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5 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Berry Sweet Strawberry Picnic


When a child was born during strawberry picking season, a strawberry picnic is a lovely way to make a special birthday extra sweet. Decide on your favorite park, preferably near a picnic table and playground, so parents can supervise their kids more closely while socializing.

Have a few picnic essentials ready–a gingham tablecloth, a picnic basket, and strawberry themed partyware to set up a simple yet beautiful tablescape friends and family can enjoy. Plan an easy picnic menu, including fresh strawberry fruit cups, cold sandwiches, chips, and a refreshing lemonade. To complete such a lovely way of celebrating a birthday, sing happy birthday with a strawberry layer cake for a berry sweet birthday party.

Doughnut Challenges Party Games :

This is one of the exciting birthday party games and keeps the kids engage for a longer period of time and have a great time with their friends and close one.

How To Play:

  • First, you have to hang on doughnut on string spread out across another string.
  • Then tie the hand of the kids.
  • Then ask the children to attempt to eat the doughnut as much they can.
  • They should do it without fail.
  • The kids who eat more will be the winner.

Disney Princesses For Hire

If the boys have their Disney mascots, the girls have their Disney princesses. The little girls will be ecstatic to see their favorite Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White and the like over for their party. It will definitely be a dream come true for many 5 year old birthday celebrants.

In order to match the princesses, ask all the party guests to also wear their ballgowns and tiaras. You can also order party favors and supplies that match the Disney themed party.

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Art Birthday Party Theme:

This is a very unique and simple party ideas that can surprise your 5 year old boy. This party theme goes well if your child loves creativity. This idea makes the party as a masterpiece.

This also brings creativity among all. Keep all the elements that are required for art or create something. You can also make the invitation in a black and whitecolour book design so that the guest can colour in the art invitation.

Decide The Size Of Birthday Party

5 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

The size of the birthday party is the first thing that you need to decide. 5-year-olds dont have long attention spans and get distracted easily as compared to adults. This is why your childs birthday party should comprise of only a few key people and friends he plays with. That way, it doesnt become too overwhelming and hosting your guests becomes a lot easier.

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Who To Invite On The 5th Birthday Party

A 5 girl has already formed a circle of contacts, she has friends in the yard. She communicates with peers in a kindergarten, which means that she will want to see them at her event. Therefore, the guest list must be compiled with the participation of the future birthday girl otherwise, resentment and spoiled mood cannot be avoided.

If you plan to invite adult guests grandparents, aunts, and uncles, distinguish them in time with young guests. If you cant ask them at different times, then at least provide the children with a separate room. This way, they will not be embarrassed and will be able to have plenty of fun. And adult guests will chat in a relaxed atmosphere without restless and noisy children.

Cowboy Birthday Party Theme:

Here is another amazing birthday party ideas themes for 5 year old boy. This includes the theme of party invitations, decorations, games, favors and more matching with the concept of cowboy party ideas.

What you need to do is that you have to decorate the tables with red and white checkered cloths and put solid coloured plates on top. You also have to put the party area with boots, cowboy hats, and ropes as this all will add extra colors to the party theme.

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Messy Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

For outdoor activities in sunny weather, prep ahead of time by stocking up on old towels and asking parents to dress their kids in old clothes or bathing suits for the party. Afterward , set up the sprinkler and let them run through it a few times to get clean.

1. Go wild, Jackson Pollock-style! Put out old sheets or butcher paper on the lawn or driveway or in the garage, buckets of washable paint, and let children have at it Jackson Pollock-style. Bonus points: Dump warm spaghetti in the paint bucketsit splatters beautifully when thrown.

2. Just add water. Two more versions of the wild paint party are to fill water balloons with diluted non-toxic paint and throw them at a sheet, or freeze non-toxic watercolors in ice cube trays and let them paint with the melting cubes. Write a happy birthday message for the honoree with fabric pens.

3. Make a giant mud pie. Fill the kiddie pool with potting soil and water for a good old-fashioned mud pit. Provide some old pie and muffin tins for making that kid-classic: the mud pie. Let the birthday kid blow out the candles on that cake, too!

Messy Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

4. Take a spin!

5. Plane-apalooza! Make paper airplanes out of various papers and materials like printer paper, aluminum foil, and origami paper, and then stage flying contests. You can also build bigger versions of planes out of cardboard or shoe boxes, and decorate them with stickers.

Downsize the Guest List

Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party Theme:

5-Year-Old Girl’s Dream Comes True With Costco-Themed Birthday Party

This is very fun and amazing birthday party themes for 5 year old daughter. You can choose the theme of the party by decoration with mismatching saucers, chairs, napkins, and kitchen or tableware.

Approach the guest list to come up with a dress code of any of this colour from the Alice in Wonderland theme as it will add colour to the party. You can also arrange chocolate fountain with some strawberries in it.

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Pin The Tail On Donkey Party Games:

Here come with another form of birth games that you can play very well indoor. For these games, age doesnt matter at all. You can play with kids from all range of age. The kids will love it.

How To Play:

  • First, you need to put a donkey without a tail
  • Ask the kids to line up from a certain distance away from the picture.
  • Give each child a tail with their name on it.
  • Then blindfold each child and ask the kids to pin the tail on the picture.
  • Once all are done with their turn
  • Choose the winner who has pinned the tail close to the donkey.

Create An Underwater Oasis With Not Just Blue Hues But Also With Shells Sea Horses And Pearl Accents

. Check out this Winnie the Pooh themed party over at Planning with Kids. A celebration of all things natural for green-fingered five-year-olds and a great way to teach children about wildlife. For this you have to design the party area with mismatching saucers chairs napkins and kitchen or tableware.

Whatever the Occasion We Can Help You Create the Perfect Celebration. Mozzarella onions ham and peppers. Choose From Several Attraction Passes Available for Purchase Online.

At five years old your son or daughter will be curious about everything and theyll probably LOVE being outside so a trip to a petting zoo or farm can be an exciting and a semi-educational birthday party. Birthday Party Ideas for 4-Year Old and 5-Year Old Children. Alice in Wonderland is a theme most 5-year-olds love.

How about O-fish-ally Five Fishing theme How Sweet to be 5 ice cream candy theme Fairies Flowers and 5. Best Birthday Party Ideas for Pre-Teens. Lets Flamingle into 5 Flamingos.

Pre-teens love the independence of. Ad Thousands of Birthdays Celebrated Millions of Memories Made. Prep the home-made pizza bases or you can buy pre-made and the children can add their favourite topping and eat when ready – delicious.

Yes itll be a mess but youll be left with adorable handprints and colored noses for the rest of the day. You can throw in a chocolate fountain in the centre and keep some strawberries to make the event more fun. Finally if it is warm out have a.

Pin On Toystory Buzzlight Party

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How To Treat A 5

Each child has his favorite dishes, but you will not please everyone. Therefore, cook something universal. It can be potatoes, chops, several options for salads. 5-year-old children eat almost like adults, there are no particular restrictions, but still, it is better to have less fatty, fried foods on the table.

Children love fruits and sweets, so stock up on several types of fruits, preferably seasonal. You can make a fruit salad. And for dessert, offer baby cupcakes, jelly, curd desserts. And dont forget about drinking. Children drink a lot, especially not on holidays. Sweet mineral water is not the best option. Prepare stewed fruit, several types of juices, soda without additives, ordinary clean water.

Girls love everything beautiful, so pay special attention to table setting beautiful napkins, dishes. If you plan to make a holiday thematic, place a table in the corresponding theme. It can be toppers, juice stickers, boxes for sweets, made in a particular style.

Planning A 5th Birthday Party

5 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

In planning the party, you will need to consider that many of your childs friends may have already started school, and some may be in full time child care. With that in mind, you may need to have the party in the weekend, or actually have it at day care itself. But no matter where or when you decide to have the party, these ideas will help make your childs 5th birthday party something theyll never forget.

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Th Birthday Games And Activities

5 year olds are just starting to get the hang of party games, but they are yet to understand the concept of winners and losers. If you dont want the party to end in tears, make sure that everyone gets a prize and nobody feels left out. Our Games for Pre-schoolers and Games for 5 7 year olds articles have got some good ideas to get you started.

If your budget allows, you may want to hire an entertainer for this special milestone birthday, or have the party at a special venue.

Games For The 5th Birthday Of The Child

Its still difficult for kids at the age of 5 to sit still for a long time, and in between meals, they need to run, jump and have fun. In order for the invited friends to like the childs birthday, you need to consider the entertainment program carefully.

If you invite an animator, he, of course, will think through contests to the smallest detail. But you yourself can change into a funny clown and lure children.

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Musical Chair Party Game:

These games add extra fun to your party. You can play this game with any age of the child. Kids really enjoy while playing musical chair.

How To Play:

  • Place the chair first in a circular way. The total number of the chair should be one less than the total number of kids playing.
  • Then turn the music on and ask the kids to move around the chair.
  • Once the music is off the kids has to sit on the chair.
  • The kids who didnt seat is out of the game.
  • Play the game till one is left.

How To Throw Kids Birthday Parties At Home


Would your child love to celebrate his or her birthday by having a home party with all of their friends? Which leaves you wondering how to plan the activities, the food, the guest list, and how to sift through tons of birthday party themes in order to make this special day happen? This post will show you exactly how to throw amazing kids birthday parties in your own home that are magical for your kids, fun for you, and inexpensive!

Quick Links to the Info in This Post!

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Best Birthday Party Games For 5

The best birthday party games for 5-year-olds: What can be said about this age? These are no longer kids who prefer to be spectators than active participants. Still, they are also not smart preschoolers who already have the skills to participate in team birthday party games for 5-year-olds and individual competitive tasks.

Theme And Decoration Ideas

There are various themes and decoration ideas you can try out for the party. Here are a few fun ones worth a shot.

1. Cartoon Theme

For the cartoon theme, you can use paper plates and cups having your kids favourite cartoon. You can also organise games like drawing the cartoon without seeing, spelling cartoon names backwards, etc.

2. Angry Birds Theme

For the Angry Birds party theme, youll need Angry Bird stickers and red and yellow feathers for the invitation card designs. You can decorate the entrance to the party area with cardboard boxes that are painted and designed in a way to make the big pig structure from the series. For the tables, make sure you have red, black and yellow bowls and make pig fortresses using wood pieces and smaller cardboard boxes.

3. Barbie Theme

This is one of the best birthday party ideas for a girl and you deal with just three colours pink, violet, and orange. Decorate the party tables using pink cloth. You can get all your kids friends a tiara so that they can wear it before digging into the birthday cake. Use pink, white, and silver balloons and scatter them across the floor and tie some to the backs of chairs too.

4. Cowboy Theme

A cowboy party theme is one of the best birthday party ideas for a boy if most of the kids attending are boys. Decorate the tables with red and white checkered cloths and put solid coloured plates on top. Decorate the party area with boots, cowboy hats, and ropes.

5. Alice In Wonderland Theme

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Best Birthday Party Ideas For Daughter:

Girls always love surprise, gift, etc. So you can make their day of celebration more fun and exciting by planing such beautiful amazing themes such as-

1. Barbie Birthday Party Theme:

Daughter simply loves to play with barbie. So just imagine how about to plan a birthday party with barbie theme for your little girl. The kids will simply love it. It will add a super excitement level for your daughter on her special day.

You can do this theme by with just three colour that to with pink, purple, silver. Pink and purple are bright and vibrant colour which makes them suitable for your little girls party Arrange a barbie cake and make a dress code of any of this colour to add colour to the party.

Home Parties Are Always A Hit

10 Spectacular 5 Year Old Girl Birthday Ideas 2021

Hosting a birthday party at home for your 5-year-old can be just as fun if not more so than hosting it at a pricey venue. At-home birthday parties are budget-friendly and arent as difficult to plan and execute as you may think. With these eight birthday party at-home ideas, youll have plenty of inspiration to find one suiting your birthday boy or girl. In order to avoid chaos, be sure to have enough activities planned to keep the kids occupied. Its also important to have additional hands available to help with craft stations, run games, or assist budding chefs.

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The Highlight Of The Holiday Is The Cake

Beautiful, decorated in the style of the whole holiday, and the birthday girl with the guests is waiting for him. Therefore, to bring it into the room will be too commonplace. Invite the little ladies to solve the riddle:

  • For a holiday treat
  • looking forward to it
  • Of course, it is a TORT!

And while making the main holiday treat, we sing the traditional song Happy Birthday to you.

And do not forget that the cake is brought in already with candles, so for more magnificent entertainment, we turn off the light in the room.

Hire A Local Village Hall

This is a pretty popular one. I have hosted two and have been to hundreds, I am kidding, but I have been to a lot. It initially seems inexpensive as the hall hire fee is quite low, maybe £40-£50. Versus tons of people in your house, it feels good. But then you get into the logistics who to invite its a hall so you can invite loads, kids and adults. That means a lot of food and drinks, be it tea, coffee or wine that could easily come to £100. The obligatory cake, and if there are many people, it needs to be pretty big, which makes it more expensive, say £50, unless you made it yourself.

Then there is entertainment. When you get into the realms of four and up, entertainment is good to keep them happy. But it comes at a price, I have seen DJs costing £200 for two hours of kids entertainment crazy magicians, again the going rate was £100 per hour. The local zoo will bring animals along. Or you could hire a big hall and put up a bouncy castle. A hall childrens party is looking to cost you around £400 including entertainment, so quite a lot. And it is a lot of hassle too, especially if you are making the food yourself.

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