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How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Party

How To Train Your Dragon Ultimate Party Favors Packs

How to Train Your Dragon themed Birthday Party
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    First Things First: How To Train Your Dragon Party Food Ideas

    I ask you: is food not the main attraction of every party?! I think so. Even parties for little ones. These particular little ones are so little that they cant read, so the food signs didnt mean anything to them. But I was quite pleased with them, so thats what counts. Im such a dork.

    I did tell the little dragon trainers what each food item was, and they were amused. They were all quite taken with the Dragon Food, actually. *WATCH OUT FOR EELS!*

    My personal favorite party food idea, aside from the cake, is the juice boxes. I love, love, love how they turned out! And they were easy peasy. Simply wrap your juice boxes with brown construction paper and tape it to the box. Then wrap a thin strip of gray construction paper around the bottom of the box and tape that into place. Finally, cut horns out of the gray construction paper and tape them to the back. Minimum work, maximum reward!

    How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Party Ideas

    It’s Birthday Season at the Gracious House! We have 4 birthdays in the span of just 6 weeks, just in our house! We’re kicking off the season this year with The Boss’s party. And this year he requested a How to Train Your Dragon birthday party theme.

    Be sure to click on the corresponding links to view the full party details and tutorials for each image. They’re amazing!

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    How To Train Your Dragon Party Decorations

    The theme was set as soon as we arrived with this fun wreath. It was decorated with dragon scale ribbon, moss, and a fun little toy dragon making a nest on top of the A for Allie. And after the party the wreath moved to decorate her bedroom door.

    Next Heather decorated the whole party with lots of ferns. A favourite dragon toy was tucked inside a large fern to greet us at the front door.

    How To Train Your Dragon Party Supplies

    How to Train Your Dragon Themed Party Pack â Includes Paper Plates ...

    Are you ready to celebrate in hot fashion this year and throw a flamin How to Train Your Dragon bash? If so, then these party supplies from Birthday in a Box are definitely screaming your name! Everyone will feel like they are on the remote village of Berk after stepping foot in the door. Your little dragon buddies are definitely going to be amazed when they see all of the great decorations. So, make sure to browse through these personalized items, deluxe tableware kits, and much more to make your party one for the books!

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    How To Train Your Dragon Party Ideas And Inspirations

    Invite Hiccup and Toothless to your childs birthday party this year when you pick up our awesome How To Train Your Dragon party supplies! Is there a kid in the world who doesnt dream of riding dragons and taking on bad guys? Nope, I dont think so! This year, your child will have a wild and fiery birthday party with friends when you make it a How To Train Your Dragon theme.

    Give everyone the memo that its going to be a wicked cool dragon party when you send out our awesome How To Train Your Dragon invitations. All of the kids will be dying to attend the party when they see the cool dragons on these special invites.

    Upon arriving, the kids will instantly feel like theyve stepped into a medieval world when you decorate with our fun and festive How To Train Your Dragon , banners, and balloons. Go crazy with our special personalization items and make custom message stickers, favor boxes, lollipops, bubbles and more! Your child and his or her friends are going to love it!

    When its time for cake and cookies, youll be more than ready with our awesome How To Train Your Dragon tableware items. Dragon printed cups, napkins, plates, table covers and more we have it all! Our cake supplies will make sure you have the best spread of desserts on this side of Middle-Earth. All of the little dragons and dragon-riders at the party will be filled up in no time.

    How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Party Ideas For The Kid Obsessed With Toothless

    If your kid hasn’t stopped talking about How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World since it came out, then your house is likely filled to the brim with dragons fuzzy slippers and bioluminescent Build-A-Bears included. The likely next step for you as the parent, of course, is to make sure their next birthday party is themed appropriately and whisks guests to the island of Berk. Check out these 18 creative images of cakes, cookies, decor ideas, and disposable place settings that all give a nod to the greatest dragon around. Don’t forget to dress up!

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    How To Train Your Dragon Toys As Decor

    Using purchased toys as decorations is always a good idea. First, you may be able to raid a stash your kids already have. Or, pick up a few on . When the party is over, your decorations can be reused and the kids while have something to remember the event by when they play. Ive found over the years that

    Im also a big fan of costumes at parties! If you dont have a costume, you can get in the How to Train Your Dragon spirit with a t-shirt or hoodie.

    How To Train Your Dragon Party Party Food Ideas

    How to Train Your Dragon – Making Friends With A Dragon Scene | Fandango Family

    A party isnt a party without a fantastic food spread! After all the running and playing at our How to Train Your Dragon birthday, our mighty vikings were mighty hungry. The boys were offered a balanced menu some sweets and some healthy snacks and they loved every bit of it! Nikki at Tikkido.comsupplied the awesome viking helmet cupcake toppers . I dropped them in viking inspired cupcake wrappers from the viking printable set.

    Nikki at Tikkido also made these amazing sugar cookies!

    There are a few great How to Train Your Dragon tutorials Ive put up since I put this party together, one of which includes some simple instructions on how to make a small viking ship. For this party, I used PVC pipe, a bed sheet, and some red and black fabric yardage to construct my ship sail, but the graphic on the small viking ship will be pretty easy to blow up if you want to make your own viking ship like this one.

    Broccoli trees cut from the Berk forest were guarded by Toothless the Dragon. And YES, the kids did eat the broccoli! See how to make your own broccoli tree here. Its good for all kinds of parties!

    The cupcakes themselves were picked up at the local grocery store bakery, saving some party prep time. Just like the adults, the kids were pretty amazed by the Viking helmet cupcake toppers!

    And yes, kids WILL eat broccoli at a partyyou just have to give it a little creative presentation!After our Vikings were fed and watered, it was sad, but it was almost time to go home!

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    How To Train Your Dragon Party Gameput Out The Dragon Fires

    When the Vikings first met dragons, they quickly learned how often fires occur and the importance of putting them out fast. It’s time for your guest to put out some dragon fires of their own.

    For this game, you will need construction paper and water balloons. Cut the construction paper into curly flame shapes. About five flames will be enough, but you could have more if you wanted.

    Next, choose where the players will be throwing their water balloons from. From this spot, decide where the flames should be attached- these should be spots that are close enough to throw a water balloon to, but far enough away to be an age-appropriate challenge.

    Once the flames are attached to their spots and the water balloons are filled, the game is ready to play. The players stand in the spot with the water balloons, and try to hit every target. This takes a good throwing arm and great aim. Whoever hits the most targets is the Hero of The Village!

    Best How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Party Decorations

    1. A life-size Toothless for the wall! | Thistles & Twigs

    2. Give your party table an extra touch by using rustic wooden Viking utensils. | Kara’s Party Ideas

    3. Transport your dining guests on a Viking ship | Snowy Bliss

    4. Lead your guests straight to the party action with dragon foot prints. | Learn with Play at Home

    5. Beautiful table setup complete with fabric garland and birthday banner.| Britney’s Babbles

    6. This ferocious party welcome is made out of poster board

    7. Make it a little more rustic with barrels and fake trees for food stands. | Hostess with the Mostess

    8. Fun black and red Toothless setup. There’s even dragons flying in the balloons! | Tori Grant Designs

    9. A feast fit for a Dragon Trainer | Kara’s Party Ideas

    10. Make paper mache dragon eggs and fill them with treats. A cute dragon nest decoration, plus an awesome party favor! | Rust and Sunshine

    11. Make a dragon out of paper lanterns to soar above heads. Try using black lanterns to make Toothless! Check out Oriental Trading for the full tutorial | Oriental Trading

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    Getting The Viking Party Started

    As any birthday party warms up, youll have guests coming in at different times. I always like to plan an activity the kids get started on and can spend a few minutes quietly doing while they wait for everyone to get to the party. For my viking friends, I planned to kit them up like dragon trainers.

    After getting their faces painted with dragon racing stripes, they put on Viking horns and grabbed some Viking sheilds. My Disney face painter friend recommended Wolf Face Paints for any quality face paint project, and I have to admit they were the best purchase ever and my set lasted for YEARS. Worth the investment!

    The signs for the How to Train Your Dragon party activities are available here.

    While everyone was getting their faces painted, we set up a craft station to make Baby Gronckle dragons. I found neat pom-pom kits in the crayon aisle of Target that were pretty inexpensive and included everything the kids might need to create their own dragon. I laid the supplies on the table, and let their creativity take over. But you really dont need a kitgrab some dollar store pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom poms and glue and the kids will have plenty to use to craft a quick dragon of their own!

    Invite Hiccup And Toothless In An Adventure With Our How To Train Your Dragon Party Supplies

    How to Train Your Dragon

    Everyone wants to be Hiccup! Who doesnt want to ride dragons and fight the bad guys? Give your child a wild and fiery adventure with a How to Train Your Dragon birthday party. He and his friends will absolutely love it! You cant go wrong with this theme especially if your child hasnt stopped talking about Toothless and Hiccup and all the amazing dragons in the movie. Whisk your guests to the island of Berk where they can have fun with Astrid, Ruffnut, and all the other wonderful characters of How to Train Your Dragon. Get all these incredible items from our store, and give him a party fit for a true dragon rider!

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    How To Train Your Dragon Party Food:

    Me and my boys had a lot of fun planning the food.

    Toothless cupcakes were a given. Hes too cute not to include him on a cupcake.

    To make these I used my favorite cupcake recipe and then created a fondant face.

    Heres the fondant recipe I used:

    • 8 ounces mini marshmallows
    • 1 pound powdered sugar
    • Black food coloring

    Once the cupcakes are made and ready to be frosted , roll out your fondant. I used a cup to cut circles. Frost a cupcake and then lay the black circle of fondant on top of the cupcake.

    I then cut out eyes in green and used a tiny bit of frosting on the back of them to hold them in place.

    I also added wings just cut from black card stock:

    For other food, we had Dragon Fire Balls :

    We also had Dragon Teeth :

    And Dragon Food :

    I have free printables of these signs for you if you would like to use them too! Just right click and save and then open them on your computer and print.

    And for drinks , Dragon Trainerade! I bought small Gatorade Bottles and created labels to print out and wrap around the with a Trainerade logo.

    Heres the image if you want to use these. I also have these labels for you to print. Heres a pdf with 4 labels per page.

    How To Train Your Dragon Party Food Ideas

    Dragons and vikings give you an awful lot to work with as material for putting together themed party food snacks. You can put out just about anything if you give your viking or dragon party food a fun name.

    • Cookies viking shields
    • Crispy corn horns dragon claws
    • Gummy fish dragon feed
    • Fish shaped crackers more dragon food!
    • Popcorn balls sheep
    • Broccoli miniature trees

    And that is just a start! With a good creative name, you can turn just about anything to something appropriate for your How to Train Your Dragon party theme. We set out a variety of foods this time that were good for movie snacking.

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    Diy Fancy Bunting + Free Printable

    I used these banner buntings in the first party, and theyre still wonderful party decorations at a viking party. They are a free printable, and could also be used in any sort of medieval event. Check out the DIY Fancy Bunting post for the file and tutorial.

    When I was setting up my shoot, I was out of brads, so I skipped that part and used hot glue on the folded strips. Use what works for you when doing easy family movie night decorations. Its not meant to be difficult.

    How To Train Your Dragon Party Gamedragon Racing

    Toothless and Toothless’ Dad’s Birthday!

    Time to put these dragon trainers to the test, and see how their dragons really fly! This game requires paper and coloring utensils. Each guest takes a paper to make a paper airplane with however they wish. Guests can use tutorials or ask an adult for help- whatever works best. Then they can decorate their plane and turn it into a dragon! Once everyone is finished, have them take their completed projects and see whose dragon can fly the furthest.

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    How To Train Your Dragon Party

    + Best How To Train Your Dragon Party Ideas

    What’s Inside: The best DIY How to Train Your Dragon party ideas to make your kids birthday OVER THE TOP! Everything you need from HYYTD cakes to dragon party games to free Toothless printables and more.

    The number one party theme for 2019 is How to Train Your Dragon! Okay, I made that up but based on the number of kids I see wearing Toothless hoodies at my son’s elementary school, I just know your kids are gonna be asking for a How to Train Your Dragon birthday party. I’ve rounded up the absolute best DIY party ideas to help you throw a killer HTTYD celebration for your little dragon trainer.

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    What Are The How To Train Your Dragon Movies

    Before we get started, let’s go over the all the movies in the HTTYD franchise. You don’t want to show up with old decor from the wrong movie, right?

    List of How to Train Your Dragon movies, in order:

  • How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
  • There were also 4 short films and a TV series based on the movies. But don’t get twisted if you’re planning a HTTYD party, your kids are probably thinking of the three main films of the movie franchise. That’s what I’ve focused on here

    Now, let’s dig into these HTTYD party ideas!

    I created a table of contents to make it easy to jump to the party ideas you need most:

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