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Alligator Attack Handler Birthday Party

Alligator Attacks Handler At Childs Birthday Party In Utah

Alligator attacks handler at childâs birthday party in Utah

Alligator attacks handler at children’s party

The alligator grabbed the handler’s hand and pulled her into the tank before help arrived.

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – A guest at a Utah reptile center jumped into a large alligator enclosure to rescue a female handler pulled into a water tank by an alligator.

In a video captured by party guest Theresa Wiseman, a woman who is an alligator instructor at Scales and Tails, a self-described “educational and entertainment company,” attempts to guide a large alligator back into a water tank after it made its way onto a platform.

The instructor signs a command, signaling for the alligator to retreat back into the water as a group of children attending the party look on from behind a glass barrier.

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But instead of retreating, the alligator suddenly grabs the handlers hand and pulls her into the tank. With the handlers hand in its mouth, the gator thrashes and twists deeper into the water tank.

The husband of the woman who filmed the video, Donnie Wiseman, jumped into the tank to wrestle the handlers hand away from the alligator’s jaws with the assistance of Todd Christopher, another guest.

A guest at a Utah reptile center jumped into a large alligator enclosure to rescue a female handler.

Wiseman hopped on the alligators back, attempting to subdue the animal as Christopher worked on opening the gators jaws to release the instructors hand.

Inside Edition Caught Up With The Brave Bystander Who Battled An Alligator To Save The Woman From Its Grip

A man with his family at a Utah animal show bravely sprang into action when an alligator dragged the handler into its enclosure during feeding time.

Video shows a gator bite down on the handlers hand during a kids birthday party at Scales and Tails, a reptile and animal zoo, in West Valley City. She jumped into the glass enclosure to get better leverage. Then, the gator whipped the trainer underwater in whats known as a death roll.

Hey! We’ve got trouble! a bystander shouts.

One by one, the kids were taken away. Thats when the brave dad, later identified as Donnie Wiseman, leaped in. Without hesitation, he got on top of the alligator and held it down. The female trainer was finally able to break free and was pulled to safety.

Wiseman remained in the enclosure and continued his epic battle with the alligator, before the female trainer returned and tried to help. She told Wiseman to try to sit upright, and he was finally able to escape.

Now, hes being dubbed Crocodile Donnie.

Was there any point when you got in there and thought, oh boy I made a mistake here? Inside Edition correspondent Steve Fabian asked Wiseman.

No, not at all actually. I didn’t really even think about any of that. I needed him to let go. He was going to take her life if I didn’t get in there and get her, Wiseman said.

In a statement, the zoo expressed gratitude to all the civilians involved.

Alligator Attack Interrupts Birthday Party

WEST VALLEY CITY, UT. An alligator attack shuts down a birthday party at a reptile center in Utah. It happened on August 14th at the Scales and Tails. A guest captured the attack with her cellphone.

The alligators handler was trying to get the alligator to come back to the water. Suddenly, the gator grabbed her hand and tried to pull her into the water tank. Another guest, who happened to be the husband of the woman who was filming, jumped into action.

Donnie Wiseman tried to wrestle the womans hand out of the alligators mouth. At one point, the alligator went into a death roll. Eventually, the woman was able to get her hand free.

The handler was given medical treatment at the scene by another guest who happened to be a nurse. She was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

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Unfortunately Unlikeyour Average Party Guest Darth Gator Is 8 Feet 5 Inches And Weighs 150 Pounds

Its at that point that Darth Gator bit Ms. Bulls arm. Being the badass she is, Ms. Bull didnt panic. She assumed the gator would bite and release, but he didnt.

The alligator began thrashing about and Ms. Bull worried her arm would be severed or worse. When interviewed after the attack, she said,

You have two choices. You can either stay out and hes gonna rip your arm off or you go in and theres a chance you can keep it.

So she did what most of us would deem unthinkableshe voluntarily crawled INTO the water with the alligator.

At that point, another badass and genuine hero, party guest Donnie Wiseman, jumped in to help. In the understatement of the century, Mr. Wiseman first called out,


Dramatic Video Shows Alligator Attacking Trainer Before Visitor Jumps In To Rescue Her

Alligator Attacks Handler at Children

A Utah reptile center employee is recovering after an alligator yanked her into its enclosure during a presentation, thrashing her around before a fast-acting visitor leapt inside and helped free her from its jaws. The dramatic scene, which was captured on video, unfolded during a 5-year-old’s birthday party, CBS affiliate KUTV reports.

Video taken by a guest shows an unidentified handler at Scales & Tails Utah, in suburban Salt Lake City, talking to some adults and children about the alligator Saturday when it bit her hand and dragged her into the water.

HEROIC ACT: Video rolling during a 3-year-old’s birthday party showed the moments a handler was bitten by an alligator in West Valley and pulled into an enclosure – and the split decision that led a visitor to jump in and help free her. Details: Theresa Wiseman** Children’s faces blurred to protect their identities.

Posted by KUTV 2News on Monday, August 16, 2021

Shane Richins, the company’s owner, said in an interview Monday that the handler was opening the enclosure to feed the the 8-foot gator named “Darth Gator” as usual, but this time the reptile “got a little extra spunky.”

Richins told KUTV that while the handler’s hand was in the gator’s mouth, she knew she should move with him in the water. It was the only way to ensure the gator wouldn’t rip-off her arm

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Alligator Found In Wisconsin Lake Possible Owner Comes Forward

Wild footage shows a powerful alligator named Darth Gator snapping hold of its handler and yanking her into the water at a Utah kids party with a heroic parent leaping in to wrestle it so she could escape.

Scales & Tails Utah employee Lindsay Bull, 31, was filmed Saturday entering an enclosed tank to feed the 8½-foot animal as young kids and their parents stood watching from inches away.

As soon as she entered, the 150-pound reptile appeared to try to leave the enclosed area, then violently snapped down on Bulls left hand as she tried to push him back.

Hey, we got trouble here! one of the parents yelled out as Bull was pulled into the water and spun around as Darth Gator performed a so-called death roll.

Despite the clear danger, 48-year-old newlywed Donnie Wiseman leaped into action within seconds, again yelling out, Hey, we got trouble!

He then jumped into the water and onto the back of the gator, pinning it down to stop it further rolling or thrashing around at the 5-year-olds birthday party at the suburban Salt Lake City attraction.

As kids at the party cried in terror, Wiseman continued to lie on Darth Gator and control its movements, as Bull calmly gave instructions as another parent tried to help free her arm.

More than 90 seconds into the ordeal, Darth Gator started thrashing around again with Bull managing to free her hand in the struggle, and another party-goer, Todd Christopher, quickly pulling her to safety.

Then He Selflessly Leapt Into The Enclosure And Onto The Alligators Back Wrestling It Into A Temporary Freeze

You can hear people screaming in horror in the background . You can also see adults frantically pulling children down from the viewing glass.

With the alligator temporarily still, Mr. Wiseman and Ms. Bull calmly introduced themselves. They exchanged names the way you might as you casually pass someone at the parkyou know, a regular park where people play, not an alligator park where people are potentially on the menu.

After nearly a full minute, the alligator released Ms. Bulls arm and another guest was able to pull her to safety. But that still left Mr. Wiseman in the tank with the alligator. Mr. Wiseman, in an interview afterward, explained,

I thought to myself, you know, once I get her free, Ive got him by the neck, he shouldnt be able to get me, right?

Incredibly, Ms. Bull still had the presence of mind to calmly explain to Mr. Wiseman how he could get out of the tank. Even more incredibly, Mr. Wiseman was able to follow those instructions and get himself to safety.

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If Not Then Your Worst Birthday Party Was 1000 Times Better Than A Five

On August 14, a private birthday event at the reptile park in Utah devolved into chaos when an alligator, named Darth Gator, attacked its handler. Just a warning, this is a video of the entire event, and may not be suitable for small children.

Trainer Lindsay Bull said shed fed this particular alligator hundreds of times in the past three and a half years. But on this day, things took a terrible turn.

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In the video of the incident, Ms. Bull can be seen giving Darth Gator the command for back. But like you may have come to expect from your average attendee at a kids birthday party, Darth Gator wasnt listening.

Guest Comes To Rescue After Alligator Bites Handler During Birthday Party At Utah Reptile Park Watch Video Here

Hero jumps onto alligator that attacks handler during children’s party | Humankind

The creature bit the handler’s hand and dragged her into its enclosure.

A shocking incident of a birthday party at a Utah reptile park in the US turning into a horrible experience for children has gone viral. The unfortunate incident took place when an alligator bit the handlers hand and dragged her into the enclosure while children looked on.

As the handler struggled to remove her hand from the alligators mouth, a brave guest came to the rescue by jumping into the enclosure and helping free her from the jaws of the reptile.

The handler has been identified as Lindsay Bull, from Scales and Tails Utah, in suburban Salt Lake City.

The video shows Bull talking to a few adults and children about the alligator. As she stood very close to the alligators enclosure, the reptile suddenly came forward and pulled her by the arm. The animal then rolled violently as the Bull struggled to free herself.

However, Donnie Wiseman, a guest at the party, reacted quickly. Wiseman yelled to alert other staff and quickly jumped into the water and even climbed on top of the alligator.

The video showed children watching the scene unfold before they were escorted away by another guest. The video showed Bull keeping calm and Wiseman advising another bystander to her out of the enclosure so that her arm could be saved.

Later, the reptile park took to social media and said Bull is doing well and is in recovery. They also thanked and appreciated the men for their heroism.


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Video: Gator Suddenly Attacks Handler As Kids At A Birthday Party Watch

*A Utah family was enjoying a childs birthday party at a local reptile facility when an alligator had enough of feeling like a zoo animal and decided to be the alligator that it is.

While its handler was showing it off to the kiddies and their parents behind protective glass, the gator snapped and clamped down on her hand. The handler tried in vain to break free. Either she got into the cage to get better leverage, or the gator pulled her in. Either way, the gator ended up thrashing her about. The kids and parents looked confused, as to whether or not this was part of the presentation.

The alligator went into death spiral mode that swirl that reptiles do with pray in their mouths. One of the dads jumped in and jumped on the gators back, trying to keep him from thrashing/spiraling. Suddenly, parents began snatching their kids away from the site.

Dad kept straddling the gator until it finally loosened its clamp on the handlers gloved hand and she was able to get out of the tank. Now, pops had to figure out how he would release his straddle grip and escape without being eaten.

Watch below:

Dad Fights Alligator Attacking Handler At Kids Birthday Party

A hero dad is now being dubbed “Crocodile Donnie” after leaping into action when an alligator attacked its handler at ‘Scales and Tails’ in Utah! The dad was there with the children for a birthday party when the alligator suddenly bit and locked onto her hand.

She then jumped into the enclosure trying to get a better leverage over the gator. The gator then started whipping the woman into to do a death roll when the dad leaped into the enclosure to help.

Dad instantly jumped on top of the gator, holding it down until the trainer was pulled to safety. He continued riding, fighting with the alligator until the trainer finally returned to instruct him how to safely get out of the enclosure.

Watch the entire graphic video below.

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He Definitely Wasnt Expecting To Spend The Afternoon Battling An Alligator To Save A Life

So hats off to this hero dad for his quick thinking and courageous actions!

When Lindsay Bull went to work, she surely didnt expect to fight for her life with an alligator shed spent countless hours with over the years.

And of course, the party guests, including off-duty nurse Amy Christopher, didnt expect to administer critical first aid while awaiting the arrival of emergency medical personnel.

Incredibly, Donnie Wisemans wife, Theresa Wiseman, filmed the entire encounter without screaming, crying, and completely losing her sh*t so the rest of the world could witness such bravery and selflessness firsthand.

An Alligator Attacks Its Handler At A Child’s Birthday Party

Alligator Attacks Handler At Kid

A child’s birthday party at reptile center Scales and Tails in Salt Lake City took a dramatic turn when an alligator attacked a handler.

As the children gathered around an enclosure to learn about the alligator, the handler told the group that the reptile was not supposed to be up on the platform, so she needed to go in and get it to go back in the pool, even though it might be “kinda boring for a second.” But boring turned into chaos as the reptile lunged at the handler and clamped its jaws around her hand, pulling her into the water. Parents yanked their kids away from the scene while a guest, Donnie Wiseman, screamed out, “We got trouble in here!”

He then heroically jumped into the water and pinned the reptile down with his body, while a couple of other guests stood on the sidelines, not sure how to help. Throughout the ordeal, the handler remained remarkably calm. Between Wiseman’s bravery and quick thinking and the handler’s steady composure, they both made it out alive, and with all of their body parts.

Here is video, captured by Wiseman’s wife, Theresa Wiseman:

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Alligator Clamped Down On Woman’s Left Hand Forcing Her Into Water

A brave father jumped in to hold alligator down so the handler could get her arm back. Fox News’ Jillian Mele reports.

In a Tuesday interview with NBC’s “Today” show, 31-year-old Lindsay Bull said she realized the Saturday encounter was “going to be really serious” when the American gator “really bit down” on her left hand.

The predator clamped down on Bull, forcing her into the water and eventually flipping her over in a move known as a “death roll.”

That’s when Donnie Wiseman who was there for a birthday party knew he had to step in to help subdue the alligator known as “Darthgator.”

“I knew that if I didn’t get in there and hold this alligator down, he was going to tear her arm off,” Wiseman told Today.

Wiseman shouted to staff members for help and jumped into the water, wrestling the animal.

When the gator loosened his grip on Bull’s hand, bystander Todd Christopher pulled her out of the pool and Wiseman waited for a beat before making a quick exit.

According to Salt Lake Citys FOX 13, Christopher’s wife, Amy Christopher, administered first aid on Bull before emergency crews arrived at the West Valley City-based Scales and Tails.

Wiseman’s wife, Theresa Wiseman, captured the incident on film.

According to TMZ, Bull suffered a damaged tendon and multiple fractures and was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday.

‘we Got Trouble Here’ Alligator Attacks Handler At Children’s Birthday Party

A guest at a reptile center in West Valley City, Utah a suburb of Salt Lake City jumped into an enclosure to rescue a handler pulled in by an alligator at a childrens birthday party as frightened kids looked on and one yelled, Mommy!

Theresa Wiseman captured the video that showed her husband, Donnie Wiseman, coming to the aid of the instructor at Scales and Tails, a self-described educational and entertainment company.

This video shows the reptile center employee attempting to guide the gator back into the water tank after it jumped to the platform. She signs a command for the alligator. The animal then grabs her hand and begins pulling her into the tank.

Wiseman then jumps into the tank to wrestle the instructors hand away from the alligators jaws with the assistance of another guest, later identified as Todd Christopher.

In a statement released on , the company said the handler was provided medical assistance at the scene by guest Amy Christopher, who had a nursing background and started first aid prior to the arrival of emergency services.

The staff member was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery, according to local media reports. Credit: Theresa Wiseman via Storyful

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