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Winter Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

Game And Movie Themes

10 Must-Try Party Games | Fun And Exciting Game Ideas!

From Star Wars to Minecraft, todays children have a wide range of movies and video games to enjoy that we as the parents never had. This option, while not as engaging as other themes, is sure to provide fun and pretend play for your little ones. As the parent, you can create a whole world with attention to the little details. Be sure to include small features that can produce big results, such as pixelated decor for your Minecraft experts. Chances are that your little star has come to you already and request one of these themed parties.

Attend A Special Event

If your winter-born child has a special interest, attending a special event with a few friends may be a wonderful idea. This may be something as simple as taking a few children to a movie theater to see a highly-anticipated childrens movie. A party with older children may be held at a musical concert, a sporting event or another type of special event. Consider researching events planned around your childs birthday to determine if this is a reasonable option for your upcoming party.

These are only a few of the many fabulous birthday party ideas that you can host for a winter-born child. While some summer party ideas are not practical, there are still many great options to consider. In addition to reviewing some of the more obvious winter party ideas, think outside the box to potentially plan a unique and memorable event for your child.

Head To An Art Gallery

This indoor birthday idea is excellent for artistic types. Host your birthday party at an art gallery, like this intimate art gallery in NYC. The gallery is home to dozens of contemporary art pieces and has space for up to 50 people to gather. Its a sophisticated and chic way to celebrate your birthday. You can make it happen when you book on Peerspace.

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Arts And Crafts Party

Bring out the creativity in your children. There are so many crafts to choose from. Decorate a wooden initial of every child’s first name and decorate the cookie canvases with food color markers. You can also book an art party, where children can enjoy beading, origami to t-shirt making.

Planning a winter birthday party is not as challenging as it might seem. Even if everyone is stuck indoors, you can embrace the winter season and incorporate it into the theme. Your child should not be jealous of kids born in summer, who get to enjoy pool parties. If you plan well, your childs birthday bash will be memorable and a lot of fun.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas In Winter

42 Beautiful Winter Wonderland Lighting Ideas For Outdoor And Indoor ...

21. Glow in the Dark Theme: A black light party is a fun way to have a glowing time with your friends. For decoration ideas, think glow-in-the-dark stuff. You can find tons of ideas for this theme party here. My favorite idea: include a glow stick with your invitations!

22. Candy Theme Party: Who doesnt love candy? It can brighten up a drab winter day in a hurry! While you can take this party in many directions, youll definitely want a candy buffet front and center! You could choose your favorite candy, then theme the decor around that.

23. Indoor Rock Climbing: I love indoor rock climbing. With the different courses available, it makes it easy for all skill levels to enjoy scaling the rock faces. You can plan a fantastic day of bouldering or choose to get on the ropes. Whatever your desired challenge, you will have blast racing friends to the top or trying strategic routes.

24. Jewelry Making Party: Craft custom pieces together and take them home. Were partial to Kendra Scotts Color Bar . Customize everything from metal type to stone color for one-of-a-kind pieces for each of your guests.

25. Skating Rink Party: Take a cue from the 70s and host a disco party at the local roller rink, even if youve never roller skated before. You can wear chic retro gear and knee socks while rolling away to the fun and funky tunes.

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The Classic Slumber Party

The sleepover party wins the prize for the most inexpensive of all. The key to avoiding high blood pressure? Keep the guest list low. Really low. Like two or — max — three.What I love about slumber parties is that my life doesn’t get turned upside down. Quite the contrary: The kids play, and we have dinner all together as usual . Then we do something special like decorate cookies or watch a movie. The hardest part is getting them to go to sleep. Other than the quiet-down struggle, there’s plenty to love: Minimal decorations, no party favors , and no double-clean .

Winter Birthday Party Planning Tips:

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a place to host your winter party. Of course, the climate ultimately dictates the venues, but there are plenty of exciting and fun options. When I plan a winter birthday party, these are the first things to decide:

  • Which weekend will you choose for the events?
  • I will occasionally move a birthday celebration to a weekend that is NOT the same week as the birthday falls on. You can do this too! Whoever made you think you cannot throw a birthday party whenever you want to hasnt had a birthday next to Christmas.
  • Setting a different date will allow for the honoree to be celebrated in a specific time frame, which will feel more special, even if they have to wait a week or so.
  • How many guests are you going to accommodate?
  • Do you want this to be a small intimate gathering or a large blowout party?
  • Indoor or Outdoor?
  • There are plenty of great activities that take place throughout the winter season. Dont feel like indoors is the only option when it is cold. You can pick a great outdoor activity as long as your group knows that is the clothing expectation.
  • Mix and Match
  • Who says you can only do one? Below is a list of fun activities for the winter months. Pick a few and have a progressive birthday bash.
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    Cuddle Up With A Movie

    Looking for indoor birthday ideas that cater to your inner couch potato? Host a movie marathon with all your favorite flicks. You can make the occasion even more special by hosting at a Peerspace movie theater. This upscale home in Melrose, CA, is home to a private theater, complete with a 12-foot screen and plenty of cozy couches to chillax on. All thats missing is a bucket of popcorn!

    Floor Hockey Birthday Party

    Indoor Romantic Picnic Ideas | Zillow

    If your little boy or girl loves hockey, and renting a hockey rink is not an option then perhaps an indoor hockey party is doable.

    As mentioned above, communities often have gymnasiums you can rent.

    Or maybe even a community hall .

    Heck, Sidney Crosby used to shoot pucks at his parents dryer. Maybe you have an appliance youre willing to sacrifice?

    If you want to add a little hockey decoration to the birthday cake, I found this cake decoration set

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    Paw Patrol Themed Party

    My daughter and her friends love Paw Patrol.

    She is still young, but if you have young kids too then this could be a fun birthday party option. Lord knows it isnt hard to find Paw Patrol stuff.

    Check out this birthday cake that I came across on Instagram. Pretty cool!

    There were over 3,400 pictures with the hashtag #pawpatrolbirthdayparty. So youll find tons of inspiration there.

    You could play games such as best Marshall impression .

    Paw Patrol themed birthdays are a great unisex birthday party idea and it can be another fun idea for a birthday party in the winter.

    Planning Winter Indoor Birthday Parties

    Plan a Fun Winter Indoor Birthday Party

    Winter is here and so is your childs birthday! Are you worried about how and where you are going to throw a birthday party for your little one now that it is cold, snowy, or rainy outside? Dont feel bad- you arent the only parent who has struggled with what to do for their little one when the options are limited to indoor activities. Luckily, there really are many different birthday activities that can be done during the colder months. Read on for a number of fun and exciting birthday party ideas that will be a big hit during the winter months.

    Swimming and Slumbering Party

    Do you want to do a bit of a twist on the typical slumber party? Why not have it a hotel that offers an indoor pool? Check out local hotels and reserve your own private suite or two. Many rooms can be found for just under a $100 a night. Make sure the hotel has an indoor pool that the kids can swim in- the perfect solution for those cold winter days! Who wouldnt want to pretend that it is summer again? Ask if you can use one of their meeting rooms to have cake and ice cream in afterward. Then, retire to the rooms and play games, watch movies, do crafts, and have a great slumber party!

    Ice Skating Party

    Wonderland Party

    Puppet or Theater Party

    Lego Party

    Mall and Movie Party

    Cooking Party

    Rock Climbing Party

    Hockey Game Party

    Additional Tips

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    Swim And Slumber Party

    Having kids sleep over at the house is fun, but even better is having a sleepover in a hotel where you dont have to clean up afterward. Reserve a suite or two at a suite-style hotel, where you can find rooms for under $100. Make it a swimming party while youre at it. It may be cold outside, but most suite-style hotels have indoor pools and meeting facilities, perfect for a winter pool party bash. Need a theme to go with it? Take our experts suggestions and combine them to make it a luau-swim-slumber party.

    Creative Indoor Birthday Party Ideas For Those Colder Winter Months


    Winter might be cold and bleakbut that doesnt mean your birthday party has to be. All you need are indoor birthday party ideas to liven up your big day!

    A birthday in the heart of winter provides the perfect excuse for some well-earned fun indoors. And if you need inspiration for your party, we at Peerspace have a few ideas up our mittens. Here are 11 of our favorite indoor birthday party ideas for your big day. Special thanks to our amazing Peerspace hosts for all the cozy inspiration!

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    Slumber Party And Movies

    Kids love slumber parties! They get to have all their friends stay over and stay up late. Whats great about having a birthday slumber party is that you dont have to do a lot of prep work. Kids love pizza, cake, and movies. So, get a few decorations, order some pizza, and get those streaming movie apps queued up!

    Host A Skiing And Snowboarding Party

    If youre fortunate enough to live near a ski hill then a skiing party could be a fun option.

    Whats more wintry than a skiing party?

    But it could be cost prohibitive.

    You could ask the other parents to pay for their childs ski lift ticketbut youll obviously have to gauge this based on your finances and on the childs parents.

    And youd have to set up and let the kids know your expectations. Where will you meet for the cake and presents? Do you want all the kids to stick together?

    If you are wondering how to decorate a cake or cupcakes for a skiing-themed birthday party, check out this set below. I came across it while researching this article. Looks pretty cool.

    Our local ski hill has a snow tube run.

    Its basically like a half-pipe that you slide down on giant inflatable tubes. It is lots of fun and requires no skills.

    This no skills activity helps level the playing field and doesnt exclude friends that dont ski or snowboard : a fun winter birthday party idea.

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    Lumberjack Winter Birthday Party Theme

    Perfect for miniature Ron Swansons everywhere, this kind of party is all about the great outdoors and the things that come with it: Campfires. Flapjacks. Plaid. That means that there are tons of fun options to play around with, and this lumberjack party that we saw over at Hostess with the Mostess gives a creative chop to many of them.

    Between the lumberjack-themed sugar cookies and the teeny take-home tree favors , its hard to choose a favorite element.

    Most of this party was professionally done but we found other cool ways to pull of the Lumberjack theme. Try this wood grain cookies recipe by Printable Crush, and get sapling souvenirs online or from a local gardening store.

    The menu for flannely, frosty parties like these means hearty, stick-to-your-ribs foods. Ashley Skeie Events went for chocolate tree stumpy cakes, pancakes with maple syrup, and ohmygod bacon on sticks. And maybe its because the outdoors has so many sticks, but The Yes Girls also used them to make one-bite smores . Although, if youre having lots of little ones at the party, maybe skip the pointy sticks altogether.

    Activity-wise, we love how Simply Real Moms stocked up on inflatable axes and put together homemade felt beards for these adorable little lumberjack photo booth poses, and filled a table with Lincoln Logs for some hands-on, small-scale cabin building.

    Easy Indoor Party Themes For Winter Birthdays

    Winter Wonderland Party | Holiday Entertaining Ideas

    Parents with kids born in the cooler months we got your back.

    Mum creates most epic Bluey party for son’s birthday

    These clever ideas can help bring some special birthday magic into your home. Do you know anyone with a child celebrating in the cooler months?

    Like many parents, the concept of planning a birthday party for one of my kids seems like a good idea, but as the day draws nearer panic sets in.

    In my 10 years of motherhood we’ve pretty much done them all from huge play centre parties with 30+ kids, to smaller outings to the cinemas with just a few close friends. But sometimes I see super cute sleepover set-ups and parties themed with cute little tents and I want to attempt something special for my kids … but don’t know where to start.

    Having given birth the first two times right in the middle of winter, my options are always limited, but our friends at eBay have put together a list of some really cool ideas that the kids will LOVE and I wish I knew about these back in May and June.

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    Winter Birthday Party Ideas Come To Life On Peerspace

    The best winter birthday parties are celebrated with loved ones and held somewhere incredible. That latter part is where Peerspace comes in! Browse listings in your city or destination and choose the venue with the perfect vibe and amenities for your dream party. Browse each venues description, photos, and user reviews. And once you found the ideal spot, it takes only mere moments to book it for your event.

    Remember, the Concierge service is only a message away and can deliver any other party necessities to you at your venue. Between Peerspaces venues and services, voila, you have the very best winter birthday party ideas! Happy searching and happy birthday!

    Rent A Tent Or Outdoor Shelter

    Depending on where your outdoor party is taking place, you can rent an outdoor tent or shelter to help protect the kids from the elements. A lot of the party equipment rental companies also rent portable outdoor heaters, so check into those as well! Check out party rental companies servicing Toronto and the GTA.

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    Penguin Winter Birthday Party Theme

    Penguins are the perfect mascots for winter parties after all, theyre always dressed up for special events . We love how Giggles Galore made adorable treats like the ones above yes, those are penguins plucking Swedish Fish out of pools of blue Jell-o. Its a genius addition to a party that also includes bubble games, a hot cocoa bar, and adorable cupcake toppers .

    This winter birthday party theme was so inspiring to me the colors, the whimsy, the ideas that think-outside-the-ice-cap. Even if youre not sure how to pull this one off, click over to see the full party plus tips on vendors who can help.

    Hostess with the Mostess came up with one of the coolest, cutest penguin party activities around and offers up an easy template for you to duplicate these cute DIY penguin balloons! What kid wouldnt love going home with one of these?

    Indulge Your Athletic Side With Rock Climbing


    Want to get your blood pumping on your b-day? Head to an indoor climbing gym and enjoy a rock climbing party. This climbing gym in Cleveland, OH, has plenty of space to indulge in a little indoor bouldering. Its also just a short distance away from shops and restaurants, where you can refuel after a fun day climbing with friends.

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    Or A Wine And Cheese Party

    And if all the aromatic, earthy, tasting talk isn’t really your thing? No problem. Just open up whatever bottle you decide to drink and pair it with a few of your favorite cheeses instead.

    Looking for ways to create an absolutely epic charcuterie and cheese board? Check out this recipe from Snixy Kitchen for inspiration.

    Small Family Brunch And An Outdoor Game

    When my son Mark turned three, we invited two other families over for brunch. One thing I love about this intimate party is that both the kids and adults get to socialize. I made dishes I knew, like asparagus tart, quiche lorraine, and sausages, so I wasn’t stressed about the menu. Mark wantedbon-bon cookiesinstead of cupcakes, so one activity became dipping them in icing and sprinkling on nonpareils.Even if the air is cold, a game will draw the kids outside to burn off some energy. Since Mark was born around Easter, we had an egg hunt in our backyard. I could see the same idea applied to any party theme. For a car party, hide Hot Wheels under bushes and behind trees. For a jungle party, plastic animals. Kids get to collect a certain number, then they help others — and the bag of finds becomes their party favors.

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