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Places To Have A Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Crave Fishbar 945 2nd Ave New York


If youre looking for a more casual, laid-back NYC party venue, Crave Fishbar is definitely worth checking out. The space is chic, trendy, and requires minimal decor thanks to its already stylish furnishings. Their Octo Room can accommodate up to 80 guests, but also works for super-intimate parties with around eight guests.

Th Birthday Ideas: Plan An Epic Camping Trip Hike

Celebrate the fact youre only two years shy of adulthood with an epic camping trip. Invite all of your friends and family make it a weekend excursion, stay just for a night, or keep it as simple as a day hike. Find inspiration in these lists of the 28 Best Places To Pitch A Tent In The US and The Best Hiking Trails In The United States.

Movie Night / Netflix And Chill

Amp up your regular movie night and turn it into one worthy of your 16th birthday with playful decorations, lots of yummy treats, and a fun popcorn station or candy bar. You could even set-up the movie outside and have a concession stand! And if movies arent quite your thing, binge watch your favorite TV shows instead for a cool Netflix and Chill theme.

: At Home with Natalie, Une Table by Tania, Karas Party Ideas, Epic Parties by REVO, Crazy Wonderful

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Aqua Azul Yacht Pier 60 Chelsea Piers New York

Take in panoramic views of the city skyline as you cruise down the Hudson River on the Aqua Azul Yacht for an amazing sweet 16 birthday bash. Enjoy an evening of top-notch food, dancing under the stars, plus add fun features like casino tables and a DJ booth. Its 14,000 square feet and can fit up to 350 guests.

Celestine Restaurant 1 John St Brooklyn

Pin on Sweet 16 Venue

Celestine Restaurant is a gorgeous eatery with plenty of birthday party potential if your teen is a foodie at heart. Its tucked right beneath Manhattan bridge, giving you and your guests an awesome view, and has both indoor and outdoor seating options . As for decor, its stylish, woodsy, and very plant-forward. Its 5,500 square feet and can accommodate up to 120 guests.

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Tribeca Rooftop 2 Desbrosses St New York

On the hunt for a sweet 16 party venue with a view? Check out Tribeca Rooftop. This perfect sweet 16 venue in NYC features paved flooring, planted pots, and can easily be transformed to fit any theme. The space covers 14,000 square feet and can fit up to 300 guests . Theres also an indoor space available if the weather isnt exactly your BFF. Plus, everyone loves the rooftop NYC vibes.

How To Plan A Sweet 16 Party

As with any birthday party, the most important things to consider when hosting a sweet 16 party are a) the personal taste of the birthday girl or boy and b) your budget. We cant help with the latterbut as far as the former is concerned, we suggest you pick a theme. Yep, themed parties are fun, thoughtful and memorable celebrations. If youre in search of some inspiration, just pick from this list of birthday party themes and let your creativity take care of the rest.

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Book A Sweet Peerspace Venue

The key to hosting the Sweet 16 party of your teens dreams is picking the perfect venue. Rather than hosting at your house, consider booking a unique space to really make the occasion special. For example, you could host this coming-of-age celebration in a sleek loft or even a .

You can also tailor the venue choice to the birthday teens personality think of a theater for a thespian, a bookstore for your avid reader, a studio for a musician or artist, and so on. Peerspace can help you find a venue that fits your teens unique style, as well as accommodate a large number of guests.

And remember, if you think your venue needs anything, like special lighting, audio equipment, or catering, contact Peerspaces Concierge service. They are event and logistical pros who can score incredible deals and deliver whatever you need to your venue!

Hollywood Red Carpet Party

sweet 16 birthday party vlog

Create your very own movie premiere and stage a red carpet party for your special guests. This is one of those sweet 16 party ideas that creates a super memorable birthday celebration. Encourage your party guests to get all glammed up and join the birthday kid for an evening of chatting, dancing, singing, and having fun together. Add in some teen-friendly canapés and mocktails to add to the Hollywood theme party.

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Places To Have Kids Birthday Parties

Between planning the birthday party games, food and cake, and birthday party favors for kids, its easy to feel in over your head. But the following kids birthday party ideas and destinations will help you get your planning started, so you can cut down on stress and enjoy your childs birthday. Additionally, make sure to visit our resources on 10th Birthday Party Ideas for more specific birthday ideas.

Find Unique Party Venues In South Florida For Your Daughters Sweet Sixteen With Charter One Yachts

Want to know the best places to have a sweet sixteen celebration? Why, aboard a Charter One luxury yacht of course! If your lovely daughter is turning sweet sixteen soon, you want to have her party at one of the best party venues in South Florida. We have hosted sweet sixteen parties for many years and are experts in what teens like and expect.

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Th Birthday Ideas: Rock Climbing

Whether theres an indoor rock climbing gym in your area or you know a place you can try it for real in nature, rock climbing can be a memorable, fun way to celebrate your 16th birthday. To make your 16th birthday more interesting, hire a guide to take you and your friends out on a weekend rock climbing excursion. Spend the weekend learning the basics, trying it for real, and bonding with friends in nature.

How To Plan A Sweet Sixteen Birthday

Sweet Sixteens!

Follow these easy tips on themes, games, food, and decor to plan the perfect sweet sixteen or visit our resource on how to plan a birthday party.

  • Pick out Fun Sweet Sixteen Games: There are endless options out there for sweet sixteen birthday party games including a scavenger hunt, limbo, karaoke and dance party.
  • Choose Stylish Party Décor: If you keep your party decorations theme related they are sure to look amazing. Classic decorations options include birthday balloons, streamers, banners, and matching table decor.
  • Dont Forget to Enjoy: Once the party is here, its time to have some fun!
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    Suite 16 / Hotel Overnight

    Change the meaning of your Sweet 16 to be Suite 16 by booking a hotel suite for you and your close friends to enjoy on your special day. Keep it local or head to your nearest big city for a fun night out. Make sure you take advantage of all the hotel perks swim in the pool, get a spa treatment and order room service!

    Places To Have A Sweet Sixteen Party

    Places to Have a Sweet Sixteen Party

    Sweet 16 parties celebrate the coming of age of when girls turn into young ladies. Teenage girls often want to gather their friends for a special time to celebrate this milestone. Planning the location for your child’s Sweet 16 party based on your budget and the party theme helps to ensure the event is a success. Does this Spark an idea?

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    Th Birthday Ideas: Plan A Party

    You can never go wrong with a sweet sixteen birthday party. Since sixteen is such a milestone age, try making your celebration more interesting with a unique 16th birthday party theme. Make your celebration a sweet sixteen BBQ, 16th birthday luau, sweet sixteen pool party, or sweet sixteen costume party and make your own sweet sixteen birthday invitations to go along with your partys motif. Get creative and try tying your interests into your celebration in some way. A birthday guestbook is of big importance if youre holding a formal sweet sixteen party.

    Review Your Party Venue Online

    Quarantined Sweet 16 | Party Shut Down | DIY Party Ideas

    Finding a sweet sixteen birthday party venue can be easy once you can decide on your preferred?type of venue and the location. Searching on?Google maps can help you quickly find places in your area. Then its a good idea to research your venue to see what other people thought of that specific party place. You can find good reviews on:


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    Th Birthday Ideas: Attend A Sports Event

    If youre a sports fan, consider celebrating your 16th birthday at a sporting event, like a professional football game, hockey game, basketball game, or soccer game. Although this may depend on where you live and the time of year, its something any soon-to-be 16 sports fan should think about. Seeing your favorite team play on your 16th birthday will make it unforgettable.

    Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas For Boys To Have A Rocking Time

    Much of the hoopla about ‘sweet sixteen’ has made girls, who are about to turn 16, start planning their birthday bash a year earlier. But, why should girls have all the fun? A ‘sweet 16’ party for boys is a unique idea which can be celebrated in ‘boyish’ way!

    Much of the hoopla about sweet sixteen has made girls, who are about to turn 16, start planning their birthday bash a year earlier. But, why should girls have all the fun? A sweet 16 party for boys is a unique idea which can be celebrated in boyish way!

    A few things need to be kept in mind while arranging a sweet 16 party for boys. First of all, find all the cute decorations you used for your fifteenth birthday and dump them! The birthday boy is going to be sixteen! He is going to find all those cute birthday decorations girlish now! So, its better to have minimum decorations that look sporty. Secondly, take into consideration his opinions about the food, the theme, the guests he wants to invite, and everything else that will give him a feel of being big!

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    Old School Rapper / Hip Hop

    Show some appreciation for the hay-day of Hip Hop, where boom boxes, cassette tapes and gold chains ruled with this creative Sweet 16 party theme. Make sure you have lots of bling décor, and crank up the volume on all the old school rapper hits.

    :Catch My Party and 2, Karas Party Ideas, Whipped Bake Shop

    Planning A Sweet 16 Party


    As New Jerseys premier party venue, Jacques should be the first venue that comes to mind when families are looking for a place to have a Sweet 16. We know that every young lady is unique, and with our help, her celebration will be as special as she is. When your family meets our catering team, well take the time to learn all about your daughter and what will make her Sweet 16 party match her personality. Youll choose the perfect food menu to fit your style and budget, tour the venue, and choose from our variety of amenities. We offer digital photo booths, Hollywood style up-lighting colored to match the theme, and special treat stations that make your daughters birthday party an unforgettable celebration.When you search for the perfect venue to host your sweet 16 banquet, you want amazing service and elegance in a sweet 16 reception center that fits your budget. Our 4 hour reception packages are designed for a variety of sweet 16 birthday budgets, and they are all guaranteed to make your guest of honor feel like a Hollywood starlet. When it comes to sweet 16 halls in NJ, you can trust Jacques for quality, service, atmosphere, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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    Selamat Pagi Popular Place For Sweet 16

    If you have a taste for Asian cuisines and you want to experience the best flavors of Indonesia, then Selamat Pagi will be the perfect choice. Its quite an affordable place to dine out in NYC, and its ambiance is ideal for celebrating a little sweet 16 birthday with your two introvert friends.

    This eatery was opened back in 2012. This venue aimed to introduce the rich flavors of Indonesian food. They strive to serve both the traditional and modern dishes of the area. One thing that I liked there is that they use organic materials mostly, and they have vegan/vegetarian options as well.

    If we take a closer look at the menu, it is simple and elegant. You can see poultry items, seafood, and meat, organic and herbal foods as well. They offer a special brunch on weekends also.

    Their specials include the grilled Fish covered in banana leaf. You might also want to try out their Curry Laksa, which comes with tofu, shrimp, and eggs.

    The ambiance of this restaurant is quite and simple. You would not find any excessive noise of traffic or people here due to its location simple seats with small tables.

    The walls are decorated with Indonesian leaves and light pink wallpapers. You will see lanterns made of paper hanging on the ceiling. Still, it makes the perfect Instagram spot.

    Location: 152 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

    Sweet 16 Party Ideas That Seriously Rock

    Ah, the sweet 16 birthday partya treasured rite of passage that celebrates, um, lets just say being 16 and leave it at that. At any rate, weve rounded up a whole bunch of sweet 16 party ideas to help you plan a birthday celebration that brings down the house.

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    Where To Have A 16th Birthday Party 6 Great Venues For Sweet 16 Birthday Parties/where To Throw A Sweet 16 Party

    And if youre looking to throw a sweet 16 party, you cant go wrong with any of these 6 great venues for a sweet 16 birthday party.

    12. The house.

    The house will always make for a venue of choice for any birthday party. Not only does it save you loads of money on renting a venue, but it also allows you to be as versatile as you want to be and go all out.

    You can have the following types of party in your house:

    • A house party.

    Teenagers love house parties because they get the chance to let down their hair and have as much fun as they want in their space. With house parties, they can have as much food they want, play as much music as they want, and have as many fun activities as they want.

    And if you want some insight/ideas into how to organize a teenage house party, check out our helpful articles on How to throw a teenage house party and Things you need for a house party.

    • A pool party.

    Pool parties are another favorite because who doesnt love the chance to wear swimming outfits and have a great time by the poolside. If you have a swimming pool at home, why not make it a combo of a house party and pool party so a house pool party.

    Check out this helpful article on What to bring to a pool party.

    • A slumber party/sleepover party.
    • A backyard barbeque party.

    If you have a nice big backyard, then this is another great option for a sweet 16 birthday party. Barbeque parties are another cool laid laid-back chill party that everyone loves.

    • A backyard cinema party.
    • A game party.

    Community Center / Clubhouse / Ymca / Jaycee Center / Gym / Church Hall

    My sweet 16 birthday party! **vlog**

    These spaces are built to handle parties day in and day out and are generally cheaper than spaces that are more furnished and decorated. These types of spaces benefit greatly from decorations like drapery and lighting. There are great DIY lighting options that are really affordable for achieving?a high-end and transformative ambiance from?an ordinary hall.

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    Other Sweet 16 Themes To Consider

    Want even more Sweet 16 party ideas? Consider incorporating one of these fun themes into your celebration:

    • Colored Themed pick your favorite color and incorporate it into all your décor and details for a polished monochromatic look. Or mix it up a little with 2-3 favorites.
    • Disco Dance/ 70s
    • Turning 16 Rocks! Rock Star party
    • Dress to Impress
    • Casino Night gamble with pretend money
    • Around the World decorate using different countries as inspiration/serve popular dishes
    • Toga Party / Grecian
    • One Night in New York / London / Tokyo pick your favorite city and celebrate all it has to offer
    • Costume Party turn your birthday into a Halloween-esque affair by asking your guests to come dressed in costume. Choose a fun costume theme like famous people, superheros and villains, jocks and nerds or go super silly with onesies!
    • Floral

    Sweets Sixteen / Oh How Sweet Sixteen

    This Sweet 16 theme takes the sweet part quite literally with a candy-themed party filled with all things sweet. Create a Candy Land inspired world with confections of all kinds to sample from cupcakes to doughnuts. Your guests are guaranteed to leave happy!

    : Fun Squared, Karas Party Ideas and 2, Fun 365,

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