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Tie Dye Birthday Party Activities

Y: 5 Tie Dye Party Tips For Kids

Tie Dye Party Decor Ideas
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We planned a Tie Dye party with Tulip One Step Tie Dye Kit as part of a sponsored post for Blueprint Social #TieDyeYourSummer

Ive always wanted to plan a tie dye party, but I was frightened away by the potential mess. Tulips One Step Tie Dye Kit eliminates the mess and makes it easy. With the kit in hand, we invited over a few of my 4 year olds friends to get colorful with us. If you can believe it, Im a tie dye rookie and I think I had just as much fun than my 4 year old and his friends. I have a few tips for tie dying with kids that will make your party run a little smoother. If youve never tie dyed before, you need to try it! It might just be my new favorite craft medium. Now go Tie Dye Your Summer!

1. Pick up Tulips One Step Tie Dye Kit. Aside from the shirts , it comes with everything youll need to tie dye your heart out. It includes gloves, rubber bands, a tie dye instruction guide, 18 different bottle colors and a plastic surface cover. The perfect kit for up to 6 people.

2. Head outside. I recommend tie dying with the kiddos outside. While Tulips Tie Dye kits makes for mess free crafting and easy clean up, you wont have to worry about accidental spills or drips. You may also want to let guests know to come in old clothing, just in case. The mess was minimal for us, but I always like to be prepared.

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Tie Dye Birthday Party Ideas

Momma Osa Makes Memories With Their Tie Dye Parties And Activity Kits

If you want to have an unforgettable party at home, and looking for a cool idea for your kid’s birthday party, look no further. Momma Osa Tie Dye is a new in-person party entertainment to help create an unforgettable experience! Keep reading and we will tell you all about this new tie dye experience designed to bring happiness to you and your family!

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Ready To Book Your Party

Nowthat youre ready to book, just follow these simple directions:

  • Check out the calendar below to see what days are available. Please be sure to have two dates in mind as the calendar may not reflect parties that are currently being processed.
  • Fill out the form, under the calendar, as best you can.
  • Upon completion of the form, you will be contacted with a follow up e-mail and/or call to confirm your date and information.

Tie Dye Party Idea For Adults And Teens

Tie Dye Party...

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Tie dye party idea for adults and teens! If youre looking for fun group craft ideas this summer that go beyond a simple t-shirt party, keep reading for some creative options that would work well for family get togethers, camps, and birthday parties!

We tie dye every summer as a family and wear the tshirts and socks all year, but I wanted to experiment with something a little more involved. There are countless ways to personalize and embellish on top of tie dye projects and Im sharing my favorites after doing some creative experiments. The customized pouches would make great gifts or party favors too!

This post was sponsored by JOANN, which means they supplied some of the materials and compensated me for my time, but all opinions are my own.

Using the kit makes life easy because you just add water to the premeasured bottles and shake plus you can keep the bottles for your next project and just buy replacement powder. I used my favorite color scheme but there are of course yellows, greens, black, and reds as well! Keep scrolling to see what all is in the kit and for specifics on the embellishments I added and tie dye methods I used!

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Freezer paper stencil

Gem embellishments

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What Would A 15 Hour Fizz Kidz Look Like

  • Arrive 10 minutes before the party starts to settle in, place your cake down and wait to meet and greet your friends!
  • Spend the first hour making two selected creations and playing party games
  • Second 30 minutes, our staff will serve the kids their party food and help you with cake celebrations
  • Each child then takes home their creations in their individual Fizz Kidz party bag!
  • Our 2 hour parties allow an extra 30 minutes to make an extra creation!

Bullseye Tie Dye Design

For my sleeveless t-shirt, I made a variation on thebullseye pattern. I pulled my first pull from the center and added rubber bands spaced to the end of the t-shirt. I didnt use as much dye as in the video, as I wanted more white showing. I used an old 100% cotton tank top t-shirt hoping to give it a new life after the girls dyed their t-shirts.

  • For Sammies t-shirt design, she made a variation of the crumple technique but, then rubber banned hers before dying.
  • Another easy tie-dye patterns are swirl pattern .
  • Tie-Dye Designs and techniques are easy to search for on YouTube. Just type the subject in their search bar.

Tie-dye parties and activities are great for not only summer you can do tye-dye crafts in the fall or spring too. The best time to get started tie-dying is before it gets hot outdoors or in the later afternoon. It is easy to set up and use kits for dying t-shirts.

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We all had such a fun time at this birthday party- and we bet that you will too!

Necessities For A Tie

DIY Reverse Tie Dye with Bleach | Luau Party Ideas

Let’s be real: Things are going to get sloppy, so embrace the chaos. Those far-out strokes of color on the cake will look Insta-cool even if they’re not perfect. Go ahead and mismatch the table to your heart’s content . Then add jumbo swirl lollipops as spunky place settings and sprinkle lots of confetti.

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How To Throw A Tie Dye Party

Our best tips and ideas for how to throw an unforgettable tie dye party for kids and adults, alike!

After leading what feels like hundreds of tie dye workshops and parties the past two years, weve amassed quite a few tips on how to make a tie dye party smooth, fun, and relatively neat, no matter the age of the guests.

In this post, were sharing allll of our expert tie dye party tips and ideas with you, from decorations to clean-up and everything in between! Whether youre hosting a kids birthday party, a baby or bridal shower, a family gathering, or simply a colorful crafternoon with friends, this post is here to help!

How To Throw A Tie

Invitations:tie-dyed decorative craft papertemplatetemplatevellum paperBox Tie Dye Partypersonalized tie dye bannerActivities:Step One:Step Two:Step Three:Washing and Drying InstructionsThis is permanent dye,Games:Activities/Games/CraftsKids’ Party with Flair Crafts:hereFood:submarine sandwichesCakes:Tie-Dyed Party CakeTie-DyedTie-Dyed Ice CreamFavors:Birthday in a Boxhere

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Tie Dye Party Games And Activities

  • Find an area that you can make a bit of a mess e.g., backyard, garage, basement, etc. This can be a messy activity.
  • Make two areas: a prep station and a dye station
  • Wear rubber gloves. You dont want your hands to match your new clothes
  • You can purchase a tie dye kit
  • Have many different containers available. Large bowls or buckets
  • Add some fabric die or bleach into the different dye bottles
  • Select the shirt you would like to die. Favorites are tank tops and t-shirts, but you can be creative and tie dye anything. Think outside of the box e.g., night gowns at a pyjama party. * fabric needs to be 100% cotton and pre-wash items
  • Roll up your shirt and place elastics around it The different ways that you roll and tie your shirt will create different patterns
  • Squirt the shirt with the dye. Select an arrangement of colors
  • When you have all the colors you wish on the shirt take off the elastics and lay flat to dry
  • Then when the shirt has dried throw it in your washing machine washing out any excess die.
  • Enjoy wearing your creation!

Painting Tie Dye type designs

  • Hand Painting Art
  • Do a wash over craft paper Have a partner paint your hands in different colors. Do a swirl design
  • Each finger a different color
  • Place your hands down on craft paper
  • Paint Blending
  • Everyone gets a piece of craft paper
  • Put some blops of different color paint on your paper
  • Either: fold the paper over and flatten it open it up to see your design or get a straw and blow on the paint creating a unique design

Where To Host Your Tie Dye Party

Party: 5 Tie Dye Party Tips for Kids

Setting up your tie dye party in the right space is half the battle of a stress-free tie dye party. Whether you tie dye outdoors or indoors, at your home or in a public space, depends on a few factors including the time of year, weather report, and available mess-friendly space. The key things to consider when choosing your space are: ease of clean up and access to a water source for both filling water and dumping dirty dye buckets.

There are great options for all circumstances, so you can truly throw a tie dye party any time of year! Here are our recommended places to set up your tie dye party:


  • Lawn, either backyard or front yard, or at a public space like a park
  • Patio or terrace
  • Driveway or blacktop at a playground

Indoors Home

  • Party room at a hotel or apartment building

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Tie Dye Parties That Come To You

There are two ways you can throw a tie dye party. You can buy your own Tie dye kits from Momma Osa’s website and have the party at home with your family and friends. Or Momma Osa will come to you!

Or if you want guided instruction, Momma Osa will come to you for your party. They will set up, take down, and clean up the mess, after 1.5 hours of fun with a guided instructor who will help you throughout your party. The guided parties cost $475 for up to 15 kids, with $10 for any additional kids. With the guided parties, you will get 2 party hosts, 15 t-shirts, 15 socks, vibrant dye colors, gloves, aprons, tie-dye to-go bags, tie-dye care instructions, tie dye hair ties, and slap bracelet give away bags.

Momma Osa will travel to any location in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Ventura County.

To book your party, click here.

Hosting The Ultimate Tie

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Let me start by saying-The party was a huge success! Do I still have tie dyed fingers? Yes. Does my house look like a party bomb went off? Yeppers However that mess isnt going anywhere for a bit, so I thought I would walk you through hosting the ultimate tie-dye birthday party while its still fresh on my mind.

Tie dye is huge this summer! Is it because, while I write this, everyone has a stock pile of nitrile gloves and a TON of extra family time quarantined at home because of stupid COVID? Maybe, but also tie-dye is just cool – its a fact!

So lets talk about your tie-dye options. I used 3 different types of products and techniques because if Im going to share with you what worked and didnt work, I need to try it right?! I knew I wanted to do a t-shirt, headband and tote bag

Then I needed to do a little research to figure out the best way to execute these items. I got one of these fabulous techniques from A Joyful Mess! In case youre not familiar, A Joyful Mess is this crazy cool art studio here in Prosper, TX. The owner is Alycia Trotter and she told me about the sharpie and alcohol technique. This, my friends, is your least messy option out of the three. I would rate this Easy Level because even the littlest ones, I think, can enjoy this and learn how the three primary colors mix together to make the secondary colors .

Pre-Game Test Run

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Y Food Included In Package

  • Hot Party Pies
  • A bowl of fresh seasonal fruit
  • Potato chips
  • Corn chips
  • Chocolate wafers may contain hazelnuts
  • Popcorn

Fairy bread platter $25 Fruit platter $40Watermelon platter $20Frankfurts $25 Hot potato wedges $25 GF available on requestCheese / tomato sandwiches $30 Vegetarian combo sandwich platter $30 Vegetarian Quiches $30 Lolly bags $2.50 each

Would like to talk through allergy concerns? Feel free to call us on 0431379953, we are very happy to chat!

Please also let us know if you require a vegetarian menu.In this case youre welcome to add any two items from the additional options to swap instead of the party pies/sausage rolls free of change.

Tie Dye Party Invitation:

Luisaâs Fun Birthday Party ( tie dye party )

I love to create my own invites and thank you notes for my kids birthday parties using PicMonkeyThis is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you..

I love that I can create a custom invite that is unique and either email or mail them to the party guests. And it’s also a nice keepsake for her scrapbook!

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Tie Dye Party Supplies

  • The above Tye Dye party pack includes some of the following:
  • Tie Dye napkins
  • Tie Dye Mylar balloons looks fantastic!
  • Lime and Orange Star Mylar Balloon
  • Use a color theme of red, blue, green, yellow and orange
  • Tie Dye Birthday Banner
  • Daisy Bead Curtain
  • Set up a Lava lamp
  • Gather all the pillows in your house and place them all in one room for floor pillows to sit and relax or get bean bag chairs
  • Hang a Hammock
  • Peace Buggy Pinata
  • Daisy Pinata
  • To make homemade Tye Dye Party Invitations, it’s time to practice your tie die skills. Make tie dye bandanas 1 per guest. Once the bandanas are washed and dried use a material marker to write all the party information on the bandanas. Then for the finishing touch roll them up in a ball and tie them with a twine looking rope or ribbon.

Tips To Ensure The Tie

1. Take the fun outside

It is possible to have a tie-dye party inside your home without disastrous outcomesbut it just isnt worth the worry or the risk of damaged goods. Set up the tie-dye station outside for a more relaxed vibe that will benefit young and grown-up guests alike.

2. Dont skimp on supplies

Most of the materials you need come in bulk anyway, so you dont need to worry about running out of rubber bands or latex gloves. That said, its a good idea to have at least twice as many T-shirts as party-goers so each child can create more than one wearable masterpiece.

3. Keep the snacks safe

Everyone is going to be excited about a slice of pizza after an afternoon of crafting, but you definitely dont want kids to accidentally eat the art supplies. Fortunately, you can avoid this scenario by simply setting up the refreshment station at a reasonable distance from the do-not-eat tie-dye zone.

4. Do your prep

Be sure to set up all the supplies before the younguns arrive. This is especially important when it comes to the dye: RIT Dye needs to be diluted with water before use and thats probably not something you want two dozen little hands to be involved in.

Now that you know what to do, start sending out the invites to a colorful, crafty party thats bound to be the highlight of every kids summer vacation.

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