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Birthday Party Things To Do

Break Out The Balloons

10 Things Not To Do at a BIRTHDAY PARTY..

Just like in this New Years Eve countdown box idea, put a fun birthday activity in a balloon and blow it up for every hour of the day. Or if you dont want to do every hour, do one balloon for every year old they are . Let them pop the activities randomly and do that activity then!

Some fun ideas you could include in the balloons include:

Get A Psychic Reading

Surely the idea of seeing a psychic or getting tarot cards read for you has tempted you at one point of life! If youve found yourself nervous or skeptical of such a unique activity, perhaps going with your best friends could make it more enjoyable?

FYI: You could even learn to do your own tarot card reading at home with the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook.

Reflect On Your Past Year

Courtesy of Mia Ingui

What lessons did you learn? What were some of the best moments and which parts are you glad to be moving on from? Reflecting on your past year, and maybe even setting some goals for the future, can be a great way to honor yourself.

Plants are the gift that keep on giving. Not only can they help clean the air, they also bring a little life and happiness to your space. Start small with easy-to-care-for houseplants like snake plants or pilea pepermioides.

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Binge Watch Your Favorite Show/movie Marathon

How about getting together with some friends or spending a night at home alone binge watching a fun TV series? Get some yummy snacks, comfortable jammies and spend time chilling on the couch. Just put on Netflix or and stream one of your favorites or may try out a new one.

Schitts Creek, Friends and Greys Anatomy are pretty popular series, but if you are struggling to find a show, then the 33 of the best TV shows to binge-watch list will help you out.

Messy Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

Potpourri Mommy: Things that Go Birthday Party

For outdoor activities in sunny weather, prep ahead of time by stocking up on old towels and asking parents to dress their kids in old clothes or bathing suits for the party. Afterward , set up the sprinkler and let them run through it a few times to get clean.

1. Go wild, Jackson Pollock-style! Put out old sheets or butcher paper on the lawn or driveway or in the garage, buckets of washable paint, and let children have at it Jackson Pollock-style. Bonus points: Dump warm spaghetti in the paint bucketsit splatters beautifully when thrown.

2. Just add water. Two more versions of the wild paint party are to fill water balloons with diluted non-toxic paint and throw them at a sheet, or freeze non-toxic watercolors in ice cube trays and let them paint with the melting cubes. Write a happy birthday message for the honoree with fabric pens.

3. Make a giant mud pie. Fill the kiddie pool with potting soil and water for a good old-fashioned mud pit. Provide some old pie and muffin tins for making that kid-classic: the mud pie. Let the birthday kid blow out the candles on that cake, too!

Messy Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

4. Take a spin!

5. Plane-apalooza! Make paper airplanes out of various papers and materials like printer paper, aluminum foil, and origami paper, and then stage flying contests. You can also build bigger versions of planes out of cardboard or shoe boxes, and decorate them with stickers.

Downsize the Guest List

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Your Big Kid Might Not Be Into Balloon Animals And Superheroes Anymore But Birthdays Are Still A Big Deal For Many Teens Take Off Some Of The Pressure With One Of These Party Ideas For Teens

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Ah, how simple birthdays were when your kid was little. They were happy if you invited their favorite people, blew up a few balloons, and provided a cake. Sadly, though, those days may be gone .

Now that your cute kid has turned into a teenager, they’re most likely a little harder to impress. Add the fact that sharing their birthday party on Instagram is almost as important to many teens as the party itself and you’ve got a recipe for more pressure on the party-planning parents.

Desperate for some inspiration? Whether your kid is a foodie, an adrenaline junky, or a shopping enthusiast, these party ideas are proven to have your teen smiling instead of rolling their eyes.

Sample Toddler Birthday Party Schedule

10am Everyone arrives. Free play, get settled in.

10.20-11am Games and activities

11am Snack and cake. I do snack and cake together because it can be hard to get the kids sitting down for long.

11.30 Presents or free play

11.45 Get the birthday boy or girl to hand out the goodie bags and thank all the guests.

12.00pm Party ends

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Kids Birthday Party Ideas For An At

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These kid-tested activities are easy to prepare and sure to be a hit at the party. We’re sharing fun ideas for DIY party games and hands-on activities. These birthday party ideas are perfect for kids of all ages!

What Does A Successful Party Look Like

DIY BIRTHDAY PARTY! Activities, Decor, & Food! | PurpleKevin

Using a party planning checklist and creating an event timeline are just some of the many things you can do to make sure everything goes smoothly. Even if you dont have any experience with party planning, you can still throw a memorable get together.

At the end of the day, parties are all about bringing people together and having fun. Keeping this in mind throughout the process and using it as a compass as you make your major party planning decisions is a foolproof way to throw one of the best parties of all time.

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Take Over The Local Rollerskating Rink

Take a cue from the 70’s and host a disco party at the local roller rink, even if you’ve never roller skated before. You can wear chic retro gear and knee socks while rolling away to the fun and funky tunes.

Take a trip with your friends to your favorite vintage or thrift store before the party to pick out your perfect outfit.

Celebrate your love of The Great Gatsby and get out those flapper dresses or old-school suits, and learn how to do the Charleston together during a Roaring Twenties-themed celebration. Or pick your favorite decade as a theme. Personally, we’re partial to a ’80s or ’90s theme.

Choose your favorite way to move and round up your guests. Whether it’s the bowling alley, swimming, rock climbing, or a group dance or trapeze class, there is a recreational activity out there for everyone.

See Live Theater Show

Live theater is one of the most breath-taking activities you can participate in, so getting tickets to see a show on your birthday will be a night you wont forget.

You could splurge on tickets to see a Broadway or West End show, depending on where you live and if youre in the mood for a more expensive treat. You have the option to see something new or to celebrate with one of your favorites.

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Pretend To Be Together

Email a flat Stanley version of the birthday person to friends and family. Have them print it out and take at least one picture of them celebrating with it then send it to you to share with the birthday person! If you can get them in advance, you could even make a collage like one of my favorite 50th birthday party ideas!

As an added bonus you could keep those photos and once youre able to go out, try to recreate the photos with friends and family in person!

Night Games And A Bonfire

Top Birthday Party Places for Kids in New Jersey

If your tween or teen is looking for a coed party, start with a barbecue and then play some familiar games made more mature by being played after the sun goes down. Think ghost in the graveyard, kick the can, and capture the flag. You can close out the night with a bonfire if you have the space, and roast marshmallows and s’mores.

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Escape Room Parties Various Locations

Escape rooms may have passed peak trendiness, but there are still lots of great ones across LA. No matter what your puzzling teen wants to investigate, you can find the perfect spot that will offer a mystery that’s not too easy or too hard.

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Afternoon Tea at The Langham is a pinkies up place to celebrate. Photo courtesy of the blog Let Me Eat Cake

Sign Up For A Cooking Class

Why go out to a restaurant on your birthday when you can create your own gourmet meal? Cooking classes are extra special 21st birthday party ideas to celebrate your special day. Learn how to make your favorite dishes from scratch so that you can make them again for next years birthday. Youll find cooking classes in Philadelphia, cooking classes in Denver and more. Or, keep things laid-back at home and sign up for a live online cooking class with your crew!

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Things To Consider While Choosing Birthday Party Games

Choosing what games to set up for little kids seems quite easy, but there are certain things to understand before you do it. In order to ensure that nobody in the party is left out, here are some things that you may want to consider when you choose games.

  • Focus on the average age of all the children attending the party and choose games that can be played by all the children, and not a select few.
  • If you have planned a themed party, dont be afraid to stray from the theme a little when you choose a game especially if the game could clearly be a lot of fun.
  • Limit intellectual games, and instead, try and have a lot of light-hearted games to keep the excitement alive. Children have enough intellectually stimulating plays in the school and at home.
  • Keep the games short. Dont drag them for too long, as kids will get bored of them. Long games are unlikely to get much attention, and will only drag down the spirit of the party.
  • Avoid making the games gender specific. Try to choose games that do not dabble with gender stereotypes. Dont have games like princess dressing sessions, unless you are sure that everyone can take part in it.
  • Plan well and prepare ahead. Handling multiple kids can be a challenge. Plan in advance about how each game should go, to avoid any chaos.

Final Thoughts On Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday


No matter how you decide to spend your birthday, be sure to celebrate it! It doesnt really matter how or where just that you do. You should spend a day that revolves around and appreciates you.

Every day that you are alive is one to be celebrated. Its also an opportunity to start over or change course and try something new. You only have a limited number of birthdays, so celebrate life and accomplish as much as possible with the time youre given.

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Organize A Scavenger Hunt

If sending your friends all over town to scout clues sounds like your idea of a good time, a scavenger hunt is a fantastic 21st birthday party idea. You can either come up with the plan yourself or find one online there are plenty to choose from. While most scavenger hunts have one big prize at the end, you can also leave trails of smaller gifts along the way.

Cool And Fun Birthday Ideas To Celebrate Tweens And Teens

When your child hits the double digits, planning birthday parties can become a bit more complicated. The guest list might be forever changing due to the politics of the age range, plus tweens and teens definitely want a party that expresses their new maturity and budding individuality.

Of course, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, parents should use their best judgment to determine whether or not throwing a birthday party is feasible at this time. If you choose to celebrate your kiddo with a small get-together, follow your state’s safety precautions and consider having all attendees wear masks and social distance at the event, if possible, as vaccines aren’t available yet for children under the age of 16. Additionally, parents may want to consider hosting outdoor-only events, keeping groups small, and requiring COVID-19 testing before any gatherings that can’t be kept socially distanced.

Here are a dozen suggestions for celebrating your tween or teen’s birthday, all of which could be modified in terms of safety amid the pandemic .

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Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Tonight were gonna party like its something ending in 9. Enter Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament the perfect outlet to cheer for the untimely demise of your enemy knights all while feasting callously like a highborn noble. Located at Exhibition place, youll undoubtedly be impressed by the feats of athleticism and skill: jousting, swordplay, falconry, equestrian entertainment. With 3 different birthday packages to choose from, Medieval Times has you covered with VIP seating, a VIP lanyard, priority access, and many more exclusive treats for your special day. Its like UFC on steroids, but.. oh wait.

Tweens And Teens Ages 11 To 17

The Ultimate List &  Things You Will Need To Prepare the Best Boys ...
  • Gamer – Give the gamer in your life a party he or she will never forget. Host a home tournament with multiple stations or collect your quarters and visit an arcade for an afternoon of fun.
  • Teatime – This birthday party is totally insta-worthy. Dress up in your fanciest teatime attire and channel your inner royalty. Serve warm beverages along with finger sandwiches and bite-sized desserts. Pick up vintage cups and saucers from a local antique shop and let guests take them home as favors.
  • Pool Party – Find a neighborhood pool or YMCA where the birthday boy or girl can spend the day splashing and having a blast with their peeps. Serve poolside snacks, pizza and an ice cream cake for the win.
  • Cook Off – Up for some tasty competition? Host a cook off party. Split into groups of two or three and give each team a mystery food basket. Pick a theme like appetizers, pasta or baked goods and see what treats they whip up.
  • Movie Night – Cue the popcorn, snacks, comfy clothes and takeout its movie night. Start early in the day to allow for plenty of time for all their favorite films.
  • Make Pizza – Purchase dough, sauce, cheese and lots of topping choices and let the group get creative.
  • Escape Room – Can your birthday crew decipher the clues and get out in time? Visit a local escape room or order an online kit and host your own.
  • Camp Out – Take the party to the great outdoors with a camping party. Start the day with tent races and finish with hot dogs, smores and songs around the fire.
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    Create Your Own Bar Crawl

    Choose your favorite cocktail or craft brew, whether it be mezcal margaritas or tiki drinks. Then, decide on a fun neighborhood and map out a walkable or ride-share route to various breweries or bars that serve the best of your chosen tipple.

    Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

    Some boutiques will actually let you throw your birthday soirée on-site . Do you love shoes? Ask to have your fête right in the footwear department.

    Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

    Tell your friends to wear their favorite party outfits, and then call an at-home beauty concierge service like Blo, Dry Bar, or Glam Squad to come do hair and makeup. If you decide to go out, greatif not, no worries. Just make sure to snap some photos for posterity… and Instagram.

    How To Throw An Incredible Birthday Celebration

    Unlike last year, in 2022, youll be able to throw an incredible birthday celebration no matter where you are in Australia. You can even book a few of our classes so you can make the most of your special day! Why not start the festivities by learning how to make your own perfume. In this fascinating class, youll learn everything there is to know about making the perfect fragrance while learning how to blend certain scents together. Wait until your friends ask you where you bought your perfume from! Not too keen on perfume? Kickstart the day by bringing out your creative side while surrounding yourself with soil. Dig deep and get your hands dirty while learning everything there is to know about building your very own kokedama, otherwise known as a Japanese moss ball. Kokedama brings your home to life, and as they dont need a lot of watering, they’re the perfect custom-made jungle! For lunch, we recommend booking a delicious cooking class. With thousands of cooking classes to choose from, simply pick the cuisine you think the birthday girl/boy would love and organise either a private party! You can also join other like-minded people in a group class and get to know some fellow foodies. When it comes to organising birthday parties at night, we recommend taking part in a paint and sip class or an amazing cocktail making class. You can do both classes either in person or online. Cocktail making and paint and sip are by far our more popular party ideas!

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