the chance to climb to the top of the world-famous Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and enjoy panoramic views of the capital as well as the stadium bowl below. Youll get to see many of Londons signature sights including The Shard and the Sky Garden and will also be able to survey the footie pitch 46.8 metres below you. Not adrenaline-fuelled enough for you? Why not add on The Edge a thrilling abseil backwards down to terra firma below. Now thats something you aint gonna forget in a hurry Cop your tickets here.

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I Believe In Creating Memories On My Milestone Birthdays

One year I asked friends to meet me at the front gate of Disneyland. I would pay their entry fee if they did. Not many of my friends took me up on the offer, but for those who did, we had a grand memorable time.

Another time, this one for my 75th birthday, I gave a disco party to celebrate the music of the seventies. I rented a nightclub that was complete with a mirror ball and a brass pole for pole-dancing. I also hired a DJ to spin lots of disco music.

But perhaps one the best birthdays of all was my 65th. I invited 65 people to attend a Mad Hatter Tea party at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. The ballroom was lined with green hedges, one long table was decorated with pink flamingos, and a bunch of high school students dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland interacted with the guests.

Best of all, the hotel provided a huge ornate chair at the end of the table for me to oversee the high tea.

Jessica Armstrong

Partnerships and PR Manager at Glamping Hub

What Can Do For A Cheap 18th Birthday

Pin by Kat Morgan on Different ideas for birthday gifts (:

If you dont have to any money to do anything big or extravagant for your 18th birthday, thats okay.

There are plenty of things you can do for a cheap 18th birthday thats just as fun, including:

  • Beach Day
  • Dinner with close friends or family at a restaurant or at home
  • House party/potluck
  • Barbecue at the park
  • Pool/Pizza Party
  • 18th Birthday Brunch or Happy Hour
  • Day trip to the zoo or museum
  • Go sightseeing in a nearby town youve always wanted to visit and have lunch/dinner there

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Socially Distant Birthday Party Ideas In Atlanta

Gone are the days of unbelievable birthday bashes for your babies, toddlers, and big kids. But smaller, socially distant parties can still sizzle with fun. From an outdoor movie night to ziplining through the city tree canopy, these Atlanta-area birthday vendors can help you pull off an epic pandemic-era birthday party. Keep reading for our go-to pandemic birthday party providers, below.

Northside Yard Cards

For those looking for some all-day attention, birthday yard signs are the way to go. Simply place your order in advance , then someone will set it up during the night prior to your birthday and remove it at the end of the day. Theyre basically yard ninjas, and your birthday guy or gal can cop a squat in the front yard and enjoy the honks, waves, and well-wishers all day long.

All occasion yard signs are $115+tax, and include delivery, set-up and pick-up of the one phrase greeting you choose.

Funflicks Outdoor Movies

For a birthday activity that keeps the kids out of your kitchen and adequately spaced, an inflatable screen outdoor movie rental just might be the ticket. Perhaps better for older kids who can stay up later, the only thing youll need to do will be to lay out the beach towels , string some lights over a folding table, and pop a few bags of popcorn. Funflicks will set up the screen, run the movie, and stay on-site in case anything goes sideways during the show.

Gelly Ball Atlanta

Treetop Quest

Sams Path Mobile Petting Zoo

Get Hip At Tabernacle

The Tabernacle, once a church, is the essence of hip in downtown Atlanta, right in the Centennial Olympic Park District. One birthday option at this music hall to pick a performer or group that is scheduled to play, then get tickets for several friends and have a birthday blast. Another idea, if you want to invite as many as 25 friends, is to let the experts at Tabernacle plan your event.

Looking for more things to do in Atlanta? Check in regularly with our calendar of events. If you decide to invite a few friends to join you for a birthday meal, visit our dining guide to choose a restaurant.

Journalist Carol Carter writes and edits for Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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I Love My Birthday But I’m Not Always Into The Whole Planning A Party Thing

It’s a lot of work to find something that’s fun, not too crazy expensive, and can be done relatively close to my day of birth. While I’m always thrilled to have an excuse to wrangle my friends and family together in honor of me, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started looking for different ways to mark the day, whether it’s with a group of people, or on my own.

Birthday Venues For Older Kids And Teens

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday With No Money
The teen years go by in a flash make the most of the time you have left

Beneath their mood swings, outbursts and passionate rebellion, your teenagers are slowly moving into adulthood. Every birthday they get closer to gaining independence and taking charge of their own lives. Celebrate every precious year with gratitude and pride they are growing older, wiser and learning about themselves. Here are our top picks for where to take your teens on a birthday outing, whether it be a memorable day out with friends, a lovely family dinner or a cheap plane ride away from London- there is something for every cheeky teen on this on-trend list.

We cant promise they will think you are cool but we can promise they will have a great memories to look back on.

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Go To An Arcade Or Bowling Alley

For a great 21st birthday party idea for guys, head to a local bowling alley or arcade for an afternoon filled with nostalgic games and a little friendly competition. Battle over classics such as skee ball, Pac Man and pinball and indulge in plenty of pizza and candy. Make sure to bring change to exchange for game tokens.

Things To Do On Your Birthday To Let Your Creative Side Work

via: Pexels / Inga Seliverstova

Going big might not be your thing, so we’ve got the best and most creative things to do that will make this day a celebration of your artistic and imaginative personality. Commemorate this yearâs big number in a special way and be innovative. Be inspired, be productive, and let your creative side work!

Here are 8 creative birthday celebration ideas:

9. Bake your own birthday cake.

You could say the best thing about the day is that you get to think about all the things you learned over the year and how much you’ve grown. But really, if we’re honest, our favorite thing is the cake. And creating your own adds an extra flair of being exactly what you want. Even if baking isn’t exactly your hobby, there is still a great sense of accomplishment in baking your own celebratory cake, and it’s like a gift to yourself.

10. Design your own birthday freebies.

Remember attending a child’s birthday and being given a goodies bag to take home at the end of the day? Well, break out your thinking hat and design your own freebies because it doesn’t have to be a bag of lollies. If you had a themed get-together, you could create something that fits the theme for your guests to take home as memorabilia, or you can get the oven cranking and bake some delicious cookies. Everyone likes getting freebies.

via: Pexels / Any Lane

11. Create your own birthday card invitation.

12. Wear a new out-of-this-world outfit.

via: Pexels / Greta Hoffman

14. Celebrate with nature.

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Initiate A Pending Job Or A To

If you have something in mind that you were planning to do for a very long time but all you were falling prey is to procrastination then what better day then starting it on your birthday.

For example, if you were planning to start writing a book or a novel or you were planning to do a small business then you can choose this special day of yours to start with it or to at least chalk out a plan.

Book A Virtual Wine Tasting

Pin on Gift Ideas

Now that you’re 21, you can indulge in the delicate art of sipping and sampling wines from around the world. A virtual wine tasting experience brings a taste of the vineyard right into your own kitchen. You’ll get to follow along live while five-star chefs and sommeliers teach you all about the finer points of wine varieties, flavor profiles and food pairings that perfectly complement each glass. A wine tasting at home is a modern spin on a classic 21st birthday party idea you’re sure to love.

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Go On A Photography Tour

If you love photography then how about go on a photo walk on your birthday? Take out your camera or just rely on your phone camera.

Observe your surrounding and create a theme in your mind. You can follow it and click some moments that relate to the theme.

You can either create an album of it or make a visual storybook from it. While doing this you will experience a lot of things and get familiar with the unknown.

Make A Vlog Of Your Day

If you have already planned some great stuff with your friends and if you are meeting your friends and other close ones over the day then why not record the entire day to keep it as a memory in your backup?

Especially if it is any of your milestone birthdays then pictures wont suffice you can make a video log of the day spent. Years from the day you can look back at it cherish it.

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Go Through Old Photos

Photo by Frelo Design on Unsplash

Whether you just scroll through photos you’ve posted on Instagram or flip through family photo albums, it’s always fun to reminisce on old times. Plus you’ll get plenty of options for throwback posts in the future.

Photo by Joshua Hanson on Unsplash

Many shelters need volunteers to play with the dogs . What better way to spend your day than hanging with some furry friends? Call ahead to see what their needs are, and you can feel good about celebrating your day.

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Sometimes we all just need a day to ourselves where we can control the remote. Start a show you’ve been waiting to see or go back to an old favorite there are no rules on your birthday!

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

We all have causes that mean a lot to us. Take a little time to donate what you can to the charity of your choice. You can also encourage your friends and family to donate as well, in lieu of a gift.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

While we wouldn’t normally recommend eating in bed , we’ll make an exception for your birthday. Enjoy pancakes, pastries, coffee, and maybe even a mimosa to start your day off right.

Ice cream parties aren’t just for kids. Celebrate your birthday like you used to by gathering up your favorite ice cream flavors and all the fixings.

Photo by Christine Siracusa on Unsplash

Photo by Jake Melara on Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash

Nd Birthday Ideas To Celebrate The Fun And Exciting Way

What to Do On Your Birthday: Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

Feeling 22!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase through our links. Please read our full disclosure here.

This post will show you the best 22nd birthday ideas to try.

If you have a 22nd birthday coming up, you might be looking for some fun or unique ways to celebrate. Did you know that the age of 22 has special significance in many cultures? Its the age Taylor Swift memorialized in song, its a turning point in your life, and its worth commemorating with something special.

Your 22nd birthday is always a fun year to celebrate. Youâve been legal to drink for a full year now, so this birthday can feel a little more mature than your 21st. This post has so many ideas for having the best day on your birthday, no matter what you feel like doing!

If youâre looking for ideas on how to have the best birthday, look no further. Iâve got ideas for all things fun to do on your 22nd, party themes, gift ideas, and so much more!

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Get A Strike At The Bowling Alley

Lets face it, bowling is a fun thing to do at almost every age, even when you only get gutter balls! But, its an especially fun thing to do on a your birthdayyou could even get a little competitive by splitting up into teams and having a full blown tournament. Though, at the very least make sure to bowl yourself a STRIKE!

Enjoy Something Different With A Fusion Of Peruvian And Japanese Flavours

It may be the recent royal appearance of our favourite Peruvian bear, a niggling craving for some delicious sushi or simply a desire to catch up with friends over a boozy meal, whatever the case Ayllus Peruvian and Japanese brunch is the answer to all your brunch daydreams. You can enjoy 90-minutes of free-flowing bevvies, live samba and, of course, some mouthwatering dishes from both Peru and Japan. Taking place every Saturday from 12-4pm this is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday in real style. Cop your tickets here.

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Bar Or Dessert Hopping

Its your birthday and you dont know how to celebrate this special day? You can plan a night out of bar hopping or dessert hopping.

If you are a foodie then you can go for desserts and if alcohol pleases you then nothing like changing bars and lounges.

You tend to meet different people over this madness and might make some good contacts. Feel the vibe of each place and spread your energy to create an unforgettable memory.

Become A Dab Hand In The Kitchen And Whip Up Some Mexican Food

Pin by Ashley Cole on Birthday presentsð?

What could be better than cooking up some delicious Mexican cuisine and drinking bottomless wine for your birthday? Another cooking class at the acclaimed Avenue Cookery School, this the perfect way for you to enjoy both. In this class, youll get to make some of the best ever fish tacos, all the while learning various tips on how to easily cook up a variety of other authentic dishes and street food too. Youll get hands-on experience in the kitchen while learning tips from experienced chefs. You can book onto the course here.

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Get Your Heart Pumping

Adrenaline seekers know how to have a good time. If you want an immediate rush of life, you may want to spend your birthday with intense activities. However, it’s essential to stay safe physically and mentally during your workouts. A rush of a high-intensity exercise can give you quick and elevated moods, but it won’t last long.

Remember to take care of yourself mentally before you engage in the stunts. Make sure you are in good physical health before attempting anything on this list. The same goes if you invite anyone else along. Stay safe and have fun!

  • Bungee Jumping
  • Find trusting friends that you can take to this heart-racing activity!
  • Sky DivingEveryone should jump out of a plan at least once in their life. Enjoy the ultimate adrenaline rush and fly through the sky.
  • Birthday Bucket List: 60 Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

    Though turning a year older can be a little scary to some people, but birthdays are actually a reason to celebrate being a year wiserand a reason to do just about anything we want for a whole 24-hours! So, instead of sulking under the covers at home for the entire day, get up and get out there to check something cool off your birthday bucket list.

    Dont know what to do? From brunch to bar hopping to bowling, there are plenty of cool places to go and fun things to do on your special day, even if you are planning it last minute!

    Whether you are alone at home or with friends, here is a list of the best birthday activities to ensure you have the time of your life.

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