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Birthday Activities For 12 Year Olds

Birthday Party Ideas For Boys


Camping Party: Most boys love the idea of roughing it out and going for fun activities like camping, trekking, and hiking. A birthday party with this theme can be loads of fun. For the decorations, you can set up a huge tent in your backyard. For the food, you can have hotdogs, hamburgers, and roasted marshmallows. The boys can tell each other campfire ghost stories and play the usual campfire games. For the party favors, you can tie up a mini flashlight, a glow stick, and a little ziptop bag of gorp in a bandanna. Believe me, whether held indoors or outdoors, this campfire party is a surefire hit with your son.

Sports Party: Hosting a birthday party with a sports theme for twelve-year-old boys can be real fun, especially if your 12-year-old is a sports fanatic. Decorate the party room with colors that match your childs favorite sport or sports team. You can use streamers and balloons to decorate the space. You can also add sports figure posters to the walls. For the party games, organize fun games like long jumps and balloon volleyball. The sports party favors include stickers of the favorite players, colorful candy, baseball gumballs, fruit snacks, baseball cards, wristbands, or power bars.

It is best to consult your kid while planning the big bash. After all, it is her or his special day and you want to do something that will please them. So include your 12-year-old in the planning and have loads of fun organizing the birthday bash that they will remember for life.

Indoor Activity #: Slime Time

Prep Time: 5-10 minutes

  • 3-4 cups foam shaving cream.
  • 1 tablespoon of saline solution.
  • A sprinkle of baking soda.
  • 1/2 cup of Elmers glue.
  • A small amount of baby oil.
  • 3-4 drops of food coloring.

Making slime is all the rage with kids these days so this one is certain to be an instant hit just remember to ask each kid/parent to bring a change of clothes and a towel. That said, Fluffy slime is best for an indoor affair as its not nearly as messy as other varieties , and its easier to manipulate and customize with glitter, beads, etc. To make it, simply mix the ingredients listed above in a bowl. Or, if you want to have a few slime stations set up for the kids, here are two additional recipes.

Sample Toddler Birthday Party Schedule

10am Everyone arrives. Free play, get settled in.

10.20-11am Games and activities

11am Snack and cake. I do snack and cake together because it can be hard to get the kids sitting down for long.

11.30 Presents or free play

11.45 Get the birthday boy or girl to hand out the goodie bags and thank all the guests.

12.00pm Party ends

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Indoor Activity #1: Paper Bag Puppets

Prep Time: 5-10 minutes

  • Paper lunch bags and construction paper.
  • Googly eyes, yarn, piper cleaners, pom poms, or cotton balls.
  • Glue, tape, and scissors.

The best part of paper bag puppets is that its a two-part activity and one that can be split up with a cake break. First, using the provided arts-and-crafts supplies , the kids can draw, cut, color, and glue stuff to their bags. Provide templates of popular characters for the kids whod rather make Cookie Monster than a creature of their own imagination. After the puppets are finished, have a makeshift stage set up in another room and let the experimental puppet theater begin.

Run An Obstacle Course

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for 12 Year Olds

Image: Shutterstock

This fun-filled outdoor activity can be a useful addition to your young teens exercise routine. Taking part in multi-step activities, like obstacle courses, can help improve their sequencing and problem-solving skills and boost strength and balance. You can buy obstacle course kits online or make one with your child, which can be another fun activity!

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Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Slumber Parties: For 12-year-old girls, you can organize some fun slumber parties. These much-loved sleepover parties include party games, crafts, and adorable sleepover party supplies. For organizing a slumber party, you would need to fill the party room with pillows, blankets, bean bag chairs, and stuffed animals. Decorate the space with twinkling lights and scatter balloons all over. For the party invitations, you can create little pillows with foam inside. As the guests start to come in, hand them small flashlights and brightly decorated slipper socks. To make your party a fun event, you can organize party games such as pillow case obstacle race. The food for sleepover parties should be simple and should basically include a host of munchies. Veggies and dip, soda, chips, and juice are a good choice for the party food.

Y Games For Nine Year Olds

Charlotte Thomas

Planning a birthday party for your nine year old and looking for fun party games? We’ve got loads of ideas to keep kids entertained. From indoor games to outdoor activities, these simple games will ensure kids have lots of party fun!

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If you’re planning a nine-year-old’s birthday party, you might want some fun games to keep the kids occupied.

At nine, kids have usually outgrown traditional party games like pass the parcel and Simon says, but will still enjoy taking part in team games and fun activities. They understand complex rules so you can get a bit more creative with your game planning and, unlike younger children, they won’t get upset if they’re ‘out’ or don’t win.

Just make sure you have plenty of small gifts such as sweets and stickers to hand older kids still expect prizes and they’ll be happy to demand them!

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A Snorkelling Adventure Birthday Party

Swimming is great exercise, and what better way to inspire your teens to take it up than have it as a birthday event?

And when I say swimming, I mean going for a real swim in the sea not splashing around in an inflatable pool.

And you can absolutely have a fantastic birthday celebration going on a snorkel tour, and getting up close and personal with Sydney sealife.

Shelly Beach at Manly is a great place you can have the party. Its conveniently located, with parking nearby you can hire equipment right next to the beach, and also have a BBQ and picnic party to follow up on the snorkelling!

Pamper Pals Birthday Party

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas for 12 Year Olds

Image source:

Turn your childs 12th birthday party into a spa day. Fortunately, you dont have to take your guests to an expensive spa. You can just do it at home and still keep your guests entertained. But if youre doing it at home, make sure you have all the necessary supplies, including nail polish, foot ass, white fluffy robes, face masks, etc.

Alternatively, you can just hire a nail polish artist to paint your guests fingers and toenails, and a hairdresser to do hairstyling. Afterward, let your guests out with pampering products to decorate each others faces. Create a sense of a real-life spa by supplying your guests with smoothies and snacks.

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What To Give A Child For His Birthday At 12 Years Old: Gifts For Boys And Girls

When choosing a gift for a twelve-year-old birthday boy, parents are often lost. On the one hand, their child is still addicted to some toys. On the other hand, he already has quite adult hobbies he begins to be interested in gender relations, and social life, and thinks about his appearance. In order to choose a gift that will bring joy to its owner, you need to understand how twelve-year-old children live today.

Learn To Draw And Paint

Image: Shutterstock

Drawing and painting can be used as a form of art therapy activity to reduce stress and improve sleep. Introducing your pre-teen to this art can help utilize their imagination, develop existing talents and can help them develop mindfulness and tranquility, which in turn augments concentration and creativity.

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Final Thoughts On Tween Birthday Parties

Youll want to be sure that your tweens birthday is extra special, no matter if theyre turning 9,10, 11, or 12. Of course, 12 is the last birthday before your tween is officially a teen. So, a 12th birthday is one to be savored with a special party, and with our fun list of ideas, youre sure to find one that will make yours happy.

Editors’ Recommendations

Make A Splash With A Pool Party

12 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to live someplace warm, fill the pool with oversized inflatables, create a fun mocktail, blast some music, and throw a pool party. Of course, guests need to remember their bathing suits and sunscreen, and you’ll want to provide some shade and fresh towels.

Even if you don’t have your own pool, your local community pools often rent out their facilities for private parties.

Location: Your backyard or local pool

Ideal age: 13 and up

Things to remember: A responsible adult should supervise at all times, and everyone needs to know how to swim.

Estimated cost: Free up to $200 to rent out a public pool

Number of guests: Try to keep a good ratio of adults to swimmers

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Fly Somewhere For The Weekend

You can fly the friendly skies for less than the cost of a birthday party these days. Bare-bones flights can be as low as $20 per person one way. It’s a great way to make your child’s birthday a huge event without spending an equally huge amount of money. If your family budget can’t handle everyone taking off to some other city, let your child pick a parent to go with them this year. Celebrate onboard the flight too with fun activities to keep you entertained until you reach your destination.

Fall Egg Carton Wreath

Image: The Crafty Crow

Egg carton wreaths are a great way of recycling egg cartons that normally end up in the bin, and would be a fun craft for older kids.

This wreath from The Crafty Crow uses different flower styles to create a real showstopper. You could vary the colours and style of the flowers for the differing seasons, and these would be perfect to hang on your childs bedroom door or as a table centrepiece.

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What Am I Eating

My tween loves playing this game with his friends. They blindfold one person and raid the cupboards to find items for them to taste. Things like honey, soy sauce, mustard, frozen pea, marshmallow etc. all work well.

The blindfolded person must try and guess what they have been given to taste. Make sure you check for food allergies before playing this game. And it is probably best to supervise the food choices!

Tips For Hosting A Great Birthday Party For Your 12

12 Useful birthday gift ideas for 6 year old

The main secret to pulling off an amazing 12th birthday party for your child is a lot of fun and a little cake. You can also make the day truly special by hosting a party full of close family and friends. But on top of these elements, there are other important factors you need to consider when preparing for your childs 12th birthday.

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Ifly Downunder Sydney West

Skydiving can be a pretty thrilling experience for daring tweens. If you feel your tweens and their birthday guests are up for it, the indoor skydiving experience at the iFly facility at Penrith is just what theyll enjoy doing, on their birthday!

All budding skydivers will be given some training first , and only then released into the air tunnel for the actual dive.

The staff are very patient with children. However, be warned that the noise of air tunnels is quite loud and can be overwhelming for some children.

They have exclusive party packages with flight certificates, lolly bags and catering options.

Phone: +61 1300 435 966

Indoor Activity #: Whats In The Bowl

Prep Time: 1 minute

  • A bag of uncooked rice.
  • A blindfold.
  • A collection of small objects from around the house: coins, pieces of crayon, marbles, goldfish crackers, a pen lid, the cap to the toothpaste, whatever you got. Just remember to keep an eye on all of these things when youre done, as some may still be a safety hazard for kids.
  • Prizes for the winners.
  • A timer .

Whats in the Bowl? is a kids party version of the classic baby shower game in which blindfolded guests fish for tiny safety pins in a bowl full of uncooked rice. Obviously, since you dont want kids collecting dangerous needles and/or drinking Mimosas before noon, the bowl is filled with other small objects. The concept, however, remains the same. Each kid takes a turn and the goal is to either: a) fish as many items as possible out of the bowl in the shortest amount of time, or b) guess what each item is entirely by touch. In both cases, you keep score and award the winner a prize.

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How Should A 12

Suppose your childs birthday will be held within the walls of the house. In that case, you can resort to one little trick in order to make the holiday calmer than the birthday person suggests: ask him to send invitation cards to his friends, which will indicate that the uniform on his birthday should be exclusively evening: cocktail dresses for girls, suits for boys.

Messy Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

45 Awesome 11 &  12 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

For outdoor activities in sunny weather, prep ahead of time by stocking up on old towels and asking parents to dress their kids in old clothes or bathing suits for the party. Afterward , set up the sprinkler and let them run through it a few times to get clean.

1. Go wild, Jackson Pollock-style! Put out old sheets or butcher paper on the lawn or driveway or in the garage, buckets of washable paint, and let children have at it Jackson Pollock-style. Bonus points: Dump warm spaghetti in the paint bucketsit splatters beautifully when thrown.

2. Just add water. Two more versions of the wild paint party are to fill water balloons with diluted non-toxic paint and throw them at a sheet, or freeze non-toxic watercolors in ice cube trays and let them paint with the melting cubes. Write a happy birthday message for the honoree with fabric pens.

3. Make a giant mud pie. Fill the kiddie pool with potting soil and water for a good old-fashioned mud pit. Provide some old pie and muffin tins for making that kid-classic: the mud pie. Let the birthday kid blow out the candles on that cake, too!

Messy Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

4. Take a spin!

5. Plane-apalooza! Make paper airplanes out of various papers and materials like printer paper, aluminum foil, and origami paper, and then stage flying contests. You can also build bigger versions of planes out of cardboard or shoe boxes, and decorate them with stickers.

Downsize the Guest List

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Best 12th Birthday Game Ideas For Pre Teens

Inside: Best 12th Birthday Game Ideas for PreTeens.

Oh, the big 1-2, every time I think of this age I think about the Brittney Spears song, Not a girl, not yet a woman. Ha! What a wild age, youre old enough for certain responsibilities and youre maturing, but youre just quite a teenager yet. Such an awkward period.

When I was 12, I, of course, had braces and I straightened my bangs WAY TOO MUCH and didnt know the concept of less is more with makeup. Plus, this is the real kicker, I had a BRIGHT PINK cast for my 12th birthday. Yes, thats right, I cannot make this up folks.

Anyways, turning 12 can be such a great time but also a little struggle for those kids who just want to be treated like adults This is why they deserve one great birthday celebration! The kind of celebration that includes tons of snacks, games, and a great time. Well, lucky for you we have the games and good time covered, here are our favorite 12th birthday game ideas for one heck of a time!

Indoor Activity #: The Floor Is Lava

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Hours of Entertainment: 30 minutes

What Youll Need:

  • Cushions

The floor is lava is an exciting game yet, simple game and you wouldnt need to spend a lot of time prepping for this. Your kids should imagine the floor is lava, the move around only using the pieces of cushion youve placed on the floor.

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Contest Guess What Is In The Picture

The presenter shows the children a picture, which is covered with a sheet, commensurate in an area with it, and with a small round hole in the center, periodically moving it in different directions.

The task of the competition participants is to guess what is drawn in the picture, comparing the parts they have seen into a holistic image. The winner is the one who gives the correct answer faster. Accordingly, there should be several such pictures.

Organize An Insta Party

BULLY Crashes 12 Year Old Boy BIRTHDAY Party, STEALS His GIFT!ð | FunnyMike Skits

Give teens a party worth sharing by providing clothes, props, makeup, and hair styling products, and then let them hold their modeling shoot complete with a photo session.

Location: Home

Ideal age: 13 and up

Things to remember: Be sure to establish healthy boundaries and ground rules. The kids could even help come up with what they should be. For example, “only take pictures or post photos with consent, only post fully-clothed pictures, and agree to delete photos at the request of those in a photo.”

Estimated cost: Low just a few supplies, which you’ll likely already have in your house, and some photo props from the dollar store.

Number of guests: 58

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