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William Shatner Happy Birthday Meme

Star Trek Fans Celebrate William Shatner’s 91st Birthday

Happy Birthday William Shatner – DUST Trailer (2021)

Star Trek: The Original Series star William Shatner turns 91 years old today and Star Trek fans are celebrating. Shatner has enjoyed a 70-year career in entertainment, including his iconic role in Star Trekoriginating the character of Captain James T Kirk of the USS Enterprise. He’s also had an eventful year, becoming the oldest person ever in space by joining a Blur Origin flight, seeing movement on a TekWar reboot, and welcoming new Kirk actor Paul Wesley. Shatner has a dedicated fanbase and friends in the industry who are celebrating his birthday on social media today. Keep reading to see some of what folks are saying about William Shatner on his 91st birthday.

Shatner felt euphoric after his spaceflight. He tried to express that sentiment after landing while speaking to Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos.

“It was so moving to me,” he said immediately after landing. “This experience is something unbelievable… I’m so filled with emotion about what just happened … it’s extraordinary.”

Prime Video further delved into Shatner’s experience with a documentary titled Shatner in Space. It is streaming now.

Are you celebrating Shatner’s birthday, maybe with some Star Trek? Let us know how in the comments sections.

More Movies And Denny Crane

After David E. Kelley saw Shatner’s commercials, he brought Shatner on to the final season of the legal drama The Practice. According to Pat Jordan, Shatner’s Emmy Award-winning role, the eccentric but highly capable attorney Denny Crane, was essentially “William Shatner the man … playing William Shatner the character playing the character Denny Crane, who was playing the character William Shatner.” Shatner took the Crane role to Boston Legal and won a Golden Globe and an Emmy in 2005, and was Emmy nominated again in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. With his 2005 Emmy accolade, he became one of the few actors to win an Emmy Award while playing the same character in two different shows. Shatner remained with Boston Legal until, after five seasons and one hundred and one episodes, it ended in 2008.

Shatner was not “offered or suggested” a role in the 2009 film Star Trek. Director J. J. Abrams said in July 2007 that the production was “desperately trying to figure out a way to put him in” but that to “shove him in … would be a disaster”, an opinion echoed by Shatner in several interviews. At a convention held in 2010, Shatner described the film as “wonderful”. Two years before its release, his own tale of how the characters of the original series of Star Trek might have come together was published in his novel Star Trek: Academy Collision Course.

Tekwar And Other Diversifications

Working on T. J. Hooker inspired Shatner with the idea of developing a television show in which he would play a character that would be a hybrid of Hooker and Kirka hard-boiled former police officer working as a private investigator in a dystopian future. When the production of Star Trek V was delayed by a Writer’s Guild strike, Shatner began transforming his initial concept into a novel, assisted by an established author of pulp science fiction, Ron Goulart. Goulart described his contribution to Shatner’s endeavour as merely that of an adviser, but Shatner credits him with rewriting. The first fruit of their collaboration, TekWar, was published in 1989, and launched a sequence of books that sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The novels led to four TekWar television movies, in which Shatner played not the lead character but his boss, Walter Bascom. Shatner reprised the role in a television series that followed, as well as directing several episodes of it himself, but its run on the USA Network, Syfy and Canada’s CTV was brief.

In May 1999, Simon & Schuster published Shatner’s book Get a Life!, a memoir of his experiences with Trekkies. As well as anecdotes about Star Trek conventions, the book features interviews with some of the most devoted fans of the Star Trek franchise, including conversations with several Trekkies who regard the show not just as entertainment but as philosophically significant.

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Present: A Miscellany Of Projects

Shatner’s 2012 began with his return to his roots in theatre. In February, he appeared on Broadway in a one-man show called Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It. After a three-week run at the Music Box, the show toured throughout the United States. In May, he was the guest presenter on the British satirical television quiz show Have I Got News for You, earning a footnote in the history of neologisms by melding “pioneer” and “pensioner” into the portmanteau coinage “pensioneer”. On July 28, he appeared on the premium cable TV channel Epix as the star of Get a Life!, a documentary film about Star Trek fandom developed from the 1999 book about Trekkies that he had written in the aftermath of his Saturday Night Live rebuke to them. On September 25, he revisited the music video genre, appearing as a home plate umpire in the crooner Brian Evans’s baseball-themed “At Fenway”.

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    Star Trek Movies And T J Hooker

    After Star Trek was cancelled, it acquired a cult following among people watching syndicated reruns of the series, and Captain Kirk became a cultural icon. Fans of the showso-called Trekkiesbegan organizing conventions where they could meet like-minded enthusiasts, buy Star Trek merchandise and enjoy question and answer sessions with members of the show’s regular cast. Many of the actors who had crewed the Enterprise became frequent guests at these events, Shatner included.

    Although the resurrection of Star Trek from oblivion only came about because of the enthusiasm of Trekkies, Shatner’s attitude towards them is not uncritical. In a much-discussed 1986 Saturday Night Live sketch about a Star Trek convention, he advised a room full of Trekkies to “get a life”. The comment was an apt summary of the view of his fans that he had expressed in several interviews. Their adoration of him took unwelcome forms almost from the beginning of his time as Captain Kirk as early as April 1968, a group of them attempted to tear his clothes from him as he left 30 Rockefeller Plaza. His amusement at the behaviour of the lunatic fringe of his admirers was reflected in the romantic comedy movie Free Enterprise , in which he contributed a caricature of himself to a film that satirized some Trekkies’ Kirk idolatry. He also mocked the cavalier, almost superhuman, persona of Captain Kirk in the films Airplane II: The Sequel and National Lampoon’sLoaded Weapon 1 .

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    Why Is April 25 The Perfect Date

    Miss Congeniality, directed by Donald Petrie, stars Sandra Bullock as Gracie Hart, an FBI Agent who goes undercover as a Miss United States contestant to investigate terror threats against the pageant. Bullock stars alongside a stacked cast that includes Benjamin Bratt, Michael Caine, William Shatner, and Candice Bergen. But the real Miss Congeniality shoutout goes to Heather Burns, who played a character named Cheryl Frasier.

    Frasier, aka Miss Rhode Island, stole the spotlight in the Q& A portion of the Miss United States pageant. Instead of detailing her ideal romantic night out or saying something predictable like “dinner and a movie,” when asked to describe her perfect date, Frasier replied, “That’s a tough one. Um, I’d have to say April 25th, because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.” Icon.

    For those wondering why April 25 was the date chosen for this script out of all 366 days of the year , the answer lies in a tweet from Shatner, and it’s cute as hell.

    Here’s the deal: On April 25, 2019, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt tagged Shatner in a commemorative “perfect date” tweet.

    Tweet may have been deleted

    Shatner quote-tweeted JGL and said, “Ill tell you why: it’s the birthday of the wife of the director of #MissCongeniality. So her birthday is memorialized in the film forever!”

    “Isn’t that just adorbs?” Shatner continued. “Use this factoid at your next cocktail party you’ll be a hit!!” True and true!

    Tweet may have been deleted

    Early Stage Film And Television Work

    Happy Birthday Jeff. Care of William Shatner.

    In 1954, Shatner decided to leave Stratford and move to New York City in the hope of building a career on the Broadway stage. He was soon offered the chance to make his first appearance on American television: in a children’s program called The Howdy Doody Show, he created the role of Ranger Bob, co-starring with a cast of puppets and a clown, Clarabelle, whose contributions to her dialogue with Shatner consisted entirely of honks on a bicycle horn. It was four years before he won his first role in a major Hollywood movie, appearing in the MGM film The Brothers Karamazov as Alexei, the youngest of the brothers, in a cast that included Yul Brynner. In December 1958, directed by Kirk Browning, he appeared opposite Ralph Bellamy as a Roman tax collector in Bethlehem on the day of Jesus’s birth in a Hallmark Hall of Fame live television production entitled The Christmas Tree, the cast list of which included Jessica Tandy, , Bernadette Peters, Richard Thomas, Cyril Ritchard, and Carol Channing. His US television profile was heightened further when he had a leading role in an episode in the third season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, “The Glass Eye”.

    Nero Wolfe

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    The Transformed Man And Subsequent Work

    Shatner made his debut on the shelves of record shops in 1968, with the release of an album titled The Transformed Man. It offered readings from classic plays followed by dramatically inflected recitations of the texts of thematically related popular songs, both set against a background of instrumental accompaniment. Among the hits that the LP subjected to Shatnerfication were Bob Dylan’s Mr Tambourine Man and the LennonMcCartney song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The idiosyncratic way with songs that Shatner chose for this LP, an approach so amusical that it scarcely even qualified as Sprechstimme, was a style to which he remained loyal throughout his recording career.

    In addition to treating songs with apparently serious intent, Shatner has sometimes offered performances which, like many passages from his memoirs, are exercises in self-mockery. Examples include his versions of the five nominees in the Best Song from a Movie category at the 1992 MTV Movie Awards. He also mined this vein of self-deprecating comedy as the lynchpin of Priceline’s television advertising campaign. In one commercial for the company, he joined with his frequent collaborator Ben Folds in an ironic version of the Diana Ross hit Do You Know Where You’re Going To?.

    In the 1998 film Free Enterprise, Shatner performed No Tears For Caesar in the movie’s closing scene with the pop artist The Rated R, with Shatner reciting an oration of ‘s from over Rated R’s rap.

    William Shatner Twitter Is A Wholesome Place To Be

    His reaction to all of the birthday tweets is soo wholesome while also poking fun at how much time people spent wishing him a happy birthday:

    Well! I must say that the reaction to a 90th birthday ? is overwhelming. ?Dont you people have better things to do? ??? Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and love!

    William Shatner

    This Twitter thread is everything:

    Wishing the happiest of birthdays! Share your favorite Captain Kirk GIF in celebration. ? #StarTrek#StarTrekFamily

    Star Trek

    So, how are people reacting?

    In honour of William Shatners birthday I might overact everything I do today

    Lucy Buglass

    David Murray

    Cant forget about the iconic William Shatner Twilight Zone episode that aired in 1963:

    Happy Birthday to William Shatner! ??

    The Twilight Zone: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet , directed by Richard Donner.

    Carnival of Horror

    So many unforgettable moments:

    Happy 90th Birthday to the legendary William Shatner. Thank you for so many unforgettable moments

    ? KathsPaperwork ?

    Cant forget his role as Alexi in The Brothers Karamazov:

    A happy 90th birthday to actor William Shatner, perhaps best known to audiences as Alexei in The Brothers Karamazov .

    Andy Miller

    BBC shared a throwback interview with William Shatner talking about Trekkies and Trekkers:

    #OnThisDay 1931: William Shatner was born, exactly 302 years before Captain James T. Kirk.

    Here he is on Parkinson in 1979, promoting Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

    BBC Archive

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    William Shatner Shout Out Song Ecard

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    Star Trek On Television

    32+ Fakten über William Shatner Happy Birthday: Happy 81st birthday ...

    Shatner was cast as Captain James T. Kirk for the second pilot of Star Trek, titled “Where No Man Has Gone Before“. He was then contracted to play Kirk for the remainder of the show, and he sat in the captain’s chair of the USS Enterprise from 1966 to 1969. During its original run on NBC, the series achieved only modest ratings, and it was cancelled after three seasons and seventy-nine episodes. Plato’s Stepchildren, aired on November 22, 1968, earned Shatner a footnote in the history of American race relations: a kiss that Captain Kirk planted on the lips of Lieutenant Uhura is often cited as the first example of a white man kissing a black woman on scripted television in the United States. In 1973, Shatner returned to the role of Kirk, albeit only in voice, in the animated Star Trek series, which ran for two seasons and twenty-two episodes.

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    What Is William Shatner Up To Nowadays

    William Shatner sure knows how to prosper irl.

    On his 90th birthday, the actor announced he was joining Storyfile, an interactive storytelling app, as a brand ambassador. Entertainment Weekly reports that William Shatner is the first person to create an AI-powered interactive conversational video that his family and friends can interact with for years to come.

    For all my children and all my childrens children and all my childrens loved ones and all the loved ones of the loved ones, William Shatnersays. Thats my gift to you down through time.

    Welp, this sounds just about as futuristic as Star Trek. Sign us up!

    Well leave you with this William Shatner philosophy:

    Everyone needs to have a piece of cake on their birthday. Thats my philosophy. And any excuse to have two days of cake is ok ?? in my book! ??

    William Shatner

    Now, go grab a slice of cake and rewatch some old Star Trek episodes!

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