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What Does Barkbox Do For Birthdays

What Do You Get With Super Chewer Barkbox

Cooper Opens his First Bark Box!

When you sign up for Super Chewer BarkBox, you have two options:

  • Get only chew toys with their All Toys box
  • Get chew toys, edible chews, and treats with their Toys and Treats box
  • If you choose the All Toys box, youll get three chew toys.

    If you choose the Toys and Treats box, youll get two chew toys, two chews, and two treats.

    This is great because you can choose which option based on what your dog likes, or their specific situation.

    If your dog is obsessed with chew toys, you might want to go with the All Toys box.

    If you like mixing it up and giving your dog different chews and treats, you can go with the Toys and Treats box.

    Can You Cancel Barkbox At Any Time

    You can cancel but what you are cancelling is the renewal when your subscription is done. So because I wanted to try one box, which I was not impressed with at all, I have to pay for boxes until May 2018. I cancelled two days after I received the box and before the date the next shipment would be sent.

    Is Barkbox Worth It

    BarkBox is worth it just to see your dog light up with joy when they get a new box every month.

    Youll also get a good laugh out of the jokes that come with the box, plus youll save time and money because youre probably buying the toys, treats, and chews for your dog anyway.

    What surprised me was how fun the whole experience was for both my dog and my wife and me.

    But to dig a little further into the question of if its worth it financially, lets do some calculations.

    Every box comes with two plush toys, two treats, and a chew.

    If you were to get comparable products on Amazon, heres what it would cost:

    2 plush lambchops: $16

    In total, this would be $39.

    If you get the monthly plan, youre saving $4/month.

    If you get the 6-month plan, youre saving $13/month.

    If you get the yearly plan, youre saving $16/month.

    So yeah, if youre buying this stuff anyway, its worth it financially.

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    What Do You Get With Barkbox

    There are three parts to each BarkBox:

    2 All-Natural Treats

    Each BarkBox comes with two all-natural treats.

    Theyre protein-based and made in America or Canada.

    My dog has loved all the treats hes gotten so far .

    If your dog has allergies, you can specify that in the signup process and theyll send you treats that are compatible with their allergies.

    2 Plush Toys

    Each BarkBox comes with two stuffed toys.

    My dog loves these because theyre plush, squeaky, and crinkly.

    His favorite so far has been the stuffed toilet paper roll .

    Theyre also my favorite because theyre hilarious.

    And not only are they hilarious, but theyre also surprisingly durable.

    Normally my dog tears plush toys up in one day, but some of the toys from BarkBox have lasted weeks.

    And like the treats, the toys are made in America or Canada.

    1 Chew

    Each BarkBox comes with a chew.

    The chews are a mix between a chew toy and a treat, like a bully stick.

    My dog loves to chew, so this is a great addition to the box.

    And like the other items in BarkBox, the chews are made in America or Canada.

    How Does The Barkbox Subscription Work

    Birthday Week: Enter to Win A Barkbox Subscription

    When you sign up for BarkBox, it sends your dog a custom, themed box each month. Unless you pay upfront , the New-York basedcompany will automatically charge you before shipping out your next BarkBox.

    When you order your first BarkBox, you can choose a monthly, 6-month, or 12-month subscription. Once you sign up for your first box, you will automatically be charged, and it will be shipped. If you signed up for a multi-month subscription, you will be billed on the 1st of each month for the remaining boxes.

    If you pick a 6 or 12-month plan, you will have to pay for each box until it ends. Even if you cancel your plan 2 months into your 12-month subscription, you have to pay for the next 10 boxes.

    When your subscription ends, your BarkBox plan also auto-renews. Want to cancel it? Chat with BarkBoxs support team or turn off auto-renewal. If you want to get a BarkBox every other month or pause your subscription, email at or call +1 -520-2275.


    Yes! You can buy or gift a single BarkBox year-round. It is worth mentioning that you can also sign up for BarkBox Lite . The half box includes 1 custom-themed dog toy, 1 full bag of dog treats, and 1 meaty chew.

    Mike and I now prefer a month-to-month subscription because our sausage dog Django has a lot of dog toys. He also goes through the bags of dog treats very slowly.

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    Godoggo Fetch Machine Reviews: What Others Have To Say

    The Hyper Pet GoDogGo Fetch Machine scored 4 out of 5 stars from a total of 691 customer reviews on Amazon.

    Most satisfied customers were happy to see their dogs chasing after the balls launched by this toy for hours each day.

    The dogs also quickly learned how to place the included balls back in the launcher bucket.

    Most loved that the ball launcher could be operated on a timer. And that it could even be controlled by a remote, which comes included.

    Some unsatisfied customers experienced problems with the machine, or their dog didnt take to it because of the noise or because it didnt launch the balls far enough for their dog.

    Many, like this customer, were happy with the purchase, and it can make a great gift for dogs on those special occasions.

    How Does Barkbox Work

    Its simple! After we hammer out the details of your dogs customized BarkBox , you will:

    • Choose your subscription length
    • Your first box ships immediately, and you wait impatiently by the window for the mailman to arrive.
    • A phenomenon known as cardboard confusion may occur, in which your dog assumes every box that arrives is actually for thema common side effect of BarkBox joy.

    When you sign up for your first BarkBox, we want to collect some basic info about your dog to make sure their box is built JUST for them. First, you give us your pups name, birthday , any food allergies, and which size toys they prefer, and we do the rest!

    Golden Retriever Mama

    Is your dog no friend to plush? Try BARKs Super Chewer box instead! Its always 100% fluff-free and includes an extra tasty chew. (P.S. you can even chat with our Happy team to ask about getting more toys/fewer treats, all toys, no chews whatever works best for your dog. Well make it happen!

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    Barkbox Ordering Shipping Faqs

    Placing orders on unfamiliar products is often a bit stressful. Thankfully, BarkBox has streamlined the process as much as humanly possible, and they also offer free shipping across 48 mainland US states.

    Can You Order A One-Time BarkBox?

    You absolutely can! BarkBoxes can be ordered as a one-time purchase if thats what you want. You can even send one as a gift.

    Does BarkBox Ship To Other Countries?

    BarkBox does not currently offer international shipping. It does however offer free shipping to the US and Canada.

    Who Barkbox Is Not For

    Happy Birthday Dexter!! – June 2014 BarkBox Unboxing (Medium)

    Theres really only one type of dog that BarkBox is not for: toy terrorizers.

    If your dog destroys plush toys instantly, then maybe BarkBox isnt for you.

    However, if youre buying plush toys anyway, this could save you a trip.

    Plus, like I said earlier, BarkBoxs plush toys are more durable than most plush toys Ive bought .

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    Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Reviews: What Others Have To Say

    This product scored 4.7 out of 5 stars from a total of 82,982 customer reviews on

    Most satisfied customers found that the bowl significantly slowed down fast eaters, thus reducing episodes of vomiting. They also mentioned that it helped provide mental stimulation for their pups.

    Some unsatisfied customers said that the bowl was hard for some breeds with skin folds to eat from and for puppies who couldnt navigate the high sides. So its worth keeping in mind if either of these apply to your dog.

    Overall, Slow Feeder dog bowls are much appreciated by dog owners.

    A Few More Cool Facts About Bark

    • Carly Strife, Henrik Werdelin, and Matt Meeker founded Bark in December 2011. Meeker wanted to create Disney in a box for his 130 lb. Great Dane Hugo. Bark has 1.05 million subscribers and more than 23,000 retailer partners.
    • During your dogs birthday month, you can buy extra birthday-themed goodies to add to his BarkBox.
    • Barks dog treats and chews are wheat, soy, and corn-free and have a 24-month shelf life.
    • Bark donates 5% of its proceeds to nonprofits across the country that provide free or low-cost spay and neuter surgeries.

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    Barkbox Reviews: Price And Money

    The first thing anyone who read reviews on BarkBox and felt convinced of the product would want to know is how much is the Bark Box package?The price of your BarkBox package differs from individual to individual, depending on the plan youre purchasing.

    For BarkBox subscribers, subscription starts at $23 with free shipping across 48 states in the US. This price varies depending on the subscription plan you are buying.

    BarkBox also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means you can get your money refunded if you are not satisfied with the outcome. But first, youll have to submit your claim to a representative that will work to refund your money or replace the purchase.

    And for your BarkBox coupon, the brand is constantly giving out coupon BarkBox to customers and currently running a 50% BarkBox promo to loyal Digitogy readers. All you have to do is to subscribe with this button right here.

    Super Chewer Barkbox All Toys Box

    BarkBox: A Party for Your Pup Every Month

    This box comes with three chew toys.

    Right now, large Benebone Wishbone chew toys are about $17 on Amazon, so if you got three of them it would cost you $51.

    If you get the monthly plan, youre saving $6/month.

    If you get the 6-month plan, youre saving $16/month.

    If you get the yearly plan, youre saving $21/month.

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    How Much Does Barkbox Cost

    Eachs BarkBox price is based on how long you subscribe. If you sign up for a multi-month plan, you will save 25%-34%. Here are BarkBox prices in 2022:

    Subscription prices:

    • 1 month subscription: $35/box
    • 6-month subscription: $26/box
    • 12-month subscription: $23/box

    Extra toy club: For just $7 per month , you can add an extra super-premium plush dog toy to your BarkBox. Extra toys in the past have included Squirrelzilla and Karla the Chameleon .

    Double Deluxe: For $17 per month , you can double your BarkBox. You will receive 2 extra plush dog toys, 2 extra full-sized dog treat bags, and an extra dog chew.

    Shipping is free in the lower 48 states and Washington, D.C. There is an $8 flat shipping fee for shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada.


    After you are billed for your first BarkBox, you can pay for your 6 or 12-month plan upfront. The 6-month subscription costs $139 or $23 per box. The 12-month subscription costs $234 or $19.50 per box.


    Returns are not allowed. Share unwanted dog toys and dog treats with a four-legged friend, or donate them to your favorite local animal shelter.


    Every BarkBox has a 100% happiness guarantee. Are you unhappy with an item in your BarkBox? Email and The Happy Team will send you a free replacement item.

    Our Verdict: Is Barkbox Worth It

    If you want to spoil your dog with adorable, plush toys and tasty dog treats each month, then in our opinion BarkBox is 100% worth it. Django’s sheer joy when he gets to tear into a new BarkBox is priceless. The monthly dog box makes him truly happy, and so Mike and I are glad to keep treating him to the dog boxes.

    Are BarkBoxs plush dog toys indestructible? No. Some only last for a day in our household. But when Django safely rips the plushie apart, there is often an extra toy inside of it as a special surprise. Also, given Django loves ripping apart new toys, and since he has a million toys already, one toy gone isn’t a huge deal to us. As we mentioned above, if you prefer more durable toys, check out BARK’s Super Chewer monthly dog box for aggressive and tough chewers.

    Overall, BarkBox is a great monthly dog subscription box for all dog breeds. If you pay upfront or sign up for a multi-month plan, it is an excellent value.

    Questions about our experience with BarkBox? Want to share a BarkBox story of your own? Leave us a question or comment below.

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    How Do Birthdays Work For Dogs

    According to the old method, every human year corresponds to 7 dog years in the form of your dogs birthday. A person living to be 70 and a dog living to be 10 could estimate how long each would live. The life expectancy of humans has increased over the years, but the life expectancy of dogs remains highly variable.

    Kong Toy Reviews: What Others Have To Say

    BarkBox With Butters

    The classic Kong dog toy scored 4.6 out of 5 stars from a total of 49,713 customer reviews on

    Most satisfied customers noted that the Kong provided hours of entertainment for dogs when stuffed with treats, cream cheese, and peanut butter. Some mentioned that they also used the empty Kong and used it to play fetch with their dogs.

    A few unsatisfied customers mentioned that their dogs showed no interest in the Kong. Others noted that aggressive chewers might make short work of the toy.

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    Is Super Chewer Barkbox Popular

    Ive heard a lot about Super Chewer BarkBox, and subscription boxes for dogs in general, so in a survey we did, I asked 600 Golden Retriever owners if they are subscribed to a dog subscription box.

    Heres what we found out:

    I was surprised that 21% of Golden Retriever owners are subscribed to a subscription box that seems like a lot!

    And to further break things down, I asked which boxes theyre subscribed to.

    Heres what they said:

    As you can see, BarkBox and Super Chewer BarkBox were the clear winners here.

    Roverlund Reviews: What Others Have To Say

    The Roverlund Pet Carrier scored 4.4 out of 5 stars from a total of 267 customer reviews on

    Most satisfied customers noted that the carrier was sturdy and comfortable for their dogs. They also liked the design and found it was useful for air travel. They said that the zippers were easy to operate and the carrier provided plenty of ventilation for dogs while on the go.

    A few customers found the carrier sizes too small for their dogs to stand upright in. This is something to keep in mind, and you may wish to purchase the larger-sized carriers for your dog.

    On the whole, customers were happy with the Roverlund carrier:

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    Is Super Chewer Barkbox Worth It

    There are two ways to go about this question:

    We can talk about if its worth it financially and emotionally.

    Super Chewer BarkBox is 100% worth it emotionally because youll love seeing your dog light up with joy when they get a new box every month.

    Youll also get a good laugh out of the jokes that come with the box.

    What surprised me the most was how fun the whole experience was for my dog, my wife and me.

    I mean, look at this happy smile!

    But now lets do some calculations to see if its worth it financially.

    First, well look at the All Toys box.

    Raw Paws Beef Tripe Reviews: What Others Have To Say


    The Raw Paws Freeze Dried Green Beef Tripe Treats scored 4.4 out of 5 stars from 250 customers on

    Most customers mentioned that their dogs couldnt get enough of these treats. Many pet parents even used the treats to train their dogs because their dogs enjoyed eating them so much.

    Some pet parents did mention that the treats had an unpleasant odor for humans. A few said that they felt the treats were pricey but worth the money due to the high quality of the product.

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    Barkbox Review: Does This Product Work

    All I had to do when I discovered the BarkBox Subscription was to log on to their website, fill in all the necessary details about my dogs and start receiving monthly packages.

    After including all of these relevant details, I chose a subscription plan thats suitable for me. I signed up and got my packages delivered. BarkBox will send you different treats like assorted dog toys, treats like meat, and some dog snacks and other accessories for dogs. All of these features were tailored to the details I filled in while signing up. Using the information provided, the brand was able to determine what to include in my dogs package.

    Also, BarkBox reviews note, the company provides different plans starting from a one-month plan, six months, or 12 months plan. If youd like to begin receiving packages on that same month of subscription, make sure your order is placed before the 28th day of that month.

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