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Where To Have A Dog Birthday Party

Ying With Your Pooch: How To Throw A Dog Birthday Party

Throwing My Dog an EPIC Birthday Party!

Any pet lover knows the benefits of owning a dog. Having a dog can make you happier, healthier, and improve your sense of security and safety. These animals are known as being best friends for a reason.

Because your dog brings so much to your life, its only reasonable that you would want to celebrate their life when you have the chance. Throwing a dog birthday party is a great way to make your furry companion feel special, and show them how much you appreciate them.

If the thought of throwing a dog party overwhelms you at first, dont worry. A dog party can be similar to a humans birthday party, with a few key differences.

Below, were sharing a guide to everything you need to know to throw your birthday dog the party they deserve. Read on to learn more, and start party planning today!

What Do I Need To Arrange A Play Area For My Dog At Home

Two elements are at play here first, consider what your dog likes as far as play goes. Second, youll want to incorporate the best invisible dog fence for your yard so that your pet is protected in her area.

Sit down and draw up a plan for what youd like in your backyard play area considering your budget as you do so as well as the size of your backyard area. Does your dog like to climb or does she like to play tug of war? What will you use as a means of water supply? Is the backyard shaded? All of these questions should be factored in when you are creating your own DIY dog play yard.

You might be surprised that many of the play areas in a DIY dog play yard are rather easy to create. You can use materials around your home for some items other play areas can be constructed from low-cost materials too.

Jacquelyn Hoope from The Pampered Pup

Dog Themed Sweet Treats

Berry Pup-sicles are a great way to offer a naturally sweet treat kids love. Frozen smoothies become a themed delight when paired with puppy paw silicone molds.

  • Smoothie Recipe
  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Optional: Squirt of honey or Agave
  • Puppy Treat dog bones will give the kids pause since they look just like the real thing! But these Scooby Doo graham cracker sticks are a perfect addition.
  • Puppy Chow sweet Chex mix is another kid favorite. The recipe is on the box and easy enough for my 9 year old to make. The bonus is that it looks just like dog food, so serve it up in a clean dog bowl for maximum effect.

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Inside Gogglebox Star Georgia Bells 2nd Birthday Party For Her Dog With Incredible Balloon Display And New Baby

  • 20:58, 9 Sep 2022

GEORGIA Bell has thrown a lavish birthday party with an incredible balloon display for her beloved pet dog.

Taking to Instagram on Friday morning, the Gogglebox star shared a series of adorable snaps of Vinnie, a grey Staffordshire Bull Terrier, as he celebrated his second birthday.

In a heartfelt tribute, Georgia wrote: “Happy second birthday, Vinnie! The most loving dog you could ever imagine. The best big brother to little Hugh. We love you so much.”

Posing next to a number gold, white and light green balloons, the two-year-old Staffy smiled for the camera – and fans couldn’t get enough of it.

Alongside an array of red love heart emojis, one person penned: “Every time I see Vinnie on Gogglebox I say, ‘I love that dog, hes beautiful.'”

Echoing their comments, someone else said: “Happy Birthday, Vinnie! You are beautiful! I hope Georgia spoils you with presents and cake.”

While a third gushed: “He is, quite literally, the most stunning dog I have ever seen.”

How You Can Minimize Pet Anxiety At A Pet Birthday Party

7"  Puppy Plates

If your dog is an invitee to a birthday party, think about your dogs personality, history of interactions with other dogs, etc. before you accept the invitation. No one wants to cause their pup distress on whats supposed to be a fun and happy day.

If youre the birthday party host, its important to consider your dogs feelings first. Parties are often noisy and chaotic, especially if children or other dogs are there.

How will that make your dog feel? If your dog doesnt like crowds or other dogs, it could make them anxious or stressed. If so, you might want to ask if the party is for you to enjoy or for both of you to enjoy? Ideally, the party will be a fun time for everyone!

Planning ahead of time can make all the difference. For example, if the birthday boy or girl is territorial about their home or toys, its probably best that you choose a turf neutral location rather than hosting it inside your home. Also, keeping the guest list small and the party time to less than two hours can reduce stress for everyone.

If the party will be held in your home, giving your pup a safe space to retreat can help. All you need for a pup safe space is a corner they can call their own, preferably with a cozy bed to curl up in and feel safe. Then, if they start feeling overwhelmed, they can take a break in their safe space.

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Trixie Agility Dog Training Ring

Set up this outdoor training ring and let the games begin! This kit is suitable for dogs of all sizes, so every pooch at the party can give it a go. It can be raised or lowered to accommodate pups with different comfort levels, and it comes with a handy booklet, so no experience is needed to join in the fun.

For Adult Birthday Parties

Where will my adult birthday party take place?

Adult birthday parties take place in either our private or semi-private event areas. Our private event spaces offer full audio-visual capabilities. Many of our semi-private event areas include billiards and shuffleboard tables – added fun for your guests. Browse venue info here then contact a Party Planner. PLEASE NOTE: Rental fees for these areas apply.

How many guests are required to book an adult birthday party?

Our private event spaces require a minimum of 15 guests ordering from our Buffet Service.

Are drinks included in buffet packages?

Unlimited soda, coffee & tea are available at an additional cost. We can also offer a cash bar, open bar, drink tickets and bar by the hour in locations where available.

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Birthday Cake Dog Hat

We cant promise your dog will want to wear a birthday cake hat, but just one picture of him in it is priceless. It comes in two sizes and has an adjustable toggle to secure it in place. If your dog just isnt in to wearing anything on his head, go for a birthday bandana instead. Get ready for Instagram likes!

via merchant

Dog Birthday Party Ideas: Its Paw

Dog Birthday Party Ideas: 3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Your Dogs Birthday

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Celebrating birthdays and important dates is a time-honored tradition among families. And dogs are, without a doubt, members of the family. So, its not at all far-fetched to celebrate your pups birthday, adoption anniversary or gotcha day with a party!

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Picking A Venue For Your Dog

With a theme in mind, you can now start looking for an appropriate venue. Our recommendation is to keep it simple and in a familiar place that your dog is used to and feels comfortable.

We recommend a good-sized backyard. Picking an outdoor space allows you to have plenty of pups around without worrying too much about what they may do. Make sure the invited dogs are well trained if you decide to choose an indoor venue such as your house.If you dont have a spacious backyard or in a city, then inquire with your local doggy daycare on whether there are other appropriate venues pet owners may be allowed to rent out for special occasions. With the growing popularity of owning a dog, there are now more venues that cater to dogs. You may be surprised to find several places or businesses available to host a birthday party for your dog. Also, weve heard the next best option has been your local dog park or dog beach and its a great way to meet new pet owners who might be at the dog park during the party!If this isnt feasible, explore a friend or family members place that may have a spacious, fenced backyard you can use.

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Frisco Happy Birthday Dog Crown

Treat your dog like royalty for a day with this majestic crown, a sparkly gold plush number with adjustable ear loops. We like that its made of soft polyesterno sharp cardboard edges here, and no cleaning up shredded paper when your pup decides theyve had enough of being called your birthday majesty.

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Go On A Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

For a party geared towards older teens and adults, go on a Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt in Old Town San Diego. Teams of up to six scour the streets of historic Old Town, looking for clues to eliminate suspects and discover whodunnit. Each team has their own separate investigation but will be competing against others. The first gang to solve their mystery, with the least help from headquarters, wins. While there is no age limit, the puzzles are not suitable for those under 12 years old.

For Kids Birthday Parties

Unicorn Dog Birthday Party Box

What are Power Taps?

Power Taps are a fun new way to play Dave & Buster’s games! They can be used exactly like a Power Card® to activate a game or to redeem tickets for prizes except that they take the form of a wand, a lanyard or a wristband! To activate a game, just tap your Power Tap on the screen of the game, unlike a Power Card which must be inserted into the swipe.

How long will the kids birthday party last?

Kids’ birthday parties are booked for two hours however, after your scheduled event time ends, you are welcome to stay and play games in the Million Dollar Midway for as long as you like. Each location does offer set hours for kids’ birthday parties.

How many guests are required to book a kids’ birthday party?

A minimum of 10 guests are required for the Field Goal package. A minimum of 15 guests are required for the Kick off Buffet package. Maximum seating capacity varies by location.Locations may require a minimum spend depending on the location and time of event.

Do I have to provide food for adults that attend my kids’ birthday with their children?

Seating is provided based on kids birthday package count plus chaperone requirement. Additional adult seating requires food service. For adults attending, you can add them to your selected package or allow them to order off the regular restaurant menu.

Can I book a kid’s birthday party online?The date or time that I need for my child’s birthday isn’t available online. What are my options?

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Go Fund Me Page Set Up To Help Support Family Of 6

A 6-year-old girl was attacked by four dogs during a birthday party held in Nashua Saturday and was rushed by air ambulance to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Community members in Nashua and beyond have rallied behind Madison Hanson and her family to help them as she recovers at U of Is Stead Family Childrens Hospital.

Chickasaw County Sheriff Marty Hemann said that deputies were called to a home on Panama Street in Nashua just before 4 p.m. and learned that the four dogs that belonged to the family hosting the party had attacked the young girl.

Although officials did not release her name, social media accounts indicated that Hanson was the victim of the attack.

The deputies went right to work on her, and really, everyone at the scene worked together to help her, Hemann said.

Deputies and EMS personnel at the scene set up a helicopter landing zone at the Nashua-Plainfield High School football field, and Hanson was flown to Iowa City, where according to a post on a Facebook page titled Miss Madisons Road to Recovery, she underwent eight hours of surgery to repair the multiple areas on her body that were injured.

The Facebook page dedicated to Madis recovery also contained a link to a Go Fund Me page for those who would like to help her parents, Katelyn Paxon and Randy Hanson, with their daughters medical expenses.

The Go Fund Me page to help the family with medical expenses is gofund.me/dec8c219.

Gogglebox’s Sophie Sandiford Shares Rare Snap Of Boyfriend On Boozy Date

Georgia is no stranger to melting hearts after she celebrated her baby son’s first major milestone last month.

The 22-year-old, who appears on Gogglebox with her pal Abbie Lynn, gave birth to little Hugh in July.

Lifting his tiny foot in the air gently with her hand, Georgia said: “Little toes, I can’t deal.”

She added: “I can’t believe yesterday he was one whole month with you.”

Unfortunately, being in the public eye has meant Georgia has already fallen foul of mum-shamers online.

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Plan A Ballistic Bubble Soccer Game For Your Teenagers Birthday

What is Ballistic Bubble Soccer? Its a cross between soccer, sumo wrestling and football. Each player dons a plastic bubble suit and takes to the field trying kick the ball to score a goal. Expect lots of bumping into fellow competitors, rolling on the ground and laughter. The suits come in different sizes to fit all ages. Ballistic Bubble Soccer of San Diego has been in business for over 15 years and is ready to help you plan your teenagers next birthday party.

Pooch Creamery Birthday Cake Flavor Ice Cream Mix

My Dog’s EPIC Birthday Party!!!!

Cake not enough? Pooch Creamery understands. Thats why theyve formulated this birthday-cake-flavored ice cream just for dogs. Its made with lactose-free whole milk, so its suitable for all ages and breeds. All you have to do is add water to the powdered mix and freeze. Reviewers say to let it sit for a minute once you pull it out of the freezer, and the real pros add bananas for extra party power.

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For All Birthday Parties

Can I bring a cake or cupcakes?

Absolutely! We just ask that it is store-bought and not ice cream or an ice cream cake. For adults, we also offer delicious dessert choices that can be added to your birthday package.

What does Dave & Buster’s provide for the guest of honor?

The birthday honoree receives tickets or extra game play on their game card depending on the package purchased. We will provide plates, napkins, silverware and all utensils needed for your cake-cutting and serving, should you wish to bring one with you.

Can I decorate for the birthday party?How long do Power Cards® last?

The games in the Million Dollar Midway require a Power Card with electronic chips to play. When you buy or recharge a Power Card, the chips are loaded onto it. The duration of Power Cards varies depending on the skill of the player and the games played. A general idea is: $15 = approx. 45 minutes of game play $20 = approx. 60 minutes of game play$30 = approx. 90 minutes of game playWant to know more about Power Cards? LEARN MORE >

What are my options to extend game play?

For just $5 more per Guest, you can add Unlimited Video Game Play which will give your Guests unlimited play on our non-redemption games.

What do I need to do to book a birthday party?Can I hold an event space without a deposit?What if some of my guests do not show up? Do I still pay for them?What happens if more guests arrive than the contracted amount?

Visit Brainy Actz Escape Rooms For Your Teenagers Birthday Party

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms in San Diego caters to adults and kids of all ages. With several themed rooms to choose from, your team will follow clues and solve puzzles. You have just 60 minutes to gain your freedom and win the game. Birthday packages are available that include a private room rental, birthday cake and catered food. Other options at Brainy Actz include two Rage Rooms, a Splatter Paint Room and the Slime Lab.

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Frisco Birthday Cake Hat

Now youre talkinggo full Mad Hatter with a wearable confection that can grace birthday and unbirthday celebrations alike. Ear straps and a cord with an adjustable toggle help this stay on your party pups head, though its a good idea to keep an eye on the birthday dog while hes wearing it.

Where To Host Your Dog’s Birthday Party In Dallas

Dog party theme puppy party theme ideas dog food

Your dog’s birthday is coming up and you would like to throw a party for him and his doggie friends. You have a theme picked out, the cake ordered, party favors planned but the one question you have – where should I host this party? We often get this question from our customers and hence decided to put together a list of dog-friendly places around Dallas | Fort Worth that would be a great location for a celebration.

1. The Shacks at Austin Ranch The Colony, TX

Picture courtesy: The Shacks at Austin Ranch

The Shacks is one of my favorite locations for a dog party. It features two dog parks for small and large dogs. In addition, they have 6 eateries including a taproom for the humans to enjoy on sunny afternoons. With a large dog-friendly patio, you can let Fido run around with his friends in the dog park while you enjoy a drink and bite while keeping an eye on him. I would call that a win-win! While there is a charge to use the dog park, if you purchase something from one of the eateries, entry is free.

2. Lakewood Brewing Company Garland, TX

This location has a beautiful dog-friendly beer garden outback. You can enjoy a delicious local beer while your pup also celebrates with Simba’s BARKery Doggie Ale. Lakewood Brewing has an on-site food truck serving up pizzas and snacks. Check out their events page to time the party with a band playing some live music. Please note that the dogs need to be on-leash in the beer garden.

Picture courtesy: Lakewood Brewing Company

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