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Dog First Birthday Gift Ideas

Plusa Helpful Suggestion: Make A Donation


One perfect way to celebrate your pet is by giving back to those in need. If your pet was rescued, make a donation to the organization that led you to them. Learn more about our rescue experience with Puerto Rican satos like Roxy & Rico here. If you have extra time, volunteer at a local rescue/shelter. You can also save up old towels/blankets/bedding, or bring food, as those basics are always in high demand at shelters!

Nerf Dog Ball Blaster

Love the connection you have with your dog while playing fetch but hate the slobbery ball? This high-powered NERF DOG ball blaster launches your dog’s favorite tennis ball up to 50ft in the air with ease!

When your dog brings it back, place the barrel on the tennis ball and pick it up hands-free. The blaster is safe for your hands with no exposed moving parts and is especially helpful for those who dont have a good throwing arm, for kids, or those who just want to take their regular game of fetch up to the next level!

Take Your Dog For A Swim

Most dogs love to swim, so if you want to make their birthday a fun one turn it into a swim day. You can take your dog to the local beach, or search for any dog friendly pools in your area. Just remember to keep an eye on your dog at all times, and follow the basic swimming safety tips for dogs such as bringing along fresh water and cleaning them off afterwards.

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How To Celebrate Your Dogs Birthday With 6 Simple Ideas

Whether itâs your dogâs first birthday or itâs headed towards higher numbers, doing something special for your pup can be a wonderful way to celebrate the day. Here’s a few tips for the perfect birthday gift for your dog.

Whether itâs your dogâs first birthday or itâs headed towards higher numbers, doing something special for your pup can be a wonderful way to celebrate the day. Heres a few tips for the perfect birthday gift for your dog. Is this your first time planning a gift for your dogs birthday? This will definitely give you some inspiration.

Dog Birthday Party Accessories

Hot Dog Puppy 1st Birthday Party

I spent quite a bit of time shopping to come up with dog birthday ideas for Kais special day. I found his birthday crown, birthday bandana, and matching toy cake at Target. They fit his personality perfectly! If you cant find these accessories at Target. There are several alternatives on Amazon, such as this matching set for a boy, this set for a girl, or this set for a girl or boy pup.

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What To Serve Your Dog For Their Birthday

Throwing your pup a birthday party? You’re not alone. Nearly 10 million Americans celebrate a dog’s birthday each year.

Many of them want to serve a birthday cake at the celebration. Many also worry about what to serve their dog for their birthday. They worry about feeding their dog something unhealthy, that might be bad for them or that they simply won’t like.

We’ve got the solution.

Legendog Dog Birthday Party Supplies

Value packaging: 10*latex balloon, pennant banner, happy birthday banner, woven letter balloon, air pump.

The dog birthday party balloon set is perfect for pets’ birthday party, giving a happy birthday to your pets.

The party supplies are a perfect gift for your pets’ parties, making everlasting memory.

Ideal gift:

The dog party supplies are a perfect gift for your pets’ parties, making everlasting memory.

Create atmosphere:

High quality+Reusable:

Material: Aluminum foil, latex, paper, sequin, plastic

Package Includes:

10 x Latex balloon 1 x Triangle flag banner

1 x Happy birthday banner 1 x Woof balloon

1 x Pet hat 1 x Pet bowtie

1 x Air pump


– Please refer to the measurement. Tiny measuring error is allowable in normal range.

– There might be a little color difference due to the monitor, camera or other factors, please refer to the physical item.

Is it a discount now?
  • Product Dimensions :3.94 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches 6.38 Ounces
  • Date First Available :April 10, 2019
  • Manufacturer :Legendog

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Dog Birthday Party Ideas: Its Paw

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Celebrating birthdays and important dates is a time-honored tradition among families. And dogs are, without a doubt, members of the family. So, its not at all far-fetched to celebrate your pups birthday, adoption anniversary or gotcha day with a party!

Cooling Products To Beat The Heat

PUPPY’s 1ST BIRTHDAY GIFT GUIDE: Dog birthday gifts from small UK businesses.

If it’s warm outside, surprise your dog with cooling products to help her beat the heat on her “Gotcha Day.” The Coolin’ Bowl will keep her water cool for up to 15 hours with no electricity required.

You can also choose from a variety of cooling beds. The K& H Coolin’ Pet Pad comes in four sizes and can be placed on top of your dog’s favorite bed. You just need to add water no refrigeration is required. Or take a step into the more luxurious side with a K& H Coolin’ Comfort Bed. This orthopedic bed fills with water and uses an adjustable air valve to provide the ultimate in canine comfort.

Your dog might also love the K& H Coolin’ Pet Cot with a cooling center. Get the K& H Pet Cot Canopy to go with it, so your dog can relax in the shade.

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Have A Scavenger Hunt

This may involve a bit of training for your dog to get the hang of, but its a great game for hot summer afternoons or freezing winter days. Start by hiding smelly treats in plain sight then have your pup seek it out. Eventually you can hide them around the house and help them locate the treats! Just dont forget where youve hidden them!

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Y Hats For Party Dogs

A party theme appropriate birthday hat or bandana is such a cute way to identify the birthday dog. Browse Amazon, Etsy, or any pet store for the hat that suits your dog best.

Feeling extra crafty? Go the DIY route with materials you probably have lying around the house.

Its not a party without guests! Share your dogs special day with all of his closest friends.

If the weather is nice enough, have the party outside. A kiddie pool will keep things cool, but be sure to have plenty of water bowls on hand for all the furry friends.

Dont forget special party invites for your guest list of canine guests.

Its a paw-ty indeed.

Perfect For Pool Time

Delightfully Noted: It

Pool days are even more fun when the four-legged members of your family are involved. This SwimWays Paddle Paws float is ideal for smaller dogs but can support up to 65 pounds. Its also puncture resistant, so you dont have to worry about any claws sinking this ship. Inserts on the side of the mesh base allow a little water into the float, keeping your pup cool. If you decide to take the crew on a weekend getaway, the float folds flat for easy transport to another pool.

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Treat Your Pup Like Royalty

For the pup thats all pomp and circumstance, a canine crown is definitely in order. This 100% wool felt crown from Modern Beast in a variety of fun colors! will signal who reigns supreme on their birthday, and every day for that matter. Its also a fun birthday style you can easily replicate on your own. provides a free birthday crown template and suggests using felt, scrapbooking paper, skinny elastic, a hot glue gun and a fancy disappearing ink pen. Because in the age of Insta: details are everything!

Where to buy:Party Beast Crown

Pamper & Spoil Your Dog On Their Birthday

If you want an easy way to make your dogs birthday extra special make it like a doggie spa day by pampering them. Spoil them and give them some extra love and attention on their special day. Give them a nice homemade meal, an extra long walk, a stuffed Kong, a relaxing doggie massage, and some nice cuddle time on the couch.

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Set Up A Doggie Playdate

Another simple way to make your dogs birthday extra fun is by setting up a doggie playdate for them. Invite your dogs best dog friend over for some play time. It may seem rather simple, but that one on one play time is really fun for your dog. Just remember to keep an eye on things, and make sure the dogs have access to fresh water at all times.

Bake Your Own Pupcakes

Our Dog’s First Birthday Party -Floki The Labrador- Decor, Cake, Games and Gift Opening

The internet is overflowing with pupcake recipes to suit every dogs taste. Peanut butter, blueberry, pumpkin and more if your dog celebrates most enthusiastically with their mouth, this may be the birthday option for you. Make a sheet of cupcakes for all your dogs friends at the dog park or just make a DIY dog treat for the only mouth that matters. Gifts that come from your very own kitchen are filled with the most heart and are sure to get mucho Insta-hearts.

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Ten Super Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Dogs Birthday

There are some affiliate links below, but they are all products I highly recommend. For more info, view my disclosure here.

Birthdays are deserving of special treatment, but coming up with new, exciting ideas can be challenging. We want to make it super fun for our dogs, but dont want to break the bank. Read on for ten fun ways to celebrate your dogs birthday!

Sniff Diggy Nose Work Mat

This iHeartDogs® Sniff Diggy Nose Work Mat is a fun way to engage and stimulate your dogs senses while rewarding him/her with treats. It features strips of fabric that mimic long grass in between which you can hide treats. Dogs love using their noses to find covered up treasure, and they dont even realize theyre exercising their brains. So when your pup is preoccupied or in another room, stuff treats into the mat then let your dog have at it as they sniff the mat to find their treats.

Doing this nose work with your dog can help build their focus and enhance general obedience training. It’s also great for senior dogs to keep them mentally alert. Anytime your dog is rewarded with treats. Its a win-win for everyone!

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Bike And Backpack Carriers

Some dogs prefer biking or hiking instead of riding in a car. This is easy enough if you have a larger dog. As long as you train your dog to run with you while you’re biking, you’ll both have a lot of fun. If you have a smaller dog, surprise her with extra accommodations for a special birthday adventure.

The Travel Bike Basket mounts to the front of your bicycle and includes the front mount. If you prefer to attach it to the rear of your bike, you can purchase the rear mount separately. It comes with a zipper pocket for storing leashes and treats, along with a mesh pocket for water bottles. You can even get a Travel Bike Basket Hood with mesh windows that fits on top.

Another popular option is the Travel Bike Backpack. Not only does the backpack mount to the front of your bicycle, but you can also carry it with you once you reach your destination.

If you don’t plan on biking at all, another stylish option is the K& H Shoulder Sling Pet Carrier. The carrier has mesh windows and can be safely buckled into your car too.

Dog Birthday Gift Ideas Sure To Delight Your Pup

Dog Birthday Party

Your dog’s birthday is a fantastic opportunity to do something extra special for the fur baby who changed your life. Whether you know your dog’s actual birth date or you’re celebrating your pup’s “Gotcha Day” , you’ll want to find the perfect gift for your pooch. These nine dog birthday gift ideas will delight pups of any age.

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Fun Gift Ideas For Your Dogs Birthday

Celebrating your dogs birthday is a fun tradition that your dog will truly appreciate. And while most toys and treats are fine, you may be wanting to find something extra special for your furry friend. We made this list to make it easier for you to find the ultimate dog birthday gift. Heres a list of 20 Unique Gift Ideas for your Dogs Birthday:

This Gps Tracker That’ll Give Your Pup The Gift Of Security

The Whistle GPS Tracker is a simple clip on device that notifies you if your pet ever escapes from the designated area you create. It also lets you track their location using cellular and GPS technology and monitor their activity and health. Plus, it’s water proof… just in case they decide to go for a swim. Just clip it on to the collar they already wear.

Get it on Amazon for $80.

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How Do You Celebrate Your Dogs Birthday

How do you celebrate your dogs birthday? Have you ever hosted your own doggie birthday party? Do you wrap your dogs presents? Does cuddling up on the couch with your dog watching movies sound like a perfect evening, or is it just me?

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A Pet Cam For Peace Of Mind

OUR DOG’s FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! | Pet B Roll (Opens his own gift)

The Wyze Cam v2 makes it easy to keep an eye on your pet, no matter where you are. After extensive testing, we found that most people can skip fancier pet cameras and go for this inexpensive, wireless indoor security camera instead. It comes with two-way audio, its quick to set up, and it provides sharp images, even at night. You can livestream the footage from a smartphone or receive notifications when motion or sound is detected. When that happens, the camera immediately records a 12-second clip and saves it to the cloud for 14 days . If your dog has fans, you can even invite a few to watch the pooch-themed reality show via the Wyze app.

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Oh My Dog Youre Double Digits Birthday Candle Toys

Every pup needs a candle to blow out on their birthday! TheseOh My Dog Youre Double Digits?!? Birthday Candle Toys are the perfect solution. Filled with classic squeakers buried in fluff, with a t-shirt rope wick- each number is a different color and pattern. Combine candles for any pups in their golden years!

Let Your Dog Unwrap A Present

My dog Laika gets a fun new toy on her birthday, and I make the unveiling process a little more exciting for her by letting her unwrap it. If your dog doesnt have unwrapping experience keep it simple by using a gift bag. Remember to watch them closely some dogs have a tendency to eat anything in sight, including wrapping paper and shredded bags.

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Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Dogs Birthday

Last updated on By Puppy Leaks

Looking for some nice and simple ways to celebrate your dogs birthday? Youve come to the right place.

Our dogs are part of the family, so when it comes to their birthday we want to make it special. The good news is theres plenty of fun and easy ways to make your dogs birthday memorable.

So if youre not sure what to do to celebrate your dogs birthday dont worry, Ive got you covered. From hosting a doggie birthday party to having a special movie night, heres 10 fun ways to celebrate your dogs birthday.

Dog Birthday Party Ideas We Are So Stealing For Our Dogs

Pin on Boy
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If youre feeling down, planning the ultimate dogs birthday party is a surefire mood booster. In fact, just looking at photos of dogs celebrating a birthday bash will immediately subtract 20 points off your rage-o-meter.

Weve found everything from pupcakes and decorations to special fancy duds that help your dog enjoy their special day in style. Lets get this doggy birthday train of joy started!

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