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Bubble Entertainment For Birthday Parties

Is This Good For A 1st Birthday Party

Bubble Entertainment for Parties & Events | Giant Bubbles, Hand Bubbles and Bubble Party

YES!! We do a LOT of 1st birthday parties! But the entertainment at first birthday

parties is usually for all the other kids.The one year old will enjoy the visuals, but their attention will wax and wane. It’s upto you to decide whether you would like a show or just the outdoor only party. TheBubblist can make bubbles and bring them to the one year old specifically as well.

The Bubble Show Workshop

The Bubble Show Workshop is a fun, creative hands on activity for kids of all ages and is ideal for the harder to please older kids, as I suggested earlier we all love bubbles.

The Bubble Show workshop is in two parts. The first part is indoors. This is where each child gets put inside a giant soap bubble. Can you imagine that?..this is a fabulous and rare photo opportunity, your child inside a bubbleit is the best!! and a photo to treasure.

The second part of the Bubble Show activity is outside, on a grassed area or similar.I give the kids some simple instructions and they get to make their own incredi-bubble bubbles with the special bubble equipment and using their own handsit is so much fun. Just look at the video and you will see what an awesome activity this is for kids.

Nothing Else Attracts A Crowd So Quickly Sends Children Into Such An Ecstatic Frenzy Or Puts Silly Grins On So Many Grown

I am a bubble entertainer specializing in creating smiles and memories that will last a lifetime. My bubble creations totally engulf an indoor bubble party or out, as my captivated audience is immersed in the transitory masterpieces and then some young volunteer joins me to be decked in a bubble hairdo or to be enveloped in the life-size bubbles that materialized around them. No one of any age can resist reaching for the glistening spheres and hazy rings, as they drift by and momentarily popped, leaving everyone awash in remnants of the soapy marvels. Bubbles. The impenetrably complex dance of surface-tension forces and invisible air movements. The beauty of swirling color patters as waves of light interact after reflecting from both sides of a layer of water as microscopically thin as a bacterium.

The awesome feats are augmented by bubble-making machines, colorful lighting, a musical soundscape, and interesting facts about the composition of bubbles, their history, philosophical ponderings about their magical qualities of bubbles.

As a bubble party entertainer, I will not only engage everyones imaginations, delight their eyes, and boggle their minds , I will also introduce them to the pleasures of a live performance while restoring a sense of childlike wonderment in everyone.

I have been entertaining and amazing audiences for over 15 years. Ill turn your next event into a bubble and balloon extravaganza unlike anything you or your guests have ever experienced.

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Making Events For You

Kids Party Entertainment – Childrens birthday party planner company in NYC. We specialize in parties and shows for children of any age.We do amazing shows, unique games, party characters, cotton candy, face painting, extra services and more for kids parties. Invite tokids party in NYC, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Hoboken or other NY & NJ areas.Order decorator for organizing unique beautiful area, or photographer to catch every happy moment of the event. We will provide you and your children not only with the widest choice of entertainment activities, but also with the best prices.

Kids Party Characters Mississauga


Kids Party Entertainers Toronto is Children party entertainment service who offers over 200 different kids party characters. We are an innovative company, that offers a unique twist in delighting and entertaining children of all ages. Our entertainers provide that extra touch to make your event special, and keep your guests laughing! We offer professional kids birthday party entertainers and corporate event entertainment throughout Toronto and surrounding areas of Southern Ontario. We have Magical Silly Clowns, Toddler Clowns, Balloon Twisting Clowns, Face Painting, Clowns, Circus Clowns, Kids Bubble Show, Magicians who perform a 45 minute interactive Comical Magic Show or Walk-Around Magic, Mascot Costume Characters, Caricature Artists, Princess Parties, Superhero Parties, Puppet Shows, Jedi-Training Parties, Pirate Parties, Advanced Face Painters, Advanced Balloonists, Inflatable Services or Jumping Castles, Animal/Reptile shows, Break-Dancing Parties, Santa, Elves, Witches, Easter Bunny you name it! If you want something unique and fun for your party, check out our site, today! Our prices are very affordable and we can help you! Contact us about making your event a huge success!

Kids bubble shows are magnificent, magical and mysterious. If you would like to wow your guest with aww! Then why not book one of our awesome bubble shows. We offer different types of bubble packages

We have in person and online Science shows for kids listed below:

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Check Out My Latest Project

Rebecca has narrated the Children’s audiobook. ” Beneath the Dragonwood Trees.” by Margot Elaine Jones. As well as the storyteller Alesandra, she is the voice of Purrina the Kitten- Kat, and Peter the lost boy who is looking to capture Ravenous E. Lee, the nasty wolf and win his badge of honor. The book is being turned into a movie!!! We have a GoFundMe project to finish the movie editing. All donations are tax deductable. As an added bonus, donations of $50 or more we will send you a free audio file of the book part one, to enjoy with your child. Thank you!

Do You Have A Toddler Package

We do! Our shows are appropriate for 2 and 3 year olds and we do a LOT of toddlerparties! Even 2 year olds love our shows. And we’re always guaging audience reactions.So if your toddler is getting antsy, we’ll speed through the show and emphasize the visuals and thehands-on play .

Another toddler option: We often do Outdoor Bubble Play for toddlers, so it’s allhands-on. Some kids will be there for the whole hour from start to finish. Most kids willplay with bubbles, run and grab something to eat, come back to bubbles, run off and dosomething else, come BACK to bubbles, etc.

If you would like the bubble show, we ALWAYS tailor it for YOUR group. Withsmaller children, we speed the show up a bit, keep it visual and very light on the science.You will be surprised at how we can keep their attention!

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The Party Program: Indoor Show + Outdoor Playtime

In our regular “Party Program” the Bubblologist will perform a 30 to 40 minute, INDOOR interactive show on the science of bubbles with rainbow bubbles, square bubbles, triangle bubbles, bubbles that bounce on bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, giant bubbles and the grand finale where every child gets a chance to be inside of a Giant Bubble!

For the rest of the hour the children will go to the OUTDOOR area where the Bubblologist assists the children in making their own bubbles using a wide variety of state-of-the-art bubble wands. The cost of this program is dependent on the actual number of children attending.*

5-20 children … $225.00 = 1 hour

21-30 children … $255.00 = 1hour/1hour 15minutes

31-40 children … $285.00 = 1hour 15/1hour 30minutes

The inside area is set up with a waterproof tarp of about 5 feet wide by 8 feet long placed under our equipment. The Children are seated in a group on the floor, in front of the tarp, when the show begins. The Bubblologist will arrive 15-20 minutes before the scheduled performance. He/She will set up outdoor hands-on equipment before the show begins.

*Mileage charge may apply if you are outside of our normal operating areas.

Bubble Birthday Party For Kids

310 446 6115

I’m Not So Sure I Want Bubbles Inside My Home

Kids Birthday Party Bubble Show By Chunky Onion Productions

Your home will be safe. Your floors will be safe. We always place a large tarp under our equipment to prevent any damage to the floors. We go to great lengths to protect the floor under the performance area. A little bubble solution may fall on the floor after a bubble pops over the audience, so some people prefer to place sheets or towels under the audience as well. While this is rarely necessary, it can provide peace of mind.We perform shows in homes with brand new hard-wood floors, white carpeting, you name it. Remember that we want you to want us back!

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Bubble And Games Party

For children aged 6-12!

Childrens parties with a big difference! If youre looking for something that stands out from the norm, then our super cool Bubble and Games party is just the thing. The party includes a huge variety of games, dancing and unique party activities that go down an absolute storm with kids!

Packed with heaps of entertaining activities, such as rocket balloons and fantastic parachute games . Theres amazing touchable bubbles that kids can actually catch without popping always a hit! Plus gigantic sized bubbles that leave them in sheer awe!

There are loads of great unique games like shuffle puffle, human mummies and games with our fantastic, humongous foam dice and other brilliant gigantic props! Kids love this!

The variety and originality of this party is one of the great things that make it so special. Its full of imaginative party games, dancing competitions and lively musical favourites like the conga and limbo dancing too.

Plus, if that wasnt enough watch your children be in awe and amazement as our crazy bubble and snow machines fill the room with an astonishing party atmosphere.

Our favourite bit of the party of course, is our jaw dropping finale where the children get to stand in our breath-taking Froggle Bubble Tower! We wrap an entire bubble around them. And it looks amazing!! (Dont worry the kids dont get wet and theres no mess! See it on our video.

* Bubble Playtime And Bubbly Fun Times Show* Outdoors

Get ready to be bubbleized.

Weather permitting, we offer Bubble Playtime facilitated by Rebecca Nile The Bubble Lady.

Put a Smile on Everyone’s face

Making your own bubbles is so much fun! We bring the tubs, wands, bubble juice and music too. You need level ground, maybe some shade, not too windy and enough space to move around.

Ready for the Bubble Barber Shop?

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Can We Do The Show In My Covered Patio

3 solid walls are needed to protect the bubbles from breezes – even air conditioning can prevent a show from proceeding smoothly. Possible solutions are: 1. A garage. or 2. A 3-sided pop-up tent. Covered patios only work if there are 3 walls that TRULY protect from the wind. Frequently covered patios actually create wind tunnels that make the show even harder! If your covered patio fits the bill, that is great. But please remember that everyone will have a much better time if we do what we can do well. If no truly protected space is available, you can still enjoy our Outdoor Bubble PlayParty.

Childrens Birthday Party Entertainment Service Toronto


Kids Party Entertainers Toronto Clown, Superhero entertainers, Bubble Parties, Bubble Science, Wacky Science, Princess Party, Pirates Mascot Characters visits, Party Characters, Movie Star Parties, Machine rentals childrens party magician, jumping castles, Jugglers, mobile petting zoo, Reptile and animal shows, foam kids parties, machine rentals, face painters, Balloonists, Star Wars Jedi, puppet shows and soo much more!

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Bubble Playtime With The Bubble Lady

BUBBLY FUN TIMES 25-30 MIN SHOW plus hands-on Bubble Activity. Bubble Fun for everyone.

Bubbles are sensitive to weather conditions and the hot sun. A shady area is needed for the show portion. Silly rountines from her indoor show, a fun bubble demo on how to use the equipment, AND Bubble Play. What could be better? When celebrating a birthday, special attention is given to the birthday child.

Super bubble juice, and a variety of wands for all the kids are provided. Plus Music!

I use tri-string wands, as well as garlands and nets to make giant bubbles, streams of bubbles and cluster bubbles. Parents and adults are encouraged to try their hand using these wands as well.

I’ll keep the tubs filled, and encourage fun interactive play amongst your guests, keeping children safe with tips while using the wands etc.

PARKING ESSENTIAL in the immediate area and level ground to spread out the tubs. The kids need space to run around and chase the bubbles without colliding.

Bubbles are sensitive to weather conditions and the hot sun. Unfortunately, if it rains, we will have to cancel. Unless there is a protected outdoor area. If it is really windy, it is difficult to make the larger bubbles. Very dry and hot weather are also not ideal conditions for making bubbles. When selecting a location and time, we advise avoiding windy areas. It is best if there is SHADE and not at the hottest time of day.



Can I Video The Best Bubble Show

No video or audio recording is allowed during the show. However, you may take all the still photos you like. You may videotape the final portion of the show when the children get to go inside a giant bubble. We suggest you turn off the “red eye remover” setting on your cameras for the best bubble photos.

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We Have No Plans To Stop Growing Because We Love What We Are Doing

+200 Characters Available

Each our party is unique and prepared up to your wishes. We do have different game programs for any kids age.

+60 Handmade Costumes

We cooperate with professional seamstresses who prepare costumes of our designs. All materials are bright and colorful.

+5 Unique shows

We have already 5 unique shows which make each event unforgettable. And this amount increasing.

My Party Starts At Xx O’clock When Should You Come

Emma and Kate’s Surprise Bubbles 5th Birthday Party!!

Any time during the party is fine. Just make sure to schedule the show a minimum of 30 minutes after the party start time. In our experience, people ALWAYS arrive late. 30 minutes should give your guests time to arrive late and still enjoy the show. The exception to this is when you schedule our Outdoor Bubble Play. The Outdoor Bubble Play may be scheduled at the very beginning of the party to give the children an activity to welcome them as they arrive.

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Bubble Parties For Kids

Bubble Parties for Kids.

A Bubble Music Party is an age appropriate, mobile entertainment program of “kid friendly” music, interactive dancing, games and LOTS OF BUBBLES! This program is geared toward young children between the ages of 3 to 7.


Any party that requires energetic entertainment for kids!

What Our Clients Say

The kids at Tutor Time LOVE Mr. Bungles when he comes. We are excited to have him back next summer!

Emily Novicki- 9/18/19

Great show! Thank you! The lids loved it and always have a great time!

Cyndi Palaia- Westport Parks and Recreation 9/17/19

Mr. Bungles has entertained at the librarys annual beach party for over 6 years. Everyone loves him. He will be invited back for many years.

Kathleen Gordon- Derby Neck Library 9/17/19

Mr. Bungles was so much fun! The kids loved the entertainment and how funny he was. The balloon hats were amazing. The kids loved them! Cant wait for Mr. Bungles to make us laugh again.

Michele Linane- 9/16/19

The children as well as the teachers loved the show, along with the large bubbles.

Mr. Bungles was full of energy and both children and staff laughted the entire time.

Thank you for coming. The kids had a lot of fun!


Very professional! Easy to work with.

We loved having the Mr. Bungles Bubble Show! It was very entertaining. The kids were laughing and having big smiles on their faces from the performance.

Michele Linane 7/30/19

We loved the show. Seeing the kids laughter was the best thing ever! You kept them totally focused on you and involved on the show. Thank you for the extra balloons!

Giovanna Parre 7/20/19

My daughter was so excited with her bubble party and so were all of our guests. It was the perfect entertainment for the kids of all ages!

Lori Ross 7/20/19

Brendan Dunn 7/3/19

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What Exactly Will A Bubble Performer Do At Your Event

A modern Bubble Artist will provide your crowd will a special type of entertainment in the form of bubble tricks that will include amazing feats such as: bubble sculptures, bubbles inside of bubbles, smoke inside of bubbles and tiny bubbles to gigantic bubbles!

Mainly, a Bubble Performer will entertain your audience with a fantastic live show that will put the wow factor into celebrations and impress your guests, whatever their entertainment tastes may be.

What Ages Are Appropriate For A Bubble Party


The Best Bubble Party is geared specifically for kids from 2 to 12. However, even 1 year olds can appreciate the visual show. And adults and even teenagers are always surprised at how much fun they have! Our Bubblists always create the show that is appropriate for YOUR group. Older kids have been known to declare, “I had no idea bubbles were so cool!”

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Want To Know More About Bubble Performers

Read on for the most comprehensive guide to booking a Bubble Performer, including how much a Bubble Performer costs, exactly what they will do at your event, plus tips, advice and information to help make your event one to remember!

With a Bubble Performer, you will get a professional Bubble Artist who will dazzle children and adults alike with skilful Bubble trickery!

I’d Like More Information About What You Do

We offer a range of services, depending on what you want. We offer indoor shows onthe science and magic of bubbles.We have outdoor hands-on activity where the kids get to make their own bubbles.Our most popular program is our indoor show paired with outdoor activity for the kids.We start inside with a really fun, visual show on the science and magic of bubbles.We do big huge rainbow bubbles, square shaped bubbles, triangular bubbles…And for the grand finale, every child gets to go INSIDE of a bubble!Then we go outside and everybody gets a chance to make their own bubbles. We providekiddie pools as our bubble solution trays and a huge collection of fun, professional bubblewands .Our Bubblist helps everyone make lots of great bubbles and gives out bubbletips and secrets. The Bubblist can also make lots of bubbles for the kids who loveto run and chase and pop bubbles… And generally foster an atmosphere of fun around thebubbles.

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