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Night Sky On My Birthday

Sunday July : Mars Approaches Uranus

My 13th Birthday… | sky brown

In the southeastern sky during the mornings starting on Sunday, July 31, the eastward orbital motion of the bright red planet Mars will carry it towards Uranus from the right . On Sunday, Uranus will be positioned a thumb’s width to the upper left of Mars close enough to share the eyepiece of a low magnification telescope and binoculars . At closest approach on August 2, Uranus will be located 1.5 degrees above Mars. To better see Uranus, try to view the pair between 3 and 4 a.m. local time, when they will sit almost halfway up a darkened sky.

Personalized Birthday Star Chart

On special birthdays, it will be so nice to have star map of the stars and their formations up there in the skies. This sky chart will mean even more if you have been growing interest in stars because they have an impact on our lives, going by the zodiac signs which many people believe.

Also, it can be personalized for use as a birthday sky chart. The option to personalize birthday sky charts is amazing and makes it special. Anyone can obtain the star map for any particular day and make a printed copy of the digital file. However, you can make your star map stand out from the rest by personalizing it any way you want.

Wednesday July 1: Full Buck Supermoon

The moon will reach its full phase on Wednesday, July 13 at 2:38 p.m. EDT or 11:38 a.m. PDT . The July full moon, commonly called the Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, or Hay Moon, always shines in or near the stars of Sagittarius or Capricornus. The indigenous Ojibwe people of the Great Lakes region call this moon Abitaa-niibini Giizis, the Halfway Summer Moon, or Mskomini Giizis, the Raspberry Moon. The Cherokees call it Guyegwoni, the Corn in Tassel Moon. The Cree Nation of central Canada calls the June full moon Opaskowipisim, the Feather Moulting Moon , and the Mohawks call it Ohiarihkó:wa, the Fruits are Ripened Moon. The moon only appears full when it is opposite the sun in the sky, so full moons always rise in the east as the sun is setting, and set in the west at sunrise. Since sunlight is hitting the moon face-on at that time, no shadows are cast. All of the variations in brightness you see arise from differences in the reflectivity, or albedo, of the lunar surface rocks. This full moon will occur only 10 hours after lunar perigee, producing higher tides worldwide and the largest supermoon of 2022. Supermoons shine about 16% brighter and appear 6% larger than an average full moon .

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Thursday July 2: Asteroid Juno Reverses Direction

On Thursday, July 28, the eastward prograde motion of the main belt asteroid designated Juno through the background stars of western Pisces will slow to a stop. After tonight Juno will commence a westward retrograde loop that will last until late October . In late July Juno’s magnitude 9.6 point of light will rise before 10 p.m. and be observable all night as it crosses the sky. After dusk tonight Juno will be located in the eastern sky, a finger’s width to the right of the medium-bright stars Gamma and Kappa Piscium. Retrograde loops occur when Earth, on a faster orbit closer to the sun, passes more distant solar system objects “on the inside track”, making them appear to move backwards across the stars.

Three: Choose Your Format

Birthday VERSE: A beautiful spirit shines like a billion stars in a ...

On the last step, you get to decide the size of your star map birthday poster and how to receive your print. Many of our customers choose to leave the printing up to us because we can print on canvas or high-quality poster-grade paper. We can also include a frame thats perfect for gifting and allows your recipient to hang it immediately. Shipping is free, no matter where you live.

If you are looking for a last-minute gift option, Positive Prints can help. We offer a digital download option and will email you the poster within minutes of checkout. You can take the digital file to your local print shop for fast service and skip the shipping.

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Wednesday July : Third Quarter Moon

The moon will complete three quarters of its orbit around Earth, measured from the previous new moon, on Wednesday, July 20 at 10:19 a.m. EDT or 7:19 a.m. PDT and 14:19 GMT. At the third quarter phase the moon appears half-illuminated, on its western, sunward side. It will rise around midnight local time, and then remain visible until it sets in the western daytime sky in the early afternoon. Third quarter moons are positioned ahead of the Earth in our trip around the sun. About 3 and a half hours later, Earth will occupy that same location in space. The week of dark, moonless evening skies that follow this phase are the best ones for observing deep sky targets.

Sunday July : Bright Moon Near Antares

On Sunday evening, July 10, while the bright waxing gibbous moon shines in the southern sky, the very bright, reddish star Antares will sparkle two finger widths to its lower right . They’ll be close enough to share the view in binoculars and backyard telescopes at low magnification. Antares marks the heart of Scorpius. Its name is Latin for “rival of Mars”, referring to its visual resemblance to that planet.

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Monday July : Earth At Aphelion

On Monday, July 4 at 3 a.m. EDT, or 07:00 GMT, Earth will reach aphelion, its greatest distance from the sun for this year. Aphelion’s 94.51 million miles distance is 1.67% farther from the sun than the mean Earth-sun separation of 92.96 million miles , which is also defined to be 1 Astronomical Unit . Seasonal temperature variations arise from the varying direction of Earth’s axial tilt, as opposed to our distance from the sun. Earth will reach its minimum distance from the sun, or perihelion, on January 4, 2023.

The Birth Of A New Child

‘Sleeping Moon’ Night Sky Cake Decorating Tutorial – with Sweet Stamps New Letter Sets

Of course, the birth of a child is a perfect time to give a star map. A miracle has taken place and showing an exact map of the stars on that day is a great way to celebrate a new childs birth. Gift one to welcome a new member to the family or purchase a star map for yourself to celebrate your childs birth.

Ideas for what to say on the star map are:

  • Under this sky, a star was born
  • We wished upon a star and you were born
  • Under these stars, our family began
  • The night our family became three

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Friday July 2: Southern Delta

The annual Southern Delta-Aquariids meteor shower lasts from July 21 to August 23. It will peak from dusk on Friday, July 29 through dawn on Saturday, July 30, but it is quite active for a week surrounding the peak. This shower, produced by debris dropped from periodic Comet 96P/Machholz, commonly generates 15-20 meteors per hour at the peak. It is best enjoyed from the southern tropics, where the shower’s radiant, in southern Aquarius, climbs higher in the sky. Tonight, the number of meteors will appear while the radiant is highest in the sky, at around 3 a.m. local time. The young crescent moon will have followed the sun down, leaving the entire night dark for meteor-watchers.

Friday July 2: Crescent Moon Points To Uranus

For about two hours on Friday morning, July 22, before the sky begins to brighten, the waning crescent moon will allow you to find the tiny dot of the magnitude 5.8 blue-green planet Uranus in binoculars and backyard telescopes. The Pleiades cluster and reddish Mars will shine nearby. When the moon rises after 1 a.m. local time in the Eastern Time Zone, Uranus will be located a lunar diameter above the moon. The moon’s eastward orbital motion will carry it steadily farther to Uranus’ lower-left each hour, so observers looking later, and in more westerly time zones, will find Uranus up to 3 degrees from the moon. Skywatchers from northeastern Brazil to the Cape Verde Islands and northwestern Africa can watch the moon occult Uranus around 04:30 GMT.

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Two: Enter Your Details

In Step Two, you will get to enter your selected location or coordinates, as well as the date and time of birth. We use location and date-related data to recreate as accurate of a depiction of the night sky as possible so that what you see is akin to looking up at the night sky on that date.

You also have the option of including up to three lines of text . Many of our customers choose to use these lines for a personal message to your gift recipient so that everyone who sees the star map will know its significance. Alternatively, you can include a favorite quote, song lyrics, or anything that makes your poster more personalized.

How To See What Nasa Saw On Your Birthday: Apod Nasa Gov Calendar

Check out what the @NASAHubble Space Telescope looked at on my birthday ...
  • Here are the easy steps on how to check what space looked like on your birthday.
  • Choose your birth month from the calendar that is provided on the homepage.
  • After you have clicked on the month, you will see the months calendar. Instead of the dates, you will see pictures of the universe.
  • Moreover, at the bottom of the page, you will be able to see an explanation about the video, picture. The explanation will have several facts about the planets that were captured on that day.
  • You can visit the website here.

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Thursday July : Crescent Moon Meets Mars

When the waning crescent moon becomes visible low in the eastern sky during the wee hours of Thursday morning, July 21, it will be positioned several finger widths to the upper right of ‘ reddish dot, cozy enough to share the view in binoculars. By the time the sky begins to brighten around 5 a.m., the moon and Mars will be halfway up the southeastern sky. On the following morning, the moon will hop to sit to Mars’ lower left . In the interim, observers in eastern China, Japan, and northeastern Russia can watch the moon occult Mars around 15:00 GMT.

How Do You Make A Birthday Star Map

At Positive Prints, we believe everyone should be able to design a birthday star map without the need for artistic skills and technical savvy. We use a simple three-step system with smart technology to craft your star map and make it truly yours. Heres how we take the guesswork out of creating your birthday star map:

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Saturday July : Mare Imbrium’s Golden Handle

On Saturday night, July 9, the terminator on the waxing gibbous moon will fall just west of Sinus Iridum, the Bay of Rainbows. That semi-circular 155 mile diameter feature is a large impact crater that was flooded by the same basalts that filled the much larger Mare Imbrium to its east forming a rounded “handle” on the western edge of the mare. The “Golden Handle” effect is produced when low-angled sunlight strikes the prominent Montes Jura mountain range surrounding Sinus Iridum on the north and west. Sinus Iridum is almost craterless but hosts a set of northeast-oriented wrinkle ridges that are revealed at this phase.

Sky On The Night You Were Born

Essay About The Night Sky| by 6 year old Ishaan

Life truly is a gift. Science has long told us that the chances of us being born at all are about one in 400 trillion chance. Those are amazing odds, and they put in perspective just how special it is to celebrate our birthday each year. When you want to show a loved one just how glad you are that they were born, a birthday star map makes a stunningly beautiful and heartfelt gift.

A birthday star map is a printed representation of what the night sky looked like from a specific location on earth on a given date and time. This is why no two birthday star maps are quite the same. Each map is based on a persons unique birthday details to ensure the most accurate recreation.

This is a very unique birthday gift that your loved ones will never expect but will cherish forever. Its not something you can simply walk into a store and buy off the shelf. It takes time and thought to even think of giving a star map as a birthday gift, and a little more time and effort to create the map have it printed for your loved one. All that extra effort wont go unnoticed, and its likely the star map will be the favorite gift theyll unwrap.

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The Perfect Gift For Special Moment

Looking for a meaningful gift?

Giving the person you love the perfect gift is always difficult. Any precious memory you share will be a meaningful and sentimental gift. No matter what the occasion is, giving a star map will add the unique touch. This time, give them the star map.

A gift is as good as the packaging

First impression is always the key! Choosing a wrapping and a gift box could take so much of your time. We have decided to lift that burden from you and include our very own gift box. Yes, it is free!

Fast and easy design

Customize your own star map with ease & instantly place your order.

Starmap: For normal completion, your parcel is ready for pick-up/shipping within 3 working days. Urgently need the parcel? No worries! We provide next-day shipping with a little extra charge.

Starlight: For normal completion, it will be shipped within 2 weeks. For fast completion, we will ship in 5 working days

Tuesday July 2: Crescent Moon Over Venus

In the east-northeastern sky before sunrise on Tuesday morning, July 26, the brilliant planet Venus will be shining several finger widths to the lower right of the old moon’s very slim crescent close enough to share the view in binoculars . If you view the duo shortly after they rise, around 4 a.m. local time, the stars of Gemini, the Twins will be visible around them.

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Our Loving Grandma Was Born Custom Night Sky Map Star Map Poster New Grandma Gift Custom Star Print Grandmother Birthday Gift

STAR MAP CANVAS PRINT Our Constellation Map provide a great gift to celebrate a wedding, birth, anniversary, or other special occasions. Using planetarium data we can pin point an exact image of how the stars would have looked on a specific day and time – past present and even possibly a prediction to the future. All maps are accurate star maps for your custom date and location. All night sky maps come with a time and place signature. Personalize your constellation map print with a message that is special to you or that person. They are simply stunning gifts. All artwork is handmade by us and personalised by you! HOW TO ORDER

Friday July 2: Jupiter Stands Still

Night Sky Card, Galaxy Card, Nebula Card, Moon Card, Stars Card ...

On Friday, July 29, the eastward prograde motion of the planet Jupiter through the background stars near the border between Pisces and Cetus will slow to a stop. After Friday Jupiter will commence a westward retrograde loop that will last until the end of November . Around midnight in late July, the bright, white dot of Jupiter will be shining in the lower part of the eastern sky. The planet will remain visible as it climbs south until the dawn twilight hides it. Retrograde loops occur when Earth, on a faster orbit closer to the sun, passes more distant planets “on the inside track”, making them appear to move backwards across the stars.

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Wednesday July : Pluto At Opposition

On Wednesday, July 20, the dim and distant dwarf planet designated Pluto will reach opposition for 2022. On that date, the Earth will be positioned between Pluto and the sun, minimizing our distance from that outer world and maximizing Pluto’s visibility. While at opposition, Pluto will be located 3.12 billion miles, 5.02 billion km, or 279 light-minutes from Earth. Unfortunately, it will shine with an extremely faint visual magnitude of +14.3 which is far too dim for visual observation through backyard telescopes. Pluto will be located in the sky about 3 finger widths above the medium-bright star Omega Sagittarii, which shines well to the left of Sagittarius’ Teapot-shaped asterism. Alternatively, seek out Pluto’s position two degrees to the lower right of the globular star cluster Messier 75. Even if you can’t see Pluto directly, you will know that it is there.

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