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Free Birthday Build A Bear

Per Cent Off When You Redeem A Gift Card

Build A Bear Workshop Birthday Bear

The retailer is currently running a 10 per cent off deal when you redeem a gift card in store.

It means that a £10 gift card will actually be worth £11 when you use it to buy in branch.

The deal is only running until February 1 and youll need to show this voucher at the checkout to get the bargain.

Its ideal for anyone one was given one or Christmas but you should be wary of purchasing a gift card just for the discount.

Although there is no sign the the retailer is struggling, gift cards are not likely to be honoured if a company goes bust and you could end up losing all of the money on it.

They also come with an expiry date so make sure you use it before it comes to an end.

Yes This Is A Weird One

Build a bear birthday hack. If you just get a basic stuffed animal it isn’t bad. 1 file 148 kb. Try to keep costs down

Build a bear workshop will generally contain eight stations mentioned below and help you make your own teddy and get a unique birth certificate for it. See more ideas about build a bear, build a bear party, build a bear birthday. No interest, no fees, 4x instalments over 6 weeks.

Build a bear plush teddy bear lot frozen anna white with. Theres no need to bring in any proof of age or identification, the store simply requires you to set up an account for free online and you. Chalk mark the hem at 1/2 inch.

Build a bear bonus club reward certificate. Cover the top and sides of the cake with a. This pink birthday celebearation box is stuffed with everything you need to make their special day even more unforgettable.

Build a bear birthday set build a bear birthday bear. Have fun and make lots of special birthday memories when you. Payments of r49.97 learn more.

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try. Build a bear hack & birthday activities. This fun virtual event was introduced in 2020 as a.

All you need to pay is. Build a bear stuffed animal curly teddy bear 14in. Payments of 25% on orders over.

Orders ship a full 3 weeks from purchase date. A spoiled brat of a birthday girl for sure. Mcdonalds has given us permission to share these happy meal printable games and coloring pages with you.


Win A Birthday Party Experience

To kick off the second year of the Pay Your Age offer, Build a Bear is running a sweepstake for your chance to win a birthday party experience worth up to £200.

There are also runner up prizes to get a limited ticket offer event to Pay Your Age for a new bear at most stores across the UK from 24-28 June 2019.

To enter and be in with a chance of winning, head to your online Bonus Club account and complete a birthday profile. This will count as your entry to win the party experience.

You need to complete the profile between 11-16 June 2019 to be entered.

If you dont win either prize, youre guaranteed to win a money off coupon instead plus, youre welcome to count your candles and get a cheaper bear as a birthday treat as usual.

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Pay Your Age On Your Birthday At Build A Bear Workshop

We love birthdays and so does Build-A-Bear Workshop! Their year-round Count Your Candles offer is available every day in the Workshop for those celebrating a birthday no coupon necessary! Bring the birthday boy or girl into a Build-A-Bear Workshop store to count their candles any day during their birthday month, and the age they are turning is how much it costs to make their own Birthday Treat Bear!

This fun offer is an exclusive perk of being a Bonus Club Member if youre not already a Member, its FREE to join.

How To Sign Up For The Bonus Club

Birthday Bear

The Build-A-Bear Bonus Club is absolutely free to join, but you must be an adult to sign up. So when you create an account, enter your information .

To sign up online, youll need to fill out a quick form with your name, birthday, gender and email address . After that, youll just need to create and confirm a password.

Make sure you check the box at the bottom of the signup page to be added to their email list. That way, you wont miss out on any Bonus Club-exclusive deals.

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Get A Free Gift On Your Birthday

Bonus Club members have to fill in details on their birthday when they sign up to the loyalty scheme.

This is so that when your birthday comes around, youll be emailed a voucher that can be redeemed in store for a free gift.

Were not sure exactly what these gifts are but weve asked the retailer and will update this piece when we know for sure.

In the meantime, we reckon it could be anything from bonus loyalty points to a free item from the accessories or clothing range for you or your bear.

Count Your Candles Birthday Program

Build-A-Bear Bonus Club members can take advantage of the year-long Count Your Candles birthday program, where kids 14 and under can pay their age for the new Birthday Treat Bear during their birthday month.

The birthday celeBEARation includes the full Build-A-Bear experience and special birthday extras at no additional charge, including

-Birthday Heart for Their Furry Friend

-Special Birthday Heart Ceremony

-Ringing the Birthday Bell and Announce Their Birthday to the Entire Workshop

The Count Your Candles Birthday Bear is regularly $14, so its a great birthday treat!

While they wont be able to choose just any bear, theyll be able to enjoy the experience during their most special month for less. The Birthday Treat Bear is different each year, so if youve gone before it should be different the next year.

Add-ons and clothing are extra, but if you keep an eye on the clearance section throughout the year, you can grab some clothing and outfits for the bears while they are discounted.

How to save money at Build-a-Bear

Browse the sale and clearance sections on the Build-A-Bear website. Many of the animals can be purchased un-stuffed and taken into the store to stuff for no extra charge .

Animals that can be purchased unstuffed will offer the option on the product page before you add it to your shopping bag. If the option for unstuffed isnt listed, that animal will arrive pre-stuffed.

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Build A Bear Birthday Pay Your Age

Ok, we are adding this in because it revolves around the birthday celebration, but truth be told you dont NEED to book a party in order to take advantage of the Pay Your Age promotion that the company has to offer.

Heres the deal as long as your child is under 14 if you bring them in on the day of their actual birthday AND you are a CLUB MEMBER THEN you can literally PAY THEIR AGE for a Build A Bear. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Here is an example Little Timmy is 4 years old. Guess what? Little Timmys bear will run you FOUR BUCKS. WHAT????????? How can you not do this? Put a note in your calendar!!! Do not miss this.

What Is Count Your Candles

It’s Build-A-Bear’s 20th Birthday!

Once youre signed up, youre eligible for the Build-A-Bear Count Your Candles birthday deal. All you need to do is bring your child in to any Build-A-Bear Workshop store in Canada during their birthday month, and theyll get to take part in a really special birthday cele-BEAR-ation.

Once youre there, your child will get to count their candles until they reach the age theyre turning and thats what youll pay for a Birthday Treat Bear! No proof of age or identification is needed, but a registered Build-A-Bear Canada Bonus Club member must be there.

A Birthday Treat Bear usually costs $14, and theyre only available in stores while quantities last. The minimum price is $1 , and its open to children under 14 years of age.

Thats not the only perk, though. When you bring your child in to celebrate their birthday, theyll also get all this :

  • Special Birthday Heart Ceremony
  • Birthday cake photo prop, sticker and party hat
  • Turn ringing the Birthday Bell
  • Happy Birthday song

Basically, you can treat the birthday kiddo to an entire afternoon of activities, and it wont actually cost all that much. Just note that accessories and clothes are extra. Youll need to confirm your Bonus Club account details at checkout in-store, and it might help to bring your ID for this.

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Free Birthday Gift At Build

Have a happy birthday with this $ off coupon at Build-A-Bear.

Enjoy $5 off of a $25 purchase plus special pricing on birthday bear for your birthday when you sign up for Build-A-Bear Bonus Club by Build-A-Bear.

Build-A-Bear Birthday Gift

For your birthday, take advantage of $5 off of a $25 purchase plus special pricing on birthday bears at participating Build-A-Bear locations.

  • Create a Build-A-Bear Bonus Club account at Build-A-Bear online and include your birthday details
  • Annual gifts are sent via email
  • Current Gift = $ off coupon
  • $5 off of a $25 purchase plus special pricing on birthday bear
  • Redeem In-store or online with a $25 purchase
  • The Build-A-Bear birthday gift is valid for birthday month

Birthday Parties At Build

Read Next

After attending a friends party at Build-a-Bear Workshop, my daughter was excited to host her own bear party to celebrate her 4th birthday. We had a fabulous experience and her party was one that we will not soon forget.

Booking the Party

Booking your party is super easy. I booked our party online, paid the $75 deposit, and was emailed a receipt. Build-a-Bear has resources online for planning your party, including printable invitations, to make everything go as smoothly as possible. We also set a price limit for each child On the day of the party, all you have to do is show up and have fun the Build-a-Bear staff takes care of the rest.

The Party

The group then went back to name their new animals. The staff did a great job helping each child pick out a name and kept track of everyones tags and names for later. Next came the most exciting part for the kids stuffing! The group played Simon Says as each child got a turn to stuff their animal. As a parent, my favorite part was next. Each child was given a small heart. They did an elaborate heart ceremony and made birthday wishes for my daughter before each putting them in her animal. They then did the ceremony a second time so each of their animals has a wish and heart as well.

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Is There Any Way To Save Some Money

Join the Stuff for Stuff Club. For every dollar you spend at the club, you will earn one point, which can equate to a gift card. According to the point redemption systemevery 100 points earns you a $10 gift card and along your way there are freebies too! At 150 points, for example, receive an outfit but at 250 get yourself a new stuffed animal. And on top of all this excitement? Youll even be rewarded with special coupons on your birthday as well.

Also, be on the lookout for coupons before going to the store. They are known for having $5 off a $25 purchase.

Get a Build-a-Bear app to receive special promotions, cool happenings at the local store, and/or coupons. If you are looking for something specific or just want an easier way of finding what is available in your area, try browsing eBay or Craigslist or even try to shop for outfits from Amazon.

Bear accessories and clothing can really add up in price. Keep this in mind when youre budgeting for your build-a-bear animal because the animal itself is not whats going to cost an arm or leg it will be all of the outfits that you want them to wear, like designer brands.

How To Get A Cheap Build

Belated Birthday Bear Gift Set

When its your childs birthday month, just go to the store and let them know youre celebrating a birthday.

You dont need to show any proof of age , but you will need to be a member of the Bonus Club.

At the moment, when you create a Bonus Club account, you dont even need to add the date of birth of your child.

You will then get to make a new furry Birthday Treat Bear and pay however old your child is.

As an extra special bonus, HotUKDeals have shared that when you get a birthday bear using the Count Your Candles offer, you also get a whole experience at no additional cost:

  • Special Birthday Heart Ceremony
  • Birthday Party Hat
  • Ringing the Birthday Bell and Announce Their Birthday to the Entire Workshop

This offer is valid in a Build-A-Bear store, so you wont be able to get one from their website.

Remember though, if you add any sounds, heartbeats, smells, clothes or accessories you will need to pay extra.

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Build A Bear Birthday Treat Bear

Build A Bear has their very own special birthday treat bear that is available for any birthday girl or boy to enjoy. The Build A Bear birthday treat bear is available in store during your Build A Bear birthday party.

Besides the adorable treat bear, you will get to reap other awards as well!

  • Make and take home a furry friend best party favor ever!
  • Fun themes to choose from
  • Packages fit any budget
  • A Party Leader guides the adventure
  • Earn Bonus Club points as a Build-A-Bear Bonus Club Member
  • Party-planning made simple with zero clean-up!

So, the birthday child gets the special bear, but their guests gets something pretty neat as well. Everyone walks away a winner!

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

You will get free admission to the dinner and show as long as you bring an adult with you that is paying full-price admission and sign up for the Birthday Fellowship. You will get your coupon 21 days before your birthday and it is valid for your birth month and the first seven days of the following month.

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Become A Build A Bear Bonus Club Member

To reap the most benefits of hosting a party, you must become a Build A Bear Bonus Club Member. This is a free program that allows you to get some major discounts throughout the year as well as during your Build A Bear birthday party event.

All you have to do is go online and sign up for a free membership. You could also become a member while in the store. The choice is yours.

There are several benefits to this membership and its all included for FREE. So, there is really no reason to NOT participate especially if you have little children.

Here are some of the reasons that I think the free program will be worth your while:

  • Earn Points Toward Valuable Rewards!
  • Get Early Access and Special Offers!
  • Enjoy Unique Events and Experiences!
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend.
  • Get $10 in rewards for every 100 points!

Everything Seems To Be Going Smoothly Up Until The Children And Their Parents Leave The Store Where The Friends Mom Announces That The Kids Need To Give All Their Animals To Her Daughter

Birthday Build-a-Bear

Immediately the children become upset and angry, handing over their stuffed animals with obvious resignation.

Apparently, the birthday girl wasnt being too nice about the exchange either, ripping the animal out of one little boys hands when he refused to give it to her.

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I probably should have said something, but I didnt. The other parents seemed pretty baffled too, the mom continued.

The party continued at the little girls house, where all of the kids had to watch their friend play with all of the stuffed animals.

I left with my daughter pretty quickly, and once we got back into the car she just started bawling. I felt bad so we went to build a bear and got her a new one.

The story seems to continue as the mom posted an update about her run-in with the mother who threw the birthday party.

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Companys Response And A Discount Voucher

On Thursday, Build-a-Bear offered an apology to its customers and a voucher to help soothe the hurt.

At some stores, customers handed out $15 off discount vouchers to customers turned away when lines were cut off during Pay Your Age Day, or to parents who were not willing to continue waiting in the long lines. Vouchers were also made available to Bonus Club members in the U.S. and Canada who logged into their accounts before midnight on Sunday, July 15.

Vouchers related to the event will be honored through Aug. 31, Build-a-Bear said.

The company released a news release later Thursday acknowledging that its Pay Your Age Day promotion generated an overwhelming response, resulting in long lines, extensive waits and disappointed guests.

We feel it is important to share that, based on the information available to us before the day began, we could not have predicted this reaction to our Pay Your Age Day event. We understand that many guests were turned away as, due to safety concerns created by the crowds, authorities in certain locations closed Build-A-Bear stores and, in other locations, we were forced to limit the line. Unfortunately, given these circumstances, we were unable to serve all of our guests for the Pay Your Age Day event.

Build-a-Bear also used the apology/explanation as an opportunity to tout the $15 off vouchers as well as its Count Your Candles promotion.

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