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How To Make My Own Birthday Invitations

How Do I Make An Invitation In Microsoft Publisher

How to create your own birthday invites for free using an iPhone

Pick a template Start Publisher and choose a category of cards. In Publisher 2016 and Publisher 2013, click Built-in > Greeting Cards or Invitation Cards. Scroll through the predesigned card publications. Under Customize and Options, you can modify many design elements before you open the publication: Click Create.

Save Your Birthday Invitation

Once you have added pictures and made adjustments to the card as desired, it’s time to save it. But first, it’s important to be certain that the invitation follows all the guide lines and boundaries that the page already has integrated into it. Make sure to check, as anything outside the boundaries will be eliminated when you print the cards.

To save the invitation, simply press Control + S or click on File, and Save. You will be presented a number of options for saving your invitation, and it’s important that you choose the right ones.

If you save it as a Publisher file, you will be able to continue making edits and changing it as desired. If you are ready to print it out, save it as a PDF – the universal format that works on every computer.

Just remember, you can’t make any edits with PDF, so only save it as PDF once you’re sure you’re ready to print.

See, it’s not that hard to make your own , and it doesn’t take a long time to learn how to do it. Sure, it will take a bit of practice to get good at using Microsoft Publisher, but all of the tools are easily visible – especially in Microsoft Office 2010 and later versions.

It will be quick and easy, and your birthday party invitations will be ready to go in no time at all!

Design Custom Birthday Cards With No Skills Required

Isnt it kind of annoying when you have to design your own personalized birthday invitation for your own birthday? Have you tried your best to prepare a cool first birthday invitation for your children but failed? Most image processing tools require specialized know-how to make a good-looking birthday invitation card, while Fotor, the online design maker, provides various birthday party invitation templates that only need a few changes, and youve got a birthday invitation card ready-made. Drag and drop the birthday invitation template, and change the text and background. A well-designed birthday invitation you should expect is finished in just a few clicks.

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Make One Image The Focal Point Of Your Card Design

In the design world, a focal point is the part of your design that peoples eyes are drawn towards. Generally, the focal point is the part of your design that is the brightest, the most focused, the most contrasting, or where other parts converge.

You can create a focal point in your birthday invitation card design by picking one focus image. In this example, the cupcake image works as the focal point. The red cherry on top draws your eyes to the centre of the card:

Theres Always The Option Of Personalised Birthday Invitations

Make Your Own Birthday Party Invitations Free Printable

Every birthday party is different, so finding a birthday party invitation design that is perfect for your event can take a lot of time and effort. Paperlust makes this easy for you by bringing together designs in every style from independent designers across Australia, all in one place. But if theres still nothing quite right for your party, consider getting personalised birthday invitations. This is perfect, since every person is so different and you are the centrepiece of your birthday party whatever the theme. There are several ways of personalising your birthday invitations cards, including ordering a custom design, changing the colours or other design elements of an existing design, or getting your birthday invitations personalised with a photo of you. Paperlust sells photo cards and photographic designs for exactly this purpose. Depending on how much personalisation you are intending on getting, this might not cost anything extra at all, or it could cost more if youre ordering a completely unique design from a professional illustrator.

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Messages Dont Have To Be On Paper

Dont forget that its possible to provide your guests with extra information and smaller birthday invitation messages without needing to actually print or write them on paper or have them included in the invitation suite. It is quite common these days to send a birthday invitation text, and some things are better spread by word of mouth, email, or on an event website.

Fiddle With The Colors Font And Borders

To adjust the color of a shape or object on the card, all you will need to do is click on the object, select Format Picture or Format Text Box, and navigate to the Colors and Lines tab.

You can change the color of the item by selecting the Fill option, or you can change the border of the picture by selecting the Lines option.

To change the color of style of the text, you will need to click on the text box and select all the text inside. To do this, simply click twice on the text box, and press Control + A to select everything inside the box. Right click with your mouse, and select the options on the text formatting menu.

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How Do I Choose From All The Many Birthday Invites


Due to’s broad variety of cards, we have generated categories for many diverse themes, that may be of interest to you. Take a gander under the Events section at the top of our site, and you will find we have independent sectors for custom birthday invitations! Look around here, or, we also have added sectors on the left-hand side of our website. You will want to click on Basic Invites Events category, then click All Birthday Invitations. Take a glance to the left side, and you will discover plenty of distinct easy subjects to choose from, and graze.


Our Customer Support Team is not only competent in helping with questions as well as Orders, but can also offer a abundance of design tips! If you’re unsettled on a color pairing, whether a certain font appears cohesive, etc. Basic Invites staff will gladly assist with a second set of eyes, & a valuable opinion. Call, chat, or email, & we are more than happy to help!


Still unsure if a card is exactly what you are looking for? Buy a Sample, & look for yourself! Place the invite you are designing to your Cart, & ensure the Quantity is one. Buy as many Samples as you would like to sample, in as many Paper Styles as you would like to see! We are sure that you’ll love not only the thickness of Basic Invites cards, but the style & vivid colors.

What Our Customers Have to Say About custom birthday invitations

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Adding Bits To Personalize Your Birthday Invitations

Learn how to make invitations for free in Canva

If you want to make your own birthday invitations look extra fancy, you may want to add some nifty pictures of your child, some clip art from the internet, or random pictures that you find and download.

All you will need to do is to save them to your computer and drag and drop them into the window that you’re working with, or you can actually drag and drop them directly into the window from the internet page without having to download them.

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Take A Look At The Most Commonly Asked Questions

1. Can I create as many invitations as I like?

Yes, create and store as many invitations as you want for free. You can also download, share and print your invitations at any time, there will be no extra charges or watermarks.

2. What invitation sizes do you offer?

We offer the most common printable card sizes such as 7Ã7 inches, 14x14cm, 21Ã14.8cm. You can also create an invitation using a custom size.

3. Can I print my invitation professionally?

Yes, you can. The Desygner editor has a print button that connects your straight to your home or office printer.

4. Can I use my own photos & text?

Yes. Import photos from your camera roll, computer, Facebook, Instagram & Storage Drives. You can also customise our templates with your own text & stickers.

5. What if I donât have a nice photo or anything cool to say?

We offer lots of beautiful images, stickers and templates with awesome messages. Simply find a card you like and add your & their name to it!

6. Can I create invitation templates for corporate events?

You can collaborate with your team by adding other users. However, if you wish to create a template for others in your organisation to use, please check out Desygnerâs Corporate Solutions Business and Enterprise.

Create An Eye Catchy Birthday Invitation Card

  • Open Doographics website and choose the template option. Select the design birthday card format.
  • On your left-hand side of the screen, you will find options to add text, images that will make your birthday invitation card more creative and amazing.
  • To make your birthday party invitation more fascinating add good color, footage, fonts, font size, etc. With a variety of fonts available make your invitation card for birthday non-identical from the usual ones.
  • If you want you to add images from your machine, for which you will have to choose the choose from photo library option and add some more good effects and images and customize the invitation card of birthday the way you want.

Doographics comes up with prodigious templates as well as options to make sure all your desires turn into the design.

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Paid Or Free Birthday Invitation Templates

If you decide to choose birthday invitation templates to create your party invites, you have a choice between paid invite templates and finding birthday invitation templates free online. With birthday invitation templates free online, you will save some money but will have fewer options and usually less professional and less polished products. Make sure to seek out freebies made available directly from their creators to avoid accidentally supporting plagiarism or piracy of designs. Free templates are often offered by designers: we even have our own free birthday invitation templates from Paperlust. Paid birthday invitation templates can still be fairly cheap: sometimes under $20. Either way, bear in mind that you may have more difficulty finding something that you love and that matches the theme of your birthday party the cheaper you go. Whichever way you go, you will usually be able to find birthday invitation templates Word documents, pdf, jpg or png downloads, and Pages documents. These will come with different levels of ease in terms of editing and customising, so work out what you need and then choose your design accordingly.

How Do I Make An Animated Invitation Card

Create My Own Birthday Invitations for Free

Lovely Online Invitations with Animated Cards in 4 Steps: Choose Card Design: Choose the card design you like best. Edit Card Design: Customize your animated invitation card with your own text and your own photos. Choose and design your animated envelope. Add your recipients and send paperless online invitations.

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How Can I Make A Birthday Invitation At Home

Here are some tips to help you customize your birthday invitation card design. Use a bright color scheme in your birthday invitation card design. Combine different font styles that complement each other. Give your invitation an eye-catching header. Use a color filter to make text pop from your cards background image.

How Do I Make A Google Invite

Add people to your event On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Calendar app . Open the event you want to add people to. Tap Edit . Tap Invite people. Enter the name or email address of the person you want to invite. Tap Done. To find when your guests are available, swipe down or tap View schedules Tap Save.

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Look At All The Available Templates

After clicking on the “Invitation Cards” option, a new page will open and show you all of the available templates that you can use to make your own birthday invitations.

There are certain templates that are installed on your computer, while some of the templates are only available from Office’s online catalogs. These birthday templates are all free, but you will need to be connected to the internet to access some of them.

Free Birthday Invitation Templates From Paperlust

How To Print Your Own Invitations-DIY Invitations Made Easy

Looking to print a birthday invitation but at home? Or prefer not to use our birthday invitations maker? At Paperlust, theres nothing we love more than top quality premium printing and paper products, but we get it. Sometimes youre planning your party on a budget and if you want people to eat, theres just no way youre going to be getting professional invitations. Today, weve got two stunning free birthday invitation templates for when youre in a pinch and need some gorgeous printable birthday invitations that dont scrimp on design quality. There is a tonne of free invitation card for birthday floating around online that look really, really free we wanted to make sure youve got something that looks classy and will have people asking you where you got your invites.

Both our free printable birthday invitations are easy to download and all the text is fully customisable in Word or Pages. Yay!

Fresh & Floral Birthday Invitation Template

This template “fresh floral invitations birthday” is perfect for your party, whether youre celebrating with a full Saturday night bash or a casual weekend brunch with the girls.

We regularly update our free birthday party invitations and free digital birthday invitations so feel free to check back for more options.

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Y Invitations Vs Birthday Invitations

Not every party is a birthday party! Sometimes youre throwing a party just for the fun of it: a house party or a backyard barbeque just to get everyone together and have some fun. Some parties are to celebrate an achievement with an event like a graduation party, a promotion party, or a wrap party to mark the closing of your latest theatre play. Some parties are thrown to mark exciting changes and milestones in life, like at a housewarming party, a new pet party, an anniversary party or a new job party. Other parties are based around a less significant event like Eurovision, the finale of a favourite reality show, or the changing of the seasons. Whatever the reason for your party, youre going to need some awesome party invitations to get your invitees excited about the occasion!

Of course, party invites are going to be quite different if theres no birthday at the centre of the festivities. A good party invitation should get people into the spirit of the event, as well as giving guests all the information they need to be able to attend the party: what, when, and where.

Organize The Information On Your Invitation Using A Two

For a balanced, easy-to-read invitation design, try splitting your card right down the middle. On one side, put a decorative image and on the other side, put a color block background with the party details. This type of layout works well for cards with a landscape orientation.

Note how this birthday invitation template uses the color filter technique as well:

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Sync Your Invitation Designs To The Cloud And Print Them Whenever

Have you ever been bothered by local storages limitations? And have you become tired of having to use your mobile phone to transport or transfer local files? Today, Fotors Cloud storage technology has been getting more attention and even more development. If you have a Fotor account, the birthday party invitations you designed will be available anytime, anyplace. Plus, if you become a premium member, your work can be printed directly after you choose the correct PDF format.

How Can I Make A Birthday Party Invitations Online For Free

Make Your Own Birthday Party Invitations Free Printable

For any kids birthday invitation to be completely free to send, you need to first filter on “free” and choose one of our free kids birthday templates. You then need to remove all premium design options before sending. Once youve chosen the perfect free birthday invitation, use our digital design tool to format your text with new fonts, new type colors, and of course: a heartfelt message. Not only will you save time and money with our free birthday invitations, but you wont waste any resources like you would with a printable kids birthday invitations. Win, win!

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Adding Personalised Birthday Invitation Messages

Sometimes a general invitation just doesnt feel like enough, and you want to add something a little more personal for each of your guests, or maybe youve just got an extra message for your guests that you want to include but not on the invitations themselves? Whats the best way of approaching these things? You have options!

Achieving The Look Of Diy Birthday Invitations

DIY birthday invitations are extremely popular for a number of reasons. Besides budget, theres one big reason people like the DIY look, and that is because it looks like youve taken a lot of time and care with each individual invitation. This can make your guests feel special and show that youre investing a lot of effort into every aspect of your party. DIY birthday invitations are also perfect for people who are planning to create DIY decorations or other details for their party, since it creates a cohesion through everything.

While DIY birthday invitations look great, its easy to underestimate the amount of work required to create them. This is especially true if youre throwing a large party – obviously DIY-ing hundreds of cards is a big ask! – but even for a smaller party the work can add up. If youre using birthday invitations, RSVP cards, a gift information card , and are intending to send thank you cards afterward, that multiplies your work by four. That means even if youre only inviting 20 guests, you have to DIY 80 cards! For this reason, people are increasingly choosing professionally printed birthday invitations that have a DIY look.

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