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December Birthday Party Ideas For 1st

Winter Birthday Party Ideas Come To Life On Peerspace

’12 Months Make a Year’ Calendar Song for Kids | Netflix Jr Jams

The best winter birthday parties are celebrated with loved ones and held somewhere incredible. That latter part is where Peerspace comes in! Browse listings in your city or destination and choose the venue with the perfect vibe and amenities for your dream party. Browse each venues description, photos, and user reviews. And once you found the ideal spot, it takes only mere moments to book it for your event.

Remember, the Concierge service is only a message away and can deliver any other party necessities to you at your venue. Between Peerspaces venues and services, voila, you have the very best winter birthday party ideas! Happy searching and happy birthday!

Pretend To Be Together

Email a flat Stanley version of the birthday person to friends and family. Have them print it out and take at least one picture of them celebrating with it then send it to you to share with the birthday person! If you can get them in advance, you could even make a collage like one of my favorite 50th birthday party ideas!

As an added bonus you could keep those photos and once youre able to go out, try to recreate the photos with friends and family in person!

Unique First Birthday Party Themes

Princesses or trucks are always fun themes for first birthdays, but if youre looking for something a little outside the box, there are also tons of ways to get a little punny and play on the words one or first. There are also plenty of themes that lean on popular story books or TV shows. Here, some of our favorites.

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Royal Advice On How To Plan The Perfect First Birthday Party

Treat your little prince or princess like the royalty they are and take inspiration from the first birthdays of Princes George, Louis and Archie and Princess Charlotte, with expert advice from Carole Middleton’s party planners. Scroll through the gallery for tips on the guest list, where to host, how to pick a theme, what food to go for and even first birthday outfits!

Pssst! Don’t forget the party bags! Here are 12 party bag filler ideas to get you started…

Peppermint Candy Christmas First Birthday

The 25+ best December birthday parties ideas on Pinterest

Putting together a peppermint candy themed first birthday celebration is simple and sweet. Again, youll want to start with custom kids birthday invitations that match your theme perfectly. Check out the cute candy cane inspired invite below for inspiration.

Prepare a bright and tasty feast. Set up all of your food and drinks on one table. Fill up a large pitcher with cranberry juice this will add nice color to your spread. Try making these festive candy cane cake pops. Cake pops are great for parties. Any finger foods that guests can snack on while socializing are great for parties. They will make things easier for your guests, plus they will require less dishes and make cleanup much easier. Here are a few more fun finger foods you can add to your spread: pasta on a stick, caprese salad skewers, and mini-quiches.

Pass out packages of peppermint suds or small treat bags as party favors. You can make both of these favors your self to save money. Learn how to make your own peppermint soap on Take a look at these DIY goodie bags for more party favor inspiration.

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Do You Make Or Buy A Cake

An important part of the party is, of course, the cake. While your baby will probably get more on the floor than in their mouth, you will remember your baby’s first cake forever. Its likely that older guests will get more out of the cake than your little one, but its always nice to get a showstopperthats impossible to forget.

Its entirely up to you whether you make the cake yourself, or hire a professional or pick one up from the supermarket. But whatever you choose, theres plenty of options out there to make your babys first birthday a special one.Check out this roundup of the most amazing first birthday cakes we’ve ever seen. They won’t be easy to replicate but they’re sure to impress if you can manage one!

Elf Christmas First Birthday

Going with an elf theme for your childs first birthday can be super fun and cute. All great parties start with the invitations, so take time to make custom invites that match your theme perfectly. Then, get started on your decorations.

Create a falling snow decorations using a needle, fishing line, and cotton balls. Thread your needle with the fishing line. Then, poke the needle into your cotton balls. Slide the cotton ball down to the end of your line. Apply a small dab of glue to hold the cotton ball in place hot glue works best. Add a second ball, but leave some space in between it and your first one. Keep adding cotton balls until your string of falling snow is as long as you want it. When finished lay it flat on a piece of wax paper and let it dry. Then, hang the string from your ceiling for a fun falling snow effect.

Set up a hot cocoa and coffee bar outfitted with plenty of marshmallows and candy cane garnishes. Pass green elf hats out to all of your guests as party favors. Bake a festive elf inspired cake, or have a professional prepare one for you.

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Winter First Birthday Ideas: Food

Hot beverages will help keep guests warm and cozy while also embellishing your theme, so hot cider, hot cocoa, and even hot teas and coffees will make lovely additions to your first birthday spread. Try garnishing your cocoa with candy canes, marshmallows, and whipped cream like in the photo below.

You cant go wrong including holiday sweets like Christmas cookies, fudge, pies, and cupcakes. Try finding recipes that will match your theme. Take a look at this for a bunch of fun and creative winter themed sweets.

Warm dishes like cheese fondues and soups will all keep your guests warm and happy throughout your winter soiree. And these seasonal winter fruits and vegetable recipes will provide guests with a nutritious alternative to your sweeter snacks.

Dont forget to include some kid-friendly items on your table too. Most kids frown at the sight of new dishes filled with veggies, so try including a few simple classics, like grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, or anything else you think the kids youre inviting will enjoy.

Winter First Birthday Ideas: Invitations

jashwi 1st birthday 2017 Dec

All great celebrations start with the invitations. To ensure yours are just right and match your childs first birthday theme perfectly create them yourself on There you can pick from an impressive collection of winter first birthday invitations.

And when you find one you like, you can make it perfect with their amazing customization options. You can even create your very own custom invitation from scratch with their easy-to-use design software. This is the best way to match your invitations to your first birthday theme!

Beyond introducing your first birthday partys theme, you invitations should also give guests all the info theyll need to make it to your party and feel comfortable when they arrive.

Let them know where your party will be, what the theme is, if gifts are required, what refreshments and food youll be serving, and so on.

You should also consider purchasing or designing custom envelopes that match your invites and theme. Bright red, icy blue, or white envelopes with snowflakes will work. You can design custom envelopes on that match your invites or you can simply pick up a pack of red or blue envelopes from a department store.

Either way, the envelopes will help set your parcel apart from the rest of the recipients mail and let them know theres an important message inside.

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More December Party Themes

A favorite and fun party theme that would suit a December party is a Celebrity Dress Up party. The catch is that the famous person you dress up as must also have a December birthday.

Male celebrities / famous figures that were born in December include: Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Brad Pitt, Pablo Escobar, Samuel L Jackson, Joseph Stalin, Jay-Z, Walt Disney, Frank Sinatra, Ozzie Osbourne, Denzel Washington, Stephen Spielberg, Woody Allen, Keith Richards, Anthony Hopkins, Nostradamus and Ray Romano.

Female celebrities / famous figures that were born in December include: Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Jane Fonda, Katie Holmes, Milla Jovovich, Daryl Hannah and Bette Midler.

You Can Try To Celebrate Half A Birthday But Its Not The Same

If some year you have a brilliant idea and decide to celebrate your birthday, for example, on June 30 instead of December, it is simply not the same. Surely now your friends are on vacation. It is tough to organize a severe little birthday and listen as people tell you: Hey, why has nobody told you happy birthday?. There is no remedy.

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Fun Babys 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Steal our tips and tricks to make babys first birthday party stress free. A little extra planning before the party will make this a sweet occasion filled with cute birthday decorations and activities. We have everything you need to host a fun-filled first birthday bash, from invitations to banners to cupcake toppers and more.

What to Know Before Hosting Your Babys First Birthday Party

Your baby is 1, and its time to party! Our darling Gracies first birthday was in January, and it felt like a celebration for us for making it through our first year, says Tori Horne of Tallahassee, Florida. We asked Penny Warner, child development instructor and author of more than 12 party and activity books, including Baby Birthday Parties: 20 Fun Theme Parties for Babies 1 to 3, for ideas on hosting that first milestone party. Theres a lot to jugglethe unpredictable mood and schedule of a toddler, appropriate themes and snacks, even the number of guests. Her seven stress-free tips will have you and your kiddo tossing your party hats into the air.

1. Watch the clock. Plan the party to last an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Babies have short attention spans and run out of energy and interest quickly. Plan the party for late morning or late afternoonpre- or post-napwhen baby isnt tired.

2. VIPs only. Scale back the guest list to avoid overwhelming your babe and keep costs down.

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First Fiesta

Fun Things To Do To Make The December Birthday Special:

Hostess with the Mostess®

Forget about Christmas for the day.Go out to dinner or the movies – make it a day of pampering or attend a special sporting event.

Dress up fancy and have a wonderful night out to celebrate the birthday. The trick is to not do anything that involves Christmas on this day – no Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, decorating the tree etc. Make the day completely about the child.

If their birthday falls on the 24, 25 or 26th then try and celebrate a few days before their birthday.

Some parents choose to have their child’s party in November or early in December when school is still in session and friends can come to the party.

Fun Half Birthday ideas:

Lots of children who have December birthdays celebrate what is known as a “half – birthday”. While they still celebrate their birthday in December, they also get an extra party in June. If their birthday is on December 24th they would celebrate their half birthday on June 24th. It’s a great way to make the child’s birthday separate from the Christmas holidays.

Some fun ways to celebrate a half-birthday:Make 1/2 a cake, wrap presents in only 1/2 paper, use 1/2 paper plates, play 1/2 of games, send out 1/2 an invitation … just cut everything in half that you would normally do for a birthday.

It’s lots of fun and children really like their special half day. Half Birthday Party Ideas

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Paddling Pool First Party

If your baby was born in the summer months and youre expecting warm weather, consider asking fellow parents to bring along paddling pools so you can set up a pool party in your back garden. This is especially a great theme if your tot loves his or her mermaids. Just dont forget those swim nappies!

Peerspace Is The Place To Go For December Birthday Party Venues

With these incredible December birthday party ideas under your belt, you just need the perfect party space. For that, why not rely on Peerspace once again? We are happy to be your go-to for event venues. Just check out all the incredible listings your city has and book the one that suits you and the birthday person best! Peerspace venues are clean, safe, and impeccably stylish.

You can book a mansion, cabin, loft, penthouse, yurt, gallery, you name it, many with both indoor and outdoor space. Enjoy your search and an epic December birthday party!

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Circus Carnival / Under The Big Top

Come one, come all, to the most fantastical 1st birthday celebration! Incorporate plenty of black/white, red and gold + a sea of circus animals and balloons to create your very own Big Top. You could even dress up your child as the Ringmaster!

Photo sources and inspiration links: The Ashmores Blog, Natalie Buck Photography, TCB Style, Catch My Party, Karas Party Ideas

This Is What Kimberlee Shared About The Party:

A Birthday Fairy Tail | Kids Book Read Aloud

When I had a December baby, I knew I wanted to do a Winter ONEderland theme for her first birthday party right from the get-go. I just had to capitalize on my only chance to use the phrase ONEderland! My vision was to add a little rustic with the tried and true, but classic and beautiful, white and silver color palette.

For the decor, snow globe-inspired table centerpieces accented wooden guest tables. Plus, a beautiful cedar garland covered with snowflakes and faux snow that cascaded over a shimmering white dessert table. The dessert table showcased simplistic white desserts and a beautiful Winter Wonderland Cake from Carlos bakery! Finally, the highchair tassel backdrop was a DIY labor of love that sat behind a stunning snow-covered smash cake!

To eat, there was a soup bar as well as a simple but darling hot cocoa bar accented with a marshmallow garland backdrop.

In the end, it was a perfect party for our ONEderful little girl!


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Oh The Places Youll Go

Turning one is just the beginning, and this theme celebrates your childs future adventures, based on Dr. Seusss classic book Oh, the Places Youll Go. Have guests sign a copy of the book as a special keepsake.

Photo sources and inspiration links: Karas Party Ideas 1 & 2, Cherish 365, Oriental Trading,

Complaining About This Whole Issue Does Not Make You Look Good

No one ever said, Thank you for my birthday / Christmas gift. Complaining that you dont have enough gifts is always a tricky topic. However, if you grow up with a brother who turns years in September, you will know that he will have more gifts than you. And although nothing happens because you are not an envious person and you are delighted with what you have since the important thing is not the gifts, you cannot avoid thinking about all those parties that you will have and that you will not be able to have.

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Soccer First Birthday Party

Good weather? Head outdoors for a soccer-themed party. Gently roll soccer balls back and forth on the grass with baby attendees bigger kids can play a more competitive game of footy. For food, make cookies in the shape of soccer balls and soccer jerseys . You can also go for a big cake in the shape of a soccer ball so ideal for a cake smash!

Circus First Birthday Party

December Birthday Party Ideas For 1St

Got a big group? Rent a tent to bring the circus theme to life. You can also opt for a simple décor vibe with a pennant banner, which can be used anywhere outside your home, on your little ones high chair, around the dessert table and so on to conjure up that circus feeling. Use red-and-white striped bags if youre sending guests home with party favors . Place elephant stickers on milk glasses or paper cups to expand on the theme. You can play musical chairs with circus music, or swing babies through hula-hoops as a game.

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So Follow These Ways To Keep Them From Being Forgotten

  • Use wrapping paper that has no Christmas motifs. It may seem obvious, but you should strive to find a special role to make birthday gifts unique.
  • Consider celebrating a half birthday or celebrating it a few weeks later, in January, when all friends are available for the party. If you choose to change the date of the Celebration, invite family members for lunch or dinner so that their real birthday is special.
  • Think Christmas decorations well. If the birthday is at the beginning of , wait to hang the Christmas ornaments until the Celebration has taken place. You can even get a Christmas tree and use it as a birthday tree, then decorate it with Christmas decorations when the birthday is over. If, on the other hand, the birthday is at the end of December. Get rid of the Christmas ornaments before that date so that the center of attention is the Celebration.
  • Speaking of decoration: use balloons, streamers, and everything worth to make the birthday spectacular. Enough of garlands and red bows: better opt for a bunch of big balloons.
  • Make it a special day: its time for the birthday boy to choose what he wants for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • If the birthday is Christmas, leave Santa and his reindeer a slice of cake instead of the typical cookies.

With all this, here at The Celebration, we give you some tips to make your special day, by celebrating your childs birthday on your family vacation:

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