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How To Surprise Girlfriend On Birthday

How Should I Organise A Birthday Surprise For Girlfriend In Delhi Ncr

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Organizing a birthday surprise is easy, first of all you need to figure out what birthday surprise you want to give to your partner. There are different options that you can go for-

If you wish to do a party decoration surprise by yourself then you can check out the Party Store for some amazing DIY Kits. Other than this, you have the option of choosing your favourite birthday decor and then booking it with us. There are a variety of birthday decorations available for you to choose from. For more, you can also check out 8 Best Decoration Ideas for a Birthday Surprise.

You can surprise her with these best gifts for Girlfriend on her birthday by planning to arrange some digital gifts for her. This can make her feel special and loved. There are many digital gifts that you can choose from such as E-News Paper Surprise, Personal Radio Show, Guitarist on Video Call or Digital Frame Name.

On your Girlfriends birthday, you can choose to give her gift combos. The combos include Flowers-cake combo and flowers-teddy combos and many more. The ladies love flowers and giving your Girlfriend this can be the best thing. There are different combos such as 12 Mixed Roses & truffle cake, 10 Red Roses & truffle cake, 10 Yellow Roses & pineapple cake, 12 Red Roses & 2 Cake Jars, You are my Passion Combo and many more.

So, you can choose how youd like to surprise your Girlfriend on her birthday.

Reinvent Your First Date

Remember the first time you met her and later had your first date? You can do something with that. What about taking her to the place you had your date.

Remind her how you felt being with her at that moment, how beautiful she looked, the conversation you had, and what you ate. She will love you for that.

Make Her Feel Like A Princess With A Photoshoot With A Professional Photographer

If your girlfriend loves to take pictures, this surprise birthday idea will be perfect for her. Shell love getting her picture taken by a professional photographer and feel like a princess!

How to do:

Contact a photography studio and schedule a photo session on the day of her birthday. Remember to communicate with the photographer before and discuss what kind of theme fits most with your girlfriend. Dont forget about makeup artists too!

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Spend Quality Time With Her

Lets start with the very common wish of a girl, Every girl who truly loves you need your time, care and love nothing else and if you give her your time on her birthday then this will be the best day of her life.

Tell her youll not come to meet her then come as a surprise. Spend time together, go to someplace, give some time to each other and this will be the best birthday surprise for her.

Make A Scrapbook Or A Photo Album

Girlfriend gets the sweetest birthday surprise ever ...

Like notes, love letters, and postcards, a scrapbook or photo album is another way to surprise your woman.

While an album limits you to photographs, a scrapbook offers more flexibility. You can add whatever material you have and come up with a spectacular gift for her.

You end up marrying your girlfriend, and the album and scrapbook become one of the memories of your love for each other.

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Do You Provide Birthday Party Decorations In Delhi Ncr

Yes, CherishX offers you a variety of options for birthday party decorations in Delhi NCR. You can choose the one you like the best for your Girlfriends birthday surprise. Some of the best ones that you can go for are- Balloon Surprise, Fairy Lights and Lantern Surprise, Midnight Surprise and more that you can find in this category. Moreover, if you want to go for romantic birthday decor then you can choose Love wall, or Cupid Decor.

You can easily access CherishXs website and select the best option for yourself!

Surprise Her By Taking A Trip To The Beach And Building A Fort Out Of Blankets Sitting Under It With Wine And Cheese

This surprise birthday idea is sure to make her feel like a child for the day! You can even plan it out by taking her on a short trip to the beach beforehand. Then, set up a little fort out of blankets and drink wine and eat cheese with her.

How to do:

Start by creating a little fort out of blankets and setting up a small table for two. Then, order the food and drinks you want to bring along beforehand so that upon arrival they will be waiting there for you! Its sure to look like a scene out of a romance movie, perfect for her special day.

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Igp Is Loaded With Birthday Gifts For Everyone

When it comes to celebrating birthdays of the special people in your life, IGP exactly knows how to do it in a perfect manner with unique birthday gift ideas. Be it pleasing birthday gifts for mother or practical birthday gifts for boyfriend, we have it all. The birthday gift ideas range from delicious cakes and flowers to personalized gifts and gift hampers. Therefore, buy birthday gifts for father if you want to make him feel special on his birthday just like he did on yours. Present him with personalized diaries and pens, a formal shirt, kurta, flask and shot glasses if he likes to unwind with few drinks. You can also order birthday gifts for teens and valentine gift for her from our website and present it to your sibling in her/his teenage.

Surprise Her With A Day Of Pampering At A Spa For Two Including A Massage And Foot Rub


For this surprise birthday idea, youll need to take her to a spa for the day. Make it special by including a massage and foot rub. This will be sure to make her feel beautiful and relaxed all day long!

How to do:

First, find out what type of spa treatments she enjoys most. Then, book her a day at a local spa with you as her treat! If possible, as the spa center to play her favorite music and have a massage therapist and foot scrubber waiting for her at the spa.

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Time To Surprise Her Now With The Gift

Along with all these plans, you need to be most suitable for her on the day. No hassles for this! You can look for the best online shop and place an order on the gift in the shop. Are you now looking for the best online shop to hunt the gifts? MyFlowerTree is one of leading is one of the best online portals that incorporate a large number of gifts that will help you to surprise your girl on her birthday. Just get into the site and place the order on the gifts and enjoy the bond and the romantic time with her!

Rose Petals & Candles

There is nothing more special and romantic than candles and roses. Roses are considered as the symbol of beauty and lovefor ages. That is the reason they always have been an integral and essential part of the surprises.

However, this is not limited to using beautiful flowers and candles to enhance the beauty of the place and express your love. You can do other things like props or her on a special day with candles and a bouquet.

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How To Surprise Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday

Your girlfriends birthday is a special occasion, so much so that you can forget about your own birthday, New Years or any other holiday, because this is the one you dont want to screw up. Now, planning a birthday experience to rekindle the loving flame in her heart and make her keep you for a little while longer is no easy feat for a man.

You have to know what she loves, what she wants, what her favourite colour is, her favourite flower, her wishes and her dreams. Essentially, women want you to read their minds. Well, you cant learn how to do that, but you can organise a spectacular whole day birthday event she will cherish forever. Here is a foolproof guide on how to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday.

Most Importantly Give Her Your Time

Girlfriend gets the sweetest birthday surprise ever ...

More than anything, what a girlfriend wants is her boyfriend beside her on her very special day birthday. So, no matter how busy you tend to get another day, just make some time to enjoy with your lovely girlfriend on her birthday. If you guys cannot spend quality time every day, then just imaging how surprised she would be if you spend an entire day with her. To make any relationship last long, you must have time for each other. So, give her your time as much as you can. After all, she deserves to be loved on her birthday.

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Best Surprise Birthday Ideas For Girlfriend

Looking for surprise birthday ideas for your girlfriend that she will never be expecting!?

It can be hard to come up with the perfect birthday surprise for her. You want it to be something thoughtful and unique, but you dont want to spend too much or take too much time planning it.

Dont worry and take the easy road!

In this post, we will list out a couple of ideas that will help you come up with the perfect surprise for her, and discuss some of the thought that needs to go into executing each idea:

  • Why do surprise Your Girlfriend On Her birthday is important?
  • 14 great ideas to surprise her on her special day.
  • Tips for planning a birthday surprise ideas.
  • What to avoid during this surprise birthday ideas?
  • What to do if the birthday surprise ideas failed?

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Relax Her By Yourself

When your girl gives you a massage every day, you should sometimes tell her that you want to relax her on this way. After a hard day of working or even an entire day of dating, you should comfort and pamper her by helping her with chores, preparing a meal, and offering a massage as the ways on how to surprise your girlfriend indeed. You can schedule these things on a weekend or whenever you find her get tired with work and chores. Of course, this type of surprising acts is the best when you are both living together. However, there will be certain ways on how to surprise your girlfriend when you do not stay with her like buying her a cup of coffee, if she likes, after work or offer her a shoulder rub when getting out of work.

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Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend Under Rs 500 At Oyegifts

Birthday gifts by type

Birthday gifts for special occasions

Birthday Cakes & Toys

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Birthday gift for special 21st Birthday

Post Birthday Announcements On Your Website Blog Or Social Network Page

How to SURPRISE your Girlfriend on Her Birthday! – Part 1

Another great surprise birthday idea is to post a special announcement on your website or blog for her to read. This will be a great way to announce that its her birthday, and shell love finding out from you!

How to do:

Post an announcement that simply says, Happy Birthday to my amazing girlfriend! Im so glad to have you in my life! This will be sure to brighten her birthday!

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Take Her For A Spa Treatment

One of the best birthday surprise ideas for your girlfriend is to book a spa appointment for her. Even if she may not have been to a spa before, it will be a great experience for her. Most women love spa treatments and it will make them very relaxed and refresh their senses.

She may not be comfortable at first so try to get an idea about what type of spa treatment she would like. Speak to the spa staff first and get an idea of what treatment will be best for her.

Surprise Her On Vacation With Another Trip Shes Always Wanted To Go On

If youre thinking of surprising her with a trip, why not surprise her with one that shes always wanted to go on? This will be sure to make for an unforgettable birthday surprise!

How to do:

Find out where shes always wanted to go. Then, book the trip for the day of her birthday and pre-book all the activities that shell want to do once she gets there. Once you arrive, its time for a special birthday getaway just for her!

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I Want To Wish My Girlfriend Birthday In A Special Way In Delhi Ncr How Should I Do That

There are many ways to wish a happy birthday to your lovely Girlfriend. You can wish her by giving her a bouquet in the morning or bringing a cake in the evening. You can also get a music delivery to make her feel special, a surprise box or a big cute teddy bear. Moreover, you can choose to arrange some celebrities’ wishes for your spouse.

We offer these products and experiences in Delhi NCR, Noida and Gurgaon to make your birthdays special. So, you can just visit our website and find the products to your liking.

Birthday Ideas For Girlfriend That Can Be For Christmas

Girlfriend gets the sweetest birthday surprise ever ...

via: Pexels / Pixabay

We’re on a row, so we thought you could also use some birthday ideas for girlfriend that can be for Christmas.

Here are 9 birthday ideas for girlfriend that can be for Christmas:

73. Volunteer in Your Community.

Christmas is all about being charitable and so should be birthdays.

74. Take a Painting Class.

You could paint each others portraits as Christmas or birthday gifts.

75. Go on a Double Date.

The more, the merrier!

via: Unsplash / Giovanna Gomes

76. Go to a Concert.

Whether its Christmas carols or her favorite band, your girlfriend will appreciate a good concert.

77. Go to a Car Show.

If shes into cars, that could be a great way to spend her birthday or Christmas day.

78. Make Matching T-Shirts.

These should go nicely with your matching Christmas sweaters.

79. Buy an Instrument and Learn to Play It Together.

And for your girlfriends next birthday, learn to play her favorite song.

80. Go Ice Skating.

The most picture-perfect winter activity.

via: Unsplash / loly galina

81. Buy a Cheap Drone and Take Turns Flying It and Probably Crashing It

Because why not?

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Go Out For A Shopping Spree

This is an idea that will surely get you a million brownie points. Try to save up before her birthday and gather a large amount of money which you can spend with her on a shopping spree for her.

Do not tell her this plan beforehand. Just tell her that we are going to a mall and tell her to buy some stuff that she likes. Keep shopping until your budget runs out.

Take Her A Good Dinner

If she or you cannot spend much time for a dating, you can just go out with her to get a good dinner. The chosen restaurant should be a new place with positive reviews or an old place that you both like but long time no visit. In addition, if you wonder how the restaurant should be, you can ask her close friend who knows exactly what she likes before deciding so that she will enjoy the dinner with you in an exciting way.

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How Should I Book Girlfriends Birthday Experiences With Cherishx In Delhi Ncr

Booking the services of CherishX is easy. You dont have to run here and there. The steps to book are simple. You can sit right at your place and book an experience or decor of your choice.

To book any experience or decor, you need to follow these steps-

  • Select an experience/decoration you love.
  • Select your date and time to complete the booking.
  • Fill in your address and other details.
  • Complete the payment.

A Thrilling Experience Before Lunch

How To Surprise Your Wife On Her Birthday During Lockdown (Quarantine)

A birthday is not just about the material gifts you receive, its about the memories you make as well. So dont stay at home, rather take her out on a picnic, or head out to the great outdoors where you can go swimming in a lake, walk through the woods, or, if shes a wild cat, take her out on an extreme date.

A real man has a natural thirst for adventure. Zip lining, paragliding, canyoning, white water rafting, the possibilities are endless and you want her to feel pretty excited and beat up before the pampering and relaxing part of the day can begin in the afternoon.

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Retro Turntable For Your Favorite Music

A vinyl record lover will be pleased to receive a turntable as a birthday present. But it is better to choose a model with the ability to connect any device via Bluetooth. Such a turntable wont only become a stylish detail in the interior, but most likely, it will awaken the spirit of the collector.

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