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Build A Bear Birthday Cost

Control The Food Costs Of Your Build

Build A Bear Pay Your Age Birthday Party

You can try potluck, where all the guests would bring a pre-prepared dish to your Build-A-Bear party. Apart from sidestepping the dietary problems, this could significantly cut down on the overall cost of your Build-A-Bear birthday bash.

One thing that would be most special in your Build-A-Bear bday party is cake. You can get Build-A-Bear themed cake from the local bakery, order it online or bake it yourself. If youve got cake toppers along with your Build-A-Bear birthday supplies, use them. But cake alone is not enough youll need real food too for your Build-A-Bear party. Pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers would go well with Build-A-Bear theme. Build-A-Bear fans will also love sodas, fruit juice and fresh lime juice.

If youre thinking of buying pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers or stew for your Build-A-Bear birthday celebration, think again! Buying all these foods can add up and if youre a good cook, you can save a lot of money by making all these stuff yourself and still make your Build-A-Bear birthday party the talk of the neighborhood.

Dont Forget About The Count Your Candles Program

The Pay-Your-Age deal is meant to promote Build-a-Bear Workshops Count Your Candles birthday program. If you enter, youll also be in the running to win a grand prize birthday party experience worth up to $250.

But even if you dont win anything, you can still score a deal with the Count Your Candles program. If youre a club member, that means you can get a pay-your-age deal on the Birthday Treat Bear for the entire month of your kids birth. No lines, no tickets necessary!

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • CREATE THE PERFECT GIFT by customizing your furry friend with hundreds of unique outfits and accessories! Youâll find the perfect wardrobe to match any personality only from Build-A-Bear Workshop.
  • THE SOFTEST, MOST CUDDLY STUFFED ANIMALS are from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Each furry friend is stitched with love and care, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • COLLECT YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS at Build-A-Bear Workshop! All your favorites are here. Along with classic teddy bears youâll find furry friends from Star Wars, Shopkins, Nintento & much more!
  • MAKE PLAYTIME MEMORIES with Build-A-Bear Workshop! Our stuffed animals encourage play the old-fashioned way. Let their imagination run wild with a furry friend from Build-A-Bear
  • CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYS with the Best Gift Ever! Teddy bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop make it a celebration to remember

Do Build A Bear Employees Get Free Bears

The age limit of the bears was if they were being sold or not. You will not get a bear nor will you carry one but there is no age limit.

How can I get a free Build a Bear?

Good news about Build-A-Bear Workshop! Bear prices start at $12, so that $15 voucher can get your kiddo a free bear! 2. You can sign up for the Bonus Club and kids can make a pay your age birthday bear during their birth month!

Can you take an unstuffed bear to build a bear?

Yes, you have the option to order your furry friends either stuffed or unstuffed. Stuffed furry friends arrive fully stitched and ready to play. Unstuffed furry friends can be taken to your local Build-A-Bear Workshop so you can enjoy the stuffing experience in person.

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Add To My Planner 124

Thank you to the tens of thousands of you who braved the lines at Build-A-Bear Workshop to get a bear for your kids. Your time and dedication and love for Build-A-Bear got us all a great deal!

Good news about Build-A-Bear Workshop!

1. You can CREATE a BAB account today, or log in to your existing account and youll get a free $15 voucher! Hooray! But it has to be done by the 15th! Coupon expires at the end of AugustDONT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY! IT WILL BE A REPEAT of the catastrophic events of Pay Your Age Day! Bear prices start at $12, so that $15 voucher can get your kiddo a free bear!

2. You can sign up for the Bonus Club and kids can make a pay your age birthday bear during their birth month! Yay!

Go get those bears at a great price.when theres no line.

Katy Mann

How To Get A Build

Build A Bear Workshop Happy Hugs Teddy Bear CeleBEARate Happy Birthday ...

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Ages ago I remember eating at a buffet with my family and kids would eat for a penny a pound. Thats a pound as in the kids weight. There was literally a scale next to the register and kids would weigh in! I was always underweight as a child, so in 5th grade my family only had to pay 50 cents for me to eat. Quite the deal! I havent seen a deal quite like that one until now. Well, kind of like it. This Thursday at Build-A-Bear youll be able to get a furry friend for the price of your age. Can you imagine kids having to weigh in these days? Oh my. I like the pay your age idea much better. Especially as an adult. My Build-A-Bear will only be $39 instead of my weight being Well, no need to do the figuring on that!

Such a dandy deal!

How To Get A Build A Bear For The Price Of Your Age

Im sure youve noticed the previous blog postings that show that we are big fans of Build A Bear at our house. We love the making bears and the new Bakeshop.

Image source: Build-A-Bear

Pay Your Age Day. I cannot wait to take my kids to our local Build A Bear on July 12th. We will be getting a furry friend for $4, $6, and $10. Cant beat that. To take part in this amazing savings and be able to pay your age at Build A Bear, just sign up for the Bonus Club HERE and then head into a store near you on July 12th.


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When Is The Pay You Age Event

In addition to the Count Your Candles program Build-A-Bear used to offer a Pay Your Age event in stores. The first one, in 2018, led to stores getting shut down as demand far exceeded supply and staffing. The event returned in 2019, but the number of tickets was restricted and given out via a lottery system. The event was also spread out over several days to avoid crowding. Then, in 2020, the Pay Your Age event was cancelled due to the pandemic, and we havent seen it since. However, Build-A-Bear throws plenty of in-store events. We recently saw the Double the Fun event, which offered two furry friends for $45, for example.

How Much Is It To Add A Scent To A Build

Scents can be added to a Build-A-Bear stuffed animal for an additional $3.

One of the things you can do to make your Build-A-Bear more special and personal is to add a scent of your choosing.

You can choose from a variety of options.

The scents come in the form of hard pieces of plastic that are shaped like different objects.

Sometimes the shapes are random, and sometimes they match the scent.

When you make your bear, you can choose the type of scent you want to add to the bear and then put it inside when you stuff it.

Build-A-Bear does not require a scent, but it is an option for all customers.

Build-A-Bear scents are designed to last for at least six months.

Since they are put inside the stuffed animals with the stuffing, the scent comes from the inside out whenever the animal is moved or hugged.

Some scents are stronger than others and might be more apparent longer or may simply last longer.

The more a bear is played with or hugged, the faster the scent will wear down.

Washing the Build-A-Bear animals can also make the scent disappear faster.

Build-A-Bear Scents can be replaced when they lose their fragrance, but you will need to take your animal back to your nearest Build-A-Bear store and buy a new scent.

The bear can be opened up, and the new scent can be added to replace the original.

If your Build-A-Bear has a scent inside and you notice it is fading, the best thing you can do is to play with the bear less or squeeze it less.

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How To Get A Cheap Build

When its your childs birthday month, just go to the store and let them know youre celebrating a birthday.

You dont need to show any proof of age , but you will need to be a member of the Bonus Club.

At the moment, when you create a Bonus Club account, you dont even need to add the date of birth of your child.

You will then get to make a new furry Birthday Treat Bear and pay however old your child is.

As an extra special bonus, HotUKDeals have shared that when you get a birthday bear using the Count Your Candles offer, you also get a whole experience at no additional cost:

  • Special Birthday Heart Ceremony
  • Birthday Party Hat
  • Ringing the Birthday Bell and announce their birthday to the entire workshop

This offer is valid in a Build-A-Bear store, so you wont be able to get one from their website.

Remember, though, if you add any sounds, heartbeats, smells, clothes or accessories, you will need to pay extra.

Per Cent Off When You Redeem A Gift Card

Madison’s 8th Birthday at Build-A-Bear Workshop!!!

The retailer is currently running a 10 per cent off deal when you redeem a gift card in store.

It means that a £10 gift card will actually be worth £11 when you use it to buy in branch.

The deal is only running until February 1 and youll need to show this voucher at the checkout to get the bargain.

Its ideal for anyone one was given one or Christmas but you should be wary of purchasing a gift card just for the discount.

Although there is no sign the the retailer is struggling, gift cards are not likely to be honoured if a company goes bust and you could end up losing all of the money on it.

They also come with an expiry date so make sure you use it before it comes to an end.

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Saying Thank You After Your Build

Your Build-A-Bear themed birthday bash was perfect and everyone went back smiling, so why not say thank-you to all the guests. You can design the thank-you notes yourself with some imagination or you can go online and download and print some Build-A-Bear theme based thank-you notes. If youve got Build-A-Bear birthday supplies from our recommended store, thank-you notes are already included in them. Build-A-Bear birthday supplies also include favors and favor boxes. Trust us, after receiving favor boxes that come with Build-A-Bear party supplies your guests will thank you and go home happy.

Become A Build A Bear Bonus Club Member

To reap the most benefits of hosting a party, you must become a Build A Bear Bonus Club Member. This is a free program that allows you to get some major discounts throughout the year as well as during your Build A Bear birthday party event.

All you have to do is go online and sign up for a free membership. You could also become a member while in the store. The choice is yours.

There are several benefits to this membership and its all included for FREE. So, there is really no reason to NOT participate especially if you have little children.

Here are some of the reasons that I think the free program will be worth your while:

  • Earn Points Toward Valuable Rewards!
  • Get Early Access and Special Offers!
  • Enjoy Unique Events and Experiences!
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend.
  • Get $10 in rewards for every 100 points!

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Does Build A Bear Birthday Party Do Black Friday

When it comes to Black Friday shopping extravaganza, buyers can always snag low-cost promos from their most-liked stores. Build A Bear Birthday Party is no exception. Each year, the seller brings more than just fantastic Black Friday promos. Build A Bear Birthday Party also offers pre-Black Friday savings and bargains for Cyber Monday.

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Are The Build A Bear Birthday Party Discount Code Updated

Build A Bear Workshop Pawlette Plush Bunny Birthday Princess Gift Set ...

CouponAnnie has dozens of Build A Bear Birthday Party promos and discounts coming from different sources. When a discount code is classified as Verified, that means CouponAnnie has checked its authenticity on As of yesterday, Build A Bear Birthday Party brings 0 updated promos and discount codes overall.

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You Can Still Get The Age Deal With Birthday Month Program

If you werent able to buy a bear for your kid Thursday, dont lose hope. You can still participate in Build-a-Bears Count Your Candles promotion.

Bring your favorite boy or girl into a store to count their candles on any day during their birthday month and they can build a Birthday Treat Bear normal cost $14 by just paying their age.

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Has Anyone Had A Build

We are thinking of doing this and just wondered what your experience was like.

Hello! When my kids were younger, we went to a TON of Build-a-Bear parties. Pluses: the parents of the guest kids can wander off to a nearby bookstore or coffee shop for a couple of hours. Each kid gets a bear to take home. Minuses: Depending on the staff, very little care and attention might be paid to every kid except for the birthday boy/girl. Limited selection. Churn-em-out, factory-style parties. Store still open to other customers which equals confusion every single time.

Id say, try to observe how they work in the Build-a-Bear nearest you. The staff makes all the difference. I personally thought they were pretty bad because the staff at the one we kept going to had no love for it and were very mechanical.

Did the parties you went to have a dollar limit for the kids to spend? Im thinking the basic $12 bears and a shirt for each to wear, which will be about $20 a kid.

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Make A Bear Picnic Parties Edinburgh

What could be better than after an amazing adventure in the TimeTwisters soft-play area and a tasty lunch, to build your own furry best friend with our Make-A-Bear workshop?

Well thats whats on the menu on one of our Make-A-Bear Picnic Parties!

Whether you want to Build a Bear, Stuff a Sheep, or Make a Meerkat, our Make-A-Bear parties are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to celebrate a birthday!

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Kids Under 14 Can Now Pay Their Age For A Birthday Build

Build A Bear Pay Your Age Birthday Bear ð?»

After the complete shitshow that was last weeks Pay Your Age day at Build-A-Bear workshops nationwide, the store has come up with the perfect solution. Their new promo will benefit every single child and no one has to wait in a 5-hour, thousands-of-people deep line.

If you bring your child to the store anytime during their birthday month, they can pay their age for the Birthday Treat Bear, which normally costs $14. Its all part of their Count Your Candles program and just like with the initial Pay Your Age promo, customers must create a free Build-A-Bear Bonus Club member account online.

Heres the Birthday Treat Bear in all its Birthday Treat Glory:

So your kids dont get to build the stuffed animal character of their dreams but they get the whole Build-A-Bear experience and a cute bear for their birthday. Children who wish to participate must be younger than 14, according to the site.

For any kiddo celebrating a birthday at Build-A-Bear, they get to partake in a special birthday heart ceremony, a birthday cake photo op, they get a special birthday sticker, party hat, and get to ring the Birthday Bell. Oh, and youll also be sung to. Cmon, you didnt think youd get out of that, did ya? ITS FOR THE CHILDREN, DAMN IT.

Well, now they do. Bless this Build-A-Bear mess.

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Can I Book Build

This promotion is valid only in stores, so definitely call the store prior to your arrival to ensure the birthday bear is in stock. Availability may vary by store so if its unavailable, the store may provide an alternative choice or offer you the option to visit another time to honor the Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age offer even if its past your kids birthday month.

If you have more than one child sharing the same birthday month, indicate quantity when you call to ensure there are enough Birthday Treat Bears in stock.

Presents For Your Build

Remember that your Build-A-Bear bday bash is just not complete if some presents have not been given out to the invited little guests as well as their parents. Consider wisely about your selection of presents for the guests given that we want everybody to go back home with a smile making our Build-A-Bear themed party a smashing hit.

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