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Birthday Gift Ideas For Corporate Employees

Group Birthdays By Month

New Employee Birthday Gift 2018

When we were small, celebrating birthdays was pretty easy, but as we grew we had to figure out a scalable way to recognize everybody. I got an idea from reading the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandbergshe talks about how at Facebook, as they scaled, the company adopted a monthly birthday party with a sheet cake with a square with everybodys name on it. We started doing that this year, and its turned out to be a great way to recognize everybody on their birthday monthwithout wearing everybody out with multiple birthday parties every day.

Zach Hendrix, GreenPal

Appreciation Gifts For Remote Employees

With so many amazing virtual or mail options out there, sending employee appreciation gifts during COVID-19 or to remote teams doesnât have to be boring. Take inspiration from some of our favorite remote-friendly employee recognition gifts.

33. Virtual event experience

With many shows still taking place online, a virtual event experience like a broadway show can be a wonderful way to treat your remote employees. Get your team together to discuss plans to all see the same show together and chat about it, or use this as a unique gift to thank an individual.

34. At home services

When you work remotely, youâre home a lot â which means you can quickly get tired of a cluttered space or a busy schedule. Give your team members an employee appreciation gift with real practical value with an at home service gift certificate. Encourage your team members to spend this on cleaning, decluttering, childcare, personal assistance, vacation planning â or any area that theyâd love some help with.

35. Video from their favorite celebrity or personality

If you know your virtual team member has a favorite celebrity or online personality, treat them to a personalized video from them. This is a super creative thank you gift, and one that works wherever your team member is. See if their favorite person is on Cameo, or reach out to their agent if theyâre not.

36. At home dining experience

37. Home office upgrades

38. Digital thank you card

39. High quality travel accessories

Staff Appreciation Gifts On A Budget

We know that not every company has a huge budget for employee engagement ideas. If itâs a struggle to get buy-in from your senior team or you simply want some super affordable ideas, these staff appreciation gifts are easy to achieve on a budget.

25. Personalized thank you note

Something that costs you nothing but can make a real impact is a handcrafted note of appreciation, thanks, or gratitude. Make your thank you note specific to an achievement or moment, and deliver it in a handwritten note, carefully crafted email, or digital card.

26. Fun company holiday day

Add some humor and fun to your workweek by designating a special fun day to say thank you to your employees. This is a wonderful way to build relationships and create a positive work-life balance â especially if you host a âbring your kids/pets to workâ day, or a family fun day to celebrate the warmer months. These themes translate well to remote work too, as you could host a remote picnic or pet introduction session on a video call.

27. Handmade baked goods

If youâre a great baker, bringing some homemade treats into the office is a lovely way to express your thanks. Freshly baked goods always make a wonderful thank you gift, so if your budget is tight but you want to make your team members smile, this is a go-to employee appreciation gift idea.

28. Virtual staff party

29. Wall of gratitude

30. Candy

31. Mood-boosting SMS texts

32. Public shout out

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Vie Oli Uvc Phone Sanitizer And Wireless Charging Hub

Doubling as both a convenient wireless charger with a UV sanitizing feature, this gift packs a two-in-one punch. Recipients can use this gadget to replenish their phones battery while neutralizing surface germs. The device fits most phones and phone cases. Additionally, the hub is compact and easy to carry, making it an ideal travel accessory. The combination sanitizer/charger comes in handy around the office or home office, too. This phone sanitizer and wireless charging hub is available in rose or black.

Learn more about the Vie Oli UVC Phone Sanitizer And Wireless Charging Hub.

De Lux Twilight Towers

Universal Birthday Gifts
  • What is it? A delicious assortment of chocolates, pretzels, and gourmet sweets in sleek, holiday packaging.
  • Why employees love this holiday gift: This employee holiday gift makes a statement. Not only does it show off the luxury ingredients, but the sweets will be gone before they even know it!
  • Price: $35.81 to $48.52

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Make A Charitable Donation

At GoodHire, each location has its own traditions, but celebration and recognition are important. At the Bay Area office, we have a monthly celebration of birthdays and anniversaries with cake and snacks. We also decorate the team members workspace on their birthday with balloons and such, and they receive a greeting card and a small donation to a charity they support.

Marielle Smith, GoodHire

And if those fifteen ideas dont inspire you, one of our favorite traditions comes from across the pondAlistair Dodds of Smoking Chili Media in the UK shared that every company hes worked for flips the equation: It’s always up to the employee whose birthday it is to bring in cakes for the rest of the office! I’ve always found it rather bemusing, but its what employees and the team expect, so I’m happy to go along with it Happy birthday! Now where’s our cake?!!

Want to easily track employee birthdays on your own? Namelys HR software allows teams to easily track and celebrate important milestones like work anniversaries and birthdays. See it in action by watching our product video here.

See how Namely’s flexible solution will help you streamline your HR processes by having your people, payroll, and benefits info all in on place.

Gifts For Employee Retirement

A long career and years of devotion to your company should be celebrated in style. Retirement is a huge milestone for anyone and is usually charged with emotions. You can always go for a classic present like a Wine Gift Set, which includes a stainless steel opener and a foil cutter and can be engraved with the company name or even a short message. Everything you need to enjoy your wineAnother option would be a present designed to help them fill up all that extra time that they will have. Think about their favorite hobby and get a gift to encourage it. For instance, if they have a passion for golf, a Golf Pouch that holds all of their valuables on the field is a nice and useful option. The perfect gift for your long golf matches

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Give The Gift Of Saftey

Among the Best corporate gift ideas for employees, Giving the gift of safety is always appreciated. You can send your employees a collection of masks, thermometers, testing kits, and gloves via an employee birthday gift program.

Providing your employees with PPE and covid testing kits may seem like an odd birthday gift, but it isnt! Masks and testing kits are expensive and hard to find. Providing these supplies will help save them money and show that you care about their safety.

This Employee Gifting Idea works for anyones birthday because covid impacts everyone. You dont need to worry about how they react to smells or the space they have in their home. It benefits both you as an employer and the employee who receives it.

Using an employee birthday gift program gives you the ability to buy materials in bulk. This lowers costs and keeps you prepared for everyones special day.

Chocolate Truffle Making Kit + Class

Best Birthday Gifts for Clients & Employees || Stackable Sensations || Promotional Product Company
  • What is it? A team building event for employees who have a sweet tooth. This shippable experience provides all the materials and guidance necessary to make delicious chocolate truffles with your team.
  • Why employees love this shippable experience gift: The hands-on aspect of this virtual event makes it fun whether they are making homemade ganache, decorating their truffles, playing trivia and games, and of course chopping down on chocolatey goodness.
  • Customizable? Yes

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Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

  • What is it? An online experience where employees can channel their inner detectives, split into teams, examine clues, and review case files to solve the murder of billionaire Neil Davidson before the clock expires.
  • Why employees working from home love this: Part escape room, part choose-your-own Crime Junkie adventure, employees wind their way through fun and exciting narratives by solving puzzles with their friends, family, or work team members.
  • Price: Starts at $8 per player
  • Customizable? Yes

The Best Corporate Gifts For Employees

Gifting your employees customized tokens of appreciation is an important component of building company culture and encouraging a healthy team environment. The right gift, at the right time, will go a long way.

Setting up a corporate gifting program is an easy way to plan and even automate sending gifts for your employees throughout the year. You can read more about how to set one up by checking out our article about it here.

In the meantime, weve pulled together some information about the best time to send corporate gifts for employees, as well as a short list of some of our favorite items you can customize.

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Why Custom Boxes Are Unique Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift boxes let you send employees and clients multiple products at once. Recipients get a box full of products they can use for weeks. With only one gift, recipients might use it one time and forget about it. The novelty wears off much quicker.

Gift boxes are also a great way to show employees and clients you value and appreciate them.

Why Do Companies Send Gifts

Employee Birthday Gifts

Companies send gifts for a variety of reasons. The most important among them is that sending gifts creates a touchstone moment in the mind of the recipient. Receiving promotional items creates a memorable experience tied to the branding of the gift in question. This fosters a positive impression of the company and provides the recipient the practical benefits of the gift. Its a winning situation for everyone involved, and with promotional items with a logo, the company can be sure that its brand image is flourishing.

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Modern Design Insulated Tumbler Available In Various Colors

If your colleague or business associate likes hot beverages like coffee or tea to kickstart the day or loves travelling, this is definitely a fabulous addition to add into the Christmas socks!

With these insulated tumblers which double up as a coffee mug, they can enjoy nice warm cuppa while on the go, thanks to the leak proof lid. It modern design helps to brighten up the day. A good Yankee Swap idea too!

Buy from

Gifts For Outdoors Lovers

Always encourage your colleagues and employees’ passions and hobbies. If members of your team have an outdoor passion, finding the perfect gifts should be relatively easy. There is a wide selection of Camping and Outdoor items from which you can choose.Anyone who enjoys spending long hours outdoors will be happy to have a 7-Piece Picnic Set. That set comes with a wine opener, two stainless steel knives and forks with polished wood handles, a polished wood cutting board, a zippered canvas wrap, and a canvas tote that holds three bottles of wine. Basically, everything you need for a full day outside, surrounded by nature. Add a custom lunch cooler to keep all the food and beverages cold, and you’ll have the perfect kit and the perfect gift. Enjoy long picnics with style

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Inspire: Summer Themed Box

  • What is it? An employee summer appreciation package curated with a focus on corporate wellness. Filled with high-quality office items plus energizing snacks and goodies that will help to keep coworkers full and focused all summer long.
  • Why employees love this summer gift: Theyll love that it will take one more thing off their plate instead of having to search the break room or their home for the right snack. Plus, the stone paper pocket journal will help them keep tabs on their projects or simply write down whatever they feel like writing.
  • Price: Starting at $25 + Free Shipping
  • Customizable? Yes

King Of The Grill Bbq Tool Set With Insulated Bag

Employee Birthday Gift

If your co-worker or business contact is an active grill and smoker chef , this will be the ideal Christmas present for them.

The BBQ tools are kept in with insulated waterproof storage cooler bag. This set is useful and efficient during holiday season, when they will be cooking tasty grills for friends and family.

With this complete grill set, they can enjoy interacting with his guests or work on other dishes.

Buy from

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Leather Accessories From Leatherology

Bifold Wallet with Flap, $90, available at Leatherology

Send employees a beautiful, full-grain leather accessory like a luggage tag, business card case, or keychain. For an extra special touch, add a debossed monogram or logo.

Though leather goods sound like a premium gift that could be out of your budget, Leatherology sells its bags and accessories without the markup, so customers don’t have to spend so much for a touch of luxury. You can fill out a corporate gift inquiry form at Leatherology here.

Thank You Gifts Ideas For Employee Appreciation

A simple thank you can go a long way, especially if it’s heartfelt. If you’re closing down the best year in your company’s history, if you’ve just gotten a huge client or simply had outstanding results from your team, then it’s definitely time to make them feel appreciated. Happy employees lead to happier clients and repeat business.Show them you value their work with a more significant gift that will be useful both at work and at home. Think of something out of the box and interesting that everyone will love, such as a Bluetooth speaker. Your team can listen to music at work to create a more relaxed atmosphere, but it is certainly a gift that they can also enjoy at home. A crisp sound woven fabric Bluetooth speaker has an elegant aspect and a soft touch due to the interesting knitted fabric covering it. It also has a range of 30 feet and a built-in microphone that makes it a dream accessory for a conference call or virtual meeting. Print your logo on the top for a more personalized touch. A woven fabric Bluetooth speaker will make your team smile

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Gifts That Can Be Purchased In Bulk

  • Daily Aspiration Calendar: An excellent neutral gift for an employee in your office is a calendar with daily aspirations that they can put on their desk. It is something that they will use every day for the next year and is a great gift.
  • Branded Notebook: A personalized notebook is a perfect gift for the writer in your office. There are still many people that would instead put pen to paper than take notes digitally. Suppose you have an employee in your office that prefers to write. In that case, they will appreciate a personalized notebook made especially for them.
  • Motivational Books: There have been a lot of books written on the topic of motivation and inspiration in the workplace, which means there is one for every type of employee. Giving your employee a motivational book as a birthday gift will help them know that you want them to succeed.
  • Socks: Who doesnt love getting a new pair of socks?! You cant go wrong with a fun pair of socks. Practical and perfect for any employee, socks make for a great birthday present. You can choose from several different patterns, styles, and materials.
  • Necktie Set: If your office place requires formal wear, especially a shirt and tie, then consider getting your coworker a new tie with cufflinks or a tie bar. A tie is something that you dont usually think of purchasing for yourself, so receiving it as a gift is a perfect way to feel appreciated.

+ Of The Best Employee Birthday Gifts

See the source image

Showing appreciation to your employees is essential in the workplace. A great way to express gratitude is to celebrate their birthday. A present will let your employee know that you put thought and time into acknowledging them. By purchasing a birthday gift, you will improve employee morale and help the recipient feel valued.

With a $50 or less budget, you can choose from an extensive array of gifts. You can even make sure that you get a personalized gift that they will appreciate. Below are some great ideas that will fit within your budget.

A Kudoboard business plan makes birthdays, shout-outs, and retirements SO much easier. Check out our business plans.

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What Are Good Employee Appreciation Gifts

Finding good employee appreciation gifts is an important, final step. When youre trying to show your team members you appreciate their hard work, then you want to select gifts that fit the bill. The definition of a good employee appreciation gift comes down to the recipient. A gift that one recipient might love, another might not enjoy.

Generic gifts are fine, but personalized corporate gifts are even better.

Give Gifts that are Personalized

Get to know the team member you want to gift to see what they like. Then based on their interests, you can choose an appreciation gift that resonates with them. This may be a wine basket, gift card to their favorite retailer, or even company swag personalized with their name on it.

Give Gifts that are Useful

Employee gifts can be something your team members can use for work or home. For instance, something to keep their work desk organized or a technological tool to improve their productivity.

The goal is to find something thats personalized, useful, and that resonates with your team. And, of course, that says, Thank you for all your hard work.

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