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Last Minute 16th Birthday Ideas

Game Of Thrones Party

7 Last minute handmade CARD IDEAS

If your birthday girl is a fan of Game of Thrones, this kind of party is a great option. You can play Game of Thrones board games and binge the show.

A fun way to liven the party up is to do a LARP. A LARP is when party guests dress up in costumes and act out scenes from the show. To do a LARP you will need costumes, props, and decorations to set up the scenes in various rooms.

A Fun And Convenient Way To Freshen Up Their Wardrobe

Personalized Styling Service Gift Card, available at Stitch Fitch, from $20

If you sense that they’re no longer excited by their closet, a Stitch Fix gift card is the perfect solution. Recipients can try out different brands and styles that they wouldn’t ordinarily buy, and it’s easy to return pieces with the provided prepaid shipping labels.

Custom Pacific Crest Plaque


How quickly: 2-5 business days after production

Most last-minute gift-givers dont have a lot of time on their hands. But if you have a couple days to spare, you can order a custom-made gift online and have it shipped to your loved one in time for their birthday.

If you have a little time to spare for shipping, this custom wall plaque, from Northwest Gifts Pacific Crest series, would make a wonderful gift. This plaque is handmade in the U.S.A. and is custom-etched to feature a favorite Bible verse, song lyric, quote, or anything else you want it to say. Include a family name and Est. date.

Measures 12 x 16 and comes ready to hang.

Northwest Gifts will do their best to ensure that your loved ones gift arrives in time for their big day. Just send them a message letting them know your situation.

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Sweet 16 Party Ideas For The Perfect 16th Birthday Bash

Turning 16 is a milestone for many teens. Theyre not quite an adult but no longer a kid. Therefore, a sweet sixteen party should be a special coming-of-age for your teen as they enter young adulthood.

This article provides fun ideas for how to plan and host a perfect 16th birthday party including themes, invitations, decorations, food and drinks, activities, and games.

Planning a sweet sixteen birthday party is fun and exciting. Here are some steps and birthday ideas to help you with the party planning.

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Old School Rapper / Hip Hop

The top 22 Ideas About 16th Birthday Card Ideas

Show some appreciation for the hay-day of Hip Hop, where boom boxes, cassette tapes and gold chains ruled with this creative Sweet 16 party theme. Make sure you have lots of bling décor, and crank up the volume on all the old school rapper hits.

:Catch My Party and 2, Karas Party Ideas, Whipped Bake Shop

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Visiting The Museum Or An Art Exhibition

Visiting all the museums of your town on your birthday can be a unique idea to make your day a special one. It can be a challenge if you are living in a big city. However, you can make a list to visit the museums you have not visited yet along with the museums that you want to visit one more time.

If you are passionate about art, visiting an art exhibition can be an enjoyable thing to do for you. Do things that make you happy. If art is your thing, visiting a unique exhibition might boost your inspiration. Follow your heart and enjoy the day in your way.

A Blue Apron Subscription

Blue Apron Subscription Gift, available at Blue Apron, from $65

Blue Apron’s meal kits are the perfect last-minute gift for anyone who enjoys cooking but lacks the time or foresight to do the planning involved. It costs $47.95 for two servings of two recipes each week, so they’ll save time shopping and prepping meals, which is arguably worth more than the subscription price.

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Self Cleaning Water Bottle


Lets be honest, some of us get lazy about cleaning our water bottles. A swishy rinse and upside-down dry next to the sink is all it gets most of the time. I choose not to think about what kind of bacteria could be lurking in there because I neglect the brush.

SO, when we came across a UV-C self-cleaning water bottle, it felt like someone out there had designed this just for people like me. Activate it, and itll sanitize your water and the bottle every two hours for super fresh, cold H2O.

Its a brilliant idea and an even more brilliant last-minute gift.

Comes in 17 and 24 fl. oz. sizes and five attractive colors.

Funny 16th Birthday Captions

Last minute Birthday Card Idea #shorts Creative Ideas

Birthday captions dont need to be cheesy or serious. Sometimes, the best captions are a little lighthearted and fun. Here are some 16th birthday captions that have a humorous twist.

Shoutout to my mama who was in labor 16 years ago.

Be careful what you wish for My parents wished for me 16 years ago and look where that ended up.

16? Who cares. I just want cake.

Officially 16, but still mentally about five.

16 years later and Im still a hot mess.

Made it to 16! I know. Im as surprised as you are.

Agent of chaos for 16 years.

Tripping on my own feet for 16 years. Heres to many more years of clumsiness.

Got so distracted by cake, I forgot it was my own birthday. #SoThisIs16

Another year older, but Ill need some extra time for that wiser bit. #16

I dont care how old Im turning, so long as theres cake.

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Sweets Sixteen / Oh How Sweet Sixteen

This Sweet 16 theme takes the sweet part quite literally with a candy-themed party filled with all things sweet. Create a Candy Land inspired world with confections of all kinds to sample from cupcakes to doughnuts. Your guests are guaranteed to leave happy!

: Fun Squared, Karas Party Ideas and 2, Fun 365,

Awesome 16th Birthday Gift Ideas They Will Love

Christine Gauvreau is an event planning expert with over 10 years of professional party planning experience. She co-founded an event planning business that specializes in kids’ parties. She has written for The Spruce on topics related to children’s parties for almost five years.

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Someone you know celebrating their sweet 16? It’s a special birthday, which deserves a special gift. Choose from one of these birthday present ideas, which range from trendy to unique.

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How To Make The Best 16th Birthday Party Ever

Try to plan it around what is going on that time of year. Like if its near the SuperBowl and they love football plan a massive SuperBowl party. Get the birthday football gear lined up. Multiple TV’s some Madden on the Xbox for pre-game and just keep rolling with it.

If you don’t want to do something like that, try and think about what the person likes. If they like video games plan a gaming party or if they’re really into sports have a giant sports themed party!

For a girl if it s summer time go to the water park if they like water rides and such. Plan the day out with a bus and get everybody piled in to go. Bring food if you can, BBW, etc. For us here they have a camping place next to one of the Water parks that buses back and forth. You can either do the glamping with a cottage or just go with the camping in a tent. Whatever you want to do.

Find what they love and ask questions so you can get it right. Then if it is good enough and everybody has enough fun make a yearly birthday tradition. If you can just do disney world every yearâ¦yeah I wish.

No matter what you choose make sure it’s epic, unforgettable and memorable! That is the most important thing when planning any birthday party!

Th Birthday Ideas: Golf Frisbee Golf Miniature Golf

The top 24 Ideas About 16th Birthday Gift Ideas

Get a bit of exercise while enjoying yourself with friends and family on your 16th birthday on a miniature, frisbee, or traditional golf course. Golf can be fun for experts, beginners, or even those completely new to the game, but if you feel you and your guests are too inexperienced for traditional golf, try your hand at miniature golf instead. If thats too easy, check to see if there are any pitch and put courses in your neck of the woods, which are a step up from miniature golf, yet easier, shorter, and require less strength and skill than tradition golf. Fisbee golf is another golf option thats fun, challenging, and easy to pick up on the spot.

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Going To A Music Concert Or Movies

Music soothes our minds. It helps to overcome our sorrows and inspires us. If one of your music artists or favorite bands has any gigs planned around the time of your 16th birthday, gather up your friends to make a trip there. Enjoy your day with your favorite music. It can be an amazing gift to give yourself too. Make the day historic by doing something different and unforgettable.

Going to the movies to have family fun can also be a great way to celebrate your birthday too, especially if you are not that outgoing. You might like to enjoy your whole day watching your favorite movies and having popcorn and other favorite snacks all on your own too. Nevertheless, this is your day. So do what you love.

Play A Game Of Laser Tag

Want to really get your heart racing? Try playing a round of laser tag!

You can do laser tag at a venue or at home if you have a large space. You will need vests and laser guns if you do it at home, which you can often find at party supply stores or online.

Once you have your supplies, youre ready for an action-packed battle! Maybe give the first team with the birthday girl a head start.

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Th Birthday Ideas: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Celebrate your 16th birthday with costumes, theater, and a murder to solve at a murder mystery 16th birthday party. You can plan your own murder mystery party by purchasing a kit online and assigning roles to guests or you can hire professional murder mystery companies to create a game for your party and hire actors to participate. The later can make things easier, because you wont have to worry about organizing a game. Plus, the actors will play the suspects and you and your party guests can enjoy uncovering clues, playing detective, and solving the mystery.

Cooking Class At Home

Aesthetic DIYs | Last Minute Holiday/ Birthday Gift Ideas With Things You Have At Home

If your loved one loves to cook, a cooking class at home can be entertaining and memorable. You can pick out a spice kit that they have wanted to help inspire their creativity. You can also learn how to make a new recipe together. It would be fun to recreate a recipe for their favorite food from one of their favorite restaurants.

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Favorite Movie/ Tv Show

If you don’t feel like making such a big deal out of your birthday and want to spend it with a couple of friends. Then this is a really great theme for you, invite over some friends, grab some candy, popcorn, chips and drinks from the nearest mini-market you can find. Order some pizza or some McDonalds, and just relax at home watching your favorite T.V show or movie. It will add a fun twist to it if you tell your guests to dress as their favorite character from this show or movie.

Send Coordinating Snail Mail

Coordinate with other friends and family to send some classic snail mail.

I love this idea from Oh Happy Day where everyone sent a piece of a puzzle to the birthday person. They each wrote a special note on a postcard, and the picture sides fit together like a puzzle.

The sweetest of long distance birthday gifts ever!

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Themes With Thrifty Costuming Potential

Themes dont have to be elaborate, or expensive! Got a cowboy hat, flannel, and gingham tablecloth? Youve got yourself a cowboy/cowgirl/farm theme! Some of the best sweet sixteen ideas are the ones hidden in the back of your closet. Be creative and find alternative uses for what you already have on hand. When executed right, these are really unique sweet 16th birthday themes!

Th Birthday Ideas For Girls

Photo Booth Props HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY printable sheets

Dont know what you should do for your sweet 16th birthday party? Here are a ton of 16th birthday ideas for girls that are actually fun!

Whether youre an athletic type, chill type, or social type, youll be sure to find a party idea in this list that matches your taste.

Hopefully you find a bit of inspiration for your sweet 16!

Lets dive into the ideas!

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Survive A Fear Factor Party

A Fear Factor theme will make for a hilarious party that will be talked about for years! Inspired by the show that tests contestants to fight their fears through a range of trials, this party will have kids screaming in delight. Set up a series of challenges and have kids progress through different levels until an overall winner can be determined. Allow kids to opt-out at any time to keep the challenge fun rather than too scary. Trials can include:

  • Egg challenge: Prepare a bowl of hard-boiled eggs and challenge kids to pick one and crack it on their forehead. One or two eggs will be raw. You can award points for bravery as well as choosing the right egg.
  • Worm rescue: Fill a container with chocolate pudding, or jello and put candy worms at the bottom. Tie kids hands behind their back and time them to retrieve as many worms as possible in a one-minute period. The person with the highest number of rescued worms is the winner!
  • Guess whats inside: Put a variety of objects into boxes with a hole cut in the side, then have kids put their hand in and try to guess what is inside. Choose things that feel horrible to touch like cold spaghetti, hair, cotton wool balls, slime, egg whites, kiwi fruit, or mashed banana.

Location: Home

Ideal age: 15th birthday and up

Things to remember: Make sure to check for any allergies and keep a watchful eye to make sure all the kids are happy to play.

Cost prediction: $50-100 depending on the ingredients and decorations chosen

Number of guests: 6-8

Sweet Sixteen Food Ideas

Foods that are to eat and grab are your best bet since most sweet sixteen parties are active and all about the dance floor. After providing some savory bites to fill guests up, your next focus should be the sweet sixteen cake which will likely become one of the main highlights of the party.

  • Sweet Sixteen Cake: Its time to blow out the candles and make a wish. This isnt just any ole birthday cake, this is a sweet sixteen birthday cake that needs to be stylish, delicious and fitting with the theme of the party. The size of your birthday cake will depend a lot on the guest list. The more people that are invited to the celebration, the more cake you are going to need.
  • Cupcakes: Cupcakes are an easy and great way to blow the candles out without dealing with the hassle. Cupcakes can also be displayed in the various fun designs and layouts. There are endless options for cupcake stands, such as using an antique chandelier to display the little cakes.
  • Sweet Sixteen Candy Bar: A candy bar is great ideas for sweet sixteen table décor. This yummy bar can act as party decoration and something guests will love. Pick out colorful candies display them in clear candy jars and add another birthday banner that reads Candy Bar.
  • Finger Food: Sixteen year olds are picky and it can be hard to decide what should be included on the sweet sixteen party menu. Try your best to pick food that will appeal to most guests and fits with your party theme.

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What Can I Do For My Sweet 16 Instead Of A Party

1. Visit a cat cafe

This is such a special birthday idea

2. Visit a famous instagrammable location

3. Visit a trampoline park

4. Go for a manicure

5. Go stargazing or watch the sunrise

6. Burn a jewellery candle

7. Make a visit to a beautiful religious place if you have a faith

8. Visit a beautiful historical location

9. Get your hair cut and styled professionally

10. Order Laduree macarons

11. Enjoy the best ever bubble bath

12. Plant a tree

13. Visit a museum or an art gallery

14. Visit a beautiful park or gardens

15. Recreate a special childhood memory

Play Some Party Games

Easy last minute birthday decoration ideas with paper- DIY | ideas de decoración de cumpleaños

Party games are always a hit with teenagers. You could keep it simple with or popular board games. If you have a large group, consider a game that allows a sizeable number of players, such as twister.

One example of a classic party game is the gift grab, in which everyone receives a random gift if they roll 7, 11, or doubles on a set of dice. The first person to roll the dice is the birthday girl, the next person is to their left, and then everyone rolls until the gifts are gone.

After everyone has rolled, if players roll a 7, 11, or doubles they can steal from another person, making it a fun and competitive game! If you plan to incorporate this activity, you could use smaller prizes such as sweet treats or trinkets for the gifts.

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