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Four Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Cake For My 4 Year Old

Cool Birthday Party Ideas for a Four-year-old Girl

Best 4 Year Old Little Girl Birthday Party Ideas from Birthday cake for my 4 year old. Source Image: . Visit this site for details:

Elmo First Birthday Celebration Event Ideas With so numerous brilliant shades as well as Sesame Street personalities, an Elmo style is perfect for an initial birthday event. All the wonderful birthday celebration party suggestions you require as well as your youngsters desire for your following birthday celebration event. The ideas are all on one web page so you can choose which birthday celebration event suggestions will make the finest birthday event for your child.

Book An Indoor Sports Facility

Trendy trampoline parks, obstacle courses, laser tag, putt-putt golf, and more are housed in indoor facilities that often rent space for birthday parties.

While it may cost a bit more than hosting at your own home, you also dont have to purchase as many supplies, and you typically dont have to clean everything up by yourself, either.

If you can afford it, etiquette suggests that you pay the entry fee for the guests, but you can limit your guests to the child and the parent only and ask that other siblings or family members either stay home or pay their own way.

Safety waivers

Its customary for these sorts of facilities to require a legal waiver to be signed in case of injury, lost items, and other unforeseen circumstances and situations. If this is the case, make sure that you make parents aware of it well before the party so that everything can be prepared and turned in within the allotted time.

Cheap First Birthday Party Ideas

Keep your kiddos 1st birthday decor super simple and super sweet with a framed photo collage of all their firsts. Not only is it adorable decor for the party, its a beautiful keepsake youll always cherish.

To buy! Tilted Heart Collage Art Print, $14.99

Want to keep the budget to a minimum for your childs 1st birthday, and still have a stylish bash? No problem! You can make all the decor out of crepe paper . Napkin rings, lanterns, party favors you name it! can all be done with cheap, paper streamers, even this stunning centerpiece-worthy pinata.

To buy! Lia Griffith Heavy Crepe Paper, $19.49

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Go To A Sporting Venue

For the sports lover, take them out to the ballgame. Buy tickets to your childs favorite sport for their birthday. If you cant see the professional teams where you live or the tickets are too pricey, take them to a college or high school game. Its all about the atmosphere and you can help root for the locals. If theyre a sports fan, there are plenty of sports-themed gift ideas to make the birthday even more special.

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Throw A Mad Hatters Tea Party

The 30 Best Ideas for 4 Year Old Little Girl Birthday Party Ideas ...

Whats the best way to bring your kids garden party to life? With a MadHatters Tea Party of course! For all the Alice in Wonderland vibes, youll want cupcakes and jam heart tarts and fancy dress.. lots of kids party dress! Bring the party to the next level with some fun plates and balloons, whats not to love!

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How To Plan A 5th Birthday Party

With a themed party, the world is your oyster! Five-year-olds are little bundles of energy and can be quite excitable, so, play games which are easy to set up and simple to play. Here are some of our top tips for maximum birthday fun:

-Prep all the games before the little revellers arrive.

-Complicated rules just confuse, so keep it simple and fun.

-Hire a community hall or go to a park if you dont have enough space.

-Draw up a realistic guest list. It isnt always possible to invite the whole class, so stick to a manageable number.

-Make sure there are activities which entertain all kinds of children.

Ready to begin? Here are some birthday party ideas to amuse and amaze!

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We All Scream Four Ice Cream

Image source: Middle of Somewhere

Ice Cream is so good it can be a theme all by itself. Make ice cream treats, hang colorful decorations, and serve an ice cream cake. Middle of Somewhere goes with primarily pink and white, but you can choose from so many different colors thanks to all of the flavors. Play fun games like pin the cherry on the sundae or toss the ice cream into the cone . And sprinkles are a must to tie everything together.

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Summer Backyard Birthday Party For Toddlers

Beach Party

You dont need to have an ocean to have a beach party. You can turn your backyard into a beach giving your toddler all the sun, sea, and sand they can handle.

You will need a few kiddie pools, some with water and some with sand. That way all the elements of the beach are there. Inflatable beach balls can be all around and leave towels around for sitting, rather than having tables and chairs.

Scatter shells in the sandbox or pool with sand so the kids can collect their own shells. Play balloon volleyball, decorate surfboards, and make starfish from salt dough.

Have a jellyfish pinata, play musical towels, and have sand toys and water toys for the kiddie pools. Using crepe paper is an easy way to decorate with seaweed and you can make sure every kid has their own pair of sunglasses.

To The Moon And Back Party

Birthday Presents (and Party Favors) for a 4 Year Old Girl

You love your little one to the moon and back, so why not have a party that expresses this feeling? Let the world know your theme by making a lovely centerpiece in a gold frame like this one at Fun 365.

The perfect backdrop for this theme would be a sky colored curtain with foil moon and stars balloons. Check out Don Pedro Brooklyn for ideas on how to arrange these artistically. While the balloons rest on the wall, make some moon paper lanterns for the ground, as shown in Wedding Star.

Food for a moon theme party is quite easy you can pick anything circular and shade it to represent phases of the moon! We love these colored full moon macarons from Pedaller Designs.

Fernanda Floret features a gorgeous cake with star toppers. You can have these along with the moon, or stick to the moon alone.

For favors, let the kids mix their own moon dust as shown in Pedaller Designs, with an assortment of sequins and shiny embellishments. However, if the kids are too young for it, you can try moon slime or moon dough instead.

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Bonus Tips On Celebrating Four Years Old Birthday

  • As the guests arrive and give your child your gift, remember to stay with him to receive it. The little one can open the gifts in front of the guest, and then you can take them to another room to store them
  • Adults may care about the appearance, but children are interested in going to a birthday party for fun, always keep that in mind and worry about giving them a good time
  • If you have the budget, it is not necessary that you spend a fortune on decoration, instead invest in games and distraction for kids

Unlimited Access To Fernbank

. Choose your birthday party package including options for party themes Fiona the Hippo Puppies in Party. There are several party packages with the option to even rent out the facility. Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 2pm and 3 to 5pm.

These are the best places to have a birthday party nearby. 9 Cowboys Way Frisco TX 75034. Kids receive age-appropriate entertainment and supervision.

View Our Party Packages That Work Best For Your Party Size Budget Birthday Wishes. Monday Friday 7 am. Since the birthday of a boy of 3 years is a holiday with a capital letter the Best Birthday Party Ideas for 3-Year-Old home decoration should be.

Miss Kellys Gym is a local family owned gymnastics and fitness facility for kids ages 10 months 12 years. Decorate the House. Ad Give the Gift of Racing for Your Childs Birthday.

Ad We Have Birthday Party Packages To Fit All Ages Party Sizes Budgets. 35 per person at least 15 people for a classic party. Shannon Sutherland of New York City had her 3-year-old daughters superhero party at Kidville in March.

From the very beginning find one of those yellow turn ahead arrows signs and use that for the backdrop of. Miss Kellys The Gym For Kids. This is a great option for 4 year old birthday party places.

View Our Party Packages That Work Best For Your Party Size Budget Birthday Wishes. Baby Turns 3. Key Biscayne FL When.

Atlanta GA When. 375 for members and 425 for non-members. Kid Mania is also fun for a variety of ages.

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Dress Up Humble Supplies

Use what you have on hand to make plain party supplies feel special, as they typically cost half as much as decorating supplies. For example, use a hole-puncher to jazz up paper plates and napkins .

You can also rely on some stickers to decorate plain balloons. Buy a few essential items to establish the theme, like a special foil balloon, then stick to affordable basics for everything else.

Plan A Park Picnic For Your Childs Birthday

Ideas for the Best Birthday Party for your Four Year Old ...

A picnic is an easy outdoor birthday option. You can grab some food and toys and head out with friends and relatives to a park. Although its not an extravagant birthday idea, kids love running around and playing ball games in parks.

This way, not only the kids but adults will also enjoy a trip outdoors.

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Fantastic Food Ideas For Your Kids 4th Birthday Party

Are you thinking to throw a birthday party for your childs 4th birthday but you do not have any idea on how to go about it. If you want to make your 4-year-old kids birthday special and economical then we have a few delicious items that you can add to your kids birthday party. Here are a few ways to plan the menu for your kids birthday party.

  • Mac & Cheese Pizza
  • Carrot pin wheels

Fun Birthday Games For 4 Year Olds

Musical Statues: Play music and let the kids dance to the beat. The kids should stop moving and freeze after the music stops. Kids who make unnecessary movements during the pause time will be removed from the game.

Bucket Toss: Place a bucket from a distance. The kids will try to shoot as many beans or balls inside the bucket within a limited time.

Whats in the Bag?: Place random kid-friendly items on a bag and the kids will try to feel and guess the things without looking at it. If they guess correctly, give them a prize.

Bubble Popping: This game will make the kids jump on their feet. Set a number of bubbles a child needs to pop. Prizes will be given to kids who successfully do the task.

Keep the Balloon Up: The kids need to make sure that the balloon doesnt touch the ground.

Animal Sounds: The game master will instruct the kids to copy the sound of an animal. This can be a warm-up game to get the attention of the kids at the party.

Red Light, Green Light: The game master will be far away from the kids starting point. The kids need to reach the game master without being caught moving during the red light.

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Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Image source: So Easy Being Green

Prepare some lists of basic items or natural materials for kids to look for inside or outside like So Easy Being Green. Give them each a list and a pencil or crayon to check things off as they find them. You could also do a treasure hunt and give kids directions or a map to follow to find your pre-hidden treasure.

Let Your Child Decide


What does your son or daughter want to do for their birthday? Just ask. They may surprise you and say they would just like to spend the day playing with you. If your kid is stumped, help make a list and talk about the many fun things you can do together to celebrate the birthday. In the end, let your child make the decision.

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Four Year Old Birthday Ideas

Water Balloons And Other Fun Games

If birthdays fall during warmer weather months, look at birthday parties that involve water balloons or water slides.

There are lots of fun minute-to-win-it type birthday party games you can do in your yard. Im a huge fan of Bunch o Balloons. Fill them over a plastic tub with some water in the bottom so they dont fall and pop on the grass.

This post from the Happy Mom Hacks blog has some great minute to win it games for tweens and teens and suggestions on how to set up and play the games.

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Frozen Princess Birthday Party

Best 4 Year Old Little Girl Birthday Party Ideas from Frozen Princess Birthday Party. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

There isnt a birthday celebration party materials internet site on the net that can help you intend a party as rapidly and also easily as Birthday in a Box. We guarantee that whether you are 1 or 100, your birthday will be unique due to the items we market right here. We are evidence that you can plan a completely collaborated theme event with all of the needed celebration materials & decors at truly reduced prices.

Choose Crafts That Double As Favors

Dinosaur Birthday for 4 Year Olds

Try a personalized craft activity it eliminates the need for hired entertainment and takes the place of a costly goody bag. “I type ‘blank’ or ‘DIY’ on party-supply sites to see what comes up,” says Levine. Then, she suggests you pick something related to your kids’ birthday party themeâplain tote bags or white umbrellas.

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Fly Somewhere For The Weekend

You can fly the friendly skies for less than the cost of a birthday party these days. Bare-bones flights can be as low as $20 per person one way. Its a great way to make your childs birthday a huge event without spending an equally huge amount of money. If your family budget cant handle everyone taking off to some other city, let your child pick a parent to go with them this year. Celebrate onboard the flight too with fun activities to keep you entertained until you reach your destination.

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Strawberry My Little Pony Birthday Cake For 4 Year Old

Best 4 Year Old Little Girl Birthday Party Ideas from Strawberry My Little Pony birthday cake for 4 year old. Source Image: . Visit this site for details:

Im a mommy of 3 children, so boys birthday celebration events are always on my mind. The young boys are always altering their minds on what kind of birthday celebration event they want.

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Fun Birthday Party Activities For 4 Year Olds

I love throwing parties. To me, there is no greater joy than a group of children laughing and enjoying themselves.

The following birthday party games and activities are ones that I have personally used and are always a hit. Each of these are perfect for four-year-olds, but older children enjoy them too.

*FYI, some of the links in this article about 4 yr old birthday party activities may be affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, we may get a commission . For more info, please see our disclaimer.

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Space Birthday Party Themes

Birthday Ideas for a 4 Year Old Girl

This party theme is definitely out of this world. Decorate your home with stars and rocket cutouts on the walls. You can also play a space-themed movie for guests during the party as an activity. Make star shaped cookies for guests to decorate, and consider having a rocket ship birthday cake for dessert.

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