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How To Host A Virtual Birthday Party

Light Up The Virtual Party With Some Fun Online Games

How to Host a Virtual Birthday Party

Video chatting with loved ones is fun, but you know whats even more fun? Video chatting with loved ones while also challenging them on a fun multiplayer game.

While video calling services, including Skype, does come with a few built-in games, they are simple and oftentimes not very interesting. And if you want to step up the virtual party experience, you may want to check out the online gaming website called Jackbox Games that offer a deluge of multiplayer games of all sorts.

To play the party games offered by Jackbox Games with your folks, you need to enable screen sharing mode on your video chat application. Sounds complicated? Dont worry, here is a simple guide that will help you pull off this multiplayer gaming experience.

  • First of all, you need to create a chat group in the video messenger youre using .
  • Open a new browser window and visit and purchase the game youd like to play with your pals. Only a couple of games are free, and the rest of them will set you back anywhere from $5 to $21. We recommend getting the party packs as they offer great value for money and come with multiple fun games.
  • After starting the game, go to settings and then enable the family-friendly option.
  • The others in the chat can now see the game window on their device. To join the game, however, they need to visit website on their mobile phone and type in the Room code.
  • Pick A Video Call Platform

    Whether youre planning a virtual happy hour or hosting an online dinner party, your virtual event requires the appropriate video chat app. Zoom, Google Hangout, Houseparty and FaceTime are some of the most familiar group chat platforms. Hosting a Zoom party has become the most popular choice for large groups because of the apps features and ease of access for participants from desktop and mobile devices.

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    Virtual Arts And Crafts

    A more light-hearted alternative for hosting your virtual birthday party would be an arts n crafts day. Think old overalls, colorful paints, and a blank canvas, with all of your best people doing the same! This would, of course, require some additional pre-planning to ensure everyone has their materials at the ready before the party begins, but other than that, its a great way to spend the day bonding with your loved ones.

    You can either ask each of your guests to draw you for some humor or create a list they can choose from to get their creative juices flowing!

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    Virtual Birthday Party For Kids: 11 Ideas For Parents

    1. HOST A CLASSROOM ZOOM CALLThis seems to be the most popular idea for those who are trying to throw a virtual party for kids right now. Most kids are already partaking in daily/weekly lessons via Zoom, making it easy to tack on a mini celebration to honor your little one. Ask your childs teacher if this is possible, and keep reading for ideas to help you add a little creativity and excitement to the celebration!

    2. ORGANIZE INDIVIDUAL CALLS WITH CLOSE FRIENDSWhile its fun for kids to get together as a class, it can also be disorganized and LOUD. This may be just the kind of thing your child is craving to celebrate his or her special day, but if he or she is older and/or doesnt tolerate chaos very well, you may consider setting up 1:1 calls with some or all of his or her friends throughout the day. Not only does this allow the kids to connect on a more personal level, but it also spreads the festivities out over the course of the day. Instead of having one 15-minute call with the whole class, your child can have several short calls with friends all day long, making him or her feel extra loved.

    8. ORGANIZE A FEW PARTY GAMESWhile you wont be able to play more traditional birthday party games like pass the parcel or pin the tail on the donkey, there are lots of virtual birthday party games you can organize for your child and his or her friends to play together online. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

    Virtual Birthday Party Ideas & Games For Adults In 2022

    How to Host a Virtual Birthday Party

    You found our list of the best virtual birthday party ideas for adults.

    Virtual birthday parties are ways to celebrate birthdays online through video conferencing software. For example, birthday Zoom backgrounds, cake delivery, and web-call karaoke. These parties usually include friends, family, and coworkers. The purpose of these events is to celebrate distance between adulthood and our misguided youth. These events are also known as a Zoom birthday party or online birthday party.

    These events are a subset of virtual celebration ideas and office birthday parties, often include virtual party games, and can boost virtual team engagement.

    This article includes:

    So, here is the list!

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    Have A Beginning Middle And End

    To make the party a real success online, put some thought into the structure. You dont want to just wing it for a first-time online event. Troubleshooting issues in real-time will be a little more complicated when you are working over a computer.

    To kick off your virtual kids party, give your birthday boy or girl the chance to welcome his/her guests from the start. Parents can then emcee and let guests know what they can expect at the party.

    Your video settings should allow time for everyone to see and hear from the guest of honor .

    Once your child is able to welcome friends, go around and introduce each child so they can have a quick turn on camera. They may wish to deliver a birthday message to your child with face-to-face time. This adds a really special touch to friends who havent seen each other in awhile!

    Once everyone has had a turn to say something, you can announce the next stage: games!

    Virtual Birthday Party Bingo

    Bingo is a game you and your guests can play together on Zoom, WebEx and other virtual meeting software. To play, split up into breakout rooms and chat with other attendees. Mark each square with the name of a player to whom the statement applies. While you can use names of players more than once, you cannot use the name of the same player in any one consecutive row, diagonal, or column.

    We made a template to use for your game.

    Feel free to add your own clues, and be sure to randomize the squares so that the whole party does not win at once!

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    Virtual Games And Activities

    For adult birthdays, Kertzner suggests creating a special cocktail or mocktail for a group cheers just be sure to include the timing and recipe in your invite! Weve got a roundup of some essential bar supplies for your party needs here. You can also send some cupcakes to the guest of honor for a birthday toast. Support local businesses by calling nearby bakeries to see if theyre still making deliveries.

    Plenty of group games are easy to play virtually too. Says Horton, Depending on age you can do Never Have I Ever , Two Truths and a Lie or Ellen DeGeneress Heads Up game . Note that, for kids parties, theres also a Never Have I Ever Family Edition or good old-fashioned charades. Scavenger hunts are a fun activity that everyone can do at their own home and still enjoy a little healthy competition. Etsy has tons of scavenger hunt ideas worth checking out. We put together a guide with even more puzzles and games for the whole family, too.

    Another fun activity, Kertzner suggests, is to have everyone make a sign with a word that best describes the birthday person. When you sing happy birthday, have everyone hold up their sign into the screen and make sure to take a screenshot! If youre low on supplies, Michaels is still shipping out its huge inventory of crafting staples.

    Let Skyzone Handle It

    ZOOM BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS | Virtual Party 2020

    The popular trampoline park is offering free online parties and its a great option for parents who would like a host to take over. The party itself is about 20 to 25-minutes and includes a party host who will lead the kids through games and activities to get kids moving. You can expect things like Simon Says, dance battles, trivia and even teaching the kids a TikTok dance. Theyll also lead the group in singing Happy Birthday while parents bring in the cake.

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    How Do You Make A Zoom Birthday Party Fun

    It doesnt have to be complicated! For instance, you can plan a themed-Zoom party where everyone gets to play dress-up or you can simply do a virtual activity together such as painting or making candles together. Alternatively, you can attend a virtual concert, parade, or any other online event together. Whatever you decide to do, just remember to celebrate with your friend/colleague!

    A Virtual Playdate Over Zoom

    This kids birthday party idea is perfect for kids to celebrate with the BFF theyâve missed the most. Find a game that they both enjoy playing, and make it work virtually! From checkers to Roblox, there are endless two-player games out there you can play over Zoom. Want to invite more than one friend to the virtual birthday party? BINGO is great for a group, or trivia where all the questions are about the birthday girl or boy.

    âRemote Controllersâ by Hello!Lucky, âGame Onâ by Paperless Post.

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    Send The Guest Invitations

    After figuring out a date that works best for your team, itâs time to spread the word through guest invitations. Being creative with digital invites offers you the chance to show your audience that this birthday party will be exciting. Keep building that anticipation leading up to your event as well, teasing the fun plans through social media posts and follow-up reminders. Electronic invitations also simplify the RSVP process, making it easier than ever to keep track of a guest list.

    How To Host A Virtual Birthday Party

    How to Host a Virtual Birthday Party

    We know your children are missing their friends and birthday parties are being cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Since our community Virtual Birthday Parties have been such a hit we wanted to help you host your own Virtual Party from the comfort of your home. It’s a great way to keep the little ones entertained. Here are some of our suggestions for throwing your own Online Party!

    1. Invitations2. Hosting3. Food4. Decorations5. Games

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    Enjoy These Unique Birthday Celebrations

    Although we cant have face-to-face indoor parties at the moment, tell your birthday boy or girl to save their birthday gifts and cards to open during their virtual party! This is one way to make the party feel really personal and intimate its almost like youre all there together. Even if you cant all be in the same room, you can still share the joy and cheer of a birthday celebration virtually.

    We cant wait to see all of the creative ways you bring these virtual birthday celebrations to life. Be sure to share your photos with us on social media! You can tag us using @snapfishuk on or with photos or use the hashtag #snapfishuk. Dont forget to follow us on , and , too!

    What You Need For Your Virtual Party

    First and foremost, you need an excellent video chat platform to make this work.

    Messenger Kids is our favourite kid-friendly video chat platform with a group chat option. Add to that the parental controls and fun face filters and this one is sure to be a hit with all the kids.

    Skypeoffers free video calls for up to 50 people on just about any mobile device, tablet or computer meaning more of your kids friends can join in on the fun.

    If you are looking to keep your party short,Zooms free plan allows you to have 100 people for up to 40 minutes in a video call.

    Owned by the creators of Fortnite, Housepartymay be a fan favourite just because of that! Host a party for up to 8 people and have recently started to add some fun game integrations making it the perfect platform to chat with your friends while playing Fortnite.

    If you and your kids friends are all Apple owners, FaceTime is free up to 32 people. The joy of FaceTime is that it is built right into your Apple products making it so easy to use via your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac computer.

    Next, you need to make sure that you have a good internet connection. Head over to or and conduct a quick speed test on your internet. If you see at least 10 from either site, you should be good to go. Alternatively, you can connect directly via ethernet cable if it is available to you.

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    How To Host A Virtual Party: A Step By Step Guide

    Brittany Anderson

    Maintain relationships and have fun with friends and family members by planning and hosting a virtual party while social distancing during COVID-19.

    Not sure where to start? From picking a video call platform to sharing on social media, here are all the essential steps for hosting a party online to stay connected with loved ones near and far.

    Hosting Your Virtual Birthday Party:

    How To Host a Virtual Birthday Party | Virtual 1st Birthday

    Weve come a long way through our pre-plan for your virtual birthday party and wed like to think youre all ready to go, but what about the party itself? Yes, youve got the theme, the decorations, and that gorgeous party crown at the ready, but what are you going to do once the partys started?

    Out in the real world, were used to pumping up the music, pouring endless cocktails and dancing until our heels come off, but hey? This isnt the real world right now. Were living in the middle of a global pandemic and our world is looking a little different, at present. Not to fear, however, Cotier is here for you, and your girls! Weve gathered a few, unique ideas to get your virtual birthday party started, exactly the way you want it

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    Tips For Your Online Birthday Party

    If you are one of those people that loves to go the extra mile for any occasion, this is the right time to let your creative juices flow! You can make your online birthday party even more unique by adding a physical element of your choice to it. Here are some ideas that we love:

    • Setting a theme or a dress code for your party This is a sure way to make everyone laugh and bond quickly, you can even include a competition for the best costume!
    • Send your guests a party package You can fill a simple envelope with balloons, confetti, photos, candy, or practically anything you want and send them out a few days before the remote party. Everyone can open their envelopes on camera and see what surprise awaits them inside!
    • Get food or cake delivered If you dont live too far from your guests and want to give them an extra treat, you can order everyone a meal or a cupcake for them to munch on throughout the party!

    In the end of the day, novel situations require creative solutions, so dont be afraid to try out something new for your party this year! Whether it was a good or a bad year for you, everyone deserves a fun birthday celebration in whichever form possible. After all, its those tiny moments of joy that make life worth living.

    Order Your Presents Online For Direct Delivery

    With many shops moving to online shopping or offering local delivery, buying a birthday gift has never been easier!

    You can direct friends and relatives to the 21 best toys and books to keep kids busy and learning, the 31 best toys and games kids under $50 and the best children’s bookshops in Melbourne. Gifts can then be delivered straight to the birthday boy or birthday girls’ door. Everyone loves receiving surprise post!

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    How To Set Up A Group Chat Using Zoom

    Like Skype, Zoom also has dedicated apps available for all platforms, as well as an online version that you can access via the website. In this guide, we will be teaching you how to set up Zoom video conferencing from your browser window.

  • Visit the website and sign up a new account, if you dont already have one. You can also use your existing Google or Facebook account to access Zooms services.
  • After creating an account, hover over the mouse pointer over Host a meeting option and then click on the With Video on button.
  • A pop up may appear asking if you would like to open Zoom web application, click on the Open Zoom button.
  • After you are all set with the app, click on the info button in the upper left side of the window to get the invitation URL.
  • Copy the URL and share it with folks you would like to join the chat. Others can join the video chat just by clicking the link.
  • Zoombombing: Zoom has been dominating the tech news cycle in the past few days for all the wrong reasons. One of them being a security loophole that allows strangers to join a group chat either through publicly-shared invite links or by guessing the 9-digit code in the invite URL. Although the team is actively working to fix the issue, you can use these temporary workarounds for now:

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