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Birthday Date Night Ideas For Him

Craft And Cocktail Night


This is a romantic date idea that involves much more than the standard wine and paint night. Plenty of options are now popping up all over major city areas, boasting such awesome artistic endeavors as glass fusing, woodworking, jewelry, ceramics, and DIY projects galore. And, of course, a little bit of booze to help the creative juices flow.

Go On A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Whether you’re an early morning couple or a pair of night owls, one of the best ways to start or end a birthday is by floating along with the clouds in a hot air balloon. Typically, balloon rides start around sunrise or sunset, making them a perfect choice for starting or ending a special birthday celebration. A hot air balloon also makes for a stunning romantic surprise that couples will remember forever.

Rustic Custom Canvas Print

A customized canvas print makes excellent birthday gift ideas for him. This item, with its tranquil and ancient appearance, is ideal for anybody who follows the farmhouse style or likes the rustic-inspired design. Isnt it much more lovely to print next to a love quote? Love is about the harmony of two souls and hearts, not perfection. It will be until every part of me loves every part of you. If you find this artwork intriguing, let it take your place in telling your lover how much you adore them.

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Stream A Live Concert

With so many people choosing to stay at homethese days, celebrity musicians have offered up their time and talent to streamlive concerts online.

Andrea Bocelli hosted a concert from Milan,Italy a few weeks ago. The DropKick Murphys put on a St. Patricks Day party inour living room just before that.

If this trend continues, youll find more andmore artists offering free or paid concerts in your home.

If you dont like your current choices, thereare tons of classic concerts available for download.

I Love You Custom Photo Ornament

Romantic dinner i fixed on the basemet husband.


There is nothing quite like falling in love. How then do you express that in its entirety? Its impossible, but this appreciation gift for him comes pretty close. Show him how much you love him with this customized photo ornament!

15. A Scent Candle


How do you turn a regular old night into a romantic one? In our experience, a scented candle always makes the sparks fly. Light this romantic Christmas gift for him and create a dreamy ambiance in your home. A strong scented natural candle is an easy way to get you both in the mood.

16. Let the Fun Begin

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Go Through Old Photos

Dig out the scrapbooks and photo boxes or flip through your digital images for a trip down memory lane.

If youve been putting off making a wedding album, framing pictures for your home, or creating photo books of your kids, nows a great time to take on the project and reminisce about the good times at the same time.

Say These Catchy Love Lines For Him On A Birthday Date Night

Give your partner something exclusive on his birthday. Learn some beautiful and catchy love lines for him to make your date night super special!

Date nights are always special. And if it’s your partner’s birthday, you need to put some extra effort to make your date night even more exceptional. You’ve arranged a nice dinner in his favourite restaurant, asked the waiter to get a gorgeously designed chocolate cake at the right moment and you’ve got the perfect birthday gift for him too.

But unless you support all these arrangements with the right words, it’s not complete. Whether you write cute love lines for him on a birthday card or you say them yourself…you’ve got to use the power of words to make him happy.

So here we are…with some love lines for different kinds of partners! Read them, select the ones you think are most apt and try them out on your husband’s/boyfriend’s birthday!

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Make Love & Go All Out

Your date night might eventually end up in the bedroom, anyway, but the idea behind this date is to do something really special thats different from your normal routine. Parents often lose most of their previous sex lives when kids enter the picture. Theyre short on time, and even when there is time, theyre too tired to do much more than a quickie or even to have sex at all.

So, to plan a special night, try rekindling some of that old spark by going all out. Wear sexy lingerie, light candles, sprinkle rose petals on the bed, try some new positions, and even experiment with lotions and body paints whatever youd like to try but dont usually give yourselves the time for.

Play A Game Of Twentyquestions

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY DATE | boyfriend gift ideas michelin star, topgolf, round 1 arcade

When was the last time the two of you sat downand simply talked about each other. Not about the kids, or problems at work,stresses or insecurities but each other.

Your hopes? Your fears? Your dreams for thefuture?

And what about the past? Do you really knoweverything there is to know about one another?

Like, what was their favorite food as a kid?Who was their role model? Their first kiss?

If you cant come up with enough questions onyour own, give this article a read.

You can also try spicing things up a bit with a game of Truth or Dare or your own version of The Newlywed Game, where you can quiz your partner on how well they think they know you. For every answer they get right, you lose an article of clothing. If they get it wrong, its their turn to drop their shorts!

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Tour Atlantas Most Popular Tourist Attractions

Located conveniently in downtown Atlanta, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights pays homage to the American civil rights movement and brings current global human rights issues to the forefront. Each of the three main exhibits features hands-on interactive displays.

Set on nearly 35 acres, the is made up of landmarks, modern-day monuments and facilities memorializing the history of the South during the civil rights movement and Dr. Kings legacy. See his birth home and pay your respects at the final resting place for Dr. King and Mrs. King.

Historic Oakland Cemetery offers a variety of special tours. You might be especially interested in the Love Stories tour, which takes place in February and recounts the loves, lives and losses of Atlantans of days past. Tickets for special tours must be purchased in advance.

A self-guided tour of the Atlanta History Center and its 32-acre compound of historical buildings, museums and trails makes for a full day. The Swan House was one of the locations used in the filming of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Tour World of Coca-Cola to see artifacts and learn all about the history of one of the worlds favorite beverages. The World of Coca-Cola gives you a glimpse of the bottling process, features a 4D movie experience and gives you the chance to sample Coke products from around the world.

Sound Wave Art Glass Block


Remember your wedding dance? That special moment when you were in the arms of your number one guy. What if you could turn that moment into a piece of art? This personalized romantic gift for him is a uniquely meaningful way to celebrate your boo. This sound wave art can feature your favorite song or even the sound of his voice.

26. A Photo Ornament


Its a romantic gift for newlywed couples. Add your names, date, and upload your favorite photo to make it even more special. What better way to celebrate your first holiday as husband and wife than a visual representation of your love?

27. A Cute Way To Express Your Love

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Y Set With Your Favorite Movie

Are you a fan of a saga of movies or video games? Do not miss the opportunity to set your party using scenes or elements that recreate your favorite movie.

Ask the guests to the celebration to dress up as the main characters. He will die of laughter when he sees them all embodying their favorite actors!

Leather Magnetic Money Clip

Cozy romantic surprise birthday dinner in the tent at home. Winter 2016 ...


A personalized wallet is always a great go-to present when you want to give him a nostalgic gift. Turn an ordinary moment into something extraordinary with this beautiful little leather wallet. You can engrave it with a brief romantic message for him to carry everywhere he goes. Handmade from full-grain leather, this sentimental gift for him is quite enchanting!

32. Say I Love You with Every Drink

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Create A Poster For A Fictitious Band Or Movie Or One For A Real Oneyou Both Like

This can be a really fun project. Let your imagination go wild and try to make it as funny as possible. If you arent into digital design, I would recommend Canva to make it easier. Its free and pretty awesome. If you really want to go all out, you can get it printed out at a print shop and put it up. It would make a great souvenir of a great date.

Go To An Old Cemetery And Look At The Graves

So, this is definitely not everyones idea of a good date.And it really should not be your first or second date. Its much better forcouples who have been together for a while. But a lot of people enjoy thepeaceful nature of graveyards and guessing at the stories from the gravestonesor trying to find the oldest graves.

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Sip And Paint Your Own Masterpiece

Atlanta has no shortage of options for a creative date night. Check out Paint Nite and Plant Nitefor fun options of painting canvases and glassware or succulent gardening. Get crafty and have fun with your date or a group of friends while enjoying cocktails and snacks. Get down and dirty with a date night at The Splatter Studio. This Action Painting studio allows you to slosh, splatter and flick paint on canvases releasing your inner artist. Leave with a unique piece of art and a memorable experience.

From romantic dinners and strolls along the BeltLine to carnival games and more, you will find plenty of fun and memorable things to do on your date night in Atlanta. If youre still stumped for that perfect idea to make your date night in Atlanta one to remember, check out the ultimate guide to the best nightlife spots for every occasion or browse our events calendar.

Joleen Pete lives outside Atlanta with her husband and their son. On the weekends they enjoy going into the city for family fun and exploration. Joleen is the family travel and lifestyle blogger behind Love, Joleen.

Date Nights In Dallas For The Adventurous

ROMANTIC Date Night For ANNIVERSARY & Surprising Him With This! **Emotional**

12. iFly Indoor Skydiving Maybe you have been wanting to go skydiving but may be a bit scared too. So, iFly may fit the time, the bill and your nerves one of our favorite date night ideas in Dallas.

It is an indoor skydiving experience that will help give you and your partner wings in a safer, more reliable environment. It is going to be an epic experience!

13.Go APE Totally, you are transforming into an ape. HA! Imagine, you and your partner turning into apes. If you start laughing then this is most likely your thing.

This is definitely not your ordinary date, this will probably make you sore the next day. But who cares, it is going to be a blast!

14.Red Door Escape Room Craving for some suspense or mystery without traveling out of the suburbs? Embrace yourself with this newest and most creative way to get your heart pumping at Red Door Escape the Room.

15. Head to EXTREME sandbox in Sachse they will let you destroy anything you want basically on the back of a Bobcat, bulldozer, or other large equipment. Get your rage out together!

16.Go Karting Experience the rush with your partner and enjoy a friendly race at Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway.

17.Zero Gravity For thrill-seekers couples out there, check this place out and have the most fun at the park. From bungee jumping to skyscrapers, nothing ever could stop you from screaming your lungs out.

They offer dinner & flight package which includes a 3-course dinner for two PLUS a sightseeing tour over Dallas.

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Bring Your So To Work Day

This one is kind of a weird date, and it definitely dependson where you work. But with a lot of workplaces, you can show your SO around,and they can see what you do most days. Plus a lot of workplaces have somegreat perks you can take advantage of for a date! This is probably best done onyour day off but might be cool depending on the job.

Kama Sutra Intimate Gift Sets


Escape to a romantic paradise with the Kama Sutra lovers travel kit. It lets you take the passion with you wherever you go. If you are looking to do a little rekindling on Valentines Day, this is the perfect travel companion. Featuring an assortment of petite sensual treats makes it a good sweetest day gift for him!

37. For the Man Who Loves His Beard

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Take Your Spouse On A Tour Ofyour Alma Mater

Ever find yourself surprisingly free on aSaturday afternoon?

At a loss for what to do with yourself?

Well, look no further than your sweatshirtdrawer and take your spouse for a tour of your alma mater.

If its a comfortable car ride away, you may have just won the cheap date ideaslottery!

Put on that ratty old sweatshirt, grab somemusic for the trip, and hit the road.

Maybe take a spontaneous detour on the way?You can get a quick bite to eat at one of those hidden gems seen on Diners Drive-ins and Dives.

When you do arrive at your destination, giveyour spouse the unofficial tour. Show him all of the things and places thatmade it special for you.

After all, theres nothing like a walk downmemory lane to help you better appreciate the path youre currently on.

The Ultimate List Of Date Night Ideas In Atlanta

125 colored popsicle sticks

Looking for the perfect date night in Atlanta? Whether its your first date, a much-needed date night for Mom and Dad or a group date to celebrate a birthday, engagement or promotion, weve got you covered. This ultimate list of date night ideas in Atlanta has a little bit of everything from the truly special and romantic to traditional and even adventurous.

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Have A Couples Quiz Night

This idea is less about showing off your trivia skills than it is an opportunity to learn more about each other. You can make your own version of the Newlywed Game, play Truth or Dare, or make a set of Would You Rather? cards where you pick the best out of a set of options for example, Would you rather go skydiving or hang gliding?

You can even make up your own quiz by writing down a set of 10 or more questions youve always wanted to ask your spouse, where nothings off limits.

Check Out The Local Farmers Market

Farmers markets make for great first dates because youre on your feet, walking around, and there is plenty to look at and see. You dont have to worry about finding things in common because you have plenty of flowers, produce, and eclectic art to offer an opinion on.

Offer to buy your date and ice cream and see how they feel about the local flavor. Youre surrounded by food so, do they like to cook? Do they have a vegetable they cant stand? What do they think about hokey, handmade wine stoppers? Whats not to love about this?

Whats more, if there isnt a farmers market that weekend, look up if your town or city is doing anything special. For instance, Lafayette, CO, has Peach Festival Long Grove, IL, has Strawberry Fest. All of this information is available online.

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Impress Your Date With Stunning Works Of Art

The High Museum of Art is one of the most renowned in the Southeast. It houses more than 17,000 works of art in several galleries and hosts visiting exhibitions throughout the year. In addition, the museum offers workshops, classes and special events including Friday evening jazz, the annual Highball charity mixologist event, dinners, auctions, luncheons and more.

Check Out An Amateur Comedyclub


They say laughter is the best medicine.

And that the best comedians are often the oneswho can make themselves relatable to their audience.

With a little research, you can easily find acomedian whose material speaks to you personally.

Love, marriage, children, dating, sex.

Theres a joke for all of it and a brilliant comedian todeliver it.

Amateur comedy clubs exist to give aspiringcomedians their shot at the big time. They want to fill their seats every show.

And you can profit from this with fairlyinexpensive ticket prices making this one of the better cheap date ideas.

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