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Belly Dancer For Birthday Party

What Are The Dancers And Clients Obligations

Belly Dancer at John Corey’s 90th Birthday Party

Lets start with answering the questions above, well before the show, so it can be planned. At least two contact names and numbers should be arranged in advance.

On the day, the client needs to provide a changeroom that is clean, safe and secure. As the host, you are obliged to ensure that the belly dancer is treated with respect if she is made to feel uncomfortable, we reserve the right to discontinue a performance. We also ask you to understand that although every effort is made to arrive at the scheduled time, we often perform several shows in an evening. Delays can occur due to traffic, or if a previous customer ran late. You are asked to respect other bookings by ensuring that you are ready for my performance at the agreed time. If you run late, we may have to cut the show short, especially if other clients are waiting. Full payment will still be required.

Naturally, the belly dancer will provide her own costume, props and music on CD / iPod . Under the very rare circumstances that Rachel cant do the performance herself , we will arrange for a replacement and will contact you to inform you of the change.

Arabian Belly Dancer 6th Birthday Party

This marvelous ARABIAN BELLY DANCER SIXTH BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Lina Terlikar of Sweet Bambini Event Styling

What a fun party theme for a little girl! I love all of the sparkling glitz and gold throughout this party. I also love the amazing cake with pillows and a genie lamp on top. This party has so many spectacular ideas that would be perfect for any little girl who loves dancing!

How Can You Find And Book A Belly Dancer With Entertainersworldwidecom

Simply enter your location in the search field below and you will be presented with all of the Belly Dancers who are local to you or who travel to perform at your location. You can then view the act’s full profile to:

  • View full information of the act including, Show description, Biography & Experience,
  • Watch the acts publicity video to assess their quality,
  • Read previous client reviews.

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Hiring A Belly Dancer For Your Wedding Mariyah

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Traditionally a part of the festivities at many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean weddings, Belly dance is quickly becoming a popular wedding entertainment idea for everyone, and for good reason! Many brides looking for unique wedding reception ideas are finding Belly dance to be a great option! Glamourous, interactive and joyous, A good bellydancer or bellydance group will present a performance with elegance, artistry, fun and the same attention to detail that you have put into planning the other beautiful elements of your reception.

Here are few ideas for incorporating Belly dance entertainment into your wedding reception!

Bridal EntranceBellydance can be unique and beautiful option for a bridal entrance! Here the focus is very much on setting the stage for the entrance of bridal party and not so focused on the dancers show. After a quick but spectacular entrance in a swirl of veils or wings or flickering candles, the dancers will create a frame for the entrance of the bridal party. Often they will then lead the bride and groom across the hall to their table or onto the floor for the first dance. You could also opt for the traditional Zeffa or your own unique take on it. Abridal entrance with belly dancers can be customized to each event and couple. The entrance can often be paired with a formal performance either immediately following or later in the evening.

Hiring A Bellydancer Frequently Asked Questions

Belly Dancer Tray Dancer

How long is the show? What can I expect to see?A typical, classic bellydance show is about 20-25 minutes. This length of show is by far the most popular and appropriate for most parties. However, for some, smaller events a 10-15 minute set may be best. If your event is very large, a slightly longer show or additional sets may be arranged at an added cost. A classic performance typically begins with upbeat entrance piece using finger cymbals and wings or veil, a dance of balancing skill using sword or candle tray, interaction and dancing with the guest of honor and audience, and an exciting drum solo finale.

Do you bring your own music?The dancer will provide a set of music on CD or ipod. The sound system should be provided by the client. For larger events which include a DJ, the dancer can speak to the DJ before the event to determine the best way to bring the music and send tracks ahead if needed. If requested the dancer may bring a sound system suitable for smaller event for an added fee. Live music or drumming can also be arranged on request.

What kind of music do you dance to?Mariyah always arranges the set music to the specifications of your event. The set may include traditional Arabic or Turkish music or modern pop. In addition, Greek, Persian or Bollywood songs may be included on request. Specific song requests for the audience participation portion of the show are always possible if given to the dancer ahead of time.

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Need Unique Orlando Birthday Party Entertainment

If you want to throw a birthday party in Orlando, FL featuring a high-caliber entertainer that will truly wow the crowd, a belly dancer is a fun and unique birthday party idea.

Hire a world champion bellydancer to entertain at your birthday party! Imagine the rave reviews your guests will leave after watching the spectacle. Having a family-friendly belly dancer entertain for a 21st, 30th, 40th or even 100th birthday party is a fantastic surprise and really gets the festivities going!

If this is a surprise birthday party no worries, I can arrive at the event dressed as a normal guest and from there you can usher me over to a designated room where I can change and store my belongings. Planning the ultimate surprise is encouraged!

What Miami Users Say

Great dancer Beatriz M., reviewing Miami Belly Dancer Hipnotic Entertainment – Bellydance, Fire, Samba, Hula. More reviews

Offers Virtual Services

  • 17 miles from Miami
  • 1 Verified Booking

Zuamid A. saidShe is absolutely beautiful! The dance was really amazing. Very polite. Highly recommend for any social event. Exquisite performance

  • 25 miles from Miami
  • 3 Verified Bookings

Karen R. saidNour was extremely professional and reliable. She communicated well before hand which made everything go smoothly for my father’s 90th birthday. He was

  • Belly Dancer
  • 10 Verified Bookings

Wendy . L. saidMy husband’s 50th birthday was a huge success thanks to Daisy. She was a true professional and a very sexy belly dancer. She was very friendly and got

  • Miami, FL
  • Belly Dancer

Sayuri is an award winning Professional Middle Eastern Dance Artist based in Miami, FL. Sayuris love for Middle Eastern dance and culture began at the tender age

  • Belly Dancer
  • 18 miles from Miami
  • Belly Dancer
  • 75 Verified Bookings

Jessica B. saidVery professional and communicated regularly! Accommodated our schedule after running late. Her performance was great!

  • 17 miles from Miami
  • 30 Verified Bookings

Agne L. saidMaria is not an average belly dancer! She is just perfect! Her body, her muscles, her dances, her show, her interaction with guests! It was just

  • Belly Dancer
  • 1 Verified Booking

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Belly Dancers Around Richmond Hill On:

Offers Virtual Services

  • Belly Dancer
  • 1 Verified Booking

Sorzano T. saidAsteria Dance at an event for me in the fall of 2013, and almost 6 months later I’m still being ask for her info from people who attended my event. She

  • Belly Dancer
  • 18 Verified Bookings

Zahira saidPictures and videos dont do her justice, she was stunning and performance was amazing!! I definitely recommend her Thank you!!

  • Belly Dancer
  • 6 Verified Bookings

Ashleigh D. saidI hired Ishra and one other dancer and they did a great job! I was very impressed by their organization. Communication prior to the event was excellent.

What Does It Cost

Birthday party with Elvana Bellydancer in Birmingham.

We cant give a quote until we know the details of your event, but most shows are between $250-$350. Performance fees depend on the timing, location and the length of the show, as well as which props are used. Saturdays from 8-10pm are peak times. Bear in mind that our bellydance performances use professional quality costuming and music, as well as reflecting several years of experience and dedicated training, international study and research trips, insurance and licensing, and so on. While you may find cheaper dancers, they will not be as professional and experienced. Dont risk being embarrassed by a novice. Its worth paying a little extra to be confident of a high quality show that will impress your family and friends.

A deposit of at least $50 is required to confirm your booking, and the remainder may be paid at the time of the performance or do it all at once to save hassle on the night. We accept cash, PayPal, credit card over the phone and direct deposit. Please note that personal cheques are not accepted unless provided at least one week in advance.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

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What Toronto Users Say

Job well Done! Sorzano T., reviewing Scarborough Belly Dancer Asteria. More reviews

Offers Virtual Services

  • Belly Dancer
  • 18 Verified Bookings

Achal J. saidShe is professional, friendly and entertaining. She engages with the entire crowd, seniors to children. Great performance.

  • Belly Dancer
  • 3 Verified Bookings

Adriana P. saidClaudia very pretty, super dancer, very excellent show and she was very professional, we were all very happy, she made us have a very pleasant time and

  • Belly Dancer
  • 13 Verified Bookings

Kadeem W. saidJaicyea was just amazing! Everyone in the office was raving about how great and entertaining your performance was! Even with a shy and timid crowd, she

  • Belly Dancer
  • 2 Verified Bookings

Hans J. saidShe was engaging, beautiful, and a fantastic belly dancer. She moved with the music and interacted with everybody it was full of smiles the whole time.

  • Belly Dancer
  • 101 Verified Bookings

Lorraine P. saidTeria was fantastic!!! She was very professional, pleasant and certainly not intimidating esp during our tutorial. I would highly recommend her for any

  • Belly Dancer
  • 23 Verified Bookings

Colleen A. saidJoanne was the perfect addition to my wedding reception! She arrived on-time and was super flexible. My mom couldn’t stop saying how nice Joanne is! She

  • 11 miles from Toronto
  • 1 Verified Booking
  • 37 miles from Toronto
  • 2 Verified Bookings

Belly Dancers in Toronto, ON

11,514 quotes sent
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Typically hired for
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What Do Belly Dancer Services Include

Belly dancer services include all the activities necessary to perform this ancient style of dancing at your wedding, birthday celebration, or other special occasions. Your Tasker can work with you to incorporate their performance into an appropriate segment of your event, use the right style and execute it in a timely and professional manner.

Upon request, this can include the performance of one or more belly dancers for hire. While inclusions vary from Tasker to Tasker, heres what to expect in general when booking this service:

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How Much Do Belly Dancers Cost To Hire

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to search for the best bellydancers who are local and then via the contact form you may contact them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to perform at your event. Some acts will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

What Equipment And Set Up Requirements Do Belly Dancers Need

Belly Dance For Birthday Party by MY Belly Dance (ELSA ...

A Belly Dancer is a pretty self contained act, however they will almost definitely require a backstage area in which to get prepared for the performance. We kindly request that you contact your venue in advance to check their is a suitable area for your belly dancer to get ready. Additionally, a modern Belly Dancer may require music to play as they wow their audience. As they usually perform as a solo artist, it is unlikely that a bellydancer will not provide a PA for their music, so we advise to contact the venue in advance to see if a PA is pre-installed.

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What Los Angeles Users Say

Great Show Bahman Z., reviewing Los Angeles Belly Dancer Luxora Dance Company. More reviews

Offers Virtual Services

  • Belly Dancer
  • 36 Verified Bookings

Ike A. saidMary was sensational! She arrived right on time! Her performance was sensational and mesmerizing. She even had the guests participate and gave mini dance

  • Belly Dancer
  • 6 Verified Bookings

Joan J. saidAngela went beyond what I ever expected. She choreographed a dance for my Christmas Eve”Flash Mob’ dance to Jingle Bell Rock. Angela did her part…just

  • Belly Dancer
  • 39 Verified Bookings

Kimberly S. saidBorka gave an amazing performance. Loved the transition of dances she did from Hawaiian thru Tahitian. She also provided the stories behind each dance.

  • Belly Dancer
  • 7 Verified Bookings

Elizabeth S. saidShe was an amazing performer! She had alot of variety in upbeat and energizing music. She had like four outfits and they were all beautiful!! She engaged

  • Belly Dancer
  • 10 Verified Bookings
  • 6 miles from Los Angeles
  • 8 Verified Bookings

Charisse O. saidHired Samara to perform Egyptian style belly dancing for an Egyptian themed Happy Hour event. She was just delightful! She was so kind and is a beautiful

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Belly Dancer

Tom J. saidBaheyya entertained us recently at a surprise Birthday party for my wife. Not only did we thoroughly enjoy her various dances but our 25 plus guests are

  • Belly Dancer
  • 5 Verified Bookings
  • Belly Dancer
  • 1 Verified Booking
  • Belly Dancer
  • 4 Verified Bookings

When To Hire Persian Belly Dancers

  • Birthday parties.Our talented belly dancers can develop a special performance that will fit perfectly into your unique party. Dancing is the language of the body, and they will use it to tell a beautiful story and charm all guests. Depending on the clients wishes, members of the audience can be included in the show.Even a childs birthday party can benefit from introducing an elegant Persian belly dance to create the atmosphere of a magical Arabic fairy tale.
  • Weddings.No wedding can go without dancing, and the flawless movements of professional performers will rile your guests and introduce elements of fun and passion into this romantic day. This type of show with its elegant sensuality is perfect for celebrating love.
  • Corporate parties.Persian belly dancers performing an amazing show can help impress your business partners or show appreciation to your employees for their hard work.
  • Bachelorette parties.Introducing even one belly dancer to a bachelorette party is a sure way to up the fun level of the event. This exotic note may be exactly what you need to make this evening memorable.

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What Exactly Will A Belly Dancer Do At Your Event

Belly Dancing is a popular and affordable way to entertain your guests, clients, and co-workers. Whether its in the style of an Arabian, Turkish or Egyptian bellydance, the traditional bellydance , your belly dancer will use their hips, veils, shells, hip-scarfs, belly-chains, Harem pants, finger cymbals and gypsy skirts to entice and excite your guests, treating them all to a really special, fun and entertaining experience.

Full 30 Minute Custom Shows

50th Birthday Party Belly Dance Entertainment in Ocala, Florida

While the average belly dance show is 20 minutes long here in the U.S, I have made it a point to deliver 30-minute shows as that allows me to give spectators a well-rounded belly dance experience. I incorporate folklore , modern Raqs Sharqi, balance acts, specialty prop acts, and more.

In the Middle East, 5-star hotel shows last almost an hour and includes a live band. I pride myself in designing shows that model after those prestigious show formats and bring a taste of the Middle East to your event.

Sure my prices may be higher, but the quality, peace of mind, and luxury design are worth the investment. This is a Louis Vuitton type of experience, not a Walmart level show.

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Persian Belly Dancers For Any Party In Toronto

Persian belly dance is a magnificent sensual performance that cant fail to impress. The fluid movements of the dancers and the brightly-colored and beaded costumes combined with truly magical melodies create a unique atmosphere of an oriental fairy tale. This performance can either enhance your event program or become its centerpiece.

When you are planning a magnificent party in Toronto, Persian belly dancers offer a chance to add something exotic to the mix. Hips Dont Lie Dance Co. will create a show to suit your needs and the overall theme of the celebration.

Iran belly dance is very graceful and elegant. This style was loved by the Persian kings of old and today everyone has a chance to enjoy it. Due to its muted and sensual nature, this performance can fit any event.

What Information Does The Dancer Need To Know

Obviously we need to know the time, date and venue of the performance, and the type of event. If it is for a birthday, wedding or similar, we need to know who the guest of honour is, whether it is a surprise, and whether or not they wish to be asked to dance. Its important for you to provide all your contact details in case of any problems. By the time that you confirm, you should find out the following things about the performance space:

  • Is it a function centre, a restaurant, a private house? Is it indoors or outdoors, and what is the floor surface?
  • How large is the space? Is there a stage / dance floor?
  • Where can we park?
  • Who is the contact person?
  • What sort of sound system will be available? Have you checked that its loud enough? Does it take CDs or iPod?
  • Are you able to adjust the lights to make the most of the show? Should we bring a spotlight to help?
  • Do you have any specific costuming requests?
  • Do you want any particular music?

It also helps us to know something about the audience and their cultural background: for instance, are they Aussies? Lebanese? Syrian? Turkish? Greek? Indian? etc. This enables us to choose the most appropriate music and costume.

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