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Birthday Gift Sets For Best Friend

Customizable Pint Glass Birthday Gift

Giving My Best Friend 21 Gifts For His 21st Birthday

Unisex gift ideas can be hard to come by. This glass is great for anyone and totally customizable, making it a very cool gift. Even though its customizable, it is still a fairly cheap gift idea, coming in at under $20. Customize with an inside joke or a special saying for an outstanding birthday gift for your best friend.

Babyliss Hydro Fusion Hot Air Styler

As well as your usual Christmas card , why not go all out and spoil her to a boujee hair tool? This one from BaByliss is a bestseller for a reason, and it’ll help her achieve a DIY salon-worthy blow dry.

Save when you shop for best friend gifts with theseLookFantastic discount codes.

Best Friend Gifts For Christmas: 2023 Planner/Diary

A Set Of Resistance Bands And A Marbled Yoga Mat That’ll Impress Your Fit Friend And Add A Pop Of Color To One Of Their Go

Promising review : “I had another pair of resistance bands that were too wide for me and I never felt like I was fully challenged, but these are the perfect size and perfect for challenging and upping my workout game. Plus, the colors are super cute.” Lisa J Thompson

Get the resistance bands from Amazon for $13.99 or Love Sweat Fitness for $11.99 and the yoga mat from Amazon for $43.99 and Love Sweat Fitness for $39.99.

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A Mug Warmer That’ll Be Invaluable To Your Roomie Who Has A Terrible Habit Of Making Themselves A Cup Of Tea Then Lingering For So Long At Your Doorway While Updating You On The Latest Development In The Driver’s License Drama That Their Drink Gets Cold

Promising review: “This thing can get HOT and even hotter with a lid! With a metal bottom you can surprisingly boil an egg if you wanted to. I bought this to replace my old Mr. Coffee and I wish I’d done so sooner! Even though it’s double the price of a Mr. Coffee, I don’t regret the purchase and I doubt that the plastic will melt like my old one did. The buttons are so easy to press, just a simple tap, not like forcing the switch to turn on/off.” Jenny

Get it from Amazon for $23.29+ .

Yellow And Gold Custom Football

Best Friend Gift Cactus Spa Gift Set Gift for Her Best Friend

A great birthday present idea for the football lover in your life is this customizable mini ball. It uses contrasting colors to create a bold design and is printed with your friends name and favorite number. If they were a jock in high school, consider using their old jersey number for a nostalgic touch.

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Alcohol Gifts For Women

Bring a bit of fruity zest to the party with a bottle of Kiwi and Lime Gin Liqueur, perfect for making scrumptious cocktails. Add some fun and games to the celebrations and get your friend a birthday Prosecco Pong Game for some light-hearted and fun entertainment. Wine connoisseurs will enjoy tracking their bottle of red and white with a Scratch Off Wine Calendar to keep track of all their favourite blends. A personalised bottle of her favourite wine is a great 40th birthday gift ideas for female friend.

Birthday Gifts for Female Friends FAQs

Collage Picture Frame Photo Gift

Some moments are never forgettable. So are the moments of you with your friends. The old memories make you smile, and rejuvenate your mind. Thus, gifting a collage of various photographs can make their day more special. This is a wooden collage picture frame in which you can mount various photographs using the multicolor wood clips, and can decorate it with the ferry LED lights.

This gift is suitable for both girls and boys. This frame has a title saying Moments and has hooks to hang your photo strings on. Multiple sizes of photos are compatible with this frame. Not only on birthdays, but you can also gift these frames on other occasions.

Price: Rs.469

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A Magnetic Chess Set Because You And I Both Know The Two Of You Stayed Glued To Your Couch And Watched Every Episode Of The Queen’s Gambit With Barely Any Bathroom Breaks And Now Want Nothing More Than To Learn How To Play Chess

This genius of a product comes from Winding Hills Designs, a small business run out of Colorado.

Promising review: “I looked through a lot of different sets before deciding on this one. My boyfriend wanted a chess set but doesn’t have a lot of table space, and he has a cat so I was afraid she would knock the pieces over or eat them. He loves wall art so this was the perfect solution! This also shipped so fast! I think I received it within two days of ordering. WOW!” Andrea Sanchez

Get it from Winding Hills Designs on Etsy for $69.

A Gadget For Their Nintendo Switch They Can Use With Their Bluetooth Headphones A Gift For Both Of You If You’re Really Tired Of Hearing The Tunes From Animal Crossing Over And Over Again

100 birthday gift ideas *affordable* | teen gift guide 2022

I tested out this lil’ gadget and it’s been amazing! All you have to do is plug it into the headphone jack, pair it with your wireless headphones, and enjoy the seamless sound. It can also be used with essentially *any* headphone jack, not the Nintendo Switch. It has the ability to connect to two pairs of headphones at once, so you and your BFF can also battle it out on without anyone else being subjected to the sounds of bananas being tossed with reckless abandonment.

Promising review: “Connects to my AirPods and other Bluetooth headphones easily, and adds the only feature that the Nintendo Switch is really missing for being the perfect portable console.” Harliquin A. Ripy

Get it from Amazon for $49.99.

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Uncommon Goods Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Uncommon Goods

No, this isn’t your typical bouquet or even a potted plant, but this kit is a unique box of greenery. Each kit has a different flower for each month and includes the necessary items like seeds, soil, and a glass vase. Your friend will love watching this flower bloom day after day. There’s also info about what each flower symbolizes for the months.

This gift is a bit more expensive but sure to be a hit with anyone who loves movies or entertaining. The projector comes in red or black and is about the size of a soda can, so it’s extremely portable and easy to create a home theater. It can project an image up to 100 inches and connect via USB, HDMI, or Bluetooth. It can be controlled via an app, and the sound quality is phenomenal.

A Hand Crank Music Box That Plays The Song Of Storms From The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time That Might Just Bring A Tear To Any Gamer’s Eye

My mom once gifted me a similar music box and I was so touched it’s a thoughtful gift that truly only takes a little bit of effort to purchase! Win-win.

Promising review: “Gave to my boyfriend for his birthday. He loves it! Its a little small so it pairs great with other gifts!” Madison Cardwell

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ .

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A Trio Of Balm Dotcom By Glossier The Skin And Lip Salve That Truly Is The Bomb From Scents Like Mango And Coconut To Birthday Cake And Cookie Butter Your Bestie Will Feel So Spoiled When They See The Three Tubes You Selected For Them

Note: Some of these balms are tinted.

Promising review: “I bought them all because theyre so great. No other balm / salve compares. Some have the perfect pop of color for your lips, and some can be used for dry skin patches. Im a lifer for this product!” Amelia H.

Get the trio from Glossier for $30 .

Gifts To Celebrate The Best Friend In Your Life

Cactus inspired Bath gift sets for your best friend. You are looking so ...

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

Best friends are like soulmates. They are there for you when you laugh and cry, and they’re always the first to tell you if your outfit looks stupid . They’ll agree with you when your significant other is a jerk and be your wingwoman when it’s time to look for someone new. Basically, BFFs mean everything to us and we would be nonfunctional without them.

Naturally, for all that our best friends do , they deserve to be celebrated with love and appreciation for their undeniable impact within our lives. Anytime is the perfect time to show your girlfriends how much you love them. But with the holidays right around the corner, we feel even more inspired to stock up on some seriously thoughtful gifts for our women friends that are both practical and cool.

â Additional reporting by Macy Williams

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Gifts For Best Friends

Picking the perfect gift is tough, we know. Well, let’s help you do just that.

Our best friends are one of the most influential people in our lives that we always feel comfortable around. Their love, compassion, and support for us make them irreplaceable and worthy of our utmost love and support.

Celebrating your best friends with loving gifts is the most compelling way to express your love and gratitude towards them for always standing by you even in the toughest of times.

Although getting the perfect gift for your best friend is easier said than done, we are here to set you on the path to putting a smile on your best friends face with gifts that will light up anyones day.

A Nostalgic Apple Watch Stand That’ll Pay Tribute To Their Favorite Handheld Video Game Ah To Be Young Again

Promising review: “Got this as a gift for my fiancé and he was so stoked when he opened it. Its such good quality for the price and it fits the watch super well!! It really looks like the real thing!” natuuhhhliee

Get it from Amazon for $15.99 . There’s also an awesome AirPod and AirPod Pro case to match.

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And A Lizzie Mcguirecrewneck For Your Bestie Who Will Always Be Your Karaoke Partner For What Dreams Are Made Of

My Oh My Supply Co. is a small business run by two incredibly talented ladies one of whom is a member of my team at BuzzFeed, Ali Faccenda, and Lindsey Whalen. They create magical apparel you’ll definitely want to add to your own collection of Disney items.

Get it from My Oh My Supply Co. for $39 .

Super Sweet Mini Message Gift Box

Twins Swap Birthday Gift Exchange – Merrell Twins

This birthday gift idea is so thoughtful. This shop allows you to share ten special notes for your friend that they will then print and seal up in tiny little bottles. You can give the whole set to your friend all at once, spread them out, or even hide them for special surprise reminders of how much you love them.

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A Baby Yoda Bluetooth Speaker That’s *almost* As Adorable As The Real Lil’ Guy In The Mandalorian Great For Anyone Who Wants To Blast Their Favorite Tunes All Across The Galaxy

It has a 30-foot range and comes with a strap to easily attach to a backpack.

Promising review: “This thing is amazing!!!! Super small but very very loud!! Way better then I could have ever expected!!! Sound quality is clear. Overall love this and I love Baby Yoda!! Definitely will be buying some as gifts for the future!”

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ .

A Pendant Necklace Starring Their Horoscope Sign That’ll Be A Great Addition To Their Collection Of Bling

This Black woman-owned small business also sells crystals, tarot cards, and necklaces. My birthday isn’t until May, guys, but please take note because *this* is what I’d like.

Promising review: “This necklace is superrrr cute, great quality & weight! I plan to layer it up with my other gold dainty necklaces!” Whit

Get it from Amethyst Goddess Soul on Etsy for $25.50 .

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A Gift Certificate To The Bronx Zoo For A Virtual Hangout With One Of Their Favorite Animals They’ll Get Up Close And Personal With A Warthog Porcupine Cheetah Penguin Or Sloth

If your loved one is a big fan of Animal Planet’s “The Zoo” they might even recognize some of the stars of the show during their hangout! My friend Caroline is one of the zoo keepers and I’ve seen what incredible memories she makes with these animals so I can confirm this will be worth your while. You can choose a silver gift certificate, which includes an interaction with a warthog, a porcupine or a “feathers and scales” option. Or if you want to get even more wild, go with the gold gift certificate and get some one-on-one time with a cheetah, penguin, or sloth.

Get it from Bronx Zoo: a silver gift certificate $80 or a gold gift certificate for $150.

Personalized Engraved Wooden Photo Plaque

Birthday Gift Box for Women, Birthday Gift, Friend Gift, Gift Set, Gift ...

Personalized gifts make perfect ideas to gift your best friend something different from others. This laser-engraved personalized wooden photo plaque is sure to amaze your friend on his/her birthday. Just choose a perfect and clear photograph of them, and get it engraved on the wooden frame. Also, you can customize a small birthday message on it. Such a gift with a personal touch will make them feel special.

This photo plaque is made of real beech wood, which is durable, and will give them a feeling of being loved always. They can place it in their room, on the tabletop, or on any other flat surface. Also, this frame comes at affordable prices. So, if you are looking for the best birthday gift for a friend under 500, then this wooden plaque is surely a perfect choice.

Price: Rs.447

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Sweet And Sentimental Soundwave Art

If you and your friend have a special song or recorded moment together, you can now submit it to this Etsy shop, who will then create a piece of beautiful artwork made from your soundbite. This great birthday present idea is special, unique, and unforgettable. They will love thinking of you when they see it every day.

Why You’re My Bestie: Fill In The Love Book Gift Journal


Have you ever told your best friend how much they truly mean to you? This journal lets you write down all the amazing things about your friend and the memories you’ve shared in one place. Each page has a different prompt and a space for you to write an answer personal to your friendship. There are opportunities to make your answers heartfelt: State your besties greatest quality for the line, If we could bottle your _____ and sell it, wed make a fortune. Or you can be funny: think of something outlandish for When were old, lets _____. Your best friend will read this perfect coffee table book over and over again.

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A Canon Smartphone Photo Printer So Anyone Who Is Constantly Taking Selfies But Then Doesn’t Know What To Do With Them After They’ve Uploaded Them To Insta Now Knows Exactly What To Do With Them

Promising review: “The mini photo printer was so easy to set up and start using. I was able to start printing within 5 to 7 minutes of opening it. I loved that I could print photos straight off my social channels. Beautiful memories right at my fingertips. The quality of the photos was outstanding. They were very clear and had perfect color. The best part of the photo paper is the back peels off and you can stick them anywhere. This is such an awesome mini printer. It has changed the way I capture memories forever.” gabriellek156

Get it from Target for $99.99.

A Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure To Keep Them Company At Their Desk While They Sift Through Endless Emails

NO BUDGET Birthday Gift SWAP with my Best Friend! (present exchange)

When a friend of mine sent me this TikTok showcasing an array of political figures as action figures, I knew I had to do some digging to track down where to find one. That journey lead me to small business owner Mathew Boudreaux and his flawless creations!

Promising review: “I love my RBG action figure! I am keeping her in her original packaging, on my mantelpiece, with other keepsakes. I smile every time I look at her.” O’K

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ .

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A Unique Book Featuring 70 Detailed Pages That’ll Describe Their Personality Traits And Insights About Their Birth Chart Based On Their Birthday A Fantastic Gift For Your Buddy Who Reads Their Horoscope Every Morning

Books are made to order and require one week to process.

Promising review: “Bought one for myself and each of my daughters. The book is a beautiful keepsake as well as having a lot of insight into what makes us each who we are. I foresee giving this as a gift to others in the future.” Cassandra Z.

Get it from Birthdate Co. for $95 .

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