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Dirty 30 Birthday Party Ideas For Him

Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas

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If youre hosting a 30th birthday party for a friend, keep any of the above birthday party themes a secret and throw a surprise birthday party! As friends get older, they may not favor planning their own party. You can take control and celebrate this milestone by planning and organizing a party that the birthday boy or girl wont forget. The most important step to throwing a surprise birthday party is making sure you send surprise birthday party invitations. Although private invites over social media are easy, you should do your best to avoid sending information about the party online or putting the surprise at risk. You want the star of the show to be genuinely surprised when they walk through the door.

Here are a few tips on how to surprise your friend or loved one:

  • Choose an accomplice or co-conspirator to make sure the birthday boy or girl is not at the surprise party location day-of.
  • Choose a birthday party invitation that is concise and clearly states that the birthday party is a surprise.
  • Clearly state on the surprise party invitation what time guests need to arrive by in order for the surprise to be successful.
  • Complete your birthday party set-up at least two hours in advance of the designated surprise time.
  • Plan out the big reveal. Ensure guests are hiding in the appropriate place and avoid having guests park their cars in front of your home.

Wine Tasting Birthday Party

Wine only gets better with time and so do you. Treat yourself and guests to a wine tasting party, characterized by wine-tasting and creative hors doeuvres. You can channel a day in Napa by decorating your party area with vines and setting up tables for certain types of wine. Try incorporating custom wine glasses throughout your party to add a sentimental touch.

Outdoor Pizza Over A 30th Birthday Gift Idea For Pizza Lovers

Every guy has dreamed of making their dream pizza. So, as far as birthday gifts for a 30-year-old man go, this is one that can actually fulfill a lifelong dream. Whether your man thinks he knows the secret to making the ultimate pepperoni pizza or believes that every pizza needs slices of gyro meat, he will love showing off his pizza making abilities to any friend or family. Plus, hell never have to wait for delivery ever again.

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Hire A Hotel Room For Your 30th Birthday Party

Go big or go home! Why not treat yourself to some fluffy slippers and a 5-star snooze in a luxury hotel. Hello room service?

Have a degustation dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town

You only turn 30 once, so what better excuse to indulge at that expensive restaurant, bar or venue youve had on your to-do list forever? 12 course dinner, here we come.

These 30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Him Are Sure To Be The Best Birthday Gifts He Has Ever Gotten

Pin on Dirty Thirty Party

A 30th birthday is a major milestone in any guys life. Thats why youre determined to find the perfect gift. Naturally, you probably have a few questions on your mind. What kind of gift is right for this birthday? What are the best 30th birthday gift ideas for him are out there? How much should you spend on his 30th birthday gift ideas? Fortunately, weve put together a list that answers all those questions and will ensure that you find the best possible 30th birthday for your guy.

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Mythical Ammo Can Set

Why settle for average 30th birthday gift ideas for him when you can impress him with legendary ones? This ammo can gift set is absolutely phenomenal because not only is the rugged ammo can super cool, but the whiskey glasses and stones will make celebrating his birthday totally awesome. Hell feel so manly and awesome enjoying a glass of chilled whiskey using this specially customized set, and hell really like owning such an incredible ammo can to store small tools, fishing tackle, or anything else inside.

Surprise 30th Birthday Ideas For Him

Do you want your gift to help surprise him with something fun to do on his birthday? For the guy whos into guns or the outdoors, this ammo can gift set is one of the most unique birthday gifts for a 30 year old man. You can give him the ammo can with everything inside along with tickets to a gun show, passes for the shooting range, a reservation at a camping site to somewhere hes been wanting to go to, or even a day pass to his favorite national park! He will be so excited to take the entire ammo can set along with him on his birthday adventure so that he can treat himself to a celebratory stogie and try out all of his new tools when he gets there. Even if these dont work for this year, you can keep this set in mind for a few years down the road as the ultimate 40th birthday gift ideas for him!

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Pretty In Pink Birthday Party

Celebrate your 30th birthday party with a Pretty in Pink theme, characterized by plenty of pink décor and sweets. This provides ample opportunity for you to incorporate pink on your birthday cake, decorations, and birthday invitations. Popular Pretty in Pink ideas include pink lemonade, a pink candy bar, pink cocktails, and gold accents. Add a salon element to your 30th birthday party by hiring a manicurist to set up a booth for pink manicures.

Totally Fun 30th Birthday Board Games


So you turned 30? The true adulthood age, eh? That can mean a night in with your best buds, a bottle of wine, and a gaggle of fun board games? These fun 30th birthday board games are the perfect way to welcome adulthood.

Ticket to Ride: In Ticket to Ride the goal is to build the longest railway course. Players choose destination tickets and try to build a railway connecting those cities while attempting to block the routes that their opponents appear to be creating. If youre just not up for another loud, wild game this is a good choice.

Settlers of Catan: This board game is great for strategy- but theres an element of bartering and trading that other games dont have that is super fun. Collecting cards, building roads and settlements and talking your opponents into giving you something they have and you want.

Do You Know Me: Each player takes a turn in the hot seat, with the player to their right reading a set of five hilarious yes-or-no question cards about them. The group then tries to guess whether the answer is yes or no using their voting cards. The player in the hot seat then reveals their answers and who was right! At the end of each five-question round, the player with the most correct answers wins.

Buzzed: Its simple take turns drawing a card from the top of the deck. When its your turn, read the card out loud and either you or the group will drink based on the prompt on the card, depending on what it is. Lather, rinse, repeat until youre buzzed!

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What Is Roosevelts New Deal

The New Deal included new constraints and safeguards on the banking industry and efforts to re-inflate the economy after prices had fallen sharply. New Deal programs included both laws passed by Congress as well as presidential executive orders during the first term of the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Bucket List Before You Turn Forty

We all have things we want to do before we reach a certain age. Why not make a bucket list of everything you want to do before you turn forty? You can come up with projects you always wanted to do but never had the time or courage to do. Maybe learn a new language or find the love of your life. You donât have to list everything right away. Take your time and think through everything. You can get your family and friends to join in and help with suggestions on your list. You might inspire them to make bucket lists of their own too.

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Choose A 30th Birthday Party Theme

Dirty, Thirty, and Loving It by Derek Blasberg for Paperless Post

You only turn 30 once, so make it extra special with a theme. Not only do themes inform the decor, but they also guide guests in their attire while allowing them to get a little playful. Skip anything too stuffy. Look for inspired 30th birthday party themes in any of the following:

The Dirty Thirty:

Usher in the new decade by getting a little sloppyâliterally. Invite your adventurous crew to a day of mudslides, river tubing, or cornhole. Or go the metaphorical route with a lineup of carefully crafted dirty martinis to share amongst friends and family

A time period:

Victorian Goth: Tell partygoers to put on their petticoats, lace up their corsets, and prepare for one magnificently macabre evening. Naturally, the color palette will be blackâto match your 30-year-old soul and that vampy lip youâre sure to be rocking.

The â90s: An â80s party? As if! Instead, look to the era that encapsulated your own earliest years. Take cues from the Clueless castâs fashion, and play plenty of Pearl Jam and Spice Girls. But the best throwback at the party will be the guest of honor.

Art or a favorite movie:

Saturday Night Fever: To celebrate âStayinâ Aliveâ yet another year , do it up with a disco-themed dance partyâcomplete with â70s garb, platform shoes, and a disco ball, of course. Everyone will enjoy taking a break from their hustles to actually do the hustle.

A place:

What Do You Write On A 30th Card

Pin on Birthday

Welcome to the Club

  • Happy 30th Birthday to my forever BFF! Welcome to Club 30 its not so bad!
  • Happy 30th Birthday! Welcome, FINALLY, to the club!
  • You know whats great about your 30s?
  • The world needs more 30 year olds.
  • Welcome to a new, better chapter of your life!
  • Happy 30th birthday!
  • Happy freaking birthday!
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    Wildly Fun 30th Birthday Games & Ideas

    Inside: Fun 30th Birthday Games to Celebrate.

    Turning 30 doesnt mean all the fun has to stop. Sure it can sometimes feel harder to organize a birthday bash as we get older. The older people get, the more jaded they tend to become. Theres always the feeling of weve seen it all before.

    Not anymore! These fun 30th birthday games are fun for all and the best way to welcome you to your 30s!

    Th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

    After youve chosen a theme, you can hone in on decorations. 30th birthday parties should include plenty of signage with the number 30, along with cute birthday sayings. Try designing personalized canvas prints that match your partys color palette and placing them near your bar set-up or gift table. You can also customize decorative throw pillows with your initials or the number 30 to create the perfect lounge area for guests. 30th birthday parties are notoriously fun and your décor should be spirited and custom to your personality.

    When it comes to traditional birthday decorations, spare yourself the carload of balloons and opt for a large 30 gold balloon set instead. These cute balloons look great but are relatively inexpensive and perfect for serving as a backdrop. You can set up a photo booth with the balloons and a table of props in order to encourage guests to document their good time. Trade in your banners for chic garlands to add some fun to your walls and tablescapes as well. You can also set up a wish wall where guests can offer advice about entering your 30s and leave happy birthday messages. Lastly, take advantage of your champagne glasses and decorate them with glitter, initials, and the number 30 for a memorable birthday toast.

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    Whats A Good Gift For A 30th Birthday

    If youre hosting a 30th birthday party, most of the time thats enough of a gift in itself. Especially if youre picking up the bar tab. But if you want to give them something on top of the party youre planning, look to these 30th birthday gift ideas:

    A luxe passport holder: Complete the gift with a list of top places to travel in your 30s.

    A fancy perfume they wouldnt buy for themselves: New birthday, new scent.

    Fresh flowers Brighten up their dinner table or WFH set-up with fresh blooms from UrbanStems.

    A nice matcha set: Help them mix up their morning routine with sustainably grown, single-origin matcha in a Matchaful gift set.

    A bottle of Champagne: Theres no better reason to pop some bubbly!

    Something invented the year they were born: If its gift-worthy of course!

    A birthday ecard: Send a happy birthday from afar with new birthday greeting cards.

    Ready, set, plan! Start by getting your invites out. For casual get-togethers, add animated text effects, stickers, and gifs via Paperless Post Flyer. If the party is more formal, stick with classic cards. If youre hosting guests online try a virtual event invitation. For more birthday inspiration: Cheree Berry has tips for hosting a milestone birthday party, Derek Blasgerg shares his high-low birthday philosophy, and we make a case for going for the gold on your birthday, no matter how old youre turning.

    How Can I Make My 30th Birthday Special

    30 Minute 30th Birthday Bootcamp Workout | Sydney’s Dirty 30 – Day 8

    Read on for our best 30th birthday party ideas.

  • 01 of 30. Order a Round at Your Favorite Dive Bar.
  • 02 of 30. Rent a Karaoke Room.
  • 03 of 30. Throw a House Party.
  • 04 of 30. Book an Escape Room.
  • 05 of 30. Spend the Day Outdoors.
  • 06 of 30. Book a Luxurious Stay at a Boutique Hotel.
  • 07 of 30. Grab Tickets to a Concert.
  • 08 of 30.
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    Engraved Bean Bag Toss Game

    If you man is the kind that loves fun and games then you might consider this engraved bean bag toss game. Even though its a birthday gift for a 30-year-old man hell love the chance to use this at tailgates or in the backyard with friends. The custom engraving makes this gift the kind that will impress anyone who sees it.

    Breakfast At Tiffanys Party

    Baby blue is your best friend when it comes to a Breakfast at Tiffanys birthday party theme. This sophisticated theme is perfect for throwing a lovely brunch for your birthday. Avoid the dinner party planning and serve easy breakfast foods, pastries, and tea. You can encourage guests to dress like Audrey Hepburn and welcome them into a room decked out with pearls, silver and blue décor, and white flowers.

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    Surprise 30th Birthday Trip For Him

    We LOVE to travel. Even though we recently visited Avon Colorado, and now live in Montana, we have a major love for warm tropical places. So when my husbands dirty 30, was starting to approach us, swimsuits and flip flops were on the mind.

    My husband turned 30 over the weekend, and Ive had a 30th birthday surprise trip planned for him, for over a year. Yes, I kept a secret from him for over a year, and it was one of the most difficult things Ive ever done.

    The trip wasnt the only surprise. There were little surprises along the way that made this trip extra special!

    Sophisticated Birthday Gifts For 30 Year Old Man

    {Epic} Dirty Thirty Birthday Beer Party!

    Help him feel like the thirty year old classy gentleman he now is with one of the most impressive 30th birthday gift ideas for him! This whiskey gift set will let him celebrate his special day with the classiest glassware known to man. Not only will he really enjoy using this set to sip on his favorite whiskey for his birthday, but its a gift hell want to keep out on display on his home bar, coffee table, or elsewhere in his home because of how aesthetically pleasing it is.

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    Fun And Unique Gifts For 30th Birthday

    Dont settle for anything less than incredible when it comes to getting gifts for his milestone birthday! This exceptional whiskey and poker gift set is one of the most unique 30th birthday gifts money can buy. He will love how unique the stainless steel whiskey glasses are and that they both and the poker set are personalized just for him. Now he can finally start hosting a weekly poker game with his buddies and enjoy his favorite whiskey to the fullest!

    Surprise: Friends Are Coming Too

    That evening before we had left, I had arranged to have our friends show up at our house, right before we were to head out of the door.

    Surprise! Were going with you!

    Our friends totally shocked my husband, as he opened the door thinking the babysitter had a pizza delivered, only to see our friends standing there toting some serious luggage.

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    Th Birthday Idea: Helicopter Charter

    Kickstart your 30th with a hair-raising flight over South East Queensland. For the adrenaline junkie at heart, an open-door scenic helicopter charter is the perfect way to bring their 20s to a close. For something, a little different organise a charter and tour to the vineyards for a long destination lunch. The birthday girl or boy can show up in style whilst the rest of the party awaits their arrival.

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