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Turn Photo Into Birthday Card

Customized Meaningful Cards With Plentiful Design Elements

Turn your photo’s into greetings cards using Photoshop

Fotor offers numerous card templates and layouts designed by professional designers in order to meet all your needs. Fotors online card maker allows you to design any element in the template. There are infinite design combinations to use when you create cards with Fotor. You can easily get a unique card that fits your style by adjusting images, texts, and themes. All ready-made templates are beginner-friendly, so feel free to use these engrossing templates now, then get an exclusive creation to be proud of.

How To Make Free Printable Cards

  • Open Fotors design feature and click “Card” Layout.
  • Choose a card template or start your card designs from scratch.
  • Simply drag and drop your photos onto the template for a personal touch.
  • Input your message with Fotors various fonts and adjust the background, colors and anything else to fit your style.
  • Select your format and size if desired and preview.
  • Save, share and print your work for that special person.

Birthday Wishes With Photo

Here you can create birthday wishes with photo and name online. Design Birthday Cards for Free with Online Templates. Create personalized happy birthday cards add text & photos. Make unique happy birthday wishes in seconds. Pick any from following happy birthday wishes with photo upload and name templates and customize it.

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Custom Photo Cards & Invitations For Every Occasion

Celebrations are exciting, and custom photo cards and invitations mark these occasions in a special way. Pick the right card for the event, add your photo, and include extra touches to make sure your design stands out. Make your photo cards and custom invitations stand out more with a little extra embellishment, such as adding a trim. Customize the wording and use your own photos for an even more personal touch. Benefit from our envelope printing service to create a more cohesive presentation for wedding invitations and other more-formal occasions. Choose custom cards or invitations to suit any celebration, such as , , , and . Add your photos to preset designs or upload your own design.

Wedding announcements, invitations, and save the dates: Send out custom photo cards for any wedding related event. Make sure loved ones are there for your special day by sending out and wedding invitations. Don’t miss a chance to celebrate with engagement party invitations, bridal shower invitations, and bachelorette party invitations. Print program cards and menu cards for wedding guests. After the wedding, send out custom thank you cards to all your guests. Find card designs that fit your wedding theme with our various card suites.

Graduation announcements and invitations: Share their accomplishment with friends and family by sending out . Celebrate your graduate with . Personalize your invitations and announcements with photos of the grad.

Is There An Easier Way

Turn photos on your phone into real greeting cards with the Ink Cards ...

Sure is. If you have an iPhone or iPad, download Pic Scanner Gold. This app is actually meant for scanning old photos from albums, but you can do lots more with it. Like instantly making photos into beautiful greeting cards. Heres how:

Flip through old family photos, and scan a few good ones with the app . Now, on Pic Scanner Golds Home screen, tap Goodies > Greeting cards. You will find lots of categories, such as Anniversary, Birthday, Anytime, Nostalgia, For Elders, and so on. Each category offers several design templates. Plug the pics into the coolest template you find, and your card is ready! Just add some love , and hit Send. Before you can say Many Happy Returns, your creation will be in her email inbox or Messages or on her Facebook page. Problem solved, elegantly! Bet she will love and cherish this straight-from-the-heart, personal birthday wish.

You can also tweak the colors in every greeting card design, so you actually have thousands of options. More than 200 designs for all occasions are included in the apps purchase price.

Pic Scanner Gold is currently available only for iOS, i.e. iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 11 or higher. Find out more about it here, or download the app here. There is a 90-day money-back assurance, so go ahead and try it right now.

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Create Beautiful Moments With Picsarts Birthday Card Maker

Our online birthday card maker is the perfect way to send a truly personalized birthday message to friends and family on their special day.

Make a birthday card theyll remember with Picsart. Start with a photo from your own library or pick one of our high-quality #FreetoEdit images. Customize your birthday card using Picsarts quick & easy photo editing tools. Pick from a variety of dimensions. Add cool effects and filters, fun stickers, bold backgrounds, and so much more. Dont forget to finish with a heartfelt birthday message using our handy Text tool with 200+ unique fonts. Making a one-of-a-kind birthday card with Picsart will only take you minutes to do but will make an impression on your loved ones forever. Once youre done with your special creation, download it to print out or send it out virtually.

Celebrate In Style With A Huge Range Of Birthday Card Designs

A lot of people turn to large stores when they need a birthday card. And while there are some great options out there, none of them were designed by you. Creating something with special meaning can make a huge impact on the recipients big day. There are dozens of eye-catching birthday card templates to choose from with Creative Cloud Express, so creating something bespoke is easier than ever.

Take a few moments to peruse the selection of templates listed above. Click on a preview thats close to your own creative vision, and give it a closer look on the design page. If its not for you, come back to this page and choose again.

Creative Cloud Express has happy birthday cards for everyone. So whether the recipient is a baby or celebrating their 100th birthday, finding the perfect design shouldnt be too difficult. And even if you cant, you can make it perfect with a few clicks of your mouse or trackpad.

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Birthday Card Ideas Funny Text

This one is for the designated class clowns and those who love a good laugh. The best birthday cards need a punchline. Add any text to a photo with the “Text” feature, and easily change the color and font. Here are our favorite ones in case you need a little inspiration:

  • What goes up but never comes down? Your age.
  • What’s a bee’s favorite day of the year? Its bee-day.
  • What do you say to your goldfish on his birthday? A: Have a fin-tastic day.
  • Age is a relative thing. All my relatives keep reminding me how old I am.

The Only Online Cartoonizer Youll Need

How to Turn Your Art into Greeting Cards for More Sales

If youve seen the cartoon effect in action, youd be forgiven for assuming that a lot of work must go into making it happen. Thats how good they look. But it only takes a single click to turn a photo into a cartoon. Honestly. Picsart has created a series of filters that do the job in a second. You dont need any editing skills or complex tutorials here. Just tap or click , and your photo will transform into a cartoon in a tick.

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Let Creative Cloud Express Be Your Birthday Card Design Expert

Hone your creativity with the power of Creative Cloud Express. Explore professionally designed templates to get your wheels spinning or create your birthday card from scratch. Establish a theme for your designs using photos, icons, logos, personalized fonts, and other customizable elements to make them feel entirely authentic. Duplicate designs and resize them to create consistency across multiple types of assets. With Creative Cloud Express, its free and easy to make, save, and share your designs within minutes.

Your Work Is More Affordable For More People

Someone may already know your work and absolutely love it, but just can’t afford an original piece of art. Notecards enable them to have a legitimate image of your work without the cost. They can even buy their own frame for the card if they want to keep it as an individual piece of artwork. People will enjoy having a boxed set of images of several of your paintings.

And, it helps you save money as well. Without a lot of extra effort and expense beyond the initial printing, you can sell your cards through different venues and be earning money from sales while you’re working on another piece of original art!

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Order Your Photo Cards

After youve completed these steps, youre almost ready to print your photo cards in just a few simple clicks. Depending on the number of people youd like to send cards to, decide the quantity and if you need envelopes. If youd like to save time, you can order pre-addressed envelopes or opt for Shutterfly to stamp and mail the cards for you.

View your final product in preview mode for an accurate representation of how your design will be printed. Double-check your design and save the project. Once youre happy with your design, youre ready to order your stunning personalized photo cards!

Best Birthday Card Ideas To Celebrate Birthday

turn birthday cards into a book

Have a friend or loved one whose birthday is coming up soon? Why not show them love with a fabulous birthday card you made yourself? Join the celebrations and create a birthday card on your phone to celebrate the ones you love. With PhotoDirector, you can try many birthday card designs from your phone, and they’re 100% customizable. Read on to learn the 10 best birthday card ideas to celebrate your loved ones.

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Save Time With Picsarts Birthday Card Templates

Dont have a lot of time but still want to send them a unique birthday card? Picsarts birthday card templates are the perfect alternative to the birthday card maker. Our in-house designers have created beautifully designed birthday card templates that will impress the recipient. Once you choose the birthday card template that works for you, you can customize any of its design details to reflect your loved one. Add their photo, layer on effects and stickers, and be sure to write a personalized message using our collection of beautiful fonts. Once youre done, download your personalized birthday card and print it out or send it virtually.

Notecards Are A Good Way To Introduce Your Work

People who might not have heard of you yet and might not be ready to spring for an expensive original painting would be happy to buy notecards they like. The notecards will remind them of who you are and where they can find you when the time is right for them to purchase one of your larger works.

The more your work is seen, the better it is for you. And cards have a far-reaching effect, literally, as the customer who buys them then sends them off to friends in other parts of the country and world. These people then receive your card, like it, and look your website up on the internet. Get that website up and running! Whether it is notecards, giclee prints, or business cards with your image on it, having a multimedia representation of your work is beneficial and important.

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The Design Process Is Simple With A Birthday Card Template

You dont have to worry about reading complex instruction manuals to create stunning happy birthday cards with Adobe Creative Cloud Express. And you dont need extensive knowledge of graphic design or programming. If you can use a computer, you can master the design basics with this powerful design platform in a few minutes. If youre using Creative Cloud Express for the first time, start with a birthday card template. This gives you all of the basic design elements right away. Its then up to you to make the card your own. You can change almost any element with a couple of clicks. And it doesnt matter if you make a few mistakes along the way. You dont need to download or print your card until youre completely happy with it.

Loved By Senders And Receivers

How to Turn Your Art into Greeting Cards You Can Sale On Print On Demand In Canva

“My mother might never visit Paris, but with TouchNote, I feel like shes experiencing it with me.”



“We love getting the call of thanks. It lets us know we made someones day.”


Rhode Island

“I received a thank you card of my friends and I smiling after a dinner party I hosted. Ive been a TouchNoter ever since.”


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Birthday Card Ideas For Dad

Have you seen what dads can do? Celebrate your dads birthday with a personalized card. Use the “Cutout” feature on PhotoDirector to take an adorable photo of your dad and turn it into a funny card. Place your favorite guy in the jungle, turn him into a superhero or send him off to space. With so many background options, you can truly make a unique birthday card design for your dad.

Surprise Someone With An Ecard And Surprise Yourself With Your Creativity

Relive the joy of receiving a card on your birthday, on special holidays, and sometimes on random days, by creating your very own eCard to liven up the spirits of whomever you choose to send it to: Design a sweet Mothers Day card with your mothers favorite colors and flowers, create an adorable little birthday card for your little one, or put together a hilarious eCard to your best friend!

With Canvas easy drag and drop customizing interface, you can use your own photographs to make your eCards more intimate and personal, and its 100% free! You can also take your pick from Canvas 1 million high quality images, graphics, and illustrations, some of which are free, and the premium images at a measly $1 each.

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How To Turn Birthday Cards Into Picture Frames

08.30.2018by //

It happens every year. You invite friends and family to celebrate your kiddos birthday and after everything is said and done, you have a pile of thoughtful birthday cards that your child has already forgotten. You dont want to toss them but you also dont feel like storing them in a box for years to come. Find out how to turn birthday cards into picture frames that capture your childs birthday and become a fun piece of decor for your home.

I was compensated by Dollar Tree for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Read the full disclosure here.

Lets face it, when you spend your hard earned money on something, you dont really want to think about it being carelessly tossed away. Too often this happens with birthday cards.

Thats why Im so excited about Dollar Tree carrying Expressions from Hallmark for $1 each and Heartline from Hallmark for 2 for $1! Seriously, I am a bit of a Dollar Tree addict. If I can get it at my local store, I probably am.

These new cards, available starting today, are absolutely gorgeous and available for a multitude of occasions all without breaking the bank. Even better, they are high quality and sturdy. Some even come with my personal favorite embellishment: glitter!!

Design Your Own Card With Free Birthday Card Maker

Turning Kidsâ Artwork into Greeting Cards (With images)

Express your care and show your kind with stunning cards. Using Fotor’s free birthday card maker can create free printable cards in minutes. Fotor’s online birthday card maker has covered birthday card templates and photo birthday card design elements you need. No design skills are required.

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Birthday Card Ideas With Customized Stickers

Do you have a particular friend that is obsessed with cats or emojis? Now you can create a card wishing them happy birthday by adding their cat and emojis with the “Cutout” tool! This tool will do wonders for your friends on their birthday cards, adjusting them with everything from animals to landscapes. You can decorate their card with as many things as you want. You can also use the “Cutout” tool to create stickers of them!

Customize Your Postcard With Fotors Online Postcard Maker

Fotors online postcard maker specializes in designing postcards. With this one stop professional tool, you have access to a library of HD stock images from all over the world, various photo filters, creative elements, fonts, and backgrounds to customize the postcard. You can also upload your own photos, change the text colors, crop images, move and rotate elements exactly where you want and so much more.

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Birthday Card Ideas Add A Fairytale Background

We love being in the moment but fantasizing about walking out from a frame seems like a perfect birthday idea. Thanks to the AI feature on PhotoDirector, you can now easily edit the image background with the help of the “Background Art” tool.

Make sure to use one of these 10 ideas for your next birthday and celebrate this beautiful moment together. Blow out the candles, and have fun with PhotoDirector!

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