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Send A Birthday Card Through Email

Features Features And More Features

How to send Automatic Birthday / Anniversary Email to Employees using Power Automate (MS Flow)
  • Preloaded with your selected birthday ecard1
  • Personalized with Contact’s Name
  • Use your own company email address
  • Different Sender Name and Email Address per greeting
  • Multiple Sender Names per greeting
  • Secure Online 24/7 List Management Tool
  • High Deliverability Rates to the inbox!
  • Secure Email Authentication Protocols
  • Animated graphics in the Greeting’s email
  • Custom Website links at end
  • Social media links
  • Integration with CRM and Web Tools2
  • Get 50% off this year’s holiday ecard order.3
  • Paperless Post Has An E Card For It

    Send e cards to all your friends and family to mark the special occasions in life, or better still just because. Paperless Post offers e cards for everyone including designs for Valentines Day, Mothers Day Cards, online Fathers Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Passover, Ramadan and Eid, Diwali, and Lunar New Year. There are also hundreds of birthday ecards with a range in sentiments that are perfectly sweet for your grandmother, or a punny LOL for friends. You never have to worry about a card getting lost in the mail, and you can easily track opens after sending.

    Send Everyone A Birthday Card Online

    With your Jacquie Lawson membership theres no limit on the number of birthday ecards you can send, without any extra fee to pay. So you can send birthday cards to your sibling, best friend, grandpa, mother, or anyone you know, just to show them that youre thinking of them. And with no worries about delays or mishaps with the postal service!

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    How To Sign An Online Birthday Card

    birthday ecards can be signed for friends, colleagues, coworkers, employees, or clients. Once the virtual birthday group card is created, it can be shared with your office team or family to sign. With the online URL they will find the sign button. Multiple signatures can be added to a birthday group card.


    Birthday Ecards For All

    Happy Birthday Cards to Send Via Email

    Birthday cards are some of our most popular online greeting cards. Send your birthday wishes with birthday card templates with the perfect sentiment for every unique recipient. Let your mom know its okay to Eat Cake for Breakfast from kate spade new york, or tell your college roommate you hope they have a flippin awesome one from Hello!Lucky. Your wishes always match their personality, and with hundreds of online birthday cards, you can send birthday cards for many years to come. We have special categories like birthday cards for her, as well as designs thoughtful enough to send as a virtual birthday card. You also can send birthday cards for him. Photo birthday cards create a birthday memento highlighting a special time from the year past. Our online design tool makes it easy to create the perfect birthday ecard with customizable fonts and colors as well as premium options like envelopes and liners, digital backdrops and stamps. Paperless Post also has a selection of free online birthday ecards. Whatever birthday greeting you select, its guaranteed to make their day.

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    Gather The Date Of Birth Information

    As a Sendinblue customer, you need to add Date of birth as an additional field to your initial email signup form so that you can gather the data.

    If you think customers might be uncomfortable with sharing this information up front, you can make this field optional and or ask for it later by sending an Update Profile form. The main goal at this point is to get folks onto your email list!

    Once you have the necessary data, its time to create your automated birthday email workflow.

    Cards Online: Stationery For The 21st Century

    As a recently engaged couple or recently retired professor, take your correspondence online with our personalized stationery. Theres no need to commit to one design for every note, our collection lets you personalize each e card for the recipient and circumstance. Our partnership with Paper Source offers the option for printed counterparts for many of our designs if needed.

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    Format Your Email Like A Birthday Card Or Ecard

    Birthday ecards are still popular. But, people are accustomed to receiving birthday cards. And, a birthday card is quick and easy to read. Thatâs how you want your birthday emails to feel: familiar, quick, and easy.

    So, format your emails like a birthday card, with large text, high contrast colors, and minimal text.Hereâs an example of an email thatâs formatted just like an ecard. Even the color scheme is reminiscent of a classic paper birthday card.

    Never Miss An Occasion

    How to Automate Birthday Emails With MS Power Automate

    Make sure your most important wishes get there on time! With your Blue Mountain membership, you can browse online cards and save your favorites for later, so youll never miss a birthday, holiday or special occasion. Once you have the perfect ones picked out, have fun customizing the look and message of each card until its just right. Its easy to send an online greeting card safely, securely and within minutes all from the comfort of home.

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    Why Are Birthday Emails So Important

    Now that you know what a birthday email is, you might still be wondering what all the hype surrounding birthday emails is about.

    Sent with the help of a marketing automation tool like Sendinblue, birthday emails are one of the simplest automation workflows that you can set up.

    Because of their timing and the nature of the content, these automated emails generate a TON of engagement. Back in 2014, Experian carried out a study that showed birthday emails produce:

    • A 481% higher transaction rate than promotional emails.
    • A 342% higher revenue per email than promotional emails.
    • A 179% higher unique click rates than promotional emails.

    Amazing numbers, right?

    Lets take a look at how you can achieve the same success starting with your birthday email template design.

    Highlight The Cta With Bold Color Combinations

    The CTA is super important in a birthday email. If youre looking to include that 10% discount or $50 off your next purchase, make it as prominent and attractive as possible.

    Your CTA needs to be visually appealing. Use bold color combinations that are hard to miss. Take a look at this example from Subway, see how the Get Reward is highlighted in yellow?

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    Best Free Ecards Websites Youve Probably Never Heard Of

    Maybe you dont have time to buy a gift or a greeting card at the store, or perhaps you just dont want to destroy more forests to create paper. You are not sure if you want to consider gifting an app or a custom-designed gift card. Whenever your reasons, online greeting cards, also known as ecards, have become the go-to greeting card solution for millions of people. Hence, people often spend time browsing for the best free ecards and premium ecards with likable designs that fit their requirements.

    Unfortunately, theyve also gotten a bad rap for one big misstep often providing low-quality cards, especially on the free ecards sites. For years, online greeting card sites only provided good cards for those willing to pay, but thats not necessarily the case anymore. You can get amazing birthday ecards, free anniversary ecards, sympathy cards, season greetings and so much more. There are a handful of online card sites silently changing this stereotype.

    Free Ecard Without Having To Sign Up

    Send Birthday Card Via Email Send A Birthday Card by Email for Free ...

    Some of the above websites require you to create an account to send a free eCard which is fine. A few let you save your work and add favorite cards to a list. However, some may send you emails to join their paid service or other types of marketing which can be annoying. Below is a list of sites with free eCards without having to sign up.

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    Tips And Tricks For Making Free Birthday Ecards

    After deciding on the perfect birthday ecard, let our digital tools do the rest of the work. Add your recipients name and email address with the help of an online address book. When you send a card through Paperless Post, all of your recipients are automatically saved into your Address Book and are organized into “Past Mailing Lists” with names that correspond with the event they were sent with. Once you are ready to send using our iOS app, our smart technology will suggest recipients that match one of your Apple contacts or Paperless Post address book contacts.

    Because you have chosen a free design, there is no need to make a purchase before sending. If you are being prompted to buy Coins, make sure that you have not included any premium options such as: envelopes, liners, specialty stamps, premium inserts and response cards, custom backdrops and logos. You can visit our FAQs for more information around pricing.

    Need help or have questions? Dont hesitate to contact our Support team. We are always here to help.

    Can I Send An Ecard By Email

    An ecard is a card or design with a greeting thats sent via the internet or email to a recipient so that they can view it on their computer or print it out. Ecards are quick to send and can include animation and a personal message.

    Are there any free birthday ecards?

    Send your best wishes with free birthday ecards. Customize any template and send online in minutes, or schedule it in advanceits that easy.

    What is the best eCard website?

    List of the 20 Best eCards Sites

    • Someecards.Com. 14600000. Someecards.Com the #1 Most Popular eCard Website.
    • Shutterfly.Com. 8900000. Shutterfly.Com the #2 Most Popular eCard Website.
    • Vistaprint.Com. 8200000.

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    For They Are Jolly Good Fellows

    A birthday greeting card is an illustrated piece of card or high-quality paper sent to a person celebrating their birthday to express personal greetings. Some greeting cards may even play music when opened. And with the evolution of technology, greeting cards already be sent easily through e-mails, and these cards are called e-cards. These are just as convenient and easy to send as e-mails, and e-cards can also be found easily all around the internet.

    Here are some facts you might have not known about electronic mail, or e-mail:

    • The term e-mail, or email, for some people, was first used in 1993.
    • The first ever email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 to a computer that was physically connected to his computer.
    • In 1991, the crew of the STS-43 was able to send the first e-mail from outer space.
    • Other names given for the symbol are little snail, sleeping cat, and little monkey tail.
    • There are currently around four billion registered e-mail addresses all over the world.

    And here are some facts you might have not known about birthdays:

    • In some East Asian countries, they consider the date of birth as the first birthday. The second is when the child reaches the age of one.
    • The earliest known use of the term birthday cake was in 1785 in the Oxford Dictionary.
    • Many believe that birthday cards were first used in 1902.

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    How To Automatically Send Customized Birthday Emails With Microsoft Excel

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    Never miss an occasion with unlimited access to personalized ecards, custom virtual greeting cards, and so much more!

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    Reel Them In With An Intriguing Email Subject Line

    When writing a captivating birthday email subject lines, youll want to include this important information:

    • The main point of your email
    • Details of a promotional discount
    • A date or time limit expressing urgency
    • An intriguing phrase that piques the readers curiosity

    Here are some example of birthday email subject lines that work well:

    • An important birthday is coming up!
    • A special gift for your birthday
    • We want to celebrate your birthday too!
    • Make a wish!
    • A special gift of 20% off for your birthday

    Struggling to come up with something catchy? Check out our easy 7-step process for writing email subject lines.

    Free Ecards Uk The Number 1 Site For Sending Free Ecards In The Uk

    We are proud to be the best place to send free ecards in the UK. Though we would be happy if you made a donation, but if you are not able to make a donation that is fine. To start sending unlimited ecards free of charge on our platform please take note of the promo code below. Apply it to your ecards when you get to the donation page. Please note that we change our promo code every month.

    Free eCards promo code for August 2022 is:

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    Free Charity Birthday Ecard From Hope Spring Cards Uk

    We have finally found a way to allow users of our platform who wish to send an eCard without making a donation to do so. You just need to present the coupon code for the month at the check out and you can send a birthday card free of charge.

    To reduce spamming, we change the free birthday ecard promo code every month, please be sure to obtain the up-to-date free ecard promo code and you can send a charity birthday ecard free of charge. This service starts on August, 2022. The promo code for August is:

    Automated Birthday Greetings & Ecards

    Birthday Ecards and Free Greeting Cards. Send By Email Now

    The easier way to send birthday greetings to employees and customers.

    Automatically send birthday cards and more to customers and employees with perfectly timed happy birthday greeting cards.

    Birthday greetings show employees and customers you care.

    Boost employee morale and keep customers engaged with our automated birthday greetings.

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    Select Your Birthday Email Template

    Once you hit Ok youll be brought to a new screen. Now its time to select the birthday email template that youve already prepared and saved prior to this. Itll be available in the drop-down menu.If you didnt get around to designing an original template, you can use one of the default templates provided by Sendinblue and customize it with your details.

    Hit Finish, double check all the details and then click Activate the workflow.

    Woohoo! Youre all set to send automated birthday emails to your customers. Easy as pie.

    Start A Free Trial For Free Birthday Ecards

    Join American Greetings for your free, 7-day trial of unlimited birthday ecards today and never forget to say “Happy Birthday!” again. As a member, not only can you set reminders to celebrate every birthday and special occasion, but you will also have the added ability to schedule digital greetings up to a year in advance. You can even pair your free happy birthday ecard with a virtual gift card from their favorite stores and restaurants or to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa or the movies.

    American Greetings offers birthday Creatacards as well!

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    Collect Customer Birth Dates

    This step is pretty straightforward. There are a handful of ways to gather birth dates without being intrusive:

  • Email subscribe formsOffering to send a birthday gift is a great way to incentivize people to sign up for your email list. And, it organically collects the subscriberâs birthday.So, an email sign-up form like this one from Outdoor Voices gets the data you need and gets more email subscribers.
  • On-site email capture formsItâs also easy to add a birthday field to your email capture forms. When you add a birthday field to an email capture form, also add some copy that tells the customer why youâre asking for their birthday.This can be as simple as adding copy that says, âSo we can send you birthday gifts!â under the birthday field. People are more willing to give information if they know why you need it and what theyâre going to get.â
  • Account registration formsThis is one of the best places to collect birth dates. Most people are accustomed to adding their birthday when they create an account. Asking for a birthday here wonât interrupt the customer experience. They probably wonât even remember you asked⦠Until they get that birthday email!â
  • Send Online Greeting Cards Instantly

    How to send Automatic Birthday / Anniversary Email using a Power Automate Cloud Flow

    In addition to online holiday and greeting cards, Paperless Post offers thank you note templates. Be sure to thank your friends after bringing by dinner for your new baby, or to your colleague for introducing you to a new business contact. Our online thank you cards express your gratitude with elegance and ease.

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    What Are The Best Birthday Ecards

    What the best ecard will be definitely depends on the recipient. Luckily, we have a range of ecard categories that will make finding the best ecard a snap! Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a birthday ecard:

    What is the recipients age? From kids to friends to the one you love, we have ecards for every age and relationship! Our child-friendly ecards are a fun and animated way to catch a kids attention. If they dont have an email address, you can always send the ecard to their parents email so the whole family can enjoy the ecard. Want something that is geared toward an older crowd? We have a great line of humorous ecards sure to get some laughs while you send your birthday greeting.

    What does the recipient enjoy? With all of the ecard options that we have available, we divided our collection into a range of categories. This makes sending the best birthday ecards even easier because you can quickly find a category that matches your friend or family members personality. Each category has a great selection of related ecards so that you can further refine your search.

    If the person celebrating their birthday loves to laugh, you should absolutely check out our funny ecards section. Weve chosen ecards that cover different types of humor, so you can find something that is certain to get a chuckle! Whats better than sending a thoughtful card and a laugh to someone on their birthday?

    Theyre Simple to Send!

    A Great Way to Show You Care

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