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Unique 2nd Birthday Party Themes

/10 Monkey See Monkey Do


If your childs favorite animal is a monkey , then this theme could be a winner. What Moms Loverecommends this theme for its adorableness as well as simplicity. All you need to do is stick to monkey-themed décor. Consider handing out stuffed monkeys as party favors. For food, make sure to incorporate a lot of banana-themed items.

For Adults: A Bargain Adventure

You want to go on an adventure for your birthday but want it to be special and accessible to all of your friends. In that case, have a budget adventure party. You only have one rule: You have to make the most of the day without spending any money. Some options include walking dogs at the ASPCA, swimming in the ocean, or hiking through the wilderness.


How To Plan A 2

Even if you have a seed of an idea, plotting a toddler birthday bash for your soon-to-be 2 year old can overwhelm even the most organized parent. Take a deep breath. With these second birthday party ideas and tips from Seri Kertzner, owner of the New York City-based planning group Little Miss Party Planner, you can pull off a memorable party for your 2-year-old with minimal stress.

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My Little Buckaroo Is Two

Yeehaw partner! Saddle up for a Western Rodeo party perfect for your little cowboy or girl. Create the feel of your own ranch with lots of organic details like wood, hay and wild flowers. Add in some bandanas, cowboy hats and ponies, and youve got a boot-scootin party!

Live Love Simple, Paperie Plus, Jenny Collier, My Mountain Wild, Giggles Galore

Say Enchant With A French Caf

Unique 2nd Birthday Princess Party Ideas

We will simply never tire of a Parisian-inspired party . This luncheon, however, kept things creative with a French café focus. Guests were greeted at their seats by fresh baguettes and floral arrangements with a subtle nod to the flag of France. For the party hosts with classic taste, this café theme will keep things unique and timeless.

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Bring Back Miami Vice

As you may know, the 80s have made a major comeback when it comes to trending party themes. If you love the decade but want to stand out from an influx of neon spandex and throwback proms, this version is for you.

The 80s hit crime series Miami Vice captures all you love about the 80s in an original light. The shows vibrant clothes and eye-catching visuals were brought back to life at this milestone birthday party in a nightclub-inspired setting. Of all the creative details to note, we especially love the Miami skyline-printed dance floor that flowed into adjacent lettering.

Two You Believe In Magic

Want to ensure your 2-year-old has a magical celebration? Throw them a magical magician party! A black and red color scheme, top hats, cards and magic wands will do just the trick. Brownie points if you can learn a few magic tricks to perform for the crowd .

Photo sources & inspiration links: Catch My Party and 2, Karas Party Ideas, MTrade

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Find Everything Birthday From Birthday Express

Grab your party hats and noisemakers! Birthday Express has nearly25 years in the birthday business, and we know how to throw the party to endall parties. Our birthday party experts know their stuff, and theyre here to help you plan thebiggest bash yet, from choosing a theme to passing out party favors as yourchilds guests head home.Start to finish, we have you covered.

At, we carry hundreds of party themes thatkids love. Little girls love our unicorn and mermaid party supplies, and boysgo crazy for dinosaurs and Despicable Me. But we dont stop there. In addition to officiallylicensed party supplies like Moana, Minecraft, PJ Masks and Pokemon, BirthdayExpress carries exclusive birthday party supplies that you wont find anywhere else. Our talented teamunderstands what kids love, and has created one-of-a-kind themes like ParisParty, Spa Party and Superhero Party .

Chugga Two Two 2nd Birthday Theme

NAVEY 2nd BiRTHDAY!! Farm Animals Surprise Party, hiding presents, and bday balloons morning routine

Planes, trains, and automobiles any things that go theme is bound to charm your toddler. But if youd like to narrow it down, may we suggest this absolutely perfect party theme for a 2nd birthday? Chugga Two-Two can be as big or as little as you want to make it, from simple, store-bought Thomas printables and party favors to a custom color scheme and personalized conductor hats.

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Nd Birthday Ideas For Girl Party Themes

Goldie Mae is almost two! I dont even know if my heart can handle knowing that she is my last baby. Each year older we get further away from the baby stage. That being said, lets just say I am thinking big time about her 2nd birthday! Last year we had a simple, yet perfect birthday for our Goldie girl. It will be hard to top this year, but incase you are also looking for 2nd birthday ideas for girl party themes, I am sharing lots of things to consider in this post!

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Travel To The Caribbean

Its no secret that we love a tropical party but however much we enjoy them, its not the most creative theme on the menu. Enter: A Caribbean twist. This birthday party is all we love about a tropical affair, with an original new spin. From Caribbean cuisine to locally-sourced rum, the event channeled the regions culture and climate in unique ways .

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Two Cool Birthday Theme

Is your toddler too cool for school? Consider throwing them a two cool birthday party. This gender-neutral theme is open to interpretation, but we envision a modern color scheme and decorative sunglasses. After all, every cool kid needs a killer pair of shades. In terms of party clothes, let them wear their favorite outfit or pick up a for the occasion. When it comes to snacks and party food, serve up mini cupcakes with sprinkles and colorful platters of fruits and veggies. Dippable treats, like chicken nuggets and mozzarella sticks, always go down well. Bake or buy, a birthday cake with icy blue frosting and decorate it with a custom topper. All that partying is going to make those littles thirsty, so have a cooler full of grown-up drinks and plenty of juice boxes for the kiddos . Want to go all out? Invest in a snow cone machine for an icy, on-theme dessert.

Get the look:Invitations: Minted Two Cool Childrens Birthday Party Invitations, $35 for 10 invitation cards, Outfit: Double Joy Designs Two Cool Birthday2 Shirt, starting from $20, Two Cool Party Supplies, $17, Accessories: Itsy Belle Two Cool 2nd Birthday Party Hat, $3 per hat,

For Adults: Pajama Party

10 Wonderful 2Nd Birthday Party Ideas For A Boy 2022

Pajama parties arent just for kids. While the adults may want to skip the sleepover and end the night in their own beds, that doesnt mean some breakfast-for-dinner and funny pajamas wont be a kick for the older crowd. Mention the pajama requirement on the invitation, along with the waffle bar and slumber party games.

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Face The 7 Deadly Sins

Halloween meets celestial-chic for this party theme. Your guests will be intrigued from the moment they arrive with a dark and moody design like this one. We especially love this daring theme idea for a small dinner party, which leaves room for abundant details and intrigue all from the table. Did we mention were feeling envy?

/10 Chugga Chugga Two Two

Trains may say chugga chugga choo choo, but at your toddlers party everyone will be saying chugga chugga two two. Many young children are intrigued by the idea of trains, making this a fitting theme for a 2-year-olds birthday party, especially if your kiddo is a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine.

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Level Up The 70s With Woodstock

Everyones been to a 70s party, but make it Woodstock-specific and your event will have a major edge up. Think retro Coachella if the vibes were groovy and the headliner was the Beatles.

This birthday party took guests back to a hip time with details that included the decades most popular album covers, strung across a pampas grass-lined table. Swap predictable disco balls for sunflowers, and youre ready to take on the eccentric era in a new light.

Y At The Governors Ball

Aashvis 2nd Birthday Vlog(Buttery Theme) Surprise, DIY Party Decorations, Gift, Photoshoot

Out with Coachella, in with The Governors Ball. Theres finally new inspiration for a music festival theme, and it comes from the opposite coast. This Bar Mitzvah production spared no detail with mesmerizing neon déocr, a wide range of food stands , show-stopping performers, and a signature merch tent. With each element, our team is drawn deeper into the festival scene, from juice pouch mocktails to solo cup signage .

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Its A Ball To Be Two / Turning 2 Is A Ball

Your guests cant help but have a ball at this unique ball-themed birthday bash. Stick with bright primary colors, and have plenty of bouncy balls for the toddlers to go wild with a ball pit would be especially fitting!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Touch of La, Karas Party Ideas and 2, See Vanessa Craft

Two Sweet Birthday Theme

Celebrate your kids sweet nature with a confectionary-inspired birthday party. The two sweet birthday theme uses candy colors and playful accessories to create a scene Willy Wonka would be proud of. Weve chosen to highlight a donut and sprinkle motif, but you can draw inspiration from your little ones favorite treats . Before the event send out personalized invitations with a photo of your kid in their sweetest look to date. Decorate the venue with a banner and streamers in shades of mint green, lavender purple and pastel pink. Confetti balloons also work well, as the colorful confetti looks like sprinkles! Dress your little one in a personalized birthday outfit or a sweet dress that they can wear again. Keep kids of all ages entertained with a cupcake-decorating stationsimply plate up some freshly-iced cupcakes and a selection of toppings and sprinkles. Serve up custom cookies, popcorn cones and some healthy veggies and protein-based finger foods to avoid epic sugar-rushes among your little guests. A rainbow sprinkle birthday cake will be the cherry on top.

Get the look:Invitations: Little Folk Printables Two Sweet Pastel Donut Birthday Party Photo Invitation, $3 per card, Outfit: Mudpie Smocked 2nd Birthday Dress, $38, Sweet Amy Shop US 16″ Two Sweet Rose Gold Letter Balloons, starting from $15, Tableware: Juvale 144 Piece Donut Grow Up Party Supplies with Plates, $21,

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Donut Grow Up Two Fast

If the past 2 years have flown by, tell your toddler to slow down with this sweet Do-nut grow up TWO fast theme. Food and decorations will be simple: just lots and lots of yummy donuts!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Soiree Love, Mama Bird & Tribe, Cool Studio, Shop Party Haus, Intuition Backgrounds, The Party Buddy, Bird in a Cage Creations

Bibbidi Bobbidi Two 2nd Birthday Idea

Kennedy is Two Sweet!

Two is the beginning of a true appreciation for the magic of Disney. Give your little princess or prince a dazzling day of fun and glamour with a Cinderella-themed birthday party thats sure to impress all their fancy friends, from glass-slipper shaped cookies to a dress-up station and extra-special details and displays inspired by the movie, like in the example shown here.

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One Two Buckle My Shoe / Goody Two Shoes

If your own little goody two-shoes loves ballet or is always walking around in mommys shoes, this sweet 2nd birthday theme will get them tiptoeing, leaping and dancing around their party. Make a fun dress-up area with lots of shoes to try-on, and you could even give out cute slippers as a party favor!

Pretty Plain Paper, Karas Party Ideas and 2, Project Nursery

Two Ring Birthday Circus / Second Circus

Come one, come all to the incredible Two Ring Birthday Circus! Create your very own Greatest Show with this vibrant carnival themed party send circus tickets as your invitations, and thank your guests with Animal Crackers in their goody bags. So many fun ideas for decorations and food with this 2nd birthday theme.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Blooms Party, Karas Party Ideas, Crazy Little Projects

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Nd Birthday Party Ideas: 16 Ways To Enjoy Twice The Fun

Your babys second birthday is fast approaching and its time to start figuring out how to celebrate. Youve made it through the transition of welcoming a new joy to the family and your little one is starting to develop their own unique personality.

While precious toddlers arent quite old enough to choose their second birthday theme, you can incorporate some of their favorite characters into the big event. Not sure what theme is best suited for a second-year celebration? Check out our list of 2nd birthday party ideas to get you started.

Baby Shark Two Two Two Two

NiKO 2nd BiRTHDAY!! baby bear is getting big! Ultimate family party with cake, presents, bubbles!

Dive in and get ready to have the now infamous Pink Fong song stuck in your head just replace those dos for twos! This theme lends itself to plenty of fun colors and underwater details that your little guests are sure to adore.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Karas Party Ideas, Catch My Party, Milk & Confetti, Happy Party Supply

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Two Infinity And Beyond 2nd Birthday Idea

Another character-forward 2nd birthday idea that satisfies your little ones love of movies and your propensity toward party planning! Toy Story is that quintessential childhood movie that many of us grew up on and are now enjoying with our little ones. Gather goods on Etsy or Amazon, make your own, or do a mix of all three. Primary colors and familiar faces are all you need to take this cute Disney party idea two the stratosphere.

Super Fun Boy 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

We’ve rounded up 23 super fun boy 2nd birthday party ideas to help you pick one best suited for your child.

Finding the perfect theme for your two-year-old can be tough. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to be blown away!

Be sure to scroll down and go through all the wonderful birthday themes we’ve picked for you.

You’ll find ideas for a Mickey Mouse party, a safari 2nd birthday, a Paw Patrol party and so much more…

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Two Fast Birthday Theme

Ready, set, go! A two fast birthday party is the perfect choice for mini motor-heads. Go for car-themed decorations and red, white and black balloons. For a cheap and cheerful nod to the theme, buy a black table cloth and use small strips of white tape to create road markings on your very own race track. Dress your little one in a custom two fast outfit or a Lightning McQueen shirt. Serve up Oreos, stop-light jello and hot dogs with little wheels fashioned from olives. The crowning glory of this boisterous bash? A birthday cake decorated with a red race car topper. This 2-year-old birthday party theme is sure to be a roaring success.

Get the look:Invitations: Zazzle Two Fast Birthday Party Red Race Car 2nd Birthday Invitation, $3 per card, Outfit: Madi Moosh Boutique Two Fast Birthday T-Shirt, starting from $15, Bessmoso Race Car Two Fast Party Decorations, $18, Accessories: Oriental Trading Cars & Trucks Treat Boxes, $8,

/10 Vist To The Baker’s

2 year old birthday party

A bakery themed birthday party is a great idea for the little, future chef/baker. Though many toddlers generally love baked goods, it’s a great and unique theme to put on for their birthday party. You can even make a baker’s outfit for the birthday kid! Perhaps you can whip up a bunch of home made baked goods for your guests to enjoy while providing games of play dough and decorating cakes and/or cookies!

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Two Infinity And Beyond

If your little one loves the magic of outer space, host a Two Infinity and Beyond or outer space party. You can incorporate decor that features characters from the Disney Pixar film or just make it all about outer space by featuring the moon, stars, and planets. If you decide to have a photo booth, use props like Woodys hat and Mr. Potato Heads mustache.

Decorate the party area using outer space party decor and incorporate these elements into your tablecloths or hang the items around the event space. Serve Toy Story alien cupcakes or just lean into the outer space theme with a galaxy-inspired cake. Get guests in on the fun by having the little guys and gals dress up as their favorite space characters.

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