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Great First Birthday Gifts For A Girl

Home N Wood Personalized Name Puzzle

Babys First Birthday Gifts Ideas | Baby Girl Unique Etsy Finds

This personalized wooden name puzzle has everything youre looking for in a one-year-old birthday gift: Its the perfect mix of fun and educational. Made from plywood and hand-painted, the puzzle is customizable with your childs name and features engraved numbers, removable shapes, rotating gears and a maze with moving parts. Your toddler will love playing with the pieces and youll love knowing theyre developing language and cognition skills.

Buy it: starting from $17,

Round Up 2 Best Gifts For One Year Old Girls

  • Rainbow stacking toy
  • Stroller we got this for Goldie this year for her birthday and it is SO CUTE. I highly recommend it for your little one.
  • Play Tunnel a verstile option that is great for a one year olds strength and balance development
  • Anywhere chair all of my kids have gotten this for their first birthday from Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Push and Ride Car I love that the kids can either push or ride on this cute car, but I love that the seat opens up for storage eveb more
  • Play Kitchen Sink the most realistic sink with an automatic faucet and running water
  • Stacking cups a toy that remains amazing over the years.
  • Kitchen helper this remains one of my favorite ideas for a first birthday.
  • Hopefully this gift guide was helpful for you and you are able to find exactly what you are looking for for your sweet one year old. There are unique, fun, and useful items on both round ups that will thrill anyone who gets them!!

    Plantoys Penguin Wheelie Baby Toy

    One-year-olds love anything on wheels, making push toys among the best first birthday gift ideas around. This cute rubberwood, organic-painted penguin wobbles as it moves, and will help develop your tots coordination and fine motor skills and stimulate their imagination. Youll love that its durable and easy to clean.

    Buy it: $13,

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    First Year Photo Frame

    A clockwise arrangement of 12 pictures, each belonging to a month in her journey thus far, is a lovely first birthday present for your little princess. Alternatively, a collage of her pictures in different moods, clothes, with family members, capturing candid moments and funny faces and so on is also a great idea to present on her first birthday. These photo ideas will serve as a beautiful memory of your babys milestone year for you, and will be a treasure trove of love for her!

    The Lovevery Play Blocks & Kits

    Girls first birthday gift, personalised dolls house, 1st birthday gift ...

    We absolutely love these Montessori-inspired toy subscription gift boxes! Lovevery makes some of the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing toys on the market, including their popular play gym activity center . When you sign up for this gift box, you can pick the starting age and every three months Lovevery will send you age-appropriate play essentials that inspire curiosity and creative play. You can start as early as newborn, and they go all the way up to 3 years old. We have tried out three of their play kits: the Babbler , Pioneer , and Realist . In all cases, we absolutely loved the beautiful and high quality toys, including the sustainably sourced wood, organic cotton, and all non-toxic coatings. Not only did we love them, but they honestly remain some of the favorite toys in the entire house! This gift subscription for baby girls is a great way for grandparents, aunts and uncles to automatically send their special family member a thoughtful and high quality gift every few months, without stressing over which options to get. And you can rest assured that not only are the gifts high quality and fun, according to our occupational therapist they are also great for supporting emerging sensory, perceptual, and cognitive skills.

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    Abc What Can She Be Book

    Girls can be anything they want to be! This alphabet book takes baby girls on an imaginary journey through different careers, from astronaut to zoologist, with vivid colors and creative descriptions. Neurosurgeon, judge, gymnast? The world is your little girl’s oyster, and this book will show her the range of possibilities. It’s never too early to begin inspiring your young girl to pursue her dreams, no matter how big they might seem! Be sure to check out our annual list of the best baby books on the market.

    Xjd Baby Balance Bikes

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    Except for their first birthday, another important milestone of every toddler is their first bike!

    Since babies are fighting with balance on a daily basis, its important to give them something that will help them develop balance skills at an early age.

    Before switching to real bikes, toddlers do well practicing on baby balance bikes first. Taking baby steps is really important when it comes to these things.

    Besides entertaining them, it will also make them feel more confident and improve their balance and coordination.

    As a parent, I understand that every parents number one priority is their childrens safety, and this baby balance bike promises both safety and plenty of entertainment.

    Its a 4-wheeler for sturdiness, its seat is comfy, and its safe turning limit helps prevent toddlers from tumbles.

    Given that toddlers are always looking for some action, this bike will be their favorite companion on their little adventures, all the while making them stronger, more balanced, and confident!

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    Etsy Personalized Dog Lover Mom Mug

    If she’s a dog mom, there’s a chance she’s absolutely obsessed with her fur baby. This present is one way for her to show that love, but also a cute mug to sip her morning tea or coffee. The mug is available in 11 or 15 ounces, but it’s the customization where you can have fun. Choose the artwork based on the breed of dog and the skin tone and hairstyle of the woman on the mug.

    If she’s more of a tea drinker instead of coffee, this set from Vahdam is sure to be appreciated. Besides coming packaged in a beautifully colored box, the individual tins keep the loose leaf teas sealed properly. She can mix it up with the selection of green, herbal, and chai options. Also, the box is so pretty, she can even use it long after the teas have been consumed.

    Our Favorite Gifts For Babys First Birthday

    First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls FUN & PRACTICAL (non-toy) one year old gift guide 2021

    Your toddlers first birthday is a great time to celebrate how much theyve grown from a tiny baby, brand new in the world, to the charming little person youve gotten to know over the last 12 months

    Your 1-year-old will never remember how many gifts they received for their first birthday, and there are countless other ways to celebrate. Mostly, they just want to be with you If you do choose to mark this occasion with a special gift for your toddler, or if someone close to you is looking for ideas, this list has everything from paint brushes to our Play Tunnel.

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    First Birthday Gift Stem Blocks

    As a grandparent, it is important that your little one enjoys himself as well as does well academically in the future. This STEM Blox toy set is to help jump start your little ones learning in basic counting, calculation, and spelling. The different colors, shapes, and patterns are designed to inspire.

    Made with non-toxic wood and paints, these blocks provide unlimited options for open-ended play. They are a perfect one-year birthday gift to help your little one build problem-solving skills and boost his confidence.

    Ullo Wine Purifier & Decanter

    This handy gadget takes the wine drinking experience up a notch. The purifier and decanter combo works to remove sulfites, which can cause headaches for some people, and there’s even the option to aerate the wine. Also, another fun, useful feature is the ability to chill a room temperature bottle. The wide base of the decanter, which is made of lead-free crystal glass, allows the true flavor of the wine to really shine.

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    A Rainbow On The Shelf

    Grimms Spiel und Holz Small Rainbow Weve noticed stock issues with this item. Well update this article once its available again.

    Grimms Spiel und Holz makes beautifully crafted wooden stacking and puzzle toys that are as pleasing to look at as they are fun to play with. My niece loves to see this classic rainbow stacker in its fully assembled form, and she has endless fun taking it apart and imagining new uses for the individual pieces. So far weve used them as a belt, a phone, a hat, and a headband, and I have no doubt that well continue to add to the list . When playtime is over, you wont mind seeing the rainbow stacker on your shelf. Its such a lovely, cheery object that you may even opt to keep it there long after your child has outgrown stacking toys.

    Erin Price

    Modern Moose Owl Pendulum Clock

    We were given this wooden owl pendulum clock when my first child was born, seven years ago, and with its cheery colors, charming design, and gentle tick-tock, its been a fixture in the kids bedroom ever since. Modern Moose has dozens of designs, including a menagerie of animals and more off-the-wall options . It also offers night-lights and other adorable decor.

    Courtney Schley

    Joovy Tricycoo 4.1

    Harry Sawyers

    Piki Piki Bike

    Caitlin Giddings

    Crate & Kids Small Nod Chair

    Erica Ogg

    Damhorst Toys and Puzzles Step N Store Name Stool

    Joanne Chen

    Huntington Gardens membership

    Kalee Thompson

    The 24 Best Gifts For 1

    Girls first birthday gift personalised dolls house 1st

    When it comes to presents, many 1-year-olds arent picky. In fact, they may be as excited by the packaging as they are by whats inside. Others have already begun to develop their own unique preferences, personalities, and abilities. By investing in the right toys and gifts, you can set your child up for years of fun.

    Look for toys that are open-ended, like blocks and stacking cups that can be played with in more than one way, says Sarah Cleveland, director of a child-care center near Austin, Texas. Play at this age is largely focused on sensory exploration and motor development, Cleveland points out, so toys with different textures that invite small hands to grab and investigate are good choices, as are starter ride-on toys that offer the opportunity to roam. This age is also a good time to invest in keepsake items that will remain special as a child grows up.

    If youre looking for more kids gift ideas, check out our guides to the best gifts for 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds, 7-year-olds, 8-year-olds, 9-year-olds, and 10-year-olds, as well as great stocking stuffers for kids. We also have guides to gifts for tweens and teens. And please share your own best ideas in the comments below.

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    Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    When it comes to sports toys, I think we dont pay enough attention to them.

    One of the reasons why this is so is because the majority of sports toys come in larger sizes, which is not really suited to most homes .

    To my surprise, this Smart Shots Sports Center by VTech proved me wrong. It is possible to find a sports toy that is of acceptable size and, more importantly, versatile.

    This sports center comes with a basketball hoop and ball, as well as a soccer net and ball. This will help toddlers and little children develop their gross motor skills during play.

    With plenty of interactive buttons, this sporty toy also teaches them numbers, shapes, and sounds, plus a wide range of songs and phrases to not only help improve language skills but keep toddlers entertained for hours.

    Besides, I think there isnt a better way to learn counting than through sports games where you can see the numbers changing on the board.

    These sports games are awesome to play in groups where children learn to cooperate, accept defeat, and compete.

    famous players around the world have started with a toy as a child and then shifted to the real game.

    Sentimental First Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

    Here are some special first birthday gifts that your little girl will love. Each of these ideas is sentimental and can be personalized for your unique little miss.

    1. Personalized Bracelet or Bangle

    Your little one will look super sweet with a personalized name bracelet. This is a sentimental gift that they can wear and save as a treasure.

    Here are some adorable options from Etsy, and you can customize the colors and designs:

    2. Monogrammed Blanket

    A soft and comfy blanket makes a great gift for children. Babies often get lots of comfort from their favorite blankets and they get tons of use.

    Consider a personalized blanket like this one from BitsyCreations. to upgrade from the tiny baby blankets your daughter will soon grow out of!

    3. Personalized Picture Frame

    A special picture frame can grow with your child and follow her from her nursery to her big girl room . You can choose a precious picture from her birth or use a photo from the first birthday party.

    Heres a cute option from PersonalizationMall.

    4. Personalized Head Bow

    A personalized bow is perfect to include with your first birthday ideas, but also works for birthdays down the line. What little girl doesnt love a bow, especially one with her name on it?

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    Spectacular Gifts For 1

    Buying special gifts for a little one can sometimes leave you with wonderings and doubts. However, if you use the list provided below, there will be no question as to whether your present will be loved or pushed aside. These gifts are all 4.5 star rated or higher and their reviews prove their quality. Have fun choosing!

    The One Cool Clothing Item That Makes You The Cool Gift Giver

    Gifts for Baby Girl’s First Birthday! Watch Me Wrap Baby Girl Presents! Wrap with Me Toys & Clothes

    Looking for a trendy first birthday gift? Try hip new clothes that will make them the coolest toddler on the block. We love Rowdy Sprout and Nununu as fabulous baby boutiques to get you started. The Beastie Boys raglan tee and the tough-and-tender Nununu sleeveless star onesie dress are favorites.

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    Manhattan Toy Company Atom Rattle & Teether

    Getting to try new solid foods is exciting but growing the teeth to chew them is a challenge. The Atom Rattle & Teether Grasping Toy is perfectly sized for small baby hands encouraging reaching and multi-sensory grasping, which are both important skills for gross motor development. This baby teether and rattle is BPA and PVC free and passes strict CPSC, ASTM, EN71 and Health Canada safety standards. Baby will love easing gum pressure with the soft, flexible, one-piece teething stems.

    Rings clack and slide along each teething stem for extra sensory stimulation and amusement. Want to see more? Check out our full list of the best sensory toys for babies and toddlers.

    Baby Gund My First Purse Playset

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    If Ive learned one thing so far, it is the following: The most entertaining activity for any baby and little kid is emptying mommys purse, playing with mommys keys, and throwing away mommys phone .

    For a long time, Ive been thinking about the solution to this particular problem. And here it is: Baby Gund My First Purse Playset!

    This set comes with everything mommy has: a plush purse, a compact mirror, keys, a crinkle-touch cell phone, and even a credit card.

    The only difference is that it is specially designed for little girls, which means they will finally leave their mommys and daddys stuff alone!

    Over and above the super adorable embroidered inscriptions, this playset is great for tactile and sensory learning too, with stimulating sounds and textures from plush to crinkly a surefire winner to keep your little princess enthralled!

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    First Birthday Gift Activity Center

    The curious minds of one-year-old babies are like a sponge. They absorb an amazing amount of knowledge every day, especially during playtime.

    This discovery farm activity center is packed with play options that are both fun and educational. It invites your little one to practice her fine motor skills such as turning, sliding, grasping, and spinning. This toy will keep her busy for hours on end as she explores each small element. Being a family-owned company for more than 100 years, the manufacturer is very considerate to use smooth rounded corners to ensure the safety of your little one. What a great gift for your little ones first birthday!

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