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Pj Mask Birthday Decoration Ideas

Set Up A Pj Mask Themed Table With Diy Pj Mask Party Decorations

PJ Masks Owelette Cake Decoration | Kids Birthday Ideas

To create a perfect Pj Mask birthday table set decorations, we will use a disposable Pj Mask birthday-themed tablecloth. If plastic is even better, as children often drop glasses this way, we will already be sheltered from dirty tables!

To complete the table, we could put PJ Maska candy jars and use colored muffin cups alternating between blue, green, and red to recall the theme once again and not miss any detail.

Does your child really like decorations? How can you not buy some colored confetti to create a sparkly and sparkling environment, just the way your child likes it? These are simple but effective DIY Pj Mask birthday party ideas for a birthday.

Pj Masks : Birthday Party Supplies

Birthdays parties are always filled with a lot of fun and excitement for everyone involved. To throw the best bash, youre going to need the right party supplies. So head on down to Target to stock up on all things birthday. Weve got a great selection of birthday party essentials to inspire your celebrations. Browse our collection for new birthday party ideas and birthday themes thatll keep your guests well-entertained. There are great options for all ages so whether youre throwing your little one a sailor-themed party, celebrating a friends birthday or bringing in Dads 50th, weve got you covered. Shop birthday decorations, balloons, bunting, lights and light signs to suit your theme. Theyll create the right atmosphere for your party, whether its an indoor or an outdoor one. Find the perfect plates, cake toppers, cups and more so you can set a picture-perfect party table thatll make all the food and treats look even better. Discover funky hats and other quirky props thatll add charm to your party and create a wonderful experience for your guests. Theyll make for some fun photographs too. And dont forget the party favors. Take your time looking through our collection and find the ones your guests will love the most. You can even shop birthday cards, gift wrap and just about anything else on your list. In fact, organizing a birthday party has never been easier. So get shopping now and become a pro at throwing the best birthday parties.

Pj Masks Birthday Party Decorations

I purchased this amazing PJ Masks Wall Decoration Backdrop from Amazon and it saved the day. It came with the pictured backdrop, the Happy Birthday banner and the photo op pieces that I used for all of the centerpieces and on the HQ box. It was so inexpensive and went a LONG way!

The Dollar Tree saved the day on the balloons, streamers and pom pom decorations as well as the green paper cups. I got the paper plates, napkins and plastic table cloth at Target for a few bucks each. So, really, for less than $20 I had a room full of really awesome PJ Masks birthday party decorations!

To assemble the PJ Masks centerpiece decorations, I wrapped a quart size mason jar in tissue paper and added balloons and the photo op props that came with the backdrop. I made one for each of the main characters and then one of all of the villains.

Lucky for us , we had to purchase a new water heater for our house just before the party. That gave us this awesome box to use for the PJ Masks Headquarters! I cut a door in the back for the kids to have access to the inside. Then, I used a dollar store plastic table cover to wrap the box. Using a gazillion pieces of tape, I added the wings and ears. Last, I added the faces and wing decorations.

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Pj Masks Owlette Costume

The birthday girl decided she wanted to dress up like Owlette for her party. When I first started planning the PJ Masks party you couldnt even buy a Owlette Halloween costume. So, I set out to make my own. Plus, I really didnt want a costume. I wanted a party outfit that just happened to look like Owlette. This way she can wear her outfit to school minus the wings and mask, of course.

For my daughters Owlette outfit I purchased pieces from Etsy, and then I added Owlettes crest to the dress with heat transfer vinyl:

Pj Masks Cakes + Cupcakes

PJ Masks Party Supplies + DIY Birthday Ideas

Cakes and cupcakes are definitely the focus of most birthday party food tables. Here are some truly unforgettable options for dishing up some sugary fun!

PJ Masks Layer Cake from My Kids Lick the Bowl

Everything about this cake just screams perfection. Simple plastic figures on top turn a gorgeous layer cake into a festive option for a birthday!

PJ Masks Cake on Karas Party Ideas

Another option for using PJ Masks figures you wither buy or might even already have on hand is by adding them to a night-scape cake covered with yummy fondant!

PJ Masks Cake and Cupcakes from Hot Mamas Cakes

Why not go all out on a birthday cake with an adorable PJ Masks cake like this? I also love the matching mask cupcakes. Too cute!

Gecko Cake Tutorial from Boston Mamas

Here is an easy to follow tutorial for making a Gecko face cake. Yummy and fun!

PJ Masks Birthday Cake from Cakes Decor

Fondant faces and lightening bolts for the win with this adorable PJ Masks cake.

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How Can I Set Up A Corner Of The Pj Mask Themed Photos For The Party

An innovative idea for the party is the space dedicated to photos. This new and original thought is suitable for both children and adults so that everyone can keep a memory of your special PJ Mask birthday party.

With a colored cloth and decorative festoons, you can create the background for your PJ Mask birthday set if you want to create an even more particular light effect, use fluorescent balloons or bright LED balloons.

To complete the photo station, I suggest you make accessories for the photo booth available to everyone to make the photos more fun and imaginative!

Awesome Pj Mask Birthday Party Ideas At Home Of 2022

Awesome PJ Mask Birthday Party Ideas at Home: Who has never dreamed of being a superhero? All children dream of it, and the PJ Mask is one of the favorite cartoons of children of all ages.

Thats why today, we will help you organize the perfect PJ masks party ideas DIY!

It is essential to focus a lot on the setting and on the birthday banners. We want all the guests to feel transported inside the cardboard and feel superheroes for one day!

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Pj Masks Party Tableware

A great idea for tying all your party stuff together is to use a party ware set. This helps save time so you arent searching everywhere for matching items and also gives everything a cohesive themed feel.

PJ Masks Tableware from

PJ Masks Supplies from Oriental Trading

Here are some helpful links for planning a PJ Masks Party:

Pj Masks Birthday Party Ideas

  • Pin

Its time to be a hero! Into the night to save the day! My kids are obsessed with PJ Masks right now and my four year old INSISTED on a PJ Masks birthday party this year.

It was a lot of fun to plan, especially since he helped pick the games, the treats and got so excited when helping me build the PJ Masks HQ. I hope these PJ Masks birthday party ideas will help you save the day for your little super hero!

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Nice Pj Masks Free Party Printables

Bunting = Banners = Birthday Banners, Food Flags, Napkin Rings, Cones, Bookmarks, party decorationCandy Bar = Candy Station = Candy Buffet = Candy Table. personalized unique gifts.PJ Masks birthday party ideasKids party themes for boys boys birthday party ideasbirthday party ideas for boys birthday party themesboys birthday themeskids party themes party ideasbirthday partybirthday decorations birthday party decorationsparty decorations“posteriza” .before saving

PJ Masks Free Printable Tags.
PJ Masks Free Printable Tags.
For the straws. It look like this:
PJ Masks FreePrintable Cloring Book
Dialogue Globes that you can use for Toppers or for you Photo Booth.
Dialogue Globes that you can use for Toppers or for you Photo Booth.
PJ Masks Free Printable Passport
PJ Masks Free Printable Bookmarks.
For the straws. It look like this:
PJ Masks Free Printable Calendar 2017.
PJ Masks Free Printable Calendar 2017.
PJ Masks Free Printable Calendar 2017.
PJ Masks Free Printable Hat.
PJ Masks Free Printable Cones.

Food Toppers or Flags:

Our Pj Masks Party Ideas Will Help You Be The Party Hero

Your little one looks up to this pint-size heroes, and might even dream of being a little hero themselves. But with their birthday right around the corner, its time you to be the hero! Put a smile on your childs face by planning the perfect PJ Masks party! Your party guests will feel like they’re stepping into Headquarters thanks to the easy DIY costumes, superhero training activities, and delicious breakfast foods we put together for our PJ Masks Party Ideas!

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How To Decorate With Balloons Decorations Flags And Hanging Festoons

The colored balloons always give a cheerful and festive touch there are a thousand types certainly, the helium balloon is always ideal! They can be green balloons like Geko if we choose the green party or cheap blue balloons like Gattoboy, always for a sensational birthday.

At all parties, decorations are never enough, which is why we propose you buy some triangular flags to complete the birthday set-up. Simply an evergreen that always creates a scenic effect.

Pj Masks Party Ideas And Inspirations

Pin on Party Ideas

When Gekko, Owlette, and Catboy crash the party, you know its going to be an unforgettable time. This year, for your childs birthday party, make it a PJ Masks theme when you pick up our Pajama Heroes party supplies! Theres nothing more fun than a party in your PJs, thats for sure.

Choose from one of our dynamic PJ Masks themed invitations and get all of your childs guests excited for the big heroic day! With our Pajama Heroes and balloons, youll be more than prepared for all of the little heroes who come storming into the party. From personalized hero banners to PJ Masks photobooth kits to hanging Owlette, Gekko, and Catboy décor you cant go wrong with these special items.

When the heroes get hungry, youll be more than prepared to feed them with our awesome Pajama Heroes themed tableware and cake supplies. Each of our plates, cups, napkins and tablecovers feature the colors of red, blue, and green to match your childs favorite heroes iconic outfit colors. With the three PJ heroes printed all over these table items, its going to feel just like Gekko, Owlette, and Catboy are hanging out at the table with your child and his or her friends.

If the kids still have energy in them after cake , then be sure to bring out our special PJ Masks pinata. Watch as the kids take turns trying to prove who the strongest pajama hero is when they each take swings at this fun pinata.

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How To Throw An Awesome Pj Masks Birthday Party

I wanted this PJ Masks birthday party to be AWESOME, so I tried to sift through a bunch of ideas and come up with stuff that would be fun for kids of all ages and Im pretty happy with how this turned out!

Ill go over all my ideas below with pics, BUT if you want to see the full supply list for what I used for the party on Amazon, you can see that here.

Ideas On How To Organize An Arrangement For A Pj Mask Party

After the environment, all the details are important: we must also think about the table decorations, birthday decorations, and candies!

We can think of giving some economic disguises to the guests such an innovative little thought will surprise everyone and will leave a beautiful memory of your PJ Mask party.

If we want everyone to express their imagination, we could give them some paper balloons on offer to color that they can customize as they want.

In addition to giving childrens costumes, it would be nice to prepare PJ Mask-themed candy bags with fruit candies inside, mixed with timeless sparkling candies to eat at the party or take home, to make everything sweeter sugary.

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Pj Masks Party Ideas For A Crime Fighting Birthday

Into the night to save the day with some super hero level party ideas! If you are planning a PJ Masks birthday party, we have all the best and most creative party ideas for you!

From fun decorations and delicious foods, these three heroes are front and center for this party inspiration.

My three year old is OBSESSED with PJ Masks. He knows all the words to their theme song and runs to and fro in our house saying Super Cat Speed, crouching like Gecko or using his Owlet wind to try to expel his annoying big sister from the room.


If you have an equally adorable little fan who loves this crime fighting triowhy not celebrate their love with a fun and fantastic PJ Masks birthday party? Ready for some crazy awesome ideas?

Pj Masks Party Favors

PJ Mask Themed Birthday

Upon arrival, we invited guests to become a hero by donning a mask, arm band and tattoo. Oh the cuteness! Originally, I planned to make masks myself for all of the guests, but since I am 6 months pregnant I decided to purchase masks from Etsy. After a lot of searching, I ordered these masks.

Since I purchased the masks, I saved money by making my own arm bands out of foam. Tutorial coming soon.

The tattoos are also homemade because my daughter is obsessed with temporary tattoos, so she insisted on PJ Masks. The good news is they are SUPER easy to make. Tutorial and printable coming soon.

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Pj Masks Birthday Party Food

Kids that are 4, really just want yummy treats at a birthday party. Since we werent serving a meal, I just did a simple treat for each character.

  • Popcorn in green cups for GEKKO,
  • Cherry cotton candy for OWLETTE and blue Kool-Aid for CATBOY.
  • Then, because my sons favorite character is Gekko, I made green swirl cupcakes. I found a PJ Masks cupcake kit that had PJ Masks liners, sprinkles and cupcake coins to go on top.
  • I used a funfetti cake mix because the sprinkles were green, red and blue.

Pj Masks Birthday Cake

My aunt is amazing and does the cake for every party I throw! She always absolutely nails the ideas I send her, and Im obsessed with how well this turned out!

The cake topper is part of the PJ Masks birthday printable pack. Print it on cardstock paper, cut it out, and then take a couple of toothpicks to the back of it, and press it into the top of the cake!

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General Printable Party Pack Tips


I get these printed professionally to save on ink and to make sure theyre high quality. I find it cheaper for me to have some place like Staples or the UPS Store print these for me than it is to use my printers ink. Maybe I just need a new printer.

Print everything BUT the water bottle labels, and sticker sheets on cardstock. Print the water bottle labels and sticker sheets on regular paper so theyre more pliable.

Check the printable pack before printing so you can make sure you get enough of each item that you need.

I only include a single sheet of water bottle labels so if youre planning on having 30 bottles of water, make sure you print six of that page so you have enough. Use that same line of thinking with food cards, cupcake toppers etc.


Channel your inner Kindergarten self and do your best cutting along the edges of these. When in doubt, go into the edge of the color to ensure there are no white edges. White edges will make it look sloppy. Use good scissors or youll be mad.


Outside of the printables, you will need a few other things to make your printables work for your party.

You will also need:

Shop All Pj Masks Party Supplies

Pin on DIY PJ Masks Party

At Birthday in Box, you can ensure you are going to be throwing the best party ever with these PJ Masks party items. Join Owlette, Catboy and Gekko in their fight against the baddies all using Super Lizard Grip, Super Owl Eyes and Super Cat Speed. Turn your super child’s party into a battle before bedtime against Romeo, Night Ninja and Luna Girl with PJ Masks birthday party supplies. So, make sure you not only have your favorite jammies ready, but that youre also ready to have fun at this shindig! Our party supplies will make this the best PJ Masks birthday party ever!

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Ideas On How To Decorate The Ideal Courses Of The Pj Mask Birthday Party

Suppose you do not have ideas for decorating the courses. In that case, an interesting gimmick for decoration is the birthday plates, perfect for presenting single portions, which are convenient and quick to prepare.

You can prepare sandwiches with cooked ham and mayonnaise to make everyone happy or some fresher and healthier tomato and mozzarella skewers.

Another option is to serve ready-made mini pizzas on colored cardboard trays that wont take you too long and are super appetizing.

For the glasses, you can consider using the paper cocktail umbrellas, which are very colorful and add a chic touch to the table, which will also appeal to all parents.

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