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Can You Send A Birthday Cake In The Mail

Find An Appropriate Cake Box

How to Ship a Cake

Next, youre going to need to find an appropriate cake box to ship your cake in. Youll want to find a box that fits your cake perfectly, and this means that youll need to choose the dimensions of the box based on what type of cake youre shipping and its overall size.

Take the time to measure your cake and any boxes that you plan to purchase to ship the cake in. Once youve confirmed that the size is correct, youll be able to position the cake inside the box.

One good idea that many professional bakeries use is that they ship cakes in boxes that contain Styrofoam mailers. These Styrofoam mailers help the cake to fit in the box snugly and keep it from moving around inside the box.

Many of these Styrofoam mailers will be something that youll put the cake inside and then youll transfer the Styrofoam mailer to the cake box. Overall, this method works out well because it just makes things more secure overall.

Its a good idea to use these if you can because itll make it that much more likely that the cake will arrive at its destination in pristine condition. Consider utilizing Styrofoam for the sides of the box if you cant find a mailer so that you can pack the cake as tightly and safely as possible.

Delivering Birthday Cakes To Dorms

The first thing you want to do is see if the college you want to send a cake to offers special orders for birthday treats through their dining halls or student life services. This would be a fast solution, so scouting out the possibilities is key. Simply inquire when you visit the campus during orientation or give them a quick call. At the University of Delaware, for instance, you can send a YoUDee Gram a 10 to 15-minute visit by the school mascot, who is a giant blue chicken that arrives at the student’s dorm with balloons, an autographed photo, and more than a little comic pizazz. Parents and friends can also call the University of Delaware’s dining hall to order a personalized birthday cake for dorm delivery or pick up. In fact, other colleges like Stanford’s parent association deliver birthday cakes, balloons, and flowers, as a fundraiser for the college endowment fund.

Online Cake Delivery In Canada From India Is Swift And Easy

Cakes are symbols of celebrations and sweetness. All special days such as birthdays, weddings, engagement, anniversaries, new beginnings of any kind are celebrated best with a sumptuous cake. The aroma of cakes brings to mind those memories of good times and togetherness with loved ones.

You order from anywhere in the world and cake delivery to Canada is swift and easy. Thats a promise from 1800giftportal today, and always.

The only time it is going to take is in choosing your favourite so wide is the range on our portal. But it will be a time well spent when you order cake delivery to Canada and your loved ones get the absolutely fantastic gift. Surprises can never end you can order even midnight cake delivery in Canada.

At 1800giftportal the value for money is simply unmatched. In addition to assured quality, there is free shipping, on-time delivery and customised packaging if so desired.

Jos Louis Cake
Carrot Cake

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Online Delicious And Lip Smacking Cake Delivery To Canada

Cake is one irresistible delicacy in any occasion, and, for any age. Everyone believes that any good occasion needs sweets to celebrate. Cakes must be on Special celebration. If its your occasion, then the cake choice can be yours and you dont have to time then you can buy cakes online to canada and surprise to everyone. But if guests bring cakes as gifts, then they can bring other than your favorite flavor. Cakes vary according to ingredient quality as well. Here are perfect cakes for specific occasions. For the friends party, the friends forever delight is the best cake. The chocolate crusting on the pure vanilla cake will bring water to your mouth. Heartbeat chocolate cake and Artistic chocolate pleasure are two delicious chocolate cakes. Canada is famous for its Order cake online of the anniversary, Birthday and More.for a party with health-conscious people, red velvet cake with fruity delight will be best.

Reach The Heart Quickly With Delicious Cake Delivery Online Usa

Best Way To Send A Cake In The Mail

Every celebration calls for a cake because cakes make the celebration more fun and memorable. Bonus everyone gets to eat a delicious and most favorite dessert. Be it wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby shower, graduation, a cake is an integral part of all these and many more such occasions. Order cake delivery online USA from our online cake shop and enjoy a mouthwatering cake on your special day with your loved ones. There is nothing more enticing than having a cake and enjoying it with everyone you love.

You can choose from plethora of delicious and scrumptious cake options to delight your loved ones living far away from you. You can send cake online to your near and dear ones on their birthday and wish them a very happy birthday through this lovely edible surprise. To make this treat extra special you can also pair it with chocolate gift basket delivery and give your loved one double surprise. Flowers are also great gifts as they are associated with many feelings so you can also send birthday flowers online to your loved ones to convey birthday greetings to them.

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Boost Engagement With Animated Gifs

If youve read our guide to animated GIFs in email, youll know that GIFs are a powerful tool for personalizing an email, telling a visual story, and catching a readers attention.

Why not add a GIF to your birthday email template? After all, theyre fun and light-hearted which sits well with the birthday celebration theme.

For some inspiration, look at how Hulu did it:

Best Selling Themed Cakes

Whether youre looking for birthday cakes for girls, birthday cakes for boys or even something a little more specific, we have a wide range of personalised kids birthday cakes for you to choose from. Our bespoke cakes designs include unicorn cakes, princess cakes, dinosaur cakes, star wars cakes and much more. Theyll LOVE a chocolate cake delivery on their birthday! No matter what the party theme, we have the perfect delicious cakes to make that day even more memorable. Our cake decorating team also love a challenge, so if theres anything were missing, wed love to create the perfect design for your little one!

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Embrace Failures To Move Forward

These two attempts didnt discourage me from shipping my cakes but it did make me more cautious of taking orders that require shipment.

Proper packing methods and shipping techniques are important to me and my brand as I take pride in making sure every cake is able to successfully reach its destination in one piece. So it was interesting when I got a request in mid-June for a cake shipment.

Find The Cupcake Shipping Supplies You Need At Paper Mart

How to Ship a Cake [ Shipping cakes in the mail ] Ship Cakes

Sending loved ones the gift of cupcakes is a tasty and thoughtful way to show someone you care. Whether its for the holidays or you simply want to make someones day, sending cupcakes is a popular gift idea for a reason. With a durable cupcake box, proper padding materials, and caution when creating a shipping label, anyone can properly send cupcakes and give a memorable and customized gift.

The key to shipping cupcakes is in the packaging materials and Paper Mart is here to help. Our extensive collection of bakery and cupcake boxes and packaging supplies will give you everything you could possibly need to adequately send tasty treats near and far. Shop for cupcakes boxes at Paper Mart today!

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Best For Foodies: Goldbelly

  • Shipping times vary by bakeries’ locations

Goldbellys curated online marketplace is a hub of North Americas most notable culinary creations. The company says they believe in the power of food and its ability to bring comfort and connection. The marketplace features items like St-Viateurs bagels from Montreal, Pie Holes from Los Angeles, and a whole lot more gourmet and specialty items. When youre shopping for that iconic birthday cake for a foodie in your life, Goldbelly is the place to start.

Their website or smartphone app offers cakes from many of Americas leading bakeries such as Ovenly, Carlos, Gambinos, Carousel, We Take the Cake, and Carolines. Many bakeries, such as Red Truck, sell online exclusively through Goldbelly.

Goldbelly facilitates the ordering and shipping process, in many cases with free shipping. A few shops do charge an extra shipping fee and you can pay for faster shipping. The prices of cakes vary a lot depending on the cake and shop. However, given that this is a specialty and gourmet service, it is not always the cheapest option. Goldbellys offers an extensive selection with something for everyone, including vegan, paleo, kosher, and even gluten-free cakes.

The company ships to all 50 states and shipping times vary, as many bakeries only ship on certain days of the week.

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Sealing And Labeling The Box

  • 1Use packing tape to seal off the edges of the bag and box. After using packing tape to seal off the insulation bag, tape up the box as well. Place the tape on each open edge of the box, creating a fully sealed cooler so no cold air is able to escape.XResearch source
  • Tape the top, bottom, and each edge of the box using packing tape.
  • Use multiple layers of the tape to create a secure seal.
  • 2Attach the address and shipping labels to the box. Either hand-write the address on the box to bring to the post office to pay for a shipping label, or do your shipping label online to make the process easier. If youâre printing out your shipping label with the address on it, tape the label on using packing tape.
  • Make sure the address and shipping barcode are clearly visible on the box.
  • 3Write âFragileâ on the box so postal workers know to handle it carefully. Once your box is all taped up and labeled, use a permanent marker to write âFragileâ on the top and sides of the box. You might also label which side is up so that postal workers know to handle the box carefully as well as which side to set it down on.XResearch source
  • If you have a sticker that says âFragile,â this would work as well.
  • How To Ship Clothes

    Best Way To Send A Cake In The Mail

    Maybe youre shipping clothes to an e-commerce customer or you need to get your wedding dress to a resort venue ahead of the big day. Whatever the circumstances, you want your garments to arrive on time and in great condition.

    From the different methods for folding each type of clothing to selecting the most appropriate kind of packaging, theres a lot to consider when determining the best way to ship clothes.

    Lets start with shipping that most precious of items: a wedding dress.

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    Use Frozen Cool Packs

    Frozen cool packs are going to be another imperative part of the process when shipping a cake. Even if you did freeze the cake that youre shipping, its still going to be important to keep the cake fresh during the shipping process.

    You can buy freezer cool packs that are meant to be inserted in mailers. Simply keep these in your freezer until it is time to pack the cake into the box and ship it out.

    Just grab the frozen cool packs directly from the freezer and place them right in the box with the cake. Try to position the cool packs all around the cake so that the cake will stay cool as evenly as possible.

    If all goes as planned, then these frozen cool packs should keep your cake fresh during the shipping process. This is a part of shipping preparation that you wont want to skip if you care about the condition of the cake when it arrives at its destination.

    Our Pick: Duff Goldman

    Claim To Fame: Jaw-dropping cakes by celebrity and fun-loving baker Duff Goldman from the hit show Ace of Cakes. His playful personality definitely shines through in his cake designs.

    Image: Duff Goldman Cakes

    About Duff Goldman Cakes:You wont be able to order Duffs dazzling custom cakes online

    But you can still get a taste of his delicious creations with a selection of fun cakes available on Goldbelly.

    Take a look at the classic birthday cake as well as the red and blue velvet cakes.

    If youre feeling creative, you may also want to check out the DIY cake kits which would be super fun for kids birthdays or other special occasions.

    You can order cakes by mail for nationwide shipping with Goldbelly.

    Home of the legendary PieCaken: a delicious pie and cake mashup

    Image: PieCaken

    About PieCaken Cakes:The PieCaken is a sight to behold. It is a crazy 4-in-1 layer dessert that you can order on Goldbelly. Can you imagine getting this in the mail?!

    It includes Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Spice Cake, and Apple Pie all layered together with cinnamon buttercream. This is the perfect birthday cake for the dessert lover in your life.

    Besides the original PieCaken mentioned above, there are also seasonal, limited-edition desserts.

    For example, in December the Christmas PieCaken is offered. This 6-pound show-stopper layer dessert includes pecan pie, eggnog cheesecake, red velvet cake and cherry pie.

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    The Best Luxury Layer Cakes To Order By Mail Right Now

    Sending a birthday cake or a gorgeous layer cake for the holidays can be a fantastic luxury gift. Or even just an excellent micro-luxury for you to arrange for your own delight. If youre all in on this idea, what are the best luxury layer cakes to order by mail? Our ace correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of the 10 best gourmet mail-order layer cakes to order online right now for birthdays, holidays and parties. Forks in the air!

    Shop Our Delicious Selection Of Treats

    Flying Butterfly Surprise Reactions – Send a Cake

    Gourmet cakes are what we are known for but our treats have been making waves in Atlanta, GA. Choose from cheese straws, cookies, bags of coffee, gluten free treats, and more. Whether you are giving them as a gift or keeping them for yourself, our delicious treats are sure to be enjoyed by all.

    Contact Piece of Cake for more information by calling 1 922-5390 or email us at . Place your order online with us today!

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    The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    Though our cakes are perfect for celebrating in the moment, they also keep beautifully for up to 5 days after delivery. If you follow our comprehensive cake storage instructions, then that perfect online cake delivery need not be a one day only event. Order your cakes online from Cake Mail today for the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

    Best For Vegan Birthday Cakes: Yvonnes Vegan Kitchen

    Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

    Why We Chose It: These vegan cakes come in a wide variety of flavors with beautiful decorations, and many can be customized.

    ProsCakes can be ordered in a variety of sizesSome customization available

    Not all cakes are available for shippingOnly ships MondayThursday

    This popular vegan bakery offers 20 different cake options with beautiful, on-trend decorations. Flavors include triple chocolate, crème de menthe, and vanilla-lemon with raspberry jam buttercream. While the Pasadena-based company calls attention to the fact that all of its goods are vegan, the cakes are also gluten-free. And unlike the majority of mail-order bakeries, Yvonnes allows you to add customized flavors and decorations. Depending on which cake you choose, you can opt to add berries, nuts, or jam between the layers or decorate the cake with more berries or nuts, additional sprinkles, or frosting text.

    No customization Only ships once a week

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    How To Ship A Cake

  • Package the cake tightly in a fitted styrofoam mailer. The cake needs to be secure so it can’t move around during transit.
  • Insert frozen cool packs around the cake to keep it fresh. These go straight from the freezer to the mailer for maximum cooling power.
  • Place the styrofoam mailer inside a sturdy cardboard box. The mailer needs to fit perfectly to the box, with no room at all on any of the sides.
  • Seal the box with high-quality shipping tape. Tape the seams and smooth down the tape.
  • Ship your cake. Timing is important, ie if you’re shipping a cake to Arizona in July, your best bet is going to be overnight shipping.
  • Choosing The Right Shipping Method

    Best Way To Send A Cake In The Mail

    Obviously, you want your cake to get to your client as fast as possible. A longer shipping time only means a bigger risk of your cake getting damaged.

    Though the cake could probably last a one or two day shipping time, you should get same day shipping as often as possible. If you cant do this, your next best bet is overnight shipping.

    This will minimize the shipping time and make sure your cake stays in good condition for your client.

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